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    What other shares do the Bakers control Terry?

    by petenphil Apr 16, 2015 10:47 PM
    arikaycerocks arikaycerocks Apr 17, 2015 11:31 AM Flag

    You must be new here. Check out the individual currently spamming the INSM board over thirty times a day - using ids hilariously mimicking six of the Longs.

    The posting history for the bohem(ai)nclubman id includes a wild accusation seconded only by a poster called lahoyaman.

    The posting history for the lahoyaman id includes the following from 2002 / 2003 -

    1. "I am a Amylin Long"

    2. "We have more money than last year because the INS-1 program failed. We got enough cash to see if GHIS passes Phase3. Indications would then be a "possibility" and a partner would come around. If GHIS passes a buyout will happen. Me ? at - a buck+ could make 5x"

    3. "We know what Terry chuckled and posted,but you dont possibly believe ?"

    4. "You are looking rather foolish and should know when to quit. Terry is correct in saying the FDA (NOT the advisory committtee-LOL!-you put your foot in your mouth again!)gave Amylin an approvable letter."

    5. "Watching you hyperventilated answers in double speak,terry's clarity is obvious. Your boilerplate(50%x18% again!!)is no match."

    6. "The waves are different from say New York. If you are from here,then you know there is a swell.Do Blacks beach,it's better there, and closer to Town Center Rd"

    So twelve years ago this individual was enthusiastic about AMLN and INSM - and an admirer of Terry - and liked Blacks beach in San Diego.

    And the individual who posts as terry_amln and terry_insm posted in 2005 -

    "Materially speaking, I'm really here in San Diego, and perhaps on the Internet tonight,because...gasp ! San Diego is not having a perfect day !,I'm near the beach and guess what !(and this is inside information) there is a cloud cover coming in by the beach tonight. !"

    In February 2006 he added -

    "I remain happily retires in San Diego".

    Now - over nine years after retirement - terry_insm has to leave most days because "surfs up".

    Black's beach is "clothing optional". Would imagine it's extremely popular with "surfers" of his age.

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    Flatlander - give credit where credit's due

    by arikaycerocks Apr 14, 2015 11:11 AM
    arikaycerocks arikaycerocks Apr 15, 2015 9:42 AM Flag

    Precisely my point. Your 170% increase in ten years with GHDX looks good, but the admirers of the Gunfick Trader have done so much better -

    "Terry has made my family +250% this year on 4 companies \ thats right 250% on my meager initial investment in Insmed."

    On a serious note, being able to offer the HCPs a product likely to generate a nett saving ticks an important box for me. A major concern however is competition from big pharma with HCP decision makers in their pockets.

  • GHDX, having initially dropped 25% from the $12 IPO in 2005, finally started to take off in October 2006.

    The low on October 11 2006 was $13.95. The next day it hit $15.13. Two weeks later it was over $16. Two months later it was over $24.

    Although it did revisit the high teens during the next eight years, the share price was only ever below $14 during a five-month period in 2010. Only a month later it was back up to $20, and was never again below $19.

    But someone still managed to nail the bottom as usual -

    "I am sure the Baker Brothers had a large majority position when I was buying less than 5 years ago in the 12-13 area."

    How lucky are WE it gave us the chance to learn from INSM's Gunfick Trader :-)

  • arikaycerocks arikaycerocks Apr 11, 2015 9:26 AM Flag

    Could that be why these aliases used this morning -


    resemble the following aliases of INSM Longs? -


    p.s. Don't forget to let us all know where those additional Baker Brothers holdings are listed that take their total GHDX ownership to 49.99999%.

  • The 10-K discloses 31,911,901 shares outstanding on December 31, of which the Nasdaq site recorded a Baker Brothers' holding of 13,656,318 shares.

    On January 1 Felix and Julian each received quarterly remuneration of 312 shares. On April 1 they each received 328 shares.

    Warning: If you've never worked out how to use a calculator, and you can't see what's wrong with holding long and short positions in a stock at the same time, you won't understand this next bit.

    The shares issued in remuneration become the property of the investors whose capital is invested in GHDX by the funds represented on the Genomic board by Felix and Julian.

    However as sole directors of the funds, Felix and Julian not only have a pecuniary interest in shares held by the funds but also the voting rights.

    The April filing discloses a pecuniary interest in 13,865,310 shares.

    The Baker Brothers' current beneficial ownership therefore can't be more than 43.42% unless there are fewer shares outstanding now than there were on December 31.

    p.s. A certain intellectually challenged fantasy trader, with multiple accounts created in order to "make" friends and admirers, will bombard Yahoo with complaints until this reality wormhole disappears from his fantasy world.

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    amlnterry = a clown from the INSM bd

    by terry_amln Feb 28, 2015 12:35 AM
    arikaycerocks arikaycerocks Mar 3, 2015 3:13 PM Flag

    You made this prediction five months ago -

    "Insmeed is entering a period I like to call biotech purgatory, where you don't burn up , but you will feel the heat. OR suppose Europe says , we want to wait for the NTM results in 2017. ( this is my last warning! LOL ) 9 WILL be a reality and Wedbush who has been the most correct will be fully vindicated.
    Bash away kids.........................Amused !"

    That day INSM closed at $12.81 - but only dropped another 15 cents before starting the run which yesterday took it above $19.

    How's that "reality" of $9 been working out for you?

    Perhaps it's time you realized that objective analysis is a more profitable investment strategy than making calls based on emotion.

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    amlnterry = a clown from the INSM bd

    by terry_amln Feb 28, 2015 12:35 AM
    arikaycerocks arikaycerocks Mar 1, 2015 12:58 PM Flag

    History is the only judge whose opinion matters to investors.

    March 1 2012 -

    GHDX: $29.61
    INSM: $4.20

    March 1 2015 -

    GHDX: $30.40
    INSM: $18.54

    So over the last three years ...

    - you have watched your investment grow by 2.67%.

    - he has watched his investment grow by 340%.

    And you think HE is a clown?

  • Twelve months ago FMR owned about 2.77 million shares of GHDX.

    During Q2 they sold about 830,000, a further 530,000 during Q3, and a further 330,000 in Q4.

    So over the last three quarters they've reduced their investment in GHDX by more than 60%.

    Anybody heard anything?

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    Medicare Provider Pay Overhaul

    by flatlander_60048 Jan 27, 2015 9:44 AM
    arikaycerocks arikaycerocks Jan 27, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    Call me a cynic if you will, but bearing in mind this warning from Genomic's 10-K -

    "In addition, companies offering capital equipment and kits or reagents to local pathology laboratories represent another source of potential competition. These kits are used directly by the pathologist, which facilitates adoption more readily than tests like ours that are performed outside the pathology laboratory.

    In addition, few diagnostic tests are as expensive as our Onco type DX tests."

    - one suspects the most relevant extract from your quote will be -

    "bonuses for Drs and hospitals who deliver care under budget ".

    Ideally "good outcomes" will be the highest priority. But sadly it will be far easier to quantify the saving from the use of a cheaper alternative than it will be to quantify the superiority of the likely outcome.

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