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amdmonkey72 70 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 21, 2014 10:14 AM Member since: Jun 6, 2009
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  • Meanwhile, some poor losers cannot get there heads out their rumps long enough to go long and make money.
    After the Apple switch to Intel in phones and tablets, Intel goes to 80.
    10nm chips 2015 and Apple will use them.

  • The good old boys of the south are doing their thing now. They are doing another Pickett's charge.
    By this, I mean they are making a move that they know is a likely loser. They are making the republican party turn to the right where it has no chance of winning a Presidential election.
    But they feel good about it because it is the cause you know. What is it with you boys down there? Losing is losing and is not glorious. Look at the demographics in your home states and you will see it is only a matter of time before even Texas goes to the Dems. Once Florida and Texas are gone to the Dems in National elections, it is over for you Johnny Rebs.
    I know you have honest disagreement as to how the nation should be run and I respect that. But why is it you cannot understand that the best you can do is to get into the game and compromise to at least influence things. You say you want it all and filibuster. it is a form of war you are doing in the Congress. It has never been done like this before and it is akin to when South Carolina and then the other states simply ran away from the government and tries to declare Independence.
    Of course you cannot do that now but you would if you could.
    NO NO NO
    Libs will not stay home and let you rip their nation apart.
    The moderates in your own party will not vote for some rightwing nut you nominate.
    Go ahead--nominate a rightwinger and watch I'm lose 40 states and get only 35% of the votes.
    YOU want your country back?
    What? Back to no votes for women?
    No votes for African Americans?
    NO NO NO
    Your own children disagree with you because they do not see race as the big thing to decide upon.
    They do not care about it.
    Grow up rightwingers of the south.
    Join the game.
    Look at you left friends down there in the south and help them to make things work.
    Lincoln was from the south. Kentucky.
    LBJ from Texas
    All your large cities voted for Obama. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.
    Florida is not Dem and Texas soon will be too.

  • So imagine if you would a true believing teabagger rightwing clown.
    I am not talking about most of you republicans mind you. I am talking about the kind of nutjobbbbs who never ever let facts get in their heads. They exist on the left and the right of course. The left has the idiots who still apologize for Stalin's killing of over 10 million of his own people. They want to take away all private business and let the collective run everything. Will not work because when you do that, people, most, stop working.
    Yet we have the other side here--the teabaggers of the GOP--we know they are extreme rightwing, who want their country back. Who in pluck ever said it was their country? Not me.
    Here we are with good growth in the economy at long last kicking in. Unemployment will likely start to fall rapidly now. The Stock markets here are going up and up.

    Are they in the markets? NO
    Well they could be if they are short.
    But in any case they are losing huge based upon their belief system.
    They short the dollar.
    They collect gold
    They get ready for the end of the world.
    They build bunkers.
    Each day the market goes up--they are unhappy and confused.
    I mean how on earth, think they, can people not see how the world is about to implode?
    Some of those idiots are short Intel now to but to be fair--they short everything.

    They never make money because they are afraid to play in the games of life.
    They never get the great looking woman because they are afraid to ask her.
    They never see the world because they are afraid to travel.
    They are not making money on Intel long now, because they are afraid of whatever.
    They know Intel is likely going to 40 but they are afraid.
    They really need a good BJ!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • These nimrods sit there screaming they want their country back and impeach OB.
    Meanwhile the normal people go about making major money in the stock market LONG!
    One might think that eventually these delusional hate filled unpleasant jaaakoffs would eventually learn but NOOOOOOOO----they are addicted to the hate thing.
    So much so are they that they even lose money to validate their hate.

    So let me get this right?
    250,000 new jobs to 300,000 new jobs per month is not good news say Fuxed up news?
    Dow 17000 is not good news?
    No more war for our boys and girls in the sand is not good news?

    NO---these are all lies say they.
    How about the massive oil production out of North Dakota and especially Texas? Is this not good news?

    I think I hear they screaming Benghazi or something but since when do right-wingers give a sheet about a lib being killed in a foreign land?
    4 dead is a disaster and all the dead in Iraq based upon lies is ok? YES

    So when Intel hits 40 later this year I am sure we will see tons of off topic posts from the Intel shorts and haters. Nothing makes them more upset than Intel going up unless it is something to do with women's rights. That is too much for them to take.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Now he sits with his horsey running and he is asking himself, how do I get out of this ridiculous position--currently 18, that I have on Intel's price target.
    The Bright side is that a huge percentage of investment houses are being caught on the low end with their Intel plays. The down side is that all of them will be upgrading their targets to the upper 30s and lows 40s soon and Goldman sux will be at 18 on Intel.
    Well--like all guys and gals in the business, he will simply go a strong buy and say things changed and he was not wrong but --things change.
    What does this run up of Intel mean for you? Well if you are long, it means you are getting richer and laughing a lot at the shorts. For the shorts, it means lots of pain and lots of losses on their Intel short plays.
    They are still grasping at straws hoping that this Intel move is simply based on the Microsoft XP replacement cycle. Yet, they understand the physics of the Intel chips and the advantage these chips give Intel over other chip makers.
    Intel could easily break past 40 this year as it rolls into the sweet spots of the next bigger Internet boom driven by the internet of things that Cisco has talked about. Next year Intel could be seeing net incomes of well past 4 billion dollars a quarter at some point.
    Oh yeah--Intel is going back into TVs with Google.
    Will you shorts never learn?
    Paul O is not running Intel anymore and the new man is going to shove a chip up yours with Intel shrinks into 10nm soon to come.

  • amdmonkey72 by amdmonkey72 Jun 25, 2014 11:13 PM Flag

    Intel blow out numbers take it to 35 in two weeks.

  • Life can be so so nice but idiots like perma shorty poster here beatoff while posting childish short posts here.
    I told you son to go get a woman.
    What? You are diccckless? OK
    Well then go walk your dog.
    Go to a baseball game.
    Read a book--you illiterate LOSER
    I am pretty sure you have been saying sell as Intel has gone from 20 to over 30. You will be saying the same as it goes to 40. Now from 20 to 40 is a 100% move and instead of making money, you just post nonsense and watch your dong shrink.
    Book a ticket to Bangkok.
    Land and take a taxi to Sukhumvit 4 NaNa Hotel.
    Walk in--get your room and then go across the street into the men's playground, You will then be able to figure out what to do. Buy a lady a drink and then take her back to your room. You really need this you pathetic loser.
    You can still post here but please do not do it while getting off.
    I am sure you will stop posting after a few days with some good sex.
    I, unlike a doctor, can cure you of your mental illness.
    You need to get laid.
    Intel going to 40 this year and you are too scared to go long and make money. Pathetic.

  • Do you think he is really a pathtic loser or is there some unknown reason for his seemingly useless use of his time?

  • I know you are depressed and lonely but you are also dull.
    Quit posting nonsense all day.
    Read a book
    Play golf
    Get a woman
    You do not know if you can have fun?
    I told you how so just go do it.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Put your #$%$ on a plane to Bangkok.
    Just go.
    You can post while getting off.
    Take a cute woman and party a little.
    OK--Nana is not where the expats go. They go to Soi Cowboy. It is about 1 mile down west of NaNa on Sukhumvit road. There you will meet people who live in Bangkok and know what is up. Yeah--some might think they are nuts but simply they like to drink and to do pretty women. I think not having fun is nuts.

    I can tell you that it is better yo party until you drop than it is to sit doing nothing like you.
    Hey--you could even go long Intel and make some cash.
    You know Intel is going to assimilate the tech world with those shrinks to 7nm chips.
    Apple and Samsung will be using Intel in phones computers and tablets as will most other companies.
    But back to the women.
    After Cowboy--walk on to asoke and go to the Painter bars all named after famous artists.
    It is less than a mile farther to the west on the same street.
    What? You need 3 at the same time? Easy--
    If you have cash--you can party.
    Love you want?
    Try sex instead.

  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 16, 2014 4:07 PM Flag

    Are you talking to me?
    I am not flum and I do not post on the Ihub board EVER!
    Never go there.
    I am monkey and roadkill and have been for over 14 years.
    If the other names were me--I would have no problem saying so.
    Intel up and the shorts are S C R EWWWWWWED!

  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 16, 2014 4:02 PM Flag

    INTC 04:00pm EDT 30.01 +0.14 +0.47%

    Bendover shorty and take this cattle prod up yours,Get a life son.
    Go long Intel to start.
    It will make you feel better to make money don't you know.
    Then get a woman.
    Then do something like--maybe work?

  • Intel is going much higher and your posting day and night might seem to be a good idead in your sick brain but it is stupid and pathetic--however it is funny. HAAA HAAA
    I am monkey not the other two you listed son.
    But if you want to thionk they are me--go for it.
    What? You would rather post all day rather than get laid?
    You think that is a good choice do you.
    It is not.

  • Here them cry like little babies as the reality of their stupidity on Intel seeps into their small brains.
    40 this year extremely likely shorty child.

  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 16, 2014 11:13 AM Flag

    I have to go to work now but I see you here as alaways and I wanted to be nice and tell you again to look up about taking a vacation.
    Nobody thinks you are short Intel or long Intel. You are just shooting the breeze here to kill time.
    Do you like Sex?
    I think you need lots and lots of sex.
    Believe me.

    Go to Thailand.
    NO--love you likely will not find but sex you will find and that should be your only goal on this trip. OK--you will likely find some fun guys to hang out with too who like you are there to have fun.
    Land at Bangkok and take a taxi into Nana and stop at the nana hotel. Make sure you get into the taxi line at the airport to avoid problems.
    Walk over to nana plaza and party.
    Oh yeah--if you like Viagra, you need to buy it in a pharmacy over on the corner of Sois 4 very near. There it is real and covered in plastic to prove it was never opened.
    Likely with a hot your woman, you will not need it though.
    You can watch CNBC and sports there and trade too on the internet.
    But really, if you have anything of substance to say about Intel, feel free but your posts now are just noise from a man who really needs to get laid.

  • Reply to

    All good news is fade out soon...

    by ivy3987 Jun 16, 2014 8:58 AM
    amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 16, 2014 9:47 AM Flag

    You sound desperate.
    I like it.

  • 32 and likely higher by the end of next Friday.
    I just hope Goldman sux stays short for one more week to get me a few more laughs.

  • November 22, 2013 10:15 AM EST Send to a Friend

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    Join SI Premium – FREEGoldman Sachs reiterated a Sell rating on Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) with a price target of $16.00. Analyst James Covello believes even projections for flat revenue growth are aggressive.

    "We attended Intel's analyst day in Santa Clara, Ca. We came into the meeting looking for reasons to get more bullish on the stock and had explicitly laid out several things we were hoping to hear during the meeting. Instead, we got nearly exactly the opposite with Intel guiding for another year of no revenue or EPS growth but still record capex levels," said Covello.

    "In addition, we believe even the flat revenue growth could prove to be aggressive as it assumes no negative impact from the end of the corporate refresh cycle and it assumes that Data Center growth accelerates to low teens even after several years of Data Center growth that has been far below the company's guided targets. Unfortunately, 2014 looks like another year where the Street will need to be worried about estimate reductions throughout the year and we therefore believe the stock is likely to continue to underperform," he added.

  • What?
    Fuxed up news tells you that everything is going to crash?
    Yeah sure.
    They told you Romney would win too so there it goes.
    You can be a hardcore republican and still be long.
    You just have to admit that rightwing media is just a cartoon for the uneducated bubba's who watch it and listen to it. The audience for all cable news is small so nobody cares what those idiots say.

    Intel will be going to near 100 in a few years and you will regret not being on the Intel train.

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