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    My Compliments to DANG Management

    by afewminutes21 Jul 26, 2014 1:31 AM
    afewminutes21 afewminutes21 5 hours ago Flag

    5: "Dangdang is located in Tianjin, China, "Galaxy 1" storage center is Asia's largest single warehouse. Currently one of the 100,000 square meter is mainly used to store and distribution of books, Mayang annual throughput of more than 10 billion yuan. Two 100,000 square meters is under construction, the goods will supply the Northeast, North China and Hong Kong and Macao.

    750 workers at the storage center endlessly day and night to sweep the yard, inspection and distribution, books from Tianjin to Beijing, Northeast and North China and Hong Kong and Macao. Two employee said: "all quite busy, I have engaged in inspection work, sweeping book code, there will be a corresponding digital computer system, and then into the corresponding position, my daily over four hundred copies of it." "Packaged into a conveyor belt on a big box ready to be two or three minutes a small box one minute. "

    The increasingly fierce competition in the electricity business, in addition to the quality of goods, the speed seems to have become more important. That front-line employees are racing against time. At the same time the Milky Way on the 1st operation, they and several domestic heavyweight courier companies signed a strategic agreement to 400 cities in the country to achieve "111-day of" commitment, which is 11:00 served on the day before the next one , 1:00 before the next day delivery orders. This is clearly faster in order to meet consumer demand."

    3: "Meanwhile, Dangdang will be carried out with the train Railway Corporation electricity supplier cooperation, the use of more than 1,000 nationwide high-speed rail lines, in order to achieve lower cost provinces day delivery, such as Guangzhou from Beijing arrived in less than 24 hours, the low cost airline is expected to more than 10 % the above."

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    My Compliments to DANG Management

    by afewminutes21 Jul 26, 2014 1:31 AM
    afewminutes21 afewminutes21 Jul 26, 2014 1:41 AM Flag

    3: "Dangdang announced that 400 cities in the country to achieve "111-day of" service commitment "11:00 the day before the next one up, one o'clock the next day before the next one." On the same day.
    Dangdang a "warehouse outside the city self + intercity cooperation" mode, self storage nodes to build national logistics, intercity transportation and city distribution in cooperation with Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, in the pass.

    Huge market tier cities and the number of self-built logistics cycle is difficult to meet the current needs of the blowout, efficiency can not be compared with the mature society logistics.
    Dangdang courier company and four logistics cooperation could open up the value chain in order to achieve a faster speed than the self mode channel sink. Currently shipping city has exceeded 1800."

    And from June 24: "Dangdang wireless traffic continued to rise in June, the hottest shoes flash options. APP orders accounted for 30% of the record high of over Jingdong (18%), it appears that low commodity prices and good service improvements are important. Of course, the moment the revolutionary wireless experience does not stop. APP version welcome experience!"
    "This is also the competition Dangdang hardware better way to grab the user's depth, after all, is the present and future of mobile reading digital book reading mainstream, many readers do not want to read digital books and adding a reading terminal.
    Unpublished data set are: 1 Dangdang reading client "Dangdang reading" monthly active users on a monthly growth rate of 30%, this calculation, reading the client's annual subscriber growth will reach 23 times; 2. ". Dangdang reading "User depth reader-based, user longer than 30 minutes per day on average in reading.

    This is also an important reason Dangdang layout digital reading. But insiders said Dangdang, at this stage, Dangdang did not intend to make money in the field of digital rights, mainly want to take more selling copyright resources."

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    My Compliments to DANG Management

    by afewminutes21 Jul 26, 2014 1:31 AM
    afewminutes21 afewminutes21 Jul 26, 2014 1:35 AM Flag

    11: "Dangdang currently trying to flash sales model as a breakthrough and return to the pinnacle of the industry. A week on the new line of flash shopping platform, traffic Dangdang platform to achieve double clothing, mobile phones Dangdang end traffic is also nearly doubled, to re-flash options become Dangdang based electricity supplier of heavy weapons."
    11: ""Galaxy 1" covers an area of ​​460 acres, is nearly four times Jingdong "Asia 1" logistics center."
    10: "Dangdang today and Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Cashmere Association has formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly invest 200 million yuan in the year to create "online Cashmere Capital", which means high-quality cashmere products in Inner Mongolia will catch the rapid growth of online retail train. Dangdang relevant sources, due to the strategic cooperation to reduce the channel part of the line will enable superior brand of cashmere goods civilians. Dangdang cashmere price equivalent to about 50% off the price line, online is guaranteed to be the lowest of the whole network, allowing consumers to buy real cashmere product also enjoy maximum benefits. According to reports, many consumers do not understand cashmere products, often buy fake cashmere products. To this end, cooperation with Beijing Dangdang fur testing center, stationed Dangdang cashmere brand, all need to go through qualified. If verified inconsistent with the actual products consumers buy, Dangdang will give dealers severely punished. "
    9: "Shenzhen people online purchasing has become a new way of reading. According to statistics, in 2013 Dangdang book sales of 80 million, of which Shenzhen reached 400 million, ranking first in the country."
    7: "Dangdang and China Railway Corporation will conduct electricity supplier train cooperation, the use of more than 1,000 nationwide high-speed rail lines, in order to achieve more cost-handed provinces the same day."

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  • afewminutes21 by afewminutes21 Jul 26, 2014 1:31 AM Flag

    Compilation of DANG info posted by real1614 in July, in reverse order:
    18: "Will intensify, in the early pilot basis, for the year plans to invest 50 million yuan, and the national campus to promote Dangdang clothing, enthusiastic students and friends are welcome to join cooperation program!"
    17: "At present, 90% of publishers and publishing companies have signed a cooperation and Dangdang digital books. Many books, including books, bestselling books of copyright, so the book has become a best-selling book of the protagonist.For digital books, Dangdang reader never lacking in depth, 20 million active users, more than half have a digital book reading habits. Dangdang reading client "Dangdang reading" monthly active users monthly rate to 30 percent sequential growth; "Dangdang reading" User depth reader-based, user longer than 30 minutes per day on average in reading. The explosive growth of digital reading user, Dangdang force is an important reason for digital books"
    17: "Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing publishing annual meeting revealed that over the next five years Dangdang digital book sales are expected to exceed sales of paper books, Dangdang determined in the digital book market leadership in digital."
    14: "Dangdang has 30 million active users, the third highest in Chinese electricity supplier. Its high-quality user base, for lack of millions of users is active VIPS, is undoubtedly a coveted gold allowed. Earnings growth will be VIPS of enormous pressure, in order to make better grades, or whether it is a new business and tap new markets must continue to develop a new growth point. Dangdang as an open platform, any business can be settled in negotiations. Its influence and advantages of user source in the apparel market, is likely to make VIPS will be ironed out in order to better reduce marketing costs, access to new trading space. For Dangdang, VIPS will be settled on the one hand will further enhance its flow, on the other hand is also a greater influence on it."

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  • afewminutes21 afewminutes21 Jun 30, 2014 11:03 PM Flag

    Thanks Rick. Jack LaLanne made it to 95, hopefully Stan will beat that

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    "Harpies" will be released on DVD

    by rickn23 May 30, 2014 5:11 PM
    afewminutes21 afewminutes21 May 31, 2014 10:03 PM Flag

    Any financial connection between POW! and Millenium?

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    10Q is out

    by rickn23 May 14, 2014 12:13 PM
    afewminutes21 afewminutes21 May 15, 2014 1:12 AM Flag

    I read the brief 10Q using your link and didn't see that number expressly stated - did you calculate it from the statement "The companies revenues...increased by $68,741"? They seem to be indicating that their only significant income is the $2.5 million that Disney gives them each year. But isn't that Indian cartoon network paying them anything for "Chakra"? They "currently have over 20 projects 'in development'" but...well, that's a pretty honest warning. I know I'm rolling the dice on this one. Hang in there Stan.

  • VIPS Q1 2014 - 7.4 million active customers (just reported)
    DANG Q4 2013 - 8.9 million active customers
    In the morning we find out if DANG broke the 10 million mark Q1 - if their customers bought some bigger ticket items in addition to books AND if DANG spent less expanding warehouses and distribution network EPS could be shocking.

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    Order Size

    by afewminutes21 May 11, 2014 3:39 PM
    afewminutes21 afewminutes21 May 12, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    8.9 million active customers

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  • afewminutes21 by afewminutes21 May 11, 2014 3:39 PM Flag

    DANG should report at least 10 Million Active Customers for Q1 (8,9 million Q4) and if they all ordered something in addition to books this time around we may be looking at some impressive revenue (up from 326 million Q4) AND if DANG spent less on warehouses and their distribution network then profit (3.6 million, 0.04 EPS Q4) might actually be impressive enough to chase shorts away and start drawing in some long investors. Thursday could be the beginning of the Big Turnaround and that delicious 20 times pps that VIPS demonstrated last year that DANG missed out on. 200 bucks a share by next Spring Bang Zoom Cha Cha Cha and how do you do today sir.

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  • afewminutes21 by afewminutes21 May 7, 2014 4:48 PM Flag

    Q4 2013:
    Revenue - Alibaba $3.06 billion, VIPS $651 million, DANG $326 million
    Net Income - Alibaba $1.36 billion, VIPS $25.4 million, $3.6 million
    EPS - VIPS $0.49, DANG $0.04
    Active Customers - VIPS 5.7 million, DANG 8.9 million
    Orders - VIPS 17.7 million, DANG 18.1 million
    I'd like to believe reports that DANG spent a lot of years and cash building warehouses and a solid distribution network and is now ready to profit. Guess we'll have some indication a week from tomorrow.
    Hope the rest of the year is interesting in a good way.

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  • afewminutes21 by afewminutes21 Apr 30, 2014 11:39 PM Flag

    While we're waiting for Dang Dang's next report, here's a reminder of the last set of quarterly results that carried DANG and VIPS up to peaks (19 and 182) that have since dropped around 40 and 30 percent, respectively, in just a couple of months on essentially no news (aside from DANG losing/defenestrating another CFO):
    Revenue: DANG 326 million, VIPS 651 million
    Guidance for Q1: DANG 283 million, VIPS 645 million
    Earnings per Share (EPS): DANG 0.04, VIPS 0.49
    Active Customers: DANG 8.9 million, VIPS 5.7 million
    Total Orders: DANG 18.1 million, VIPS 17.7 million
    Gross Margin: DANG 17.6%, VIPS 24.5%
    Will next earnings reports restore DANG and VIPS to 19 and 182?
    Can DANG figure out how to get its active customers to place more orders and spend more per order? They had 56% more "active customers" than VIPS but only about the same number of orders and only half the revenue. Lots of people coming to the site and placing orders, just gotta get 'em to buy some big ticket items along with their books.

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  • afewminutes21 by afewminutes21 Apr 30, 2014 3:03 PM Flag

    Using today's numbers (DANG ~11, VIPS ~130) DANG (only one profitable quarter in recent years) is down about 40% from its recent peak of 19.05, while even VIPS (consistently profitable) is still down about 30% from its peak of 182. Hoping to see a resurgence in pps of Chinese e-commerce companies (esp. DANG) after next earnings reports and hysteria over Alibaba IPO.

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