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amdroaddkill2010 35 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 28, 2014 4:03 PM Member since: Jun 5, 2009
  • Of course, in Oregon too.
    10nm fabs will have Apple and Samsung as users of Intel phone and tablet chips on board.

    Intel introduced its first 14nm Broadwell CPUs – Cortex M – at IFA Berlin, earlier this month. (Read: Intel Launches Its Most Energy-Efficient Processor To Spur PC Demand) Core M is the most energy-efficient Core processor in Intel’s history and extends the company’s lead over AMD, whose processors use the 28 nm processes from TSMC and Globalfoundries. Broadwell will be succeeded next year by the 14nm Skylake architecture, which in turn will give way to Cannonlake (based on 10nm).

    Intel has the world’s most advanced process technology and is way ahead of competition in developing the 14nm and 10nm manufacturing technologies. It plans to offer the 10nm CPU by as early as 2016.

  • On Monday, Israel’s Finance and Economy Ministries gave final approval to a plan presented by Intel Corp to invest $6 billion in the remodeling and continued growth of its chip manufacturing plant in Kiryat Gat. The investment will become the single largest investment made by a foreign company in Israel to date.

    “Intel’s investment is a strategic asset for Israel’s industry,” said Finance Minister Yair Lapid. “This is the biggest investment by a foreign company ever in Israel and is further proof that Israel is at the forefront of technology and innovation.”

    Intel plans to upgrade their Kiryat Gat plant, with a total investment of roughly $6 billion (about NIS 22 billion). The exact amount is still pending upon final approval by Intel’s Investments Center.

    According to a statement made by the Finance and Economy Ministries, Intel will receive in return a government grant of $300 million over five years and will be eligible to pay a low corporate tax rate of only 5 percent for a 10-year period.

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Sep 20, 2014 6:11 PM Flag

    Look son, you have way to much time on your hand when you are going through all my past posts to see where I was wrong. I made that post in 2011 and was wrong. I had thoght Intel would get into phones but it failed and fired Paul O because of that failure. Yet, I was at least corrct about the direction of the stock movement. It has moved up to around 35 and I see you recently poisted this nonsense.

    galba_tamponerator•3 hours agoFlag

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    by will_amd_yu•May 18, 2014 10:08 PMFlag

    Sell in May and go away. Its not too late.
    This stock is going down back to $24.

    -----Now that was a real stupid prediction and I never see you, unlike I just did, admitting that you were wrong. Why is that? Were you wrong about the 24? It is 35 now.
    Man up and tell us you were wrong--but it is funny because we can all see the fact no matter what you post.

  • 1) We are in a long term Bull market here in the USA and is not a bubble. Dow 30,000 in 3 years is completely doable because of the giant growth to come in the world economy. America and its large tech companies, more than any other developed nation, is in a spot to profit from the world economic growth.
    India and China are still growing and their booms are long term. They need oil and they love technology. America is going to become a provider of both resulting in massive profits for tech and oil oil producers.
    What? You think the world is comong to an end? If it does, you will be dead so what is the point of investing in that way? But going long Intel will be a great play in the micro picture because Intel chips will be in all places and all things and some point. Yes, you anti-Intel nuts are correct in saying Intel will never be a monopoly again. I would say it never was in fact.
    But one does not need to be a monopoly to make windfall profits as can be seen by Apple.
    2) Intel will shrink and shrink and shrink chips to the point past three years of course but in the short term, it will shrink to 10nm chips which will put it so far ahead that Apple and Samsung will find it necessary to swith to using Intel chips in its top end phones and tablets. Intel with 30% share in phone sales will make windfall profits by the end of 2015 and the stock will shoot to 100 in 2016 as a result.
    3) The internet of things will see Intel chips going into thing and to places we cannnot now imagine.
    The internet of things willo dwarf the profits now being made world wide by phone sales. No company will domminate but Intel chips will be a top player or perhaps the top player in giving the chips that are needed for the internet of things. The boom will have begun by the end of 2015 and the investors will take Intel to 100 in 2016 because of it.

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Sep 18, 2014 7:50 PM Flag

    Goldman SUX had a 16 price target on Intel when Intel was 28. Now Intel is past 35 on its way to 40 and James Covello is sitting like a deer staring into the headlights with no move. James of Goldman sux is another great example of being blind to a changing game. He thinks there will be negative growth in Intel chip sales based upon his delusional view of things.
    Somehow he cannot see that Intel will enter tablets and then phones in volume and Intel will be the winner of the most recent chip battle this time against Arm based chips. Last time it was AMD but now amd is ROADKILL.

  • What? You did not hear?
    Apple will announce the Iwatch is coming early 2015 with an Intel CPU inside it.
    40 this year and James will simply pretend he never said 16 price target.
    You cannot get much more clueless than James when it comes to Intel.

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    BACK TO $30

    by marcopubio Aug 22, 2014 2:23 PM
    amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Aug 22, 2014 3:18 PM Flag

    I told you to get a life and still you live here.
    You do not even bother writing anything with a thought. You just make noise and that satisfies you does it?
    A lover or two is what you need. Clue
    You will not find it posting meaningless dribble day and night on the Intel message board.
    It is hard to figure what drives someone to post as you do.
    I have never ever read one of your posts with any logic or reason to it. So mostly we all, even the shorts, ignore you.
    Did I tell you to get out some?
    Really--it would be good for you to go get a friend or better yet, a lover.
    That tick tock is not Intel you are hearing but instead it is your life wasting away here.
    Good luck.

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    Goldman dead wrong on Intel - dead wrong on ARMH

    by intel_bull Aug 18, 2014 6:10 PM
    amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Aug 18, 2014 6:15 PM Flag

    Great post and it tells the story of why it is James Covello and Goldman SUXis so so screwed on Intel short plays. James Covello says Intel is doomed to arm based chips and it has never occured to him that it might be Arm that is doomed to the attack of the Intel chips.
    Arm is doomed.

  • Going to 40 before Christmas.
    Apple phones and then above 60 in 2015

  • 18 price target and they are calling on the phone and you are saying what?

  • He did have it at 16 so he is just slightly less incorrect now.
    James seems to be clueless as he only sees through his arm glasses when looking at Intel.
    But really James--should not Intel already be in free fall according to your view?
    Did it ever occur to you that you might be completely wrong?
    When Intel hits 40 later this year, your boss will be none to happy with your Intel target. It makes Goldman look stupid and loses lots of customers money.

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Aug 7, 2014 11:36 AM Flag

    angstromatic • 38 minutes ago Flag0
    users liked this posts users disliked this posts 1 Reply .She will only lose the stupid white male vote
    True HAA HAAA
    Of course she will run Mr. Davis.
    I, like you, do see her as flawed in many ways but she is a woman and women voters will not hold her responsible for her husband's womanizing.
    Now given that it is likely the GOP will run some rightwinger, the road to a huge win for her is wide open. 40% of white males will vote for any dem against the rightwing clown the GOP will run against her. She has them whether they like her or not. The fact is they hate the right.
    Then you have the female vote which will be overwhelming for her in the historic chance to vote in the first female President.
    NO NO NO
    She is not going to go down to defeat.
    Obama will get out the Black vote for her.
    Bill Buba Clinton will go down south and to all urban areas to campaign for her.
    So what she was wrong on the Iraq war. The Republican party almost all, were for the war with their GW Bush Republican President. They cannot use that against her.
    Attack her because her husband screws other women? Hardly a good way to get women to vote for your party is it GOP.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • But since the vast majority of voters are not white males, she will win a landslide victory for the first female president in 2016.
    She wins by 10% or more.
    Both the Seanate and House go back to the Dems using her victory to do so.
    AND---Fux news watching folks will be surprised.

    Take a look at the birth rates by race and then add on gender and nobody should be surprised.
    The rightwing republican party is currently doing a Picketts charge. It is doubling down on the most extreme rightwing views. Bob Dole was the last republican candidate not to be a rightwinger.

    When Texas goes to Hillary, the GOP will have officially become a regional party instead of a national party when it comes to Presidential elections.

    Intel will split two times during her 8 years as President.

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    After One Day of Fun

    by wallisweaver Aug 6, 2014 10:33 AM
    amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Aug 6, 2014 11:57 AM Flag

    So you expected this did you?
    So why is it you did not go long and make some money today?
    Just wondering

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Aug 4, 2014 8:13 PM Flag

    Not only are you dishonest and wrong but you are also boring.
    Anyone can look and find the after hour trades on Intel and see it is down on its last trade one penny.
    It is of course over 34.00 and so why do you spew such nonsense?
    Did you think Romney was going to win even on the morning of the election?
    Not too bright.
    Look up the demographics and you will see that in each Presidential election we see, the Republicans will lose as long as it is the party of the white #$%$ voter. Perhapes the GOP will not get the White House back for decades now. As all the rightwing #$%$ in the Supreme Court are replaced by Libs, all your dreams will be crushed.
    A 10% margin of victory for Hillary will give the Dems both the House and the Senate and she will rip the GOP rightwing some new holes.
    She hates the rightwing and she, not Obama, is your worst nightmare boys.
    Take off your white hoods and watch as a Yankee, born and bred in the subs of Chicago, Hillary, rips into you just like Lincoln did.
    Yet, you cannot stop this slaughter because you are true beleivers.
    You want your country back?
    Best you get on a plane and leave because it is not gonna happen sons,

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