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amdroaddkill2010 45 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 10, 2014 9:12 PM Member since: Jun 5, 2009
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    Quote of the Year: "Perfect"

    by abc_for_president Jul 10, 2014 3:57 PM
    amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jul 10, 2014 9:12 PM Flag

    McCain and Romney lost so get over it.
    Wait until Hillary wins and then you can upchuck.
    Just go long Intel and make some loot.
    You hate Obama? So what.
    When the Dow hits 20,000 with Obama still in office, I bet his approval rating goes up well over 50%.
    What is so horrible?
    Pulled out of Iraq-good
    No more combat troops in Afghanistan-good
    Stock Market booming--good
    Unemployment rates falling--good
    Intel at a 10 year high--good
    When Intel hits 40 later this year with Obama in office--Intelers right and left will smile.

  • I see all your off topic posts but Intel longs just want to look at their increasing money.
    Perhaps you should try posts about sex next to get Intelers distracted.
    Intel to 40 is almost as good as sex.

  • It is better than having nothing to do but not much better is it?
    I know you are not short Intel and not long either.
    I think it would be best for all of us to understand the extraordinary luck we need to hit a home run in the market.
    You have to make a bet on a stock and that stock has to breakout using a rather temporary competitive advantage. By temporary I mean one that lasts a few years or 5 or so at most. After that time, the money attracts massive competition into the game.
    Intel's advantage could be extraordinary and last an extraordinarily long time due to the difficulty of entry into the chip business. All Intel does is think about how to make CPUs. It makes super fabs that are years and years ahead of competition. It shrinks the chips to sizes that it will take competition three or more years to catch up to if they ever catch up at all. I mean after all it is so expensive to make these fabs and to design there chips that only Intel will be making the CPUs very very soon.
    Yet--you know this don't you Lucy.
    Have you thought about taking a trip to party some place while you post?
    Just go long Intel and make some loot.
    You can still post you hate Intel and make money long.
    That is the beauty of the thing. Why not--investment houses do it.

  • Such is life.
    Of course Intel cannot go to 700---but who knows.
    Yet it could get a massive breakout and split two or more times in the coming 6 years or so.
    What is it that could make the investment community so so wrong on Intel you might be asking?
    Their spew goes something like this.
    Intel is old tech.
    Arm based chips own phones and phones and tablets are destroying old X86 machines.
    Intel has no answer.
    Even if Intel has a better chip, the players who make products will not switch.
    Intel shrinks to 14nm then 10nm then 7nm? Cannot be done. Even if Intel does it, nobody needs those chips because now is good enough.
    Oh yeah--Arm chips can shrink the same way and will catch up fast.
    Did we tell you Intel sucks?
    So that is the play be iiiidiots like James C of Goldman's as well as others.
    Did you know James still has an 18 price target on Intel? Cannot be more negative and wrong than that can you.
    So facts now.
    Intel is going to shrink to 10nm late 2015 and before that shrink, it is very likely that Apple and Samsung will announce a switch to Intel chips will come to use that 10nm chip.
    Intel fabs being world class, will become cash cows fabbing for multiple players including Apple at some point.
    The internet of things will explode and demand massive chip production and a shortage of chips will keep prices of chips relatively high giving Intel mega profits.
    Did I tell you Intel will then shrink to 7nm?
    They will.
    Net profits of course will increase ridiculously fast.

  • We are starting the real internet BOOM NOW!
    The PC thing was just a little step with toys we all enjoyed. Back in 2000 when the markets topped, Intel was making chips that were slow and useless compard to what we see now.
    NOW---the chips are so small, fast, and low in energy usage, that they will be going all over the place and thus we have the real tech boom starting.
    The chip shrinks down to 10nm and then 7nm by Intel will have profound implications and affects on our world.
    Nations will fall or rise based upon how they use this new technology to come. if they close their doors, like Russia, they will simply be left behind and suffer for it.
    Intel chips for sure will be in the top end smart phones soon and that is the way it is. Apple and Samsung know this and are getting their products ready to use Intel 10nm chips in phones and tablets because that is what top end buyers will want and demand.
    It will become rediculous, the Intel chip superiority, once Intel shrinks past 10nm to 7nm.
    The net income for intel will be North of 8 billion per quarter and perhaps well north at that point.
    The stock? Two splits coming in the next 6 years.
    Shorty will be well forgotten by then.
    James C of Goldman;s and others were betting on the horse and buggey as Intel was making spaceships.

  • amdroaddkill2010 by amdroaddkill2010 Jun 27, 2014 3:04 PM Flag

    Went from 99 down to 4 now.

  • Talk about pathetic and stupid.

  • Forget the lucy stuff. I mean real posts.
    Lots of people --the majority in fact, in fact 90% or more, do not give a rats about Intel and think it is a loser stock.
    This means there are tons of people and money to flow into the Intel train.
    Just follow the money.
    As Intel increases its net profits, this stock will go higher and higher.
    Lucy says 20 is a good price but likely lucy is not short or long so there you go.
    James Cavello says 18.
    Lots of shorts are having to cover now as Intel heads to 31.
    Net income of well over 3 billion this Q4.
    Net income of 5 billion Q4 2015 is likely.
    Stock north of 80 end of 2015.
    Lucy will still saying sell but that is what Lucy says.
    Lucy needs some new things to do.
    Travel, books, start a company if you have money,
    But ----under no circumstances ever take your own advice on Intel and short now.
    Intel the internet of things will take this stock to two splits before 2020 ends.

  • Will you ever learn amdfanboys?

  • Oh pluck me
    OK--I took it to 18 so get off my back.
    Yeah sure lots of our investors are angry but screw them because I am going to the track and I hate Intel.
    I do not care if it goes to 50---

    What boss?
    I have to upgrade and say 35 or you will fire me?
    OK--35 it is I will say.

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jun 16, 2014 10:51 AM Flag

    Well said everyone and James makes it so easy to laugh.
    OK--he raises the target to 18 as the stock hits 30. I am sure the big institutional investors who lost money on his Intel target are real happy.
    Lots of money to pour into the USA as the middle east falls apart. The dollar will get stronger of course and the Dow will surge to new record highs all summer long.
    James will play with his horsey and drink his gin and tonics.
    For James now, it is a matter of stubborness about Intel. It is hard for his to admit how utterly wrong he was on this major Intel play. After all, he is suppose to be an expert on tech and chips. How on earth could he have been caught with his head up his rump as Intel flew to 30?
    Less horse perhaps is in order James old boy.
    Just cover this week and go back to the track. Intel goes to 32 as soon as you upgrade and people will soon forget your stupid Intel 16 price target you had held.
    The alternative Jimmy is that Intel goes to 40 this year as you hold your sell 18 target and that hardly will look good with your boss at Goldman's.
    Go long and turn into an Intel pumper and short Quallycomm.
    Intel will in time hurt Qually real real bad.
    No government to protect Qually since it is Qually that holds domminance in phones and so Intel can sell under cost if need be to rip into phones.

  • Shorts are getting slaughtered and we are left here with clowns who do not short or long Intel but simply hate it.

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    By noon today

    by itakebackmyapology Jun 14, 2014 9:06 AM
    amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jun 14, 2014 10:05 AM Flag

    The markets are closed son.
    You really to need to get some things to do on the weekends.
    Intel up or down have very little to do with our lives.
    After all, it is only money and we can get that in many places.
    You are lonely are you?
    Get on line and look up eastern Europe or Bangkok or Bali.
    Take a vacation and party some.
    If you can't be with the one you love.
    Love the one you're with. Crosby Stills Nash and Young

    But really. Land in Bangkok, Walk to the taxi line at the airport and tell them you want to go to the nana Hotel.
    Walk into the hotel and get a room. Then walk down and cross the road and walk into nana Plaza,
    There you will find something to do.

    It might not be love but than again, what is?
    Half the people married are not in love.
    It for sure is lust and that is good for you.
    Buy some Intel, ride it to 80 in the next few years,
    Do not fight it.
    You know it willhappen so just make some money off of it and enjoy life.

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jun 13, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    The New CEO at Intel is going to be a super star.
    You need that to get the big money into a stock.

  • Iddddiot will cover very very soon now.
    He will go long and take Intel to 35.
    If perma bear here wants to keep posting his trash it is a good laugh for we longs.
    He looks desperate and sad.
    I like it.

  • James C is going to cover and go long Intel for Goldman sux and take Intel to 35.
    His 16 price target is classic stupidity.

  • But funny they are anyway.

  • Stupid is what stupid does James old boy.
    Your boss is going to call you in and force you to go long Intel soon son.
    Just suck it up and do it today.
    Intel 30 one mnute later.

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    Will Intel raise Q2 guidance this week?

    by backbay_bstn Jun 7, 2014 3:01 PM
    amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jun 7, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    Intel will announce nothing.
    Seems to me the new CEO like using the old Stave Jobs approach to the markets. Aim low and always beat up huge.
    But I like your thought and I do look for massive growth to kick in very soon.
    When I fitst heard that Intel's CEO was trashing the new Intel TV idea, which was a very good one, I took it negatively. It was another Intel failure I thoght. But now it seems it was simply a strategic move to focus the company into other areas which are far more important. The Internet of things, Phones, Tablets, Servers, and even a rebuld of the old PCs into a more exciting form.
    Numbers will tell the story ahead.
    Intel 4 billion net profit in Q4 will show the way ahead for the future.

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jun 6, 2014 11:46 AM Flag

    INTC 11:40am EDT 28.06 0.40
    Nice job James old boy.
    Intel is doomed is it James my man.
    I am sure those investors who took your advice and sold their Intel shares are not too happy with you boy. You need to get off the Arm train that says Intel is doomed.
    Perhaps, and you might consider this, you could be wrong James.
    Will you up the target when Intel hits 30 or will you wait past 32. At some point your boss is going talk to you--and you will make the target North of 35. You james, Goldman does not like looking like fools in the tech area because of you.

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