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amdmonkey72 58 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 18, 2014 11:32 AM Member since: Jun 6, 2009
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    Be very careful at these levels

    by itakebackmyapology Sep 18, 2014 6:37 AM
    amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Sep 18, 2014 11:32 AM Flag

    When is it you are going to go do something in life that is useful or at least fun?
    Pretty women have no meaning to you?
    Oh well.

  • Yes it is true that James C of Goldman Sux has an 18 price target on Intel.
    It is also true that he does not kow jack sheet about CPUs.
    That is why he has been clueless as to why Intel is coming back from the dead with each shrink in its CPUs.
    You see son--the smaller chips Intel can make and that the others cannot, will make it impossible for the other CPU and chip makers to compete with anything when it comes to performance and battery life soon.
    What? Your horse is good?
    That is nice so go back to the track and leave the chips to someone who knows.

  • Not that James cares, He knows the target is stupid but he just does what his boss says.
    Goldman sux is invested in all things that point to a switch from Intel CPUs over to arm based chips. A failure for this switch to occur would be rather nasty for Goldman sux investors in tech.
    Even worse would be an Intel victory in phones and tablets along with a massive buildout in the many things using the internet of things.

    Just for fun--assuming that we all know now that James Covello of Goldman SUXXXX is completely screwed on his former 16 now 18 price target on Intel, let us all predict what date it will be when James ups Intel target to 40 or more. From 16 to 40 with almost no comment about why it is he was so so so wrong.

    I say he ups it to 40 or more after it goes past 40 in November.
    America will have bombed the sheet out of the clowns in the sand who like cutting off heads by then.
    Fuxed up news will have swithched back to politics and the 2016 election by then--after a GOP victory in the Senate.

    By the way---the shorty clown here will have given up all hope of ever getting laid again by then.
    Pathetic clown.

  • Republicans love it and it makes it hard for Fuxed up news to do their anti Obama rants.

    They say he is right but to late and not bombing enough.
    Sometimes the idiots there say put tropps in but clearly Americans do not favor this nonsense from Fuxed up News and the Chenney war hawks.

  • If sheeet were brains, you would be a freaking Einstein son.
    I know you will cover before Intel hits 40 this winter so just up your target to 50 now and get over with it.

  • Intel is going over 35 and so you have to go off topic.
    I told you to go do something in life.

    All your endless crying is a bore.

  • Spends all day posting here with nonsense.
    Is it some kind of mental disorder?
    Sure glad we all are not sick like him.

  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Sep 3, 2014 11:03 AM Flag

    Cuntlow belonged on Fuxed up news but Fuxed did not want him.
    He was a one hit wonder.
    Speaking of fuxed up news.
    The idiots want to go to war with every Islamic person on earth over Isis.
    Obama is weak----we need to put troops in there-Blah blah blah.
    Never mind that most republicans do not want to do anything so stupid so Fux is to the right of its base viewers on the love of a new war.
    In fact Rom Paul wants no american action at all over there and last time I looked, he was a republican Fuxed News so why is it you are not trashing him each day? OH? You mean you are not unbiased as you say?
    But Paul is right about this issue. We should get the heeeelllll out and let the #$%$ kill each other over there. I am sorry for all the people living there but we have our own idiots to deal with right here at home.
    Hillary is a Hawk--maybe she should be a republican.
    But likely Obama will simply bomb the sheeet out of the idiots in the sand because the sand is an easy place to bomb. The clowns in Isis will soon give up and get weary of being killed and run back home.
    The Brit over there cutting off heads is likely not islamc and he is of course not Arab speaking with a London accent is he. The sand is simply a great place for people who like to kill.
    of course he will get caught and or killed but so it goes for idiots like Osama and he.
    Live by the sword-die by the sword.
    Those drones are wicked and of course much more effective than are troops on the ground.
    Talk about terror.
    America flies them over your head and kills you at will without ever making a sweat.

  • James Covello says 18.
    Sure glad I did not listen to Goldman Sux james.
    Intel going upand so is the market.

  • Goldman sux James is.
    He says Intel 18.
    He is a tech school flunkout. He really thinks that arm based chips will completely wipeout Intel.
    It has never occured to him that it might be Intel's X86 chips that end up deep sixing Arm based chips.
    When Intel hits 40 soon this fall, he will be forced to upgrade and to cover all Intel short plays by the big man at Goldman.

  • He had a 16 price target on Intel and now has an 18 and still he is ROADKILL.
    When it hits 40 this fall, he will have lost his customers huge money on their Intel shorts.
    Mark my words, the man will be called into the head man's office and Goldman SUX soon and told to up the target to 40 or higher or look for a new job.
    Given that he has no real talent, he will of course do what he is told to save his job.
    35 real soon James old boy. If you were a horse, we would retire you to pastor.

  • When Texas goes to Hillary, the republican party will split into pieces and cease being a real National party but rather become a regional party of many kinds of Repubs.
    SO---the death march of the GOP is well under way. The off year congressional election is irrelevant really. Even if the GOP take the Senate, it will be temporary before they lose the Senate and House upon the Massive loss to Hillary.
    Hillary will take Florida and Texas and this will end the Southern strategy the GOP has used since Nixon.
    Nothing dumber than a rightwing clown but an Intel short is almost as dumb.

  • Some of their thoughts.
    Economy will crash
    Obamaaaaaa is Pres
    I want my country back
    Intel will never ever
    Shrink chips to 10nm
    Get into phones in volume
    Other companies will make chips out of other than Silicon before Intel
    IBM will do this and that
    it used to be AMD but AMD is ROADKILL
    meanwhile--Intel will turn phones into Minni notebooks and devastate the other phone maker chip makers like quallycomm.
    Intel will go past 40 this year and even then, I have my doubts as to whether James Cavello of Golddddman sux dk will upgrade past a 20 price target.
    He is suffering from a kind of syndrome where he shakes and yells anti Intel rants ever-time he hears the word--"intel",
    18 18 18 18 18 he rants as it goes to 35 this next week.
    I fear the man will lose his job and goldman sux and be forced to simply spend his massive money partying at the track and grabbing onto naked women.
    poor man.
    But really son--James--you could upgrade to 40 and save your job.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • You would think all the people who have lost huge money on Intel shorts thanks to taking the advice from Goldman sux would be rather upset would you not?
    I mean--it goes to 25 and James beattssss off and says 16. it hits 28--he wacksss it again. Intel goes to 30 and he says he is right, It goes to 34---still he is a numbbbbbnuts on the issue.
    He says Intel will implode and suffer massive loss of sales based upon arm phone sales eating away at Intel sales.
    So Intel comes in with a massive profit and James simply says he is right but just not yet.
    Talk about being road blind staring into the headlights.
    He really believes Intel will NOT get into phones and dominate, and he is wrong of course.

    Last--do you know why it is Intel is going to push into lower priced phones first? Because Intel wants to change the entire phone thing and it will do so by attacking on price while providing superior performance for phones that use Intel. Phones that now sell for 800 dollars will be losing market share to phones that sell for 100 dollars with Intel inside. It is inevitable you know.
    Kind of funny how Apple really hurt Intel by locking Intel out of phones and now Intel will destroy Apple profits with low priced superior chip. Apple will switch to Intel chips in phones and tablets but it will not stop the other companies from devastating Apple with cheap phones with Intel inside.
    Short Apple and go long Intel and some of the new phone makers who will use Intel chips.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • His 18 price target has poor Goldman customers losing huge on their Intel shorts.
    Panic cover is going to take intel to 40 and James will be sleeping.

  • Just put a 40 target down on Intel and go to the race track and have some fun James.
    Yes--you hate Intel--maybe you have a good reason but---it is going to 40 so why not look smart.

  • amdmonkey72 by amdmonkey72 Aug 14, 2014 11:18 AM Flag

    You really need to do it.
    Trust me on that.
    Go out some and meet people. Isolating your self wkking off on the message board here is not healthy,
    I know it is your life now but move on.
    Intel will go up and or down and in the end, it is meaningless, Look at people all around you. It is not the end but the journey don't we all know.
    If you must keep posting--at least travel and have fun while you do it.
    Just go out to a local starbucks and you will meet people.
    I am willing to bet a pretty woman would go after you because there is no explaining taste is there.
    Pretty women are everywhere. Rich ones and poor ones. Tall ones and short ones. You catch my drift.
    Cut your posting down here and live some.
    Intel 100 or Intel 20--life goes on. Money does not change that.

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    Why INTC is destroying itself ...must read

    by marcopubio Aug 13, 2014 11:26 PM
    amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Aug 13, 2014 11:55 PM Flag

    So short the stock genius.
    The stock is going to 40 and your crying is not gonna stop this move up.
    Why do you waste your time here? Nobody cares what you or anybody else says here when it comes to buying and selling.
    BUT--the longs are at least making money.

  • His 18 price target is #$%$.
    Stupid is what stupid does James old boy.

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