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  • For all you Amarin afficiandos out there .
    JT just disclosed buy 50,000 shares under 90c

  • I have no problem reading informed opposing views , in fact I seek them out.
    However the mis information spread by 1 or a series of shorts who have limited posting histories essentually turn this board into a waste land.

    PCSK9's ...are delivered by a sub Q injection and will cost about $1,000 a month . They will be targeted first to those with hetero FH who are statin drug intolerant and dramatically lower LDL cholesterol.
    Its a different patient population then the mixed dyslipidemia and very high TG patient that Vascepa is aimed at.

    Vascepa is an approved drug . MD's are free to prescribe it "off label " if they choose.
    My prescription is off label

    Dietary supplement versions of Vascepa are available . They are regulated by the FDA as foods , not as drugs ...quantity and quality of EPA differ . They are however an option for those denied insurance coverage for Vascepa and need EPA.
    Those with great insurance coverage can get Vascepa for about $30 a month . The closest DS alternative Omegia Via EPA is about $50-$60 a month
    Without insurance but using Amarins coupon , Vascepa cost me $151.72 a month

    AZN maintains they do not plan to launch Epanova any time soon . They are under court order to notify Amarin 30 days prior to launch which time Amarin is free to resubmit their claim of patent infringement.

    Just the facts as I know them .
    Don't care if you are buying or selling . Small cap biotech is high risk . Do not invest more then you can afford to lose.

  • You may need a subscriptions to read the entire article .
    In brief some highlights
    1) Two independent large studies in NEJM provide strong evidence for the causal role of APOC3 and TG's in atherosclerosis vascular disease.
    2) TG rich lipoproteins seen as a trigger for atherothrombotic events
    3) New data indicates causal role fro TG's in increasing CV risk
    4) Contrary to common belief ( current AHA guidelines etc addition ) , the current data suggests that we should focus more on TG rich lipoproteins as a target for CV risk reduction
    Dr Libby ...Div of Cardiovascular Med Harvard Med School

    Vascepa lowers both APOC3 and Triglycerides

  • Some of you will think this is to pump the stock .
    I really don't care
    Some of you know me , and know I underwent a Cardiac Cath yesterday as a results of failing an echo stress test last week .
    Having been on max dose Statin drugs longer then most alive today ...I can say the Statin drugs least for those with my inherited lipid disorder. After 28 yrs on Statins , I only have roughly a 5% increase in coronary artery plaque...and not enough to require stents .

    In the recovery room afterwards I discussed the various CV drugs and trials with my Cath Cardio the end of which he said " I see you are on Vascepa , I want you to stay on it . No risk and likely benefit ".
    There you have it from Cardiac Cath recovery rm.
    OT ...for those interested I've commented on the ESPR data released today ..on that message board .

  • akanz2 akanz2 Feb 26, 2015 10:29 AM Flag

    The $15m up front payment may remove risk of dilution pre Interim analysis .
    Eddingpharm may market more openly to the Anchor ( TG 200-500 ) patient also .
    There are wealthy Chinese who will pay for high quality and safe products there is a market
    Good news

  • First the FYI
    Merck is running their REVEAL trial ..originally designed to test the idea that raising HDL would lower CV events . This trial is scheduled for an interim data analysis around the end of 2015 ...BEFORE Amarins Reduce It estimated Interim data analysis
    Merck disclosed recently in their CC , that they do not believe the data will be good enough to stop their trial at Interim data analysis.
    So that leaves Amarins Reduce It as the " Pure Play " on CV trials being stopped at Interim

    Second AZN has shown no attempts to date to launch Epanova ...a potential competitor to Vascepa .
    Even tho Vascepa scripts are growing slowly , they are nevertheless growing and equally important Amarin is showing they can reduce cash burn thus reducing the likely hood of any dilution in 2015

    Third I do not expect Reduce it to be stopped before Interim analysis in 2016...what I do expect is that investment funds like Stonepine will increasingly see AMRN as a low risk speculative play, leading up to 2016

  • This is a response to satisfied customer1 and info for others interested in these 2 trials .
    These are just my opinions are welcome to respectfully share yours .

    IMHO Reduce It is NOT the Jelis trial redone in a US population .
    The closest part of the Jelis trial to Reduce It , is the Secondary Prevention Analysis group
    This analysis concludes with the following " EPA is effective for secondary prevention of CAD , especially in individuals with prior MI.....Satisfied customer ...THATS PRIOR MI

    To even qualify for the RI trial you needed to have major CV risks , prior history of stenosis in your coronary arteries , stented , often diabetic as well , family history and so on
    The secondary analysis of these patients in Jelis ( the closest to RI ) shows the following

    Incidence of nonfatal coronary events ( non fatal MI , stenting , CABG etc ) ..21% lower in the EPA group
    The 1,050 patients with prior MI ...The incidence of MCE in the EPA group was 15% , significantly lower then the control group 20% with a P value of significant
    The 537 patients with prior MI AND coronary intervention...the incidence of MCE in the EPA group was significantly lower (15% EPA/statin group vs 24.7% statin only ) P value = .008 Very significant

    Note ...P values tell you how likely the results are to be reproducible if you run the same trial multiple times with new patients , same risk factors . .008 means very high likely hood to see same results

    Now there are differences between this Jelis subgroup and Reduce it ...primarily level of LDL to start with and strength of the Statins used ....but thats another Topic Post

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    10/24/14 SCRIPTS

    by Oct 31, 2014 8:25 AM
    akanz2 akanz2 Nov 1, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    IMHO , Amarin is NOT a viable company without Reduce It .....and Reduce it must be stopped for efficacy either before on at Interim analysis for Amarin to have a future.
    Amarin will never make it on the Marine ( very high TG 's ) alone

    Reduce It costs decline starting around now ...almost fully enrolled , no new sites being set up or marketing to recruit patients's basically on auto data collection ( periodic blood sample and event recording ) now.

    No mgt will end this trial so close to an interim analysis data read out

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    Jelis and Reduce it trials

    by akanz2 Nov 2, 2014 8:42 PM
    akanz2 akanz2 Nov 3, 2014 1:04 AM Flag

    Made up the numbers ?
    Read the research yourself
    Google...... Circulation Journal 2009
    " Incremental Effects of Eicosapentaenoic Acid on Cardiovascular Events in Statin-Treated Patients with Coronary Artery Disease ....Secondary Prevention Analysis from Jelis "

  • akanz2 akanz2 Nov 10, 2014 1:37 AM Flag

    Amarin ..well its late so just a quick glance at your post

    No one should be taking Niacin ....risks outweigh rewards

    As regards to being a Shill ...Oct I was a soft basher , Nov I'm a shill ? story remains the same .
    I believe EPA at 4 gms a day reduces CV risk for those most at risk .
    I have never been much of a fan of Amarin Mgt ...especially Joe Z.
    I also believe AMRN ( and patients ) was screwed by the FDA .
    Vascepa should be approved for the Anchor Indication while we await the Reduce It results , solely on a 0 risk / probable reward basis

    I really do not care if you buy AMRN stock or short it ...really I do not care

  • akanz2 akanz2 Nov 30, 2014 11:57 AM Flag

    Fantasy , Punk, Brokel, Chen , Tio ....and all the rest of you ( with multiple personalities ) with your one and 2 post histories are writing the same posts you have written multiple times under different ID's

    Do you work for HippoMedia / Garden of Living ...spaming message boards to sell dietary supplements ?

    Once again , my view on dietary supplement versions of Vascepa .
    PlusEpa is a waste of money
    Omegia Via EPA offers a slightly lower quality /lower quantity of EPA that will be used by those whose denied insurance coverage for Vascepa .
    Those with great insurance coverage will use Vascepa ..Rx quality and lower cost

  • There are some very angry posters ( or poster ) that show up on this board
    Will you please get some EPA
    If you have insurance coverage then get the best, Vascepa , if no insurance coverage then at least spend $60 for a month of Omegia Via EPA
    Why EPA ... well
    1) EPA by itself is the most effective for depression
    2) EPA and DHA in equal portions are not benefical for mood and anxiety because DHA "opposes " the EPA
    So do us all a favor ...get some EPA and report back in a month

    My other posts have been blocked we'll see if this goes thru

  • akanz2 akanz2 Nov 29, 2014 10:14 PM Flag

    Well Chen ...a well written post high lighting the flaws in JELIS
    First you state no trial ever showed benefit from Omegia 3's ....suggest you read the GISSI trials ...benefit in secondary prevention I believe.
    Re Jelis
    68% of patients were post menopausal Japanese women already on a high fish diet ..probably one of the highest life expectancies of any group , anywhere . So to see any benefit at all in this group is noteworthy..
    I can pretty much assure you that there are no post menopausal Japanese women in Reduce It .
    Reduce It is focused on those at high risk of a CV event within 5 yrs of starting the trial

    You are correct in your analysis of the Statins . JELIS was mainly low dose simavastatin ...Reduce It is mainly high dose Crestor and Lipitor ...even so , most acknowledge that residual risk remains , despite high dose Statin use .
    Over 30% in Reduce It are diabetics ...with a high TG , low HDL lipid ratio . This is the subgroup that showed the most benefit in Jelis and I believe will tilt results to clinical benefit in Reduce It at Interim data.

    If we were using the JELIS patient mix in Reduce It ...except adding high dose Statins ....I would agree with your analysis .
    Fact is Reduce It is using very different and far more high risk patients .....that's where we will see the benefit

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    Jelis Study Truth

    by shortfishfry2 Dec 1, 2014 10:41 AM
    akanz2 akanz2 Dec 1, 2014 11:08 AM Flag

    Good to see you back Shortfish as I know you are open to debating a subject
    So a little push back from me :)
    The Statin used in JELIS was a low dose simavstatin .
    Reduce it by contrast is often high dose Crestor or Lipitor ...effectively about 4 times the strength of what was used in JELIS. RI is obviously using higher dose EPA
    Simavastain slows atheroscelerosis where as Crestor in particular can reverse it .
    The subgroup you mention ....high TG /low HDL did show the most benefit BUT HDL under 40 was not a primarily qualification to get into Reduce It ...LDL under 100 was its not really an apples to apples comparison.
    Note Dr Nissen's STRENGTH trial with Epanova requires an HDL under 40.

    I'm guessing on a 25% reduction in events ...good enough to stop RI at interim

  • akanz2 akanz2 Nov 29, 2014 11:48 PM Flag

    How many does that cover ? Well there are at least 10m diabetics in the US for starters . All should be prescribed Vascepa if RI interim data is good enough to stop the trial.
    Re remaining residual risk .....50% of those who have heart attacks have fairly normal lipid panels do not have high LDL cholesterol .
    So why are they having heart attacks ...likely because of high inflammation ..hs Crp .
    Statins lower Hs Crp ( Jupiter trial ) and so does Vascepa ...for those that can not get their hs Crp levels below 2 with Satins alone ...Vascepa is the best add on therapy.
    At least 20% of those prescribed Statins give them up in the first year ...mainly because of side effects like muscle cramps . Vascepa offers an alternative for these patients with high hsCrp

    Adding insults to your post does nothing but undermine your credibility

  • akanz2 akanz2 Jan 21, 2015 10:36 PM Flag

    Kj4 ..and you other first time bashers

    Pick a notary public in the Marina area of San Francisco ....anyone , your choice .
    I will sign into my Kaiser health care account in their presence and let them see my lipid panels and I will show them the off label script I have and how much it costs me ....a print out from Walgreens .
    I will authorize them to call the pharmacy and chk my cost
    There is no way I can fake this ....all you and the other first time bashers need to do is chip in and cover the cost of the notary independently verifying everything for you .
    No charge for my time
    So you pick a notary , arrange payment for them , tell me who they are ...I'll confirm and then show up .
    Mornings work best for me

  • akanz2 akanz2 Nov 10, 2014 1:43 AM Flag

    Amarin _anguish
    How do you have so much time to write this ? OMG I've been accused of repeating myself ...get a grip , get a grip ...unless you are paid by the word to write this of course .
    In brief Omegia Via EPA is less expensive then Plus Epa .
    Vascepa is less expensive then both with good insurance coverage ..and higher quality

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    EPA helps with mood and depression

    by akanz2 Dec 6, 2014 10:25 PM
    akanz2 akanz2 Dec 6, 2014 10:42 PM Flag

    Well that post hasn't been deleted so I'll fine tune .
    I notice that those with the shortest posting history ...are the angriest . I suspect low blood serum levels of EPA .
    So for those of you with very short posting histories ...please ...some EPA
    Not an MD your own DD ...but yes anger , anxiety and depression are linked to low EPA levels

  • akanz2 akanz2 Dec 3, 2014 9:48 PM Flag

    9 previous posts so you merit a response
    You basically need 240 of the OmegiaVia EPA500 caps to equal 120 of the 1gm Vascepa caps ...probably just a math oversight on your part : )
    So you basically spend $60 for a one month supply of Omegia Via EPA ...which is actually a good deal UNLESS you have great insurance coverage like BC/BS , where using Amarins coupon , you can get a months supply of Vascepa for as low as $9 a month ...certainly less then the $60 a month you pay for Omegia Via EPA

    It all comes down to insurance coverage .
    With no insurance coverage , but using Amarins coupon ...Vascepa costs me $151.72 at Walgreens for 1 month
    But if you have great insurance coverage , and need 4gms a day go with Vascepa rather then pay $60 a month for a dietary supplement.

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    EPA helps with mood and depression

    by akanz2 Dec 6, 2014 10:25 PM
    akanz2 akanz2 Dec 7, 2014 1:21 PM Flag

    Vpimpins ...see you prove my pts ...this was only your second post and it reeked of anger , anxiety and depression .
    Please chk with your MD and see if you can get a script for Vascepa

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