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amdmonkey72 47 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 19, 2014 2:39 PM Member since: Jun 6, 2009
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  • Whatever happened to the repeal of Obamacare Fuxed News?
    Even your own very old and white viewers do not care.

    Not one person who got it in America will die.
    The one person who got in Africa did die because he went without care for too long. That is a shame but hardly worth flipping out on is it.
    It is hard to believe that Wallstreet could even react to a trumped up story like this. But you need get just a small percentage of people to panic or--investment funds thinking same, to get a small temporary move down.
    Yet, Intel will be at 34 this week and then go higher and American media will move onto the next BS story in their endless search for a small temporary pop in TV ratings.
    remember--you and I--and the vast majority of Americans almost spend no time watching these news noise making shows.
    I mean really people.
    Why would they?
    I would rather watch a sporting event, a good movie of series. or when all else fails, some good porn. What? You do not like porn? YES--you are indeed dead man walking Limp man.

    A nice romp in the bed, followed by a great football game followed by a cold beer hardly leaves time for normal people to watch noise at CNN, MSNBC or fuxed up news. All 3 are worse than useless when it comes to news.
    Not only do they not give you news but they give inaccurate nonsense when they spew.
    Just watch BBC world and read for news and go drink a coffee at a nice café with a lover.
    Live is too short for nonsense.
    Intel to 40 this year still is likely.
    James Covello himself does not believe his 18 Intel target. 40 will cause him to go long and that is the way it goes at Goldman SUXXX.
    His pony is far more interesting to him and the rest of us than is his perma bear Intel opinion.
    The Internet of things and Intel shrink to 10nm takes intel to 80 or higher in 24 months.

  • It will happen for no reason you will see. The markets will move up and then automatic buying programs will kick in and the computer trading will take the markets up hard.
    Short covering alone will take us back to the 34 Intel was at.
    Yes, shorty is winning now even if it is based upon 2 deaths and crazy nutjgob selling.

    Just relax longs, and come back in 7 days and follow Intel as it goes past 34.

  • Idiots will discover that ebola is not wrecking the economy nor is it investing the world.
    Sock puppets who hate Intel for some unknown reason will get eh pain of seeing Intel hit 40 sooner than they know.

  • James is a tech expert who seems to be clueless about tech.
    Can you believe people paid him to tell them to sell Intel at 21 with a 16 target?

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    They are bringing it down now

    by itakebackmyapology Oct 14, 2014 10:24 AM
    amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Oct 14, 2014 10:51 AM Flag

    The big pud he sucks on.
    I told him to get a woman but he lives here wackiiing.

  • AMD AMD, +0.74% shares fell 7.3% to $2.54 on heavy volume in late trading, days ahead of the company’s latest quarterly earnings. About 3 million shares changed hands after hours. Shares had closed up 0.7% at $2.74 on the regular session. Last week, the chip maker announced a new CEO.
    Where is Jerry? Where is Hector?
    Is two dollars doable Hector?
    Clearly this and clearly that?
    Rory is gone now too and we have the black woman of death to march AMD to the 1s as a stock.

  • Men say smart--but they go for hot most times.
    Ladies do the same thing and go for the good looking men.
    Such is the power of Biology.
    Smart does not mean #$%$ in the bedrood does it boys and girls.
    Speaking of not so smart and now looking ugly--Palin looks like heck nowadays.
    But oh well. She did her best with what she had and it is not her fault that Mcpain was stupid and picked her as a runing mate.
    Speaking of ugly, HILLARY--is causing massive headaches for all men who look at her. She will be the Ugliest President America has ever had. Why not get some younger woman who is build and good looking to be President? 40 and hot is better than 70 and U G L Y.
    But she will win and that is sure because the GOP is run by rightwingers who cannot let go of their stupid ways.

  • Your 16 price target was pathetic.

  • Their review of the performance of short picks back in February, they found shorting both losers and winners had yielded decent returns:

    Looking back at our lists, the most effective method for selecting shorts during the period was to short the 25 (or even better 10) worst performing stocks year-to-date, followed by shorting the 10 best performing stocks year-to-date. Results from our buy side survey generated alpha over 3 months and to date.

    Among the themes:

    (1) 5 of the top 14 stocks cited by our current survey are the same as in our last survey. Intel, Apple and IBM are the top three short picks, after IBM and Intel were also among the top 5 last survey;

  • Massive oil boom well under way and increasing rapidly well above any predicted amounts.
    Yet Fuxed up News sees gloom and doom. Obama is weak on terror say they as he bombs away and has Osama shot s few times in the head.
    Obama is weak on energy as America breaks records and heads toward its all time high in oil production.
    Obama is bad for the economy as the stock market goes higher and the GDP grows to 4.6% growth in Q2.
    Lucky for Fuxed up news that it only needs 6 million nutjobs to watch in order to make money because that is all it gets.
    Yes---America is a good bet as the economy likely heads above 5% growth per quarter in the next few quarters.
    NO--being short because you believe that BS at Fuxed up news is not good for your bank account,.
    Fuxed tells you what you want to hear and you think it is news.
    I would rather watch porn anytime.
    I would rather watch football and then watch porn.
    I would rather watch football and porn during the commercials, and then bang my woman at halftime and then watch the end of the game then watch fuxed up news.
    I would rather---almost anyting than watch fuxed up news.
    What kind of limp dooonged losers watch that trash anyway?

    Oh well
    Long Intel to the next split 120.

  • Talk about a lame effort. You could not even hold it under 34.
    Given that Intel will beat the estimates, we are looking toward 40 rather soon James old boy.
    Even you of Goldman sux might want to make an effort here to cover your shorts.
    So OIL pumping like crazy in America. Falling Oil prices, in the low 80s, likely to take gas prices down.
    GDP growth in Q2 revised up to 4.6%.
    The dollar exploding up in value.
    This in turn is likely to suck international money into the American stock market.
    All of this and Intel is going to grow revenue and profits in a massive way in 2015.
    Intel will hit 40 this year and go toward 80 before the end of 2015.
    Did I mention the economy is growing again?
    Get a clue Goldman James.
    Intel is going much higher and your 18 price target is #$%$.

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    4th qtr 16ff in production?

    by stockjock44 Oct 3, 2014 11:04 AM
    amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Oct 3, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

    Simple, short Arm and all companies that rely upon the selling of Arm based chips==qualcomm.
    Intel really is years ahead on trigate chips and the shrink to 10 nm will devastate arm based chip sales as X86 takes over the high end smart phon market.
    When Apple dumps Arm based chip designs in phones and tablets in late 2015, the arm mob will be ROADKILL!
    What? You think not?
    It is your money so go for it but remember I told you so.

  • Yeah sure, you shortys had a moment of zen with the market selloff taking Intel down a couple a bucks. Yet, it is meaningless really since you did not short it at 35 did you and even the few who might have are idiots and did not cover and so are losing today.
    Intel will beat the whisper number as well as the open number this report.
    What? You think Chips Intel makes are a commodity?
    Anyone can make them and they sell cheap you think?
    You are completely wrong. Intel sells this stuff at over 60% margins.
    Who can make them? Intel and AMD and if you include arm chips, qualcom and Samsung.
    So not anyone can make them. Fabs needed to compete are incredibly complicated and very expensive.
    BUT oh well--you are stuck in your anti Intel few of the future and even after Intel is making 4 billion a quarter net profit later next year, you will see it has only temporary.
    It is your money so go short.
    Bet against America as the dollar explodes up. OIL is down to 88 and going lower as America pumps its brains out in Texas and North Dakota. America is on the rise and you clowns with your doom and gloom are patheticly stupid.
    What was the economic growth last quarter?
    GDP in the second quarter grew at a 4.6% pace.

    This is according to the third estimate from the BEA, which revised growth up to 4.2% in late August.

    Expectations were for the report to show GDP grew at a 4.6% annualized rate in the second quarter.

    SO--you think Intel is going to 18 do you Goldman sux James? I( do not think you even believe that.
    Nonsense and games from Goldman and Intel goes to 40 before Christmas.

  • Even Rainman Dustin Hoffman would be able to add the numbers.
    What? You bought into the nonsense about Intel being destroyed by arm based chips? It never occurred to you that Intel could and would strike back and in time devastate Arm based chips and its makers?

    Intel is going to 40 this year and you, along with goldman Sux James Covello will be crying that Intel has a 16 price target. How is that working out for you by the way?

    2015 will see Intel longs getting rich and Intel shorts covering.
    That is pretty much what will happen as Intel uses its superior chip technology to shrink chips where no man has gone before.
    Apple and Samsung will go to Intel chips in phones and tablets and announce as much in late 2015 taking Intel stock to 80 in 2015.

    James Covello might upgrade at Goldman sux by then.

  • Short term, Intel likely beat the estimates.
    Intel's deal with the Chinese government owned phone companies will of course take Intel to major market share in the Chinese smart phone market. I mean these companie will be using Intel chips in half of their phones or even more. This occurs in 2015 but this is just the start.
    Intel shrinks to 10nm chips in 2016 sometime and that spells the end for any real competition on the top end in computers or phone and tablets. All top end smart phone makers will be swithching over to Intel in a major portion of their product lines.
    But ok--it is 2014 now and so who cares about 2016.
    Short term---Server sales continue to increase and an increasing rate based upon the explosive growth of what is now be called the internet of things.

    As Intel shrinks to 7nm chips, in those 6 to 10 billion dollar fabs it is building, only Samsung and Intel will be able to afford the fabs needed to go to 7nm.

    This was predicted to happen by an IBM top executive 6 years ago. Intel already spent AMD out of the market and now The Arm based chips will become victim to superior technology made by Intel. As the Blackberry phone went so will go the Arm based devices.
    Gone with the wind.
    Oh well.
    Intel will split once or twice before this decade is gone.

  • Wallstreet has sheeet for brains.
    These boys and girls are slow but they will catch on soon.
    YES---Intel just bought part of a China government owned company which will thus make phones which will of course sell in huge volume.
    What? You do not understand do you?
    Poor little child.

    Read it a little and try to clear your mind and please quit your endless crying.

    China's national quest to expand its domestic semiconductor industry suddenly looks more realistic and even winnable now that Intel Corp., the world's largest semiconductor company, has revealed a plan to invest up to RMB 9 billion ($1.5 billion) -- to get a roughly 20% stake in the semiconductor business under Tsinghua UniGroup. The Chinese government-affiliated private equity company controls the Chinese chip designers Spreadtrum Communications and RDA Microelectronics.

    China is buying its way into the global semiconductor market. Getting Intel on its side early on in its quest for a global presence will only accelerate the process -- much faster than China doing everything from scratch and competing head on with advanced semiconductor firms.

    Piggybacking on that Chinese dream is Intel, which hopes its technology and chips will penetrate the hugely untapped market where millions of consumers own no smartphones or tablets.

    The move could be viewed as a stroke of genius by Intel. It is offering to help China build an indigenous mobile force -- via Spreadtrum/RDA -- so that Chinese OEMs and white box vendors will have an alternative to Qualcomm.

    China appears to know exactly which of Intel's buttons to push. The company must grow in China and in the rest of the world, and it needs a willing partner to help promote Intel Architecture in the mobile market. China can fulfill both of those needs.

    "Both parties have signed a series of agreements," Intel said Friday. The agreements are meant to expand product offerings and adoption for Intel-based mobile devices in China and around the world.

  • amdmonkey72 by amdmonkey72 Sep 24, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

    From Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem In Memoriam:27, 1850:

    I hold it true, whate'er befall;
    I feel it, when I sorrow most;
    'Tis better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all.

    OK ----if it does not kill you or put you in a lifetime of depression that is.
    But we catch is drift.
    Is it like in the movie--The Bucket list?
    Do we collect moments like in the movie, Meet Joe Black?
    Love is crazy stuff but is your #$%$ useless now so you find yourself posting all day how Intel sucks?

    Only a fool would value his money over his health.
    Who says you cannot have it all? The laws of physics say that you fool.
    Have you climbed to the top of a tall mountain?
    Have you sat on the Beach at Big Sur?
    Have you made love with beautiful women who care about you?
    Do you love your children and woman more than anything else and do they know it?

    Oh well---back to stock now.
    Intel is a potential massive breakout stock with one or two splits in it in the next 5 years.
    The Internet of things.
    Phone chips
    Shrink to 10 nm.
    Massive revenue and net profit growth.

    Yet---you short Intel? What company is going to wreck Intel? What is it you see that I do not son?
    See you at 40 soon.

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    Be very careful at these levels

    by itakebackmyapology Sep 18, 2014 6:37 AM
    amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Sep 18, 2014 11:32 AM Flag

    When is it you are going to go do something in life that is useful or at least fun?
    Pretty women have no meaning to you?
    Oh well.

  • Yes it is true that James C of Goldman Sux has an 18 price target on Intel.
    It is also true that he does not kow jack sheet about CPUs.
    That is why he has been clueless as to why Intel is coming back from the dead with each shrink in its CPUs.
    You see son--the smaller chips Intel can make and that the others cannot, will make it impossible for the other CPU and chip makers to compete with anything when it comes to performance and battery life soon.
    What? Your horse is good?
    That is nice so go back to the track and leave the chips to someone who knows.

  • Not that James cares, He knows the target is stupid but he just does what his boss says.
    Goldman sux is invested in all things that point to a switch from Intel CPUs over to arm based chips. A failure for this switch to occur would be rather nasty for Goldman sux investors in tech.
    Even worse would be an Intel victory in phones and tablets along with a massive buildout in the many things using the internet of things.

    Just for fun--assuming that we all know now that James Covello of Goldman SUXXXX is completely screwed on his former 16 now 18 price target on Intel, let us all predict what date it will be when James ups Intel target to 40 or more. From 16 to 40 with almost no comment about why it is he was so so so wrong.

    I say he ups it to 40 or more after it goes past 40 in November.
    America will have bombed the sheet out of the clowns in the sand who like cutting off heads by then.
    Fuxed up news will have swithched back to politics and the 2016 election by then--after a GOP victory in the Senate.

    By the way---the shorty clown here will have given up all hope of ever getting laid again by then.
    Pathetic clown.

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