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amdmonkey72 133 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 16, 2014 12:19 PM Member since: Jun 6, 2009
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  • The clowns actually do not see that oil crashing is a fantastic freaking stimulus to the American and world economy. Yeah sure, a few nations that rely upon oil are skkkkreeewed but they are mostly clown nations with small economies or commies so who cares.
    The American stock market will boom in the months ahead and the short slaughter will be hilarious.
    It is truly amazing to see people spew nonsense about how oil prices going down is bad for our economy.
    You cannot get much dummmmmmber than that.

  • Have Russians always been this stupid or have they worked on perfecting dumb through the years?

  • But the #$%$ in Congress will make a deal soon and Obummer will sign it and so up the markets go again next week either Monday or Tuesday. Intel will see 38 this next week.
    Off topic but kind of market related because everything is market related in a way--here are some rants.
    Putin is sccccccrewed in Russia because Oil prices tanked and the clown needs 120 dollars a barrel prices to run that welfare state called Russia. It is over Putin. Your worst nightmares are coming to be.
    Now about oil.
    It is under 60 dollars now and we could see 50. This is of course a huge stimulus for the American economy.
    Even the clowns in Congress and our pres cannot mess up this economic boom which is just starting. Obummer is playing golf and Congress is taking bribes from wall street which should lead to a massive uptick in the markets once this new budget deal is signed next week. Remember that Frank anti BS bill which stopped all the dirivitave nonsense? Well Congress is removing it because wall street has paid them off--again. Obummer too is paid off and so it goes in the land of big money DC bribe land.
    Did I tell you the Dollar is getting stronger by the day? This means money all over the world can go into the US markets and make money on the currency on top of the market move.
    Intel? It will beat the whisper number and have another blow out quarter and go well into the high 40s in the next few months. Intel shorts will get slaughtered and even Goldman Sux James might take his price target up over 18.
    Intel and the internet of things moves is going to be a cash cow for Intel for the next decade.
    Multiple splits are coming.

  • A deal done late tonight and the markets go back up to where they were.
    Teabaggers are such clowns.

  • Reply to

    Top 10 list of American stupidity

    by treturd Dec 9, 2014 12:15 PM
    amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 9, 2014 12:18 PM Flag

    Romney lost, get over it.

  • While the Bears are having their way today, this oil thing will of course spur the economy a great deal causing the markets to go up soon.
    So enjoy Bears but cover those shorts while you can because the markets are going much higher.
    Intel to 40 soon.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 7, 2014 7:40 PM Flag

    I told you Lucy to get a woman and still you live here posting utter nonsense.
    Just once, I would like to read something from you that says to me that you are thinking and not simply babbling
    But oh well.
    If you are short Intel, do yourself a favor and cover it Lucy.

  • In a study commissioned by the North Dakota Pipeline Authority and North Dakota Industrial Commission, Platts unit Bentek Energy said oil production from the basin could more than quadruple from 2011 levels to 2.18 million b/d by 2025. North Dakota’s share alone could reach 2 million b/d, the study said.

    The predicted surge in output — which would hit 1.777 million b/d by 2017 — relies on researchers’ assumption that companies would drill at a constant annual rate of 2,350 wells in North Dakota and 250 wells in Montana through 2021.
    Likely we will see the same doubling out of Texas from 3 million barrels a day to 6 million barrels per day.
    Russia and your oil are going to become irrelevant. if you want to sell it, fine, but do not ask for any favors Putin because nobody needs it from you.
    The reason Saudi Arabia is not going to cut production to try and control price in oil is because it can see this effort would be a loser.
    In fact, the natural gas will result in massive energy savings in America as well.
    Funny thing is America will be using less and less oil and be making more and more, thus it will become a major exporter of oil.
    All this as degenerate political figures and the media concentrate on gloom and doom.
    You just relax and enjoy.
    Russia is not a world power. Putin is a world class pimp.

  • You could not make this sheeet up could you.
    James it seems bought all in with the world is coming to an end play both micro and macro against Intel.
    He really thought little old Arm chips would move into servers and desktops and decimate Intel. He really thinks that Intel will never ever get into phones and tablets. What--he hates Intel does he? Seems so.
    Then he must also think the global economy is going to slow too because this too would hurt Intel.
    Is James a former AMD fanboy ticked off that AMD is ROADKILL now at the hand of Intel? Maybe he is just an Arm or qualicommi fanboy. But no matter because he had said 16 for Intel and now says 18, Intel is 37.60 something heading to 40. His intel short play has been a complete disaster for any poor people who played it on James target price.
    Reality is Intel is loaded and ready to break into tablets and phones in massive volume in the next two years and all evidence is they have nothing but upside in phones do the boys out of Northern California. Then we have the macro--the American economy, and you have got to believe this from a small business man, is starting to quickly boom and it has got to be the lower gas prices. The fine people in the oil rigs in America are doing more to help America screw Putin and Russia then any tarrifs governments could have done. They pump massive amouts out of the ground and word out of Texas and North Dakota say they can make money in most of the oil fields even at 40 dollars a barrell. NO way this boom slows down and gas prices will go under 2 dollars a gallon soon everywhere in America. The biggest economic stimulous ever.
    All this and America GDP growth is likely to be 5% or more in 2015.
    Even hannity will shut up about economic gloom soon.

  • Putin and Russia are hurting.
    They blame the oil on America as if the government did this to him and his nation.

    Oil crashing is simply the technology in American oil fields going to work and making money.
    They will not stop and thus your economy in Russia is screwed.
    You never thought this could happen did you Putin?
    How are you gonna pay for the military now? You going to cut cut cut the government or are you simply foing to have hyper inflation and thus wreck your economy completely? So what you blame America and Europe.
    They do not care. You are screwed Putin and you will have to use your KGB friends to kill and imprison Russians in order to hold power. Even that could fail and you could end up on a pole like Mussalini did.

  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 4, 2014 1:55 PM Flag

    Go short the market then.
    If not, you are not as sure as you seem.
    I think the market is going much higher from here based upon the massive economic stimulous the lower gas prices will bring to the US economy.
    Not only America, China and Europe too will benefit from lower oil prices.
    Intel is being sold just ever so little as always happens when you hit new highs. It is going higher of course and 40 will be here soon.
    It is never good to bet against the top dog and Intel is still King of the chip business among other strong chip makers. Intel is going to come in with massive growth in the near future as well as long term massive growth based upon the internet of thing explosion.
    When Intel is making over 6 billion dollars net profit per quarter, the short plays that were made against Intel this past year will look so so DIM.
    But if you are short the market--go for it. You could win if a major event crashed the markets.
    It is unlikely but go for it.

  • You really losing money short Intel?
    Sorry for you loss.
    Intel to 40.

  • James Covello of Goldman SUX said 16 price target Intel.
    Then Goldman sux said 18 Intel.
    Well and idioooooooot can see that you have really screwed your investor base who listen to you on Intel.
    Just imagine some poor people who went short Intel because of you James.

    They really must be upset.

  • Even funnier that Obummer will get credit for the 2.00 a gallon gas that is coming,

  • amdmonkey72 by amdmonkey72 Dec 2, 2014 8:13 PM Flag

    Give Saudi Arabia credit: Whoever sets oil-production policy for the desert kingdom has guts. Unfortunately, the sheiks have made what’s likely to become a sucker’s bet.

    You know this part already, but the 12-nation Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries last week declined to cut production, sending Brent crude oil futures tumbling to their cheapest point since 2009. The Saudis appear to be spoiling for a fight, trying to find out exactly how cheap oil must be to force surging U.S. shale-oil production to seize up like an unlubricated engine.

    Energy stocks are falling; were are the buyers?
    Energy stocks are on sale following a five-month plunge in crude oil, but so far few investors are tempted to bargain-hunt. Matt Wirz joins MoneyBeat. Photo: Getty.

    “Naimi declares price war on U.S. shale oil,” a Reuters headline shouted, referring to Saudi Arabia Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi.

    But there are at least three big problems with this strategy. One, North American crude isn’t as expensive to produce as it used to be. Two, there’s more than you think in the pipeline to make it even cheaper. And third, OPEC nations, including Saudi Arabia, have squandered their edge in cheap oil supplies on welfare states rulers can’t easily cut back.

    In 2012, when U.S. shale burst into public consciousness, common wisdom was that it would cost at least $70 to $75 a barrel to produce. As recently as last week, saying U.S. producers could tolerate $60 oil seemed aggressive.

    But data from the state of North Dakota says the average cost per barrel in America’s top oil-producing state is only $42 — to make a 10% return for rig owners. In McKenzie County, which boasts 72 of the state’s 188 oil rigs, the average production cost is just $30, the state says. Another 27 rigs are around $29.

    That’s part of why oil companies aren’t cutting capital spending much — and they say they can keep production rising without spending more, by getting more out of wells they have already drilled.

    A key example is mega-independent Devon Energy DVN, -0.08% , which produces about 200,000 of the 9 million-plus barrels the U.S. drills each day.

    Devon wouldn’t give an interview, but said last month that it expects production to rise 20%-25% next year with little growth in capital spending. It has room to work because its pretax cash profit margins have widened by 37% in the first nine months of this year, to almost $30 per barrel of oil equivalent. More than half its 2015 production is protected by hedges if prices stay below $91 a barrel, the company says.

    This trend toward efficiency will only get more pronounced, Lux Research analyst Daniel Choi suggests. Technology startups in energy exploration have raised $7 billion in the past decade, generating now-tiny companies that will use advances in seismic data collection and steam-assisted gravity drainage to lower costs even further. Companies such as Liquid Robotics and Laricina Energy are likely to get acquired before going public, but work like theirs will spread, Choi predicts.

    Yes, it costs Saudi Arabia only about $2 a barrel to get crude CLF5, +1.05% out of the ground. But analysts insist the Saudis’ real pain point is more than $100 a barrel — more than $30 higher than its price now — because of what they do with the money once they have it.

    In 2010, for example, the Saudis spent $130 billion to combat the Arab Spring, the Persian Gulf Fund reports. Some of that money went for better education and health care, and a little for infrastructure. Then there was a 15% raise for government employees, higher unemployment benefits, a government-subsidized minimum wage hike and 500,000 new homes in a nation of 28 million people. It cost 30% of Saudi gross domestic product.

    Exxon Mobil XOM, +1.99% and Devon have no such burdens. Naimi’s strategy to squeeze North Dakota and Texas is a bet that in the long run, low prices will force a cut in production and a return to Saudi leverage. But it will be much easier to further trim North American production costs than to convince whole nations to eat less.

    All this is early, and a snapback in demand could make everything markets think about oil moot. And just because technology changes a market doesn’t mean emerging players are great stock bets — for every Expedia EXPE, +1.19% there’s a Travelocity. The drop in oil shares now makes sense; these stocks should be on sale while things play out.

    But OPEC still looks like a late-1990s company caught in Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen’s “Innovator’s Dilemma” — so married to once-innovative business models, it couldn’t adjust when technology re-engineered their industries. Think of the Saudi welfare state as oil’s brick-and-mortar stores: integral to an old business model, unsustainable in the new.

  • amdmonkey72 by amdmonkey72 Dec 2, 2014 9:32 AM Flag

    Thanks for the money.

  • AMD is ROADKILL, not a buy at any price.

  • Oil prices dropping giving us massive drops in gas prices. I would not be shocked to see gas at 2.00 dollars a gallon soon.
    This in turn saves the average American 300 to 400 dollars a month or more in gas costs. He goes and spends the difference taking the GDP up 1% or more.
    AND---we get to screw the Russian government and the #$%$ Putin.
    Russian people loved him but when they are in food lines they will adjust their thinking. The nationalism he played was from Hitler's playbook but in the end, it will simply collapse and he will be gone from power.
    OK---politics here at home? THE GOP teabagging nutclowns watching fuxed up news are confused now. America is in decline and OB is destroying the nation according to fuxed news but people are partying making lots in the markets? Oh lord help me see the truth. is Fuxed up news the work of Satin?

    It sure is boy if you are short Intel.

  • EAT shhhheeet and die.
    INTC 10:18am EST 37.39 +0.49 +1.33%

    But really---all kidding aside.
    Long Intel will make you some money you know.

  • People pay you for your 18 price target James?

36.71+0.47(+1.30%)9:47 AMEST

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