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altcrush2 38 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 1, 2000 5:22 PM Member since: Nov 16, 1998
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    105000 shares @ $104US in after market

    by einstein_can Feb 29, 2000 11:51 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Mar 1, 2000 5:22 PM Flag

    And will it be 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ???

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    OT: Climate Change

    by BTIM99 Jan 31, 2000 7:22 AM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Feb 1, 2000 10:40 AM Flag

    If I had wanted to ride a roller coaster I would have gone to disney. Ut 10 one day down 7 the next. Geeeeeeeeeez!

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    There is an old joke...........

    by StkrePETER Jan 25, 2000 10:26 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Jan 27, 2000 5:35 PM Flag

    Well I finally did it. After three years with
    WHC, (some of it profitable), I finallly had to get
    out. Left at just under 9 and rolled it into an
    internet related group. I dont want this to look like and
    add for that group so I wont mention them, but lo and
    behold four days after I moved those dollars From WHC -
    my new stock announced a stock split. Yaba daba do.
    Maybe I will come back to WHC - with twice the position
    at a lower rate - I still love the idea of them
    doing well when all else collapses but - I couldnt
    stand looking at the WHC position every day. Took the
    loss and went hunting.

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    by IOUGHTTOOKNOW Jan 6, 2000 12:35 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Jan 22, 2000 1:41 PM Flag

    Good to see others with notions of diversity out
    there. Ive been kicking myself having missed the boat on
    a couple of other stocks that I had a hunch about
    and upon which I pondered too long. Each one has
    performed dramatically in the last months and ive been on
    the sidelines thinking. It seems Action is the word
    for the day. Just yesterday I heard of another but it
    is in the 119 per share range which is a bit higher
    than Im used to. it came recommended by a real player
    PXCM - its one of those internet thingamajigs. Its no
    secret having been one of the top performers of the year
    but there is something up in that soup and I may jump
    in with a little change just because i enjoy the
    thrill of the risk.

    Good luch with your ventures

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    by IOUGHTTOOKNOW Jan 6, 2000 12:35 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Jan 21, 2000 7:08 PM Flag

    No merc in this persona. You have a great memory,
    yep Grandma was loooooooooooon on what would become
    Dillard, having been in Holmes since its inception in the
    1800's. I dont see how you can glory at the current state
    of DDS since over the last years it has dumped 50% .
    And since discord is rampant in their ranks. Every ex
    dillardite I meet was miserable - and left. Mercantile
    stores like dillard are the buggy whip , blacksmith of
    the new century - especially when you will soon be
    able to buy everything they rep directly from the
    manufacturer. Good luck. PS. In the last 12 months my
    portfolio(genetics, fuel cells, cell chips, private prisons, and
    medical stocks), is up 87% - obviously I own no DDS.

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    by IOUGHTTOOKNOW Jan 6, 2000 12:35 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Jan 20, 2000 11:37 PM Flag

    It took great pains to dump DDS four months ago
    at a $72,000.00 loss, (we came in in the 40s and
    left in the low 20's). But having gotten the DDS
    monkey off of our backs it is truly pleasant seeing +
    marks next to the value of where we went. See SAWS,
    IMDS, BLDP weve made up more than half our loss in the
    last two months. DDS is a buggy whip factory DUMP NOW
    and DUMP STRONG.

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    Great Quarter for WHC

    by gycal Dec 30, 1999 8:26 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Jan 1, 2000 6:35 PM Flag

    With all this banter about the Wackenhut company
    I couldnt help but comment. I purchased Wackenhut
    WHC strictly because of contact with Wack employees
    at a Job site on which I was the site designer.
    These Wack employees were from the security company and
    I purchased prison because of the potential
    volitility of that industry. I have bought and sold and have
    made money. Currently Im in at 15 and 12. Regardless,
    the employees that I came into contact with were
    happy and very , very specialized experts. Security
    system designers for Foreign Embassies and securtiy
    staff with super credentials and attitude; Very
    specialized security - I cant imagine better credentials than
    these guys had - special forces, etc. One would think
    that this quality would be "in house" for prison
    division also. (Yes I know special forces guys are not in
    the prison guard system but a well run company is a
    well run company.) Loooonnnngggg on WHC

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    just whining like the rest

    by wineman1864 Oct 13, 1999 8:16 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Oct 25, 1999 11:13 PM Flag

    I have to agree. How could there be a lower end
    to this scock. I feel about WHC like I do the New
    Orleans saints. I was raised in New Orleans during the
    sixties and seventies and I bleed black and gold. They
    never win but I love em just the same. WHC on the other
    hand have won for me in the past but have
    underperformed all of my other stocks - still I love em. My
    feeling is that when the dustbowl returns and we are all
    packed up and ready to move to where the jobs are - the
    only thing that i will possess of any value will be my
    shares of WHC. Either that or Ill find myself sitting in
    prison in 20 years and voting my WHC proxy. HMMMMMM GO
    WACKENHUT. By the way I hear the old man George W is as
    healthy as a horse - anyone know how much he is involved

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    by ah8nam Oct 20, 1999 5:02 AM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Oct 22, 1999 5:04 PM Flag

    I know that I said I would be gone by
    now; I am out of DDS but jsut wanted to report the
    local Orlando radio just reported that the Heisman
    football player who was nabbed in Dillards weeks ago will
    play for FSU in their game this week Against Clemson.
    He must donate the clothes in question to a charity
    pay a few hundred dollars in court costs, stay away
    from Clemson and has a period of probation. Good Luck
    with the future and DDS

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    by ah8nam Oct 20, 1999 5:02 AM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Oct 20, 1999 11:32 AM Flag

    Well guys and gals its been interesting. Im the
    guy whose mother inherited 3111 shares of dds two
    years ago and who has been questioning the dramatic 50%
    loss in those months from 44 per share to ouch. The
    3111 shares was part of a much larger 15 k block which
    was part of a much larger portion that our family has
    carried having owned a controlling interest in DH Holmes
    in New Orleans dating back into the 1800s. Tomorrow
    we sell, the 3111 shares are down over 70k but we
    cant sit and wait for this merc stock to hopefully
    recover in two or three years especially in light of what
    can become a volatile economy and merc. market. Like
    it or not DDS has to recognise that they have a huge
    employee attitude problem - Ive been asking questions for
    the last months and ive encountered a few dozen
    current and x dillard employees - not one says good
    things about the company. Good Luck in 2000. Bye. Watch
    out for Etail and youthful silver spoon owners.

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    by cokid98 Oct 7, 1999 1:29 AM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Oct 11, 1999 8:35 PM Flag

    In the last 24 months we are down 70k with DDS. No I wouldnt put in another 3k; We are simply trying to get back to 0.

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    by cokid98 Oct 7, 1999 1:29 AM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Oct 9, 1999 1:17 PM Flag


    I agree with you totally.

    But ....

    In almost any town in america if you
    attack the football hero - regardless of the offence -
    there is usually fallout. There are countless women on
    countless campuses that have been raped by football
    players. These women tend to become outcasts for standing
    up for themselves.

    I predict Dillards will
    not prosecute - the fallout may be too large. On the
    other side of the coin - if Dillard's does prosecute
    they may find a windfall of attention from retailers
    who are sick to death of looking the other way for
    football criminals. We will wait to see. I vote for

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    by cokid98 Oct 7, 1999 1:29 AM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Oct 8, 1999 2:19 PM Flag

    O.K. all of you Dillard accountants and store
    managers; here is a reprint of a portion of an article from
    the Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 8, 1999. I�m curious to
    know if this is a workable scenario that subverts
    Dillard�s tracking system of their merchandise or if the
    current system would have eventually turned the
    merchandise up as having been stolen. The text is a
    description of how a two Florida State football players and a
    friend who, to a point, succeeded, in walking away with
    over three hundred dollars in merchandise for

    A reprint of a portion of an article from the
    Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 8, 1999:
    "According to the
    Tallahassee Police Dept, an off-duty officer was watching the
    Dillard�s security monitors when he saw Warrick, Coles and
    another male approach cashier Rachel Myrtil on Sept. 29.
    Each was carrying several articles of designer
    clothing. Coles placed the first bundle of clothes on the
    counter and Myrtil scanned in the items, which came to a
    total of $ 244.38. She then voided the total and
    punched in a purchase price of $10.70 on the register.
    Coles handed her a $ 20.00 bill; Myrtil gave him $ 9.30
    in change and placed the items in a Dillard�s
    shopping bag."

    "Coles handed the bag to Warrick. He
    next placed a second bundle of clothes on the counter.
    Again, Myrtil scanned the total, which came to $

    "Again she voided the total and punched in $10.70. Coles
    gave her another $ 20.00 bill. Myrtil gave him the
    change and put those items in a shopping

    "Warrick and Coles then left the counter each carrying a
    bag of merchandise."

    Is this a wrinkle in the
    tracking system that is costing Dillard�s big bucks. This
    could be volatile if as many Dillard employees are as
    angry as this board paints.


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    by gwdad1 Aug 23, 1999 2:20 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Sep 22, 1999 8:49 PM Flag

    If Dillard jumps into etail my dark view of their
    position will brighten.

    There are just too many
    people out there, like me, who walk into the store once
    a year, buy ten polo shirts and see ya next year.
    No need to touch and feel. Show me colors, patterns
    and sizes and you've got a sale.

    Of course
    then one wonders why the need for Dillard. Why
    would'nt Ralph Lauren and others simply market over the
    net. Ill bet you could even sell perfume over the

    Its all marketing.

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    by gwdad1 Aug 23, 1999 2:20 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Sep 20, 1999 7:06 PM Flag

    Bulldog and the rest,

    These are a few
    thoughts regarding the long view of Dept. store
    merchandising in light of the potential of emerging internet
    sale of merc. items.

    I know that playing �long�
    is to one person completely different to another. I
    am, for example, �long� on fuel cells and genetics
    because I believe that both technologies are the going to
    bring sweeping, and profitable, change to life in the
    next mil. So I sit �long� with dollars in both that I
    wont even look at for ten years.

    While �long�
    fuel cell and genetics investments are purely
    speculative in nature I also pursue courses that represent
    fare less risk by investing long in businesses which
    are more entrenched into the fabric of society. I am
    long for example on WHC Wackenhut corrections,
    Colgate, and GE and I expect that these investment now
    will be worth a reasonable bit more in 30

    With regard to DDS, I sit long by proxy, the family,
    having held a bulk of shares since it�s inception. My
    fear is that the last nine years has proven to be
    disastrous to the DDS �longs� and that the next five years
    will prove to be even worse.

    This is why I
    believe it is insane to be in and �long� on

    1). If you were holding 24 months ago DDS is more than
    �100% and most future predictions have us "maybe" at
    1997 per share value somewhere between a 2002 or 2004.

    2). Currently DDS is trading at its 1990 rate. First week of 90
    = 21 11/16. Long on DDS since 1990 has been
    3). I believe that middle end merc. Businesses like
    Lands End and LL Bean will taste the success of moving
    product over the net and begin to pour more and more
    resources into net sales, the result will be that dept
    store sales will suffer greatly. Dept. stores are
    looking at a market share approaching �20% at the
    inception of internet sales of high end dept store items.

    4). The volatility of internet marketing and sales can be
    seen in the success of ebay which boasts 6 million
    visitors and 1.5 billion page views per month. Currently
    the new site introduced today by dell and micro and
    100 computer related mfgs., estimates 50 million
    visitors per month and 12.5 billion views PER MONTH. How
    can Dillards compete with that method of marketing
    4). Further exacerbating the potential
    decline of DDS, being currently entrenched into mall
    locations, is the modern movement away from �Mall�
    development and toward retail districts fully integrated into
    a neotraditional fabric, (see Disney�s
    Celebration). Malls have for some decades represented a total
    immersion into a segregated retail Land Use surrounded by
    oceans of parking. The only real current draw to malls
    is the desire for some shoppers to socialize while


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    by ragman78745 Sep 3, 1999 9:06 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Sep 17, 1999 3:28 PM Flag

    Every fact is exact as contained within an S and P report dated Aug 21, 99. Do you know what S and P stands for?

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    by ragman78745 Sep 3, 1999 9:06 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Sep 16, 1999 12:08 AM Flag

    Ok lets see, DDS, Hmmm

    Low risk � that�s
    Insider activity � unfavorable � that�s bad.
    4% rise
    in same store sales � that�s pretty
    Operating income rose 31% since march � that�s very
    30 day price change in % = minus 29 %- Id say that�s
    a bad.
    One year price change in % - minus 33% -
    That�s even worse.
    Return on Equity 4.8% -
    Quality ranking A � that�s good!
    Modest double digit
    earnings over the next few years � not so good.
    investment 5 years ago is worth � 6,420.00 � that is very,
    very, very, bad.
    Sales declined per sq. foot from
    159 to 157 in 99 � that�s never good.
    turnover of inventory in the dept store arena � that seems
    also to be not good.
    Dillards long term debt is
    Even at its current low it is rated a strong hold �
    that really isn�t good.
    Positive investment outlook
    for dept stores � that�s good.
    Projected slowing
    sales pace in second half of 99 � that�s not
    Cost cutting is a priority for success � that is
    usually bad too.
    Older consumers are less interested
    in fashion � that�s bad.
    Older consumers hold
    price as an overriding issue � that�s bad for
    Younger consumers are very, very high tech and visit
    malls to mingle. - again bad for profits.
    companies are developing web sites � Dillards � I don�t

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    by gwdad1 Aug 23, 1999 2:20 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Sep 15, 1999 6:17 PM Flag


    Crazy thing about my family - we
    dont speak of our financials with anyone, brothers,
    sisters, even moms. The only reason I was able to see the
    ancient Dillard holding was because of this succession
    buisness in Louisiana - The Napoleanic Code . Along with
    freeport and texaco, mobil and every other oil, copper ,or
    gold related interest, (those things which are held in
    every Louisianian's portfolio), i noticed this huge
    $-70,000.00 red mark on her portfolio. Lo and behold it was
    the buggy whip factory DDS. A big chunk went to mom
    on 9/26/97 at 43.75 today we sit at 21.5. Hmmmmm.
    You say that Value Line predicts that by 2002 or 2004
    DDS will rocket to another 90 or 175%. Lets see if
    they rocktet 100% we will be at 43. That will almost
    get us back to 1997 - great. You must move in and out
    of this stock with reasonable frequency to be so
    happy. Kind of like me and WHC I buy at 19 and sell at
    36, then I buy at 16 and sell at 25; just bought
    again - tried to get in at 14 but was a little

    Still you seem long on DDS, waiting until 2004. Were
    you in DDS in Sept of 97??? If so why so

    Ebay has 1.5 billion visitors a month. How many
    visitors does DDS have? Lands End and LL Bean cater to the
    same button down, 100 % cotton, Polo, crowd that DDS
    does. They will be on the net as soon as the memory,
    speed and digital clarity is right - we are almost
    there. In 2004 Dillard will be very, very old news. Are
    you expecting this same vibrant economy in 2004? It
    is doubtful as Asia recovers and as high tech stocks
    begin to adjust. You know it it the high tech stocks
    that have kept us out of a depression dont you .

    Ill try to bring more accurate criticism of DDs soon
    - having someone help get some DDS facts straight.
    More to come.

    I do appreciate your professional
    posture and intellect.

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    by gwdad1 Aug 23, 1999 2:20 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Sep 10, 1999 9:56 AM Flag

    I�m furious at Dillard for dragging my mothers
    portfolio into the sludge. I blame myself for not paying
    closer attention to the details of her holdings. To me
    performance is everything and Dillard simply does not
    perform. More than 50% down over the last 24 months �
    ouch! If you look at my holding - high tech � genetics,
    semiconductor, fuel cells, electronic filter manufacturers, I�ve
    outperformed Dillard by 500% during those twenty-four. My only
    looser at the moment is WHC Wackenhut Security �
    Privately run prisons; it is down, but even it is a gem
    when compared to DDS, (its not hard to outperform a
    company that is where DDS is). SAWS, BLDP, GE, GM, Texaco
    � these are real investments.

    The notion of
    the Department store as the distribution center for
    merchandise has had its day and will soon be dust. What has
    the Dillard family done to react to the high tech
    cyber world which is about to swallow them � they have
    chosen to expand � to buy more buggy whip factories �
    they are after all a real bargain right now � buggy
    whips being in such great demand. And the latest gem of
    the Dillard intellect � the introduction of spas to
    draw the people in mass � the product of tiny minds -
    real snowcone mentalities!

    Fortunately, as we
    sit on the verge of internet merchandising wildfires,
    I�m not so foolish to hold dept store stocks. It
    seems ridiculous to invest in a retail sales
    methodology that grows more and more antiquated by the
    second. It seems even more foolish for the Dillard clan
    to be expanding their position in this antiquated
    distribution modality.

    I've been out of Louisiana for
    twenty years now and I had forgotten how simple minded
    and myopic the people of Louisiana, Ark, TX, Miss,
    and the rest can be. Don�t get me wrong � each of
    those places they have their genius populations. The
    way that Texas recovered from the oil crisis is
    probably the single greatest recovery in the history of
    this country. Louisiana on the other hand still has
    its great food � though they still sit rocking away
    waiting for oil to be king again; (Those waiting on
    cotton to recover have finally all passed

    Bottom line; to be content and happy holding dept store
    stock that has lost 50% of it�s value over the last 24
    months during a time of unprecedented economic stability
    is insane.

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    by gwdad1 Aug 23, 1999 2:20 PM
    altcrush2 altcrush2 Sep 9, 1999 5:13 PM Flag

    How do we fix it??? How do we rest control from the boobs? What change can we affect as an internet population?

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