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  • I have based my calculations on the past year earnings and the likely present year performance, including
    synergies from EnvisionRX acquisition, MCK supply contract, Rediclinic, store upgrading, Wellness and other customer benefit programs, NOL tax savings or benefit, management performance and other lesser items.
    My conclusion is that RAD will attain between $.48 and $.50/share and the stock price will be between $9.80 and $10.00. MBO Best to Longs and other serious investors.

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  • It is a solid and growing company; doing everything right. Vindictive shorts (who are probably paid to short RAD), are discouraging legitimate shareholders. This action should be reviewed by the SEC and remedial rules issued. Everybody knows the individual investor cannot compete with professional shorts who are loaded with money. So why does the SEC allow them to depress the price of a stock even when it should be rising. All RAD investors and RAD itself should register a complaint with the SEC.

  • If we just keep buying in small amounts above market , longs
    and all others can defeat the short plague.

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  • ar.sigis by ar.sigis Apr 24, 2015 11:22 AM Flag

    Instead of "RAD 4Q15 Earning", it should be "RAD 2016 Earnings and Stock Value".

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  • ar.sigis by ar.sigis Apr 24, 2015 11:13 AM Flag

    Form 10K shows net fiscal earnings of $2,109.2M. Deducting income tax valuation allowance adjustment of $1,682.4M, we have net fiscal 2015 earnings of $.427. and, 1Q15 RAD earned only a paltry $.04.
    2016 earnings including EnvisionRX should be $.16 - $.18/Q or $.64 - $.72/year.
    Accordingly, RAD is presently worth $12.80 - $14.40/s ($.64-$.72 x 20).
    I say "presently worth" because we all buy in the present, anticipating relatively assured early future gain.

  • Your buying has worked and defeated today's shorts. Good job and Thanks.

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    How to beat paid shorts

    by ar.sigis Apr 23, 2015 11:09 AM
    ar.sigis ar.sigis Apr 23, 2015 11:39 AM Flag

    Doing nothing makes us all, simpleton!

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  • It's fairly obvious, paid shorts are holding RAD stock in negative territory. They are not interested in buying back or profit. Only want to hold the stock down.
    If longs believe this, as I do, then we must fight fire with fire.
    I propose longs buy small amounts (10-50-100 shares) at 1 cent over market. Each purchase should raise the price one cent and defeat the shorts. Judge your turn as best you can, but buy and stop the paid short from artificially holding RAD down.
    I realize this is not a perfect solution, but we must defeat the paid shorts

  • ar.sigis ar.sigis Apr 22, 2015 2:36 PM Flag

    Yes but why? Buying for the sake of increasing the price doesn't cut it. There must be a reason for this buying and escalation of price. The bare stock price should be 20 x fiscal earnings, or 20 x .39 =$7.80.
    We are now at $8.33 and rising. IMO the reason is buyout in the making. And, it could very well be Humana.
    They are big and growing; and, they need pharmacy outlets, a pharmacy benefit provider and capable management for it all. Rite Aid provides it all. And, RAD has lots of net operating losses which provide tax savings to a buyer.

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  • Why? Humana is a pharmacy benefit manager for medicare and the purchase of Catamaran or another PBM could make Humana the third or fourth largest PBM See Article: " United Health Catamaran Deal Sets Up Healthcare M&A Chessboard" (Wed. April 22,2015).
    RAD has the pharmacy business and PBM (Envision RX) Humana needs for its expanding operations. JMO

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    Takeover Shorting to Depress Price

    by ar.sigis Apr 21, 2015 9:49 AM
    ar.sigis ar.sigis Apr 21, 2015 10:48 AM Flag

    No. I am suggesting buying at market or one point above in small lots. That raises the price and you
    do not have to stay at the computer all day.....only minutes. This will eventually discourage shorts.
    Longs must fight fire with fire. No one else will help in this crazy, anti-investor market.

  • Seems to me that the persistent shorting is for the purpose of depressing the stock price. That could mean a buyer is standing by. If we ALL keep buying (even in small amounts), we can defeat the buyer's scheme.
    Could be wrong, but also could be enhancing a buy-out. JMO

  • 4Q15 it earned $1.79/sh including $.12/sh pretax. That amounts to income tax benefits (savings) of $ cash in the bank.
    Everyone agrees that upgrading of stores brings more customers and business. To date, constrained by cash RAD upgraded less than 20% of it's stores. Now, it has the cash and will upgrade all stores. Further, Rad will continue to grow and expand it's WELLNESS and new stores, Rediclinics, and script purchases.
    Purchase of EnvisionRX puts RAD in benefits management which also will produce profit of $160M/year or better.
    RAD produced $.39/sh for fiscal 2015, with the first quarter producing only $.04. Adding EnvisionRX it will be a minimum of $.54/sh, and with the near future growth potential and available cash benefits, RAD stock profit can grow in fiscal 2016 to $.64/share or $12.80/sh ($.64 x 20).
    We all buy stock for it's present potential value in the near future. RAD is a screaming buy at $8.00 with a present potential value of $12.80.

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  • ar.sigis ar.sigis Apr 15, 2015 8:41 PM Flag

    Yes, I think you could be right. But, the $2.00 P/S you boast is composed mostly of net operating loss benefit and investors would rather see real earned profit. Considering RAD's escalating growth plans in renewals, store upgrading, additions of rediclinics, wellness remodeling, partnering with MCK, and branching out into
    benefit management (EnvisionRX), it isn't hard to see $2.00 S/P in the not too distant future. My guess, in one and one-half years.

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  • ar.sigis by ar.sigis Apr 13, 2015 11:05 AM Flag

    Competition Elimination, EnvisionRX, NOL, Wellness Program, Profits, Boosting Competition with CVS, Excellent management team.
    It's a natural consolidation at small cost, and will occur before CVS awakens.

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  • ar.sigis by ar.sigis Apr 10, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    April 9 " Rite Aid Tops Q4 Earnings..."
    Excellent Article

  • I have sent an E-Mail to RAD to report this shorting by a large fund or other large short. I believe this shorting is done with malice aforethought for the purpose of depressing RAD stock and injuring the company, and not for profit alone. If we all complain to RAD (the SEC is asleep and does nothing), we will eventually be heard.
    Accordingly, please E-mail RAD so our complaint will be heard by the SEC.

  • This should definitely be examined by the SEC. Constant shorting of one stock by big money is not trading.
    Rather, it is cheating. Everybody knows that big money can always outperform little trades.
    As someone else suggested, the SEC is definitely asleep.
    If we ALL send an E-mail complaint to the SEC, maybe we can awaken them from their deep slumber.

  • And RAD is up. Traders are beginning to understand the report.
    Beat on volume and profit too.

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    What I expect to hear tomorrow:

    by rh3650highhorse Apr 7, 2015 11:49 AM
    ar.sigis ar.sigis Apr 7, 2015 9:15 PM Flag

    I expect btw. $.13 and .14 for the month and $.40 for the Q. Luck to all.

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