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amdroaddkill2010 42 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 24, 2014 10:18 AM Member since: Jun 5, 2009
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  • That is what we see in the Intel haters here.
    Intel will shrink the chips to 10nm, Apple and Samsung will use them in phones and tablets as well as in their Notebooks and PCs (Apple of course says Mac).
    The revenue per quarter will see large growth of 100% or more in the next 3 years.
    Intel Will be sticking the chips in the internet of things and all over the place.
    Are the Arm fanboys scared? YES
    In Denial? Yes
    Now about the larger economy and the markets.
    What on earth can one be thinking missing out on this Bull market run up to Dow 20,000?
    WAH WAH WAH--I want my country back? Are you serious?
    What country is that anyway? The one where Women could not vote or get equal pay?
    How about where there was massive discrimination against those who were not white?
    That what you want back boys? It is not gonna happen is it.

    So just go long Intel and make some loot.
    Stop wasting your day watching Fuxed up news.
    For sure stop thinking that Rush Limbaugh is really serious. He is an entertainer spewing nonsense just for you.
    Intel will break away to 40 before this summer is over. next year as Apple and Samsung go to Intel for phone chips, Intel share will be going over 60. In fact it could go North of 70.
    Perma bears here will be holding hands with James Cavello with a 20 price target on Intel? Well--James will have it to 40 by then but still he will be clueless.
    Make some cash.

  • The shorts are feeling massive pain now. Right Goldman?
    They are doing their best to stop the run up to 40 because short covering is needed for them and their poor customers who were told by Goldman Intel has a target of 20.
    Of course, they are getting slaughtered by momentum trading that is kicking in to programs.
    Buy Intel because it is going up.
    Yes--and it goes up because they are buying.

  • You could be making money but instead cry about the past.

  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jul 22, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    You think stocks trade on some math formula?
    I bet yu are interested to see how it got to 25 then 30 and soon 35 too.
    I am NOT interested in trying to point out to your kind that PEs go up and down based upon how growth is seen in a company.
    amazon is in the 30s.
    Intel's PE will simply increase as traders become buyers of Intel shares.
    If you do not think so just go short and quit your crying.

  • We can read tons of anti Intel stories now about how Arm is caught up with Intel. How Intel is too too late to phones and tablets and will never make money on these plays.
    Funny we see so many of these stories just as Intel moves to new 10 year highs.
    Remember, there is a ton of money short Intel and these people are none too happy are they. They will use all the influence they have to do what they can to drive this stock down but it is not working is it.
    Intel stock is going up and it is heading quickly to 40.
    Short covering alone could explode it to 45 this October.
    50 by Christmas is looking like a real possibility.
    I bet you feel bad now shorts.
    Longs will of course pile on and make you hurt now.

  • amdroaddkill2010 by amdroaddkill2010 Jul 22, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    For you Intel shorts.
    INTC 10:37AM 34.50 0.44 1.29%
    James of Goldman wants to do a Q and A calling Intel names but sadly for him, nobody wants to listen to his crying.
    When Intel hits 40 James will either upgrade to a buy with a 40 target or his boss will turn him into the toilet bowl cleaner at Goldman.

  • amdroaddkill2010 by amdroaddkill2010 Jul 21, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    Great short play by you Goldman sux. Yur boy James is an emotional wreck with an ax to grind against Intel and is thus blinded to anything positive for Intel.
    He eats a lot of oats nowadays but he still cannot run like a horse but he does look like a horses ash for what it is worth with his 18 price target on Intel.
    You might want to move the target up to 38 or 40 James. Your clients are a little upset with your Intel miss.

  • Now while posting here can be a little fun as a side note in in no way is a life is it.
    I KNOW this guy needs a woman.
    He thinks life is a dress rehearsal.
    Get on the plane sun and go party in Bangkok.
    You like the beach? Go to Phukette. A cheaper version would be to go to the Beaches just south of Bangkok. Go to Jomtien, it is 4 miles south of Pattaya.
    There you can lay under an umbrella and get your back rubbed by a woman or a man.You choose.
    Pattaya is a hole but it is one massive bar. You should see it.
    Of course I prefer Bangkok.
    Stay at the Nana Hotel when you first get there. Party at the bars across the street in Nana Plaza.
    use the sky train to see more of the area when you have time.
    You can post on the internet on your laptop while drinking your morning coffee outside with lots of people to talk to.
    What? You are afraid?
    You are more in need than afraid so just go do it and post to us from there.
    Oh yeah--go long Intel and just tell us you are short.
    it is a win win for you. You keep you character while making money.

  • Of course AMD is in need of new markets and in time it might get them, but for now, AMD is ROADKILL/
    2.00 is doable. ( Stock price)
    Right Hector.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Not a buy at any price.

  • A 40 price target seems reasonable since it is going toward 35 now.
    You get paid for your advice on Intel?
    You said 16 not so long ago.
    Then it was 18 and now I hear Goldman sux says 20.
    How is that suppose to be a target when it is over 34?
    You expect a collapse of Intel's revenue still do you?
    What happens when Intel gets into phones and tablets in volume 2015? Intel will be North of 80 by then and you will up your target to 22 then will you?
    If I had you giving me advice on Intel, I might want to shoot myself.

  • Yeah sure
    You are right shorty.
    Intel 18 is a great target.
    How is that working out for you son?

  • BUT
    Nothing new here.
    I will be a buyer under 4.00.
    AMD to 6.00 later this year.

  • amdroaddkill2010 by amdroaddkill2010 Jul 14, 2014 9:37 AM Flag

    the little men who were saying short Intel at 20 now say short at 31.
    They will be saying short it at 40 late this year.
    You just don't get it do you.

  • Are you going to cover your shorts now?
    Perhaps you should wait until it hits 35.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Reply to

    Quote of the Year: "Perfect"

    by abc_for_president Jul 10, 2014 3:57 PM
    amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jul 10, 2014 9:12 PM Flag

    McCain and Romney lost so get over it.
    Wait until Hillary wins and then you can upchuck.
    Just go long Intel and make some loot.
    You hate Obama? So what.
    When the Dow hits 20,000 with Obama still in office, I bet his approval rating goes up well over 50%.
    What is so horrible?
    Pulled out of Iraq-good
    No more combat troops in Afghanistan-good
    Stock Market booming--good
    Unemployment rates falling--good
    Intel at a 10 year high--good
    When Intel hits 40 later this year with Obama in office--Intelers right and left will smile.

  • I see all your off topic posts but Intel longs just want to look at their increasing money.
    Perhaps you should try posts about sex next to get Intelers distracted.
    Intel to 40 is almost as good as sex.

  • It is better than having nothing to do but not much better is it?
    I know you are not short Intel and not long either.
    I think it would be best for all of us to understand the extraordinary luck we need to hit a home run in the market.
    You have to make a bet on a stock and that stock has to breakout using a rather temporary competitive advantage. By temporary I mean one that lasts a few years or 5 or so at most. After that time, the money attracts massive competition into the game.
    Intel's advantage could be extraordinary and last an extraordinarily long time due to the difficulty of entry into the chip business. All Intel does is think about how to make CPUs. It makes super fabs that are years and years ahead of competition. It shrinks the chips to sizes that it will take competition three or more years to catch up to if they ever catch up at all. I mean after all it is so expensive to make these fabs and to design there chips that only Intel will be making the CPUs very very soon.
    Yet--you know this don't you Lucy.
    Have you thought about taking a trip to party some place while you post?
    Just go long Intel and make some loot.
    You can still post you hate Intel and make money long.
    That is the beauty of the thing. Why not--investment houses do it.

  • Such is life.
    Of course Intel cannot go to 700---but who knows.
    Yet it could get a massive breakout and split two or more times in the coming 6 years or so.
    What is it that could make the investment community so so wrong on Intel you might be asking?
    Their spew goes something like this.
    Intel is old tech.
    Arm based chips own phones and phones and tablets are destroying old X86 machines.
    Intel has no answer.
    Even if Intel has a better chip, the players who make products will not switch.
    Intel shrinks to 14nm then 10nm then 7nm? Cannot be done. Even if Intel does it, nobody needs those chips because now is good enough.
    Oh yeah--Arm chips can shrink the same way and will catch up fast.
    Did we tell you Intel sucks?
    So that is the play be iiiidiots like James C of Goldman's as well as others.
    Did you know James still has an 18 price target on Intel? Cannot be more negative and wrong than that can you.
    So facts now.
    Intel is going to shrink to 10nm late 2015 and before that shrink, it is very likely that Apple and Samsung will announce a switch to Intel chips will come to use that 10nm chip.
    Intel fabs being world class, will become cash cows fabbing for multiple players including Apple at some point.
    The internet of things will explode and demand massive chip production and a shortage of chips will keep prices of chips relatively high giving Intel mega profits.
    Did I tell you Intel will then shrink to 7nm?
    They will.
    Net profits of course will increase ridiculously fast.

  • We are starting the real internet BOOM NOW!
    The PC thing was just a little step with toys we all enjoyed. Back in 2000 when the markets topped, Intel was making chips that were slow and useless compard to what we see now.
    NOW---the chips are so small, fast, and low in energy usage, that they will be going all over the place and thus we have the real tech boom starting.
    The chip shrinks down to 10nm and then 7nm by Intel will have profound implications and affects on our world.
    Nations will fall or rise based upon how they use this new technology to come. if they close their doors, like Russia, they will simply be left behind and suffer for it.
    Intel chips for sure will be in the top end smart phones soon and that is the way it is. Apple and Samsung know this and are getting their products ready to use Intel 10nm chips in phones and tablets because that is what top end buyers will want and demand.
    It will become rediculous, the Intel chip superiority, once Intel shrinks past 10nm to 7nm.
    The net income for intel will be North of 8 billion per quarter and perhaps well north at that point.
    The stock? Two splits coming in the next 6 years.
    Shorty will be well forgotten by then.
    James C of Goldman;s and others were betting on the horse and buggey as Intel was making spaceships.

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