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  • While the idiots are focused on the U.S.
    Multi-nationals SAMSUNG, WHIRLPOOL, etc are putting SODA systems in their high end Fridges.... WHY?

    Because people love bubbly beverages, and SODA has a lock on the Int'l distribution/refill of Co2 cannisters!

    70% of SODA users only refill with Co2... which is a 70% gross margin business for SODA!

    SODA recurring revenue high margin consumables growing ALL over the world, INCLUDING the U.S.!!!

  • AMD will have a relatively weak few quarters, but GROWTH will pick up again... AMD stock already is discounting a few relatively weak quarter... but it is NOT discounting huge announcements in Q4, that will lead to GRAPHICS GROWTH in 2015 and 2016!

    While everyone is focused on the weak processor division, AMD's GRAPHICS will have a HUGE YEAR in 2015!!

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    John Bryne

    by seavanus Aug 27, 2014 7:19 PM
    amdtripledigits amdtripledigits 19 hours ago Flag

    Bryne was being WOOED by other companies because he is a GREAT SALESMAN!

    The person that AMD needs to FIRE is the marketing girl... She SUCKS!

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    Thanks Rory

    by typecheck 21 hours ago
    amdtripledigits amdtripledigits 19 hours ago Flag

    Bunch of SHORT TERM focused CRY BABIES!


    LONG TERM INVESTORS do NOT need your negativity, at the PRECISE TIME that AMD offers another chance to INCREASE positions for the LONG TERM!!!

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    Attempt of a serious discussion

    by groepaz Sep 29, 2014 3:47 PM
    amdtripledigits amdtripledigits 19 hours ago Flag

    I agree that NOW is NOT the time for the Arabs to sell AMD...

    But, the Arabs are in the driver's seat!

    They could cut a double deal with Qualcomm... We allow you to BUY AMD, IF you agree to do business with GF for X number of years... including existing Qualcomm business that is being done with TSMC and Samsung...

  • BIG announcements Q4
    Stock down to support.
    Computing Trending Visual & AMD NEW GRAPHICS LEADER!


    This is WHY the head of PRO Graphics LEFT Nvidia to JOIN AMD near the end of 2013!!!


    AMD is going to DESTROY Nvidia in 2015 and 2016!!!

  • amdtripledigits amdtripledigits 19 hours ago Flag

    The first graphics products to feature HBM are allegedly going to be AMD’s 20nm Pirate Island Rx 300 series GPUs in 2015. In addition to all the new architectural improvements coming with the Pirate Islands graphics architecture. The Rx 300 series is expected to be the first to feature TSMC’s 20nm manufacturing technology a full shrink from the current 28nm technology. And also be the first to be equipped with HBM. TSMC’s 20nm technology allows AMD to drastically reduce power consumption and heat as as well as drive clock speeds up. HBM also adds a healthy doze of power efficiency to the equation by reducing active power of the memory system to nearly half that of GDDR5.
    Nvidia will be using 3D stacked memory on its GPUs starting with Pascal in 2016, a full year after AMD. Volta was Nvidia’s scheduled GPU for 2015 that was supposed to use the Hybrid Memory Cube or HMC for short which was s 3D stacked memory technology competing with HBM. However after HMC’s development fell behind the roadmap it put a lot of pressure on Nvidia to look for an alternative technology, which they did. What’s painfully ironic however is that Nvidia ended up using the AMD and SK Hynix co-developed HBM with Pascal. Which the company confirmed earlier this year. Nvidia very rarely uses a technology developed by their competition if ever.
    AMD bet on HBM early on, while Nvidia bet on the competing HMC standard. It seems AMD bet on the right technology and they stand to gain an entire year’s worth of exclusive access to the technology. Nvidia will simply have to make due with GDDR5 for 2015.


    BOTTOM LINE: I REPEAT from above:

    AMD BET on the RIGHT TECH, and they STAND to GAIN an ENTIRE YEAR'S WORTH of EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the TECHNOLOGY.... Nvidia will simply have to make due with GDDR5 for 2015!!!

  • [Leak] A recent presentation of the AMD and SK Hynix co-developed 3D stacked High Bandwidth Memory standard HBM has made its way to the web. This new leak gives us a very good idea of what to expect from the new technology in terms of performance and market availability.

    HBM was originally developed in tandem by both SK Hynix and AMD to replace GDDR5 as the new standard for bandwidth hungry processors such as GPUs. GDDR5 performance scaling has slowed down dramatically and grown exponentially more expensive in the last few years. Faster GDDR5 modules and wider memory interfaces were only going to take us so far, a new standard had to replace the aging technology.
    AMD Pirate Islands, R9 390X and 380X Will Feature HBM.
    HBM will allegedly make its way to AMD’s next generation of Pirate Islands GPUs starting early next year. With the introduction of the R9 380X powered by the Fiji GPU core and competing against the GTX 980. Also the R9 390X flagship powered by the Bermuda GPU which will be competing against the Titan 2 / GTX 980 Ti. Which is also rumored to be fully water cooled right out of the factory.

    HBM represents the revolutionary step that has been so badly needed in the evolution of memory standards. The first generation of HBM promises to deliver 4.5X the bandwidth of GDDR5 and a staggering 16 times the bandwidth of DDR3.
    Note that single channel DDR3 controllers normally have 32bit wide I/O. Leading to 8GB/s bandwidth. But that number is still eclipsed by the 128 GB/s figure for first generation HBM

    The second generation promises to double the bandwidth by doubling the speed from 1Gbps to 2Gbps. While also quadrupling the memory capacity for 4-Hi stacks from 1GB to 4GB.

    AMD and SK Hynix will continue to scale this technology well into the mid 2020s. In terms of performance, capacity and power efficiency. Availability of HBM memory to SK Hynix and its partners begins as of now Q4 2014.
    HBM will not only make its way to next generation GPUs but also APUs

  • amdtripledigits amdtripledigits 22 hours ago Flag

    Why then did they choose Oct. 15, rather than Oct. 1 ???

    As usual your negativity affects your basic ability to reason and think clearly....

  • NORMALLY the GRANT date is the same date as the approval date....

    WHY is AMD delaying the GRANT date until Oct. 15, which is ONE DAY BEFORE Q3 earnings?

    My guess is that :

    1) AMD may have some significant announcements to make before Oct. 15, and does NOT want it too appear that a $1 million stock grant price was set, before significant news.


    2) AMD will have decent news to announce on Oct.16 earnings release, and Byrne demanded to have his options priced BEFORE earnings were announced.

  • amdtripledigits amdtripledigits Sep 30, 2014 12:27 PM Flag

    Golden DOOFUS writes : [Walmartdotcom is not run by Wal-Mart (WMT), it is a separate, independent company]

    This has to be the single most STUPID and outright obviously FALSE statement I have seen on this MB.

    How a supposed investment person could think that Walmart's online presence is NOT owned by them, is beyond amazing...

    It is just one more clue as to why this person is truly a Golden DOOFUS!

  • HUGE VOLUME after a large move, either UP or DOWN is a good indicator that the short term trend has met substantial SUPPORT/RESISTANCE LEVEL!

  • Monday, September 29, 2014, 06:55 am PT (09:55 am ET)

    Apple rumored to launch 27" iMac with 5K Retina display at October media event
    By Neil Hughes

    Apple's big-screen iMac will get a doubled-resolution Retina display with a forthcoming update expected to be unveiled at the company's anticipated October media event, a new report claims.

    Citing an unnamed source, Jack March reported on Monday that only the 27-inch iMac will be upgraded to a Retina display, leaving out the smaller 21.5-inch all-in-one desktop. The 27-inch model is said to have a 5K screen resolution of 5,120 by 2,880 pixels, which is exactly double the current resolution of 2,560 by 1,440.

    The report also claims that the new iMac will be able to be configured with an Intel i7-4790K processor clocked at 4.0 gigahertz. That's a current-generation Haswell processor, as Intel's next-generation Broadwell processors are not expected to be available until early 2015.

    The 5K screen is said to be powered by AMD graphics, which would be a switch from the Nvidia GPUs found in current iMac models.

    As for the 21.5-inch iMac, Monday's report suggested that Apple might bring a Retina display to the smaller model once Intel's Broadwell chips become available.

    Apple's first Mac with a Retina display was the 15-inch MacBook Pro, which debuted in mid-2012. A 13-inch version debuted later that year, in the fall.

    The report is the latest to claim that Apple has slotted an updated 27-inch iMac for launch this fall. Signs of a potential Retina display iMac were first spotted in June in Apple's beta release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
    Apple is widely expected to be planning a media event in October where the company would presumably introduce the new iMac with Retina display, as well as next-generation iPads expected to sport Touch ID fingerprint sensors. The company is also said to be working on a new MacBook Air with Retina display, as well as a revamped Apple TV

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    Attempt of a serious discussion

    by groepaz Sep 29, 2014 3:47 PM
    amdtripledigits amdtripledigits Sep 29, 2014 11:12 PM Flag

    Groepaz, I have been comparing AMD to other takeovers recently in the Semi sector, LSI and IRF.

    Both of these companies spent heavily on R & D, similar to AMD, such that very little of their gross profits made it to the bottom line. Buyouts were based upon sales and gross profits

    COMPARING Buyout to Gross profits, and Buyout to Sales

    LSI had gross profits of about $1.2 billion and the buyout was valued at $6.6 billion
    IRF has gross profits of about $400 million and the buyout is valued at $3 Billion

    LSI had NET cash of ~ $450 million which reduces the B/GP ratio to 5.1
    IRF has NET cash of ~ $600 million which reduces the B/GP ratio to 6

    LSI had sales of ~ $2.2 Billion so the cash adjusted B/Sales ratio is 2.8
    IRF has sales of ~ $1.1 Billion so the cash adjusted B/Sale ratio is 2.4

    Therefore a BUYOUT of AMD using the lowest B/GP ratio of 5.1 is calculated by taking the appx. GP of $2 billion and multiplying by 5.1= $10.2 billion less $1.2 billion of NET debt= $9 billion divided by 800 million fully diluted shares= $ 11.25/share

    ALTERNATIVELY, a BUYOUT of AMD using the lowest B/Sales ratio of 2.4 X this years appx. sales of $5.6 billion = $13.4 Billion less net debt= $12.2 billion divided by 800 M shares= $15/share

    I think AMD has much better potential for sales and profit growth than either LSI or IRF, which is why I think it would be foolish for the Arabs to sell the company now.

    AMD's valuation is NOT because they have NET debt of $1.3 billion... NXPI has NET debt of $3 Billion!

    People discuss Intel & Nvidia because the processor side of AMD competes directly with Intel, and the Graphic side with Nvidia. AMD has NO other direct competitors!

    AMD's processor + graphics= products that are UNIQUE & superior to both Intel and Nvidia!

    When there is enough HSA software from MSFT, ORACLE & Google, demand for AMD APUs will explode!

    IF ex Apple guru creates competitive core, AMD will take HUGE market share!

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    amd at same price it was around 2 yrs ago

    by chriselp Sep 29, 2014 9:44 PM
    amdtripledigits amdtripledigits Sep 29, 2014 10:08 PM Flag

    2 years ago AMD was bleeding badly, and few people understood that AMD had locked up ALL THREE of the game consoles for launch in late 2013..

    YOUR STUPIDITY in suggesting AMD today is the same as 2 years ago deservedly puts you, " chriselp" on my ever growing IGNORE LIST!

    Congratulations Chris, you are now an official (M)O(R)O(N)!

  • amdtripledigits amdtripledigits Sep 29, 2014 6:03 PM Flag

    bj, You are suggesting that SODA raised prices by 15% , which WMT is passing through to the end customer, and they are doing it on weak demand?


    When a company can raise prices with little damage to end demand= INelastic demand!

    Constant demand regardless of price= a powerful product!

    Oil prices have risen from $25 in the year 2000 to $100 today= powerful demand= INelastic demand!


    SODA raising prices = pricing power= PROFITABILITY!

  • I believe there are numerous potential buyers of SODA, but the company is NOT interested.

    A hostile attempt would most likely fail, as SODA would find a White Knight.

    Most likely scenario of who is LEAKING:

    1) frustrated Wall St. investment bankers, who get paid based upon transactions, and NOT what is best for a company long term.

    2) Potential buyers may want to see the company "in play", so they can come in as a White Knight to save the company from a "hostile" takeover offer.

    3) I believe management is savvy and long term oriented.... Management probably understands that IF they agree to a private equity deal, there is a high probability that a strategic buyer would top that offer, and management might lose their jobs. So, management does NOT want to put themselves into play!!!

    Since the Golden Doofus is a brown noser to management, he tries his best to support management by downplaying the takeover rumors as not credible. But, there is NO doubt that there are NUMEROUS potential buyers of SODA!

    4) Serious potential buyers do NOT want to destroy their chances by publicly alienating management, thereby driving the company into the arms of one of their competitors.
    So, while numerous beverage companies are mentioned as interested buyers, NONE want to publicly give credence to their interest.

    5) I believe that management wants to get the stock price back up to its old highs, and then may consider selling a 10 to 20% stake to a strategic buyer, who agrees to a NON hostile takeover clause. Similar to what GMCR negotiated with KO. The strategic stake would serve as a block to hostile buyers, and allow management to continue to focus on growing the company over the long term. The NON hostile clause would probably have a 5 to 10 year duration, indicating that the strategic buyer could eventually try to buyout the rest of SODA. Once the strategic makes their move, others could top the offer, thereby providing TOP $ to shareholders.

  • amdtripledigits amdtripledigits Sep 29, 2014 4:41 PM Flag

    Walmart has had very well publicized inventory problems.... For a company that was built on efficiency, it really surprised me when I read the numerous stories about empty shelves at WMT.....

    The FACT that they are raising prices is a sign of ROBUST demand... If WMT wanted to clear out a product, they would lower prices so they could discontinue stocking costs.

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