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  • Someone did not want the stock to end on a high.

  • archsci by archsci Oct 7, 2015 11:41 AM Flag

    As best i have been able to discern, the hearing today is one, much like, a SOCUS hearing where both sides make thei oral arguments and justices ask question which often telegraph their attitudes or subsequent opinions in the matter. Then after the hear and reading all previously filed documents and briefs, a ruling comes down months later.

    Alternatively, the justices have read all of the materials since, in this case, they have ruled previously in the matter and may have already decided where they are going or might go and only want to hear from both sides as to why or why not the last Parson's determination was correct, fair, appropriate, or should be altered.

    Another alternative is that they have read everything, have yet to decide, although may already have personal opinions by now, and want to hear why or why not the Parson's decisions should or should not remain or be altered. It would seem, aside from oral arguments and answers to any questions that might be asked, a decision may not occur for a long time unless, of course, they are tired of this case.

    Methinks we will not hear a decision today, that arguments will be presented from both sides (PIP: Parsons should have given us more and here is why, SIGA are bad people, bu, at worst, we can live with award plus accrued damages and interest; SIGA: Parsons was all wrong, unfair and his award should be drastically, if not completely eliminated). Whether the justices will be swayed by anything in court today is doubtful since arguments have deforested a large chunk of America already. I am unsure how the Bankruptcy issue will play and whether they care or see it as another stalling ploy. Hopefully, they do not request added filings after this hearing.


  • We seem to be getting the typical late day fade for PIP and the end of the day rise for SIGA. Everyone may be setting up for tomorrow.

  • The whipsaw action in PIP and the bit of tape-painting in SIGA, plus the large volume increase appears to indicate some behind-the-scenes activity by any number of possible players in this affair. Many scenarios could be considered. Any gueses?

  • archsci by archsci Sep 18, 2015 4:26 PM Flag

    Obviously i must be out of the news loop and so I ask anyone in on the news to post what caused a jump of about 24 cents in last few minutes of trading