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  • applengineer by applengineer Jul 2, 2015 7:22 AM Flag

    The 20F was filed long long ago and our friends at MBP made sure to pass NQ's audit muster. PiperJ, Canaccord, Macquire all terminated coverage. So is Rosenblatt's Zhang, Matt's xpartner at Wedge is the best they've got?

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 30, 2015 11:16 PM Flag

    see3rd: Let me correct your nonsense. PwC refused to pass audit, so Chinfraud Block-hater expert MBP signed off on unqualified OPINION (it's only an opinion, get that?) Furthermore, it is otherwise impossible to prove round-tripping in China, as you already know it is deemed unpatriotic to investigate a US-listed Chinese company for fraud. Even the PCAOB is banned from China, and those investingating these companies have been jailed. All things aside, even a complete idiot like you could read between the lines to come to a rational conclusion that NQ and YDT were bad actors. After all, it makes no sense to kill their supposed top sales producer contributing to 60% margins and almost 30% of total revenues - in favor of a loser 3% margin hardware business and a new-found bucket of non-core unprofitable companies. FYI, YDT no longer contributes to NQ. They simply vanished off NQ's income statement and yet you stand here calling everyone who's been 100% correct liars. Bottom line, you're nothing more than an underwater POS hoping others to fall in the same trap so you can step over them on the way out the door.

  • It's a known fact that the PRC considers it unpatriotic to accuse NYSE/NADSAQ-listed Chinese companies of fraud. We already know the PCAOB is banned (for all prractical purposes) from Chinese soil. Think of the $$billions already stolen; Chinese fraudcos listed on NYSE/NASDAQ who sold worthless paper in exchange for hard-working American money. Where did all those dollars go? Back to China, of course.
    So the next big scam will be when China fully eliminates investment restrictions from their exchanges after engorging their stock market to levels unseen in global stock market history. Chinese workers turned daytraders are already margined to 2 trillion Yuan, average tech co has nosebleed P/E of 130, the fourth central bank stimulus is DOA. While a hangover exponentially larger than what the NASDAQ saw from March Y2K is a self-fulfilling prophecy for the Chinese markets - pay close attention to what's trending as market top signal. For instance, current average Chinvestor is a 75 yr-old granny with zero investment acumen. But fear not, the PRC will save their grannies too, as China will (as part of the bigger plan) unrestrict foreign stock ownership to 100% while simultaneously opening the floodgates for Chincos to dump their stocks on the unsuspecting American schmuck who sees a false-door opportunity to make money, piggy style. Then, the Chinese will have the last laugh once more.....Xiào style!

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 30, 2015 5:07 PM Flag

    TJ: A guy as smart as you would know to assume ChiNext on SSE (SSE's version of NASDAQ comp) is the talking point,where the total average of the 464 company index P/E has ballooned to a nosebleed 130x. Isn't that the relevant comp to all things NQ?

  • Workers and grandmas turned daytraders margined to 2 trillion Yuan, average SSE P/E of 130, China's central bank liquidity stimulus DOA. With the exception of NQ bagholders - MSCI said NO, the rest of the world will too.

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 30, 2015 12:21 PM Flag

    Lintech, my answers: Yes, yes, no(I'm not a communist & don't need to read the Mao rhetoric which I know all too well), a lot.
    My turn: Are you delusionally married to NQ and if so, why?

  • Enjoy the SSE dead cat bounce. Pay attention to the four ladies I just posted on Stock Twits and you'll be fine.

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 29, 2015 12:39 AM Flag

    Gee, you're an idiot when you ignore agenda and trust market pundits with outsized positions on the wrong side of the trade.

  • The 4th rate cut in 6 mnths by China's central bank is like using bubble gum to patch a leak at Hoover Dam. There is no stopping a systemic problem of Chinese middle class quitting their day jobs to become day traders. It will end badly. 1999 is over people - welcome to 2000.

  • When I first exposed the potentially suspect game on Feiliu's (FL Mobile) site, Congo fought tooth&nail, claiming the feiliu.pkq doesn't point to China - which my research proved him false. So he categorically denied that FL Mobile had anything to do with this potentially infringing game. Now, Congo claims by virtue of "beta test" posted under the News section on the same site, that the game looks real because of this "beta test" post and erases the fact that he's been pounding the table about pkq.feiliu looking like a Feiliu(FLMobile) fake spoof site. Which version is it now, Congo?
    Also, if pkq.feiliu is fake, would they hesitate to post a fake beta-test story?
    A ST poster named Privatejoe wrote Nintendo concerning a purported FL Mobile Pokémon 3D mobile game app promo posted by an alleged NQ employee posting under BPoke on Vimeo. Well, the game promo was promptly removed, possibly due to cease and desist notification.
    I have never asserted pkq.feiliu (a FL Mobile-Feiliu subdomain sitting on Feiliu's directory) as promoting a fake Pokémon mobile game. However, it behooves to ask: If FL Mobile acquired a license for Pokémon, owned by Nintendo/GameFreak/ThePokémonCompany, how did they manage to misspell Pokémon? After all, Pokémon is one of the most valuable IP in Nintendo's history and requires all licensees to submit designs and artwork for approval PRIOR to any beta or game release - so misspelling Pokémon and/or revealing this to the general public is a catastrophic blunder on a level unseen before. Furthermore, my sources confirmed that Nintendo intends to protect 3DS sales, thus only released a non-game version called Pokédex for mobile. On the other hand, Pokémon can be played today on mobile devicces visavi emulators, so I see little benefit even if Nintendo chose to release a mobile game app. Finally, Nintendo has kept software game licensees in house (GameFreak/ThePokémonCo), so why break the mold with a relatively unknown mobile game licensee called FL.

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 23, 2015 1:55 AM Flag

    Congo: Have you lost your mind, are you Inspector Clouseau, or both?? a) Where do you get a lie from me and my exchange with this PrivateJoe poster? I contacted a Nintendo dev team member through my sources in determining that a game app wasn't part of their strategy, and he wasn't aware of any that was in process. PrivateJoe, on the other hand, contacted Nintendo legal dept to advise them of a potentially infringing product being shown on the FL Mobile Vimeo link provided by what appears to be an NQ worker posting as BPoke. The fact that the FL Mobile game promo video was taken down should worry you - nothing more. Now, I still don't see the part where I lied.
    b) I stand by my reply to your message to me: "When did I say that FL published a counterfeit game'? So let me repeat that question, Congo: When did I say that FL published a counterfeit game?? All that we can assume for now is a suspicious Pokémon game is being highlighted on pkq.feiliu and that this is a subdomain of Feiliu whether you like it or not. Furthermore, unless Feiliu was hacked, it didn't just get on their subdirectory by some act of Tinkerbell fairydust. Finally, I said on several posts that Nintendo requires the accent aigu over the "e" for all officially licensed Pokémon products, so it's improbable that Feiliu simply forgot to copy the logo correctly or created a rogue likeness on their own with permission.
    In the end, you should also take a look at NQ Mobile's Tianjin HuaYong, parent of vLife and NQ Live. vLife had similar suspicious IP inconsistencies with Universal and Disney-owned characters displayed on their free wallpaper products.

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 22, 2015 4:44 PM Flag

    Hey, TJ, I'm not going to play case law with you. I will say that in the event of patent/copyright infringement or other legal claims against NQ Mobile, Cayman registered NQ Mobile simply can't hide behind Cayman Islands or China. Don't forget that NQ is also a legal US registered entity and NYSE-listed company, thus stemming a $5.1 million AGREED UPON SETTLEMENT in March 2015 for shareholders alleging false and misleading information by NQ mgt. In fact, the settlement had little to do with having insurance, but more to do with the other option of being found guilty by US courts. Furthermore, if the Feilu suspect game is blatantly fake as it appears, Nintendo could simply have US courts find NQ Mobile (as sole owner of FL Mobile with significant presence in the USA) guilty of copyright infringement, as Pokemon IP is fully registered with the USPTO in the USA. Additionally, it would be easy for anyone to download the potentially fake game on USA soil, which would then fall under US presence (scope of jurisdiction) too.
    I don't know what your competency is TJ, but reaching for straws wiht each debate makes your horrific investment look even worse.

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 22, 2015 2:59 PM Flag

    Check your "facts' at the door. We already know that Nintendo can sue NQ Dallas. Besides, the entire co is structured as a VIE, so NQ doesn't have to pay the March 2015 $5.1mil class action settlement either...NOT. On topic of NQ's VIE don't you like the fact that you own non of the tangible assets of the company - only the recognition of whatever revenues you choose to believe.

  • Go to pkq.feiliu and you will see a Pokémon "soon to be released" game. FYI, "pkq" is a subdomain pointing to Feiliu's (FL Mobile) directory. If FL Mobile (Feiliu) licensed Pokémon from NTDOY as described on the site, why is the accent aigu (é) missing - as required by Nintendo for ALL licensees? Oddly, after contacting The Pokémon Co/Gamefreak (Nintendo owned), they are not aware of a licensed publisher on the mobile app side. Pokedex (non-game published by PokemonCo/Nintendo) is as close as Nintendo has gone with a mobile app. Nintendo has been staying away from apps for the obvious reason(3DS). On the other hand, Pokémon addicts have resorted to "unauthorized" emulators to play on Pokémon on phones for some time now.
    So if this is in fact a violation of Nintendo's copyright IP - since NQ Mobile is a US listed company with offices in Dallas,TX, they would likely face legal action in the USA. No worries.

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 22, 2015 12:20 PM Flag

    Congo et al argues outstanding revenue guidance...LOL!! a) It pales in comparison to YOY % rev growth of the old NQ gig b) rev growth at the expense of earnings c) increasing losses YOY d) decreasing margins YOY e) outrageous 150% dilution over 3 years e) no core competency with the wind-down of the security biz. We could g on and on, right?

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 22, 2015 11:25 AM Flag

    FYI, I almost forgot that Doreso (while branded under the Showself platform) may be included in the native music app of China Mobile - however, the Doreso (Music Radar) business has yet to generate any material revenue (as per NQ mgt Q4 cc), so it is a moot point of discussion until such time that it can be compared with the security business of two years past.

  • China Mobile and Unicom were pre-loading (for a fee paid by NQ) NQ Mobile Antivirus & Security. Since the security business has become irrelevant to NQ, with the outrageous sub pricing and transition to social - this is no longer material subject matter. FYI, my sources don't see either provider pre-loading the new Showself platform (with or without a pre-load fee) anytime in the future.

  • applengineer by applengineer Jun 22, 2015 11:09 AM Flag

    Friday I said if $5.84 breaches, NQ rapidly collapses to 200DMA($5.15). Now that 200DMA breached, 50DMA($4.44) is next. What would you expect from a stock which doubled in 30 days on NO news or improving fundamentals - only rubbish innuendos and speculation of fairytale deals.
    Lesson learned: Don't listen to the pipedreamers on this board.

  • applengineer applengineer Jun 20, 2015 1:48 PM Flag

    What do you mean? FYI, NQ was profitable and decided to reinvent the business when the gig was over. They moved a +eps security biz to a -eps socia biz , while frantically pushing 3% margin EMM hardware biz (almost half of NQ sales) to keep revenue numbers up.

  • You think NQ is firing on all cylinders? Smart money knows.

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