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  • In Super Bowl it cost advertisers $4.5Million for 30 seconds Ad; Corrupt & non-transparent FIFA not publishing those rates, so we have no idea; However Ads in Women's Soccer World cup would for sure cost Yingli a bundle for getting wrong Target Audience. Imho un-necessary Expenditure that could be saved, and maybe if not spent, Yingli could even report a small Profit in Q2?

  • Sepp Blatter says he will resign as president of football's governing body Fifa amid a corruption scandal.

    In announcing his exit, the 79-year-old Swiss has called an extraordinary Fifa congress "as soon as possible" to elect a new president.

    Blatter was re-elected last week, despite seven top Fifa officials being arrested two days before the vote as part of a US prosecution.

    But he said: "My mandate does not appear to be supported by everybody."

    Fifa was rocked last week by the arrests on charges of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering as part of a US prosecution that also indicted 14 people.

    A separate criminal investigation into how the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were allocated is also under way.

    "I am very much linked to Fifa and its interests. Those interests are dear to me and this is why I am taking this decision," added Blatter.

    "What counts most to me is the institute of Fifa and football around the world."
    CNBC just reports, that now no 2 is also involved in $10Million bribery scandal in South Africa's World cup 2010.

    Is this Corruption scandals reason enough for Yingli to quit participating in Women's World cup Ads Contract, and save all those expensive expenditures? So YGE could finally report Profit?
    This should hopefully finally smash Yingli's Soccer sponsorship Paradigm.
    Yingli should start a new Paradigm on concentrating on Mega Contracts, like The ONE Contract that is worth more than 1000 contracts; with reliable, responsible & especially wealthy Oil Company vs. Contracts with poor countries, that has proven delayed payment (Algeria), and potential non payment (in case of Greece's default).

    We invest in Yingli to make money, not as a Social worker paying for Kid's Soccer matches & other Soccer sponsorships.

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    to sell or not to sell

    by lavshalumov May 29, 2015 9:37 AM
    anggicvg anggicvg May 31, 2015 10:16 AM Flag

    You got it right Hdd.
    Hopefully by now the FIFA & Soccer sponsorships Paradigm is finally smashed, and selling to poor countries on small Solar Farms with already proven delayed payment, and chances of no payment (e.g. if Greece, which btw is also managed by Munich office, you think instead of feeding their people, they will pay Yingli?; and many other poor countries having higher priorities than paying Yingli).finally stopped.
    A new Paradigm shift is needed, and that is Mega Solar Farms from already found Target Audience, like in the case of: Ghawar Forever Project. Payment and decent profit are secure from reliable, responsible & especially very wealthy Oil Company, going big into Solar. It needs to work with people who are Yingli's Long time investor + is a Retiree of that Company who know the inside workings intimately.
    Today Yingli Management pays $Hundreds-Million for Soccer Sponsorship Paradigm, yet continue making losses, and now YGE is at the brink of bankruptcy using this bad Paradigm.
    The new Paradigm will cost Yingli $0 today, yet will reach Bulls-eye Target Audience. The Realtor style Percentage Commission Yingli is nickel & diming today would actually paid off Mega style in the future, and will have a WinWinWin Solution for all.
    I paid my Realtor for selling my House in Florida, and because of the world wide visibility, professional pictures and wording of the Web Ads from her Mega network, was able to sell my House within a month at a 40+% profit, after the "Bidding war" she managed to my Advantage.
    My neighbor on the other hand is trying to save the Realtor's commission, and try to Sell by owner; it has been over 2 years now, property not yet sold, since Target Audience only people who accidentally passed by that house. In the meantime Maintenance, Mortgage & expensive FL home & Flood insurance still have to be paid, and soon they will run out of money, and like YGE, if not careful may have to file for bankruptcy.
    Now Yingli has their own choice.

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    to sell or not to sell

    by lavshalumov May 29, 2015 9:37 AM
    anggicvg anggicvg May 29, 2015 7:38 PM Flag

    Absolutely right: No more Panels Giveaways, and useless Soccer sponsorships; and big stupidly from Munich office who still fully control Baoding's Head office YGE Sales/Marketing team (Wonder who the real boss actually is??) to borrow money and destroy YGE's future, by selling real estate for future expansions; all at our 401K's expenses we worked so hard for.
    Also awaiting Assistant CFO report, for when Yingli would have been making profit; if no $Hundreds-Million spent on Soccer Sponsorships & Panels Giveaways.

    Looking forward to see how high that Sponsorships figures in Q1 2015 Report.

    Also, maybe with the FIFA corruption scandals; YGE could now pull out from NOT having Ads in Women's World Cup Soccer, and saving these $Mega expenses w/o penalty, since it involved Fraud (World cup of Fraud) and corruptions in the first place.

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    to sell or not to sell

    by lavshalumov May 29, 2015 9:37 AM
    anggicvg anggicvg May 29, 2015 11:19 AM Flag

    Seems like Yingli Marketing is run fully by their Munich Office; and they are self serving their own Bayern Munich & corrupt FIFA buddies.
    Yingli's Baoding Sales Head Office need to take the leadership back from these self serving Bavarians, gladly spending easy Chinese money at our (shareholders) sweat.
    This insanity of spending $Hundreds-Million (more than YGE's market value's worth) to wrong Target Audience need to immediately STOP; especially now where FIFA's corruptions are fully exposed. Wonder where are Yingli's Management statements on FIFA; Bud, Nike, Coca Cola and most others have made their statements; some like VISA are threatening to pull their sponsorships; SONY (sponsorship of about $200Million, no Stadium Ads was shown), J&J and many others already STOP their FIFA sponsorships.

    Time for Yingli to stop waste money & STOP all SOCCER sponsorships.
    CSIQ, TSL, JASO, JKS make & report Profits, since they do not have any SOCCER Sponsorships.

  • By Editorial Team April 21, 2015 in Soccer, Sponsorships.
    Article in yinglisolar own website.

    How will Yingli pay for all these un-necessary sponsorships? More debt, and selling Real Eastate needed for the future expansions?
    It is NOT Yingli's Job to sponsor Soccer for ANY country, it is their own government responsibilities.

    This Soccer Sponsorships Paradigm is still going very strong??

    Wonder how much they will save if they pulled Ads from corrupt FIFA's Women World soccer.
    In Super-bowl it coast $4.5Million for a 30 sec Ad. Non transparent & corrupt FIFA not publishing their rates, so we have no idea.

    Ads in Soccer reach the WRONG Target Audience.
    Even if succeeds here only reach places like Algeria, Greece & PIIGS, Brazil, Argentina, etc; where DELAYED payments has happened and NON payment in the future very likely.
    The MEGA Deals are reached via NETWORKING of people who knows the Giga User's inner system, and more importantly it is currently FREE via the right people who can handle it.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 26, 2015 10:55 PM Flag

    Interesting new developments. With Ghawar Forever, we are talking exporting Energy from Saudi at a Giga scale.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 23, 2015 6:37 PM Flag


    Already did many times approaching Yingli mgmt, and still do. That, and the Pressure by to Yingli by repeating over & over in this board has resulted in Yingli finally understood, and finally also cancel the useless wrong Target Audience Soccer sponsorships.

    Besides that it is also to document the Ghawar Forever suggestion ownership in case there were disputes about its originality in the future. Also many new readers would not know the background, so also to keep them up to date, that there is still big hope for Great Future of Yingli.

    Like a great Realtor investing time & own big money/expenses in process of selling a House, the "Percentage Commission" is the fairest way to cover our expenses; since if property is not sold, we will get nothing; same here, I spent $Tons of my own money until we got this far. How else would I otherwise cover my Big$ expenses, like Overseas Travel, Hotel, knowledge of area, people, etc, as very valuable capital, then using network nobody else have

    If Ghawar Forever succeeds, we all will be winners; alternative as you all already see in Soccer Sponsorships Paradigm - YGE almost going BK. Is that what you all want?

    Imho the "WinWinWin" is still the BEST Solution, esp. if Ghawar Forever becomes reality.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 23, 2015 9:54 AM Flag

    Clear Result/Effect from the: "Ghawar Forever" suggestion, which is now being seriously considered for implementation on the Road to Shaybah, even higher than just Saudi Aramco, and now accepted by the Saudi Royal Family them-selves. Saudi Aramco is NOT the largest Oil & Gas company any more, and will transform to the largest Energy Company based on "Ghawar Forever" Project. Saudi Aramco is NOT reporting to the Oil Ministry any more; but directly to the newly created Supreme Council of Saudi Aramco. The Deputy Crown Prince will head up the Supreme Council. A big change from Oil & Gas only to "Energy" Company.
    Now, Yingli Management still has first row access to supplying Solar Panels to this "New" Saudi Aramco for basically FREE today, since Bulls-Eye Target Audience already found. Or play a very minor role later on, if others get this very lucrative Contracts of ONE "Bechtel build Jubail" style Mega Contract.
    Yingli's Management choice to go BK or be Number 1 in Solar Business.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 22, 2015 6:45 AM Flag

    Finally no more $Hundreds-Million Soccer sponsorships although pretty late by 2018 (can't Yingli China Management speed it up to a lot earlier date?). Soccer Paradigm really did miss the TARGET AUDIENCE completely.
    Next steps are: Close the Munich office that engineered that ill-fated sponsorships that almost bankrupted Yingli.
    Now, the PARADIGM SHIFT:
    Yingli Management start to chase the TW contracts, like Ghawar Forever Project of Saudi Aramco via Aramco insiders, and get to the real Decisions Makers, only these professionals know; STOP nickel & dime unwillingness to Pay the "Realtor's type Fees"; since to sell/buy Houses & get best deals you don't do it by owner, but use the Professional Realtors; same rules here.
    Better pay Realtor Type fees & be very profitable with Mega contracts from secure, reliable, responsible & especially very wealthy "Potential Mega Client" vs. small projects of only KW or MW from unreliable clients with huge potential or late or non payment.
    Until Contracts signed, this Bulls-eye Target Audience will be FREE for Yingli; a real "WinWinWin" solution.

  • I have mentioned this hundreds of time; yet nobody believed or listened to me.
    YGE can not spend $Hundreds-Million Soccer sponsorship with a Market value less than $300Million. Spending 2/3 on its market value on useless sponsorships is SUICIDE.
    Yingli Management should CLOSE that Munich office that engineered looser Bayern Munich & corrupt FIFA sponsorship.

    Yingli Management also still have time to sell TW to Ghawar Forever Project, and sell it to a reliable, responsible, and especially very wealthy Arab Oil Company.

    I have been proposing this many times; Yingli Management should hopefully listen to their long time & long term Investors instead to their Big Spending Munich Office. That office should be finally closed, and ALL Soccer sponsorships Big Spending immediately STOPPED.

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    20-F is out. Go to yingli website

    by yan3kigndoms May 15, 2015 5:49 PM
    anggicvg anggicvg May 15, 2015 7:59 PM Flag

    Actually the biggest Expenditure for Yingli is the $Hundreds-Million useless Soccer Sponsorships reaching wrong Target Audience to loser Bayern Munich and corrupt FIFA. Cut this Big Expenditure, and start to think into Mega TW Projects, Yingli will need its workforce for big Expansions, since ONE reliable, responsible, and especially very wealthy Saudi Aramco already found with currently $Zero Ad expenditure yet on Target already found.
    Going this route, YGE could explode exponentially, and have steady income and decent profit in no time.
    Wonder when the Iron Grip of Munich office could be finally stopped and Yingli Head-office Management finally shatter the Soccer Sponsorship Paradigm.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 14, 2015 5:27 PM Flag

    Actually a great time to RETHINK the Soccer sponsorship Paradigm, with potentially selling only in Tens-Hundreds MW only to countries with doubtful ability to pay.
    Yingli Management need to start to think about a Paradigm shift to at least investigate to sell in TW for project with no need to spend $Hundreds-Million Advertising expenditures to wrong Target Audience, since the ONE needed Target Audience found, with now $0 Advertising expenditure needed.
    Once Paradigm shifted I guarantee YGE shares will skyrocket; since TW installation could/would absorb ALL of Yingli panels with secure & steady payment and very decent profits from a reliable, responsible, and especially very wealthy oil rich company.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 14, 2015 5:20 AM Flag

    Not in Canada, but time availability may watch US women on TV.
    We will see whether YGE's investments in Women's team Ads paid off or not. While the games itself may be nice; unfortunately Yingli will reach the wrong target audience of low cost consumables, less than $10 for food & drinks. Have you ever seen Products that would be replaceable in 30yrs, and cost $8000+ (Roof, Central Heat & Central-air, etc) advertised in World cup or even Super Bowl?

  • Google Topic for detailed Report.
    Same "secret map" I used for "Ghawar Forever" justification Proposal.
    Proof that TW project with reliable, responsible, very wealthy Company, Bechtel Jubail style Mega Project is feasible.
    Just hope that Yingli would not be left behind, and do a Paradigm shift to make real efforts to be the Main supplier, and play the lead role of "Ghawar Forever" Mega Project ASAP.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 12, 2015 12:34 PM Flag

    At least this one, although only 40MW, YGE will have a relatively secure payment.
    Prefer for Yingli Management to start concentrate on potential Mega TW contract very secure payments & decent profits from reliable, responsible & especially very wealthy Saudi company, well within Target Audience.
    Plus drop all Big spending of $Hundreds Million on useless, not even in Target Audience Soccer sponsorships..
    When these 2 conditions are met, Yingli will start to make great profit, and YGE stock skyrocket.
    However I don't expect YGE Soccer Paradigm be shattered before Women Soccer World championship next month; which I expect to flop worse than on Men's World cup.
    Only then will Yingli Management take very drastic real actions.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 11, 2015 9:28 AM Flag

    All other Chinese Solar's not spending more than Half its market value in the tone of $Hundreds-Million for useless, not even reaching the right Target Audience Soccer sponsorships. Therefore TSL, CSIQ, JKS, etc profitable; and clearly because of these sponsorships YGE continue making losses qtr after qtr.
    This SOCCER Paradigm engineered by Munich loser office needs to be shattered. Only then could Yingli start making Profit.

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 7, 2015 11:31 PM Flag

    Well, Yiyu & YGE management keep ignoring to investigate the possibility of the TW downstream Mega Project with correct Target Audience Saudi Aramco. Instead Big Spending on SOCCER sponsorships wrong target Audience with only Hundreds MW Projects with big risk of late or even non payment by unreliable clients, like Algeria (already late in payment), Greece (also led by Munich office), other PIIGS, Brazil, Argentina, etc..
    The useless $Hundreds-Million SOCCER sponsorships paradigm initiated by Munich office need to be shattered first. Hopefully before Women Soccer World cup. Else how much would it cost YGE for every 30 sec showing? Non-transparent corrupt FIFA not providing those $ figures to the public. In transparent Super-bowl it was $4.5Million for 30 sec Ads showing.
    Like to save Yingli from this potential useless yet very expensive Expenditures, Yingli can not afford.

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    Nice return AH...

    by shoathai May 7, 2015 7:29 PM
    anggicvg anggicvg May 7, 2015 8:58 PM Flag

    Will see a lot higher, IF Yingli management shattered the SOCCER Paradigm, and:
    really make an honest effort start to chase TW Mega Projects vs. small Hundreds MW to unreliable customers that might delay or even stop payments..

  • anggicvg anggicvg May 7, 2015 4:23 PM Flag

    Right, Yingli Management need to get rid of their Big Spending SOCCER Paradigm.

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