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  • VR, the skurge of modern man living in la la land.
    Nothing over $1000 is needed by each entire school or average engr. Few MD's (1 in 1000) need VR. Same for construction and architecture. The other 999 can use a cheap intel to do just about everything. Star Wars is for nut cases. You live in la la land. No wonder you have a fried brain for having been sucked in to VR for so long. Check in with REALITY more often.


  • My god bh, you nailed it again. You git one more correct. My brain sure aint what it used to be. I am many times smarter today than decades ago. Bingo for you on that.

    Now to your big risk and big reward search. Allow me to remind you that you've been at this for more than a decade and have to achieve about $8 to break even (today's dollars). I call a "big reward" for such a very long wait, at least 10X, or more than $80/share. Bh, you will never live long enough to see a small fraction of that if you even avoid losing it all.

    I can show you how to make 100s of times that in 1/10th the time, and with far far lower risk ta boot. However... according to your most recent posts, you hardly have a dime to invest. Deals like I just described takes big bucks, not your kind of chump change. So, I guess you are stuck with very high risk plus very low return potential over a very very long wait time. Boo. It must suck to be you.

    Still having difficulty finding a fault in me. It I set a world record age, I might find one. You certainly haven't yet.


  • Cons should track one another, especially on a big down day. Elon Musk has 5 close relatives out of 8 directors on his TS:A and SCTY boards. They rule both companies. ("Follow the bucks"). Need I hold your hand?

    But AMD has super colossal Polaris, and ZEN, and now, even 7nm fab technology. Amd should especially be up 15-30% today. To hell with global implosions. AMD should be EXploding on all this great news. It's not. Why? Could it be that none of it is true? Nah! No way. Amd would NEVER hype or exaggerate? Never.


  • arndace2 arndace2 13 hours ago Flag

    I gave ya a thumbs up, even though you don't know what you're talking about, and it's only more GF and AMD hype. My comment is - as I've 100 times before, if and only if AMD latches on to a vastly superior breakthrough, Amd is toast. GF just MIGHT MIGHT be offering it. But I have countless BUTS.

    iNTEL is not sleeping on this. If you think for a microsecond they are, you need to be castrated. The very same is true of Sam and TSMC. Therefore, them with the biggest bucks will be their first and AMD has the littlest bucks - AND THE DEEPEST IN DEBT. Do we see still ANOTHER similar pattern developing at AMD?

    Don't get me wrong! A uniform leap across all companies is a great thing for all of us. But IMO, Amd can easily remain at the bottom of the heap, and might end up being a toy manufacturer "CHIPS R US".

    AMD has been here before many times. AMD was once the global leader in memory chips -and made a hell of a lot of money for just one qtr in the company's life. AMD lost that business Then, AMD was first to leap to copper fabbing in Germany and was the global cpu leader for just one week. AMD lost that too. There were lots of other similar amd stories, but amd lost all of them. Why should GF offer amd a great opportunity - even assuming the rumor IS TRUE. Amd will just find ways to blow that too. That's what amd has done for 45 years.

    Are you asking ME to assume that the DEEP SEATED amd culture has suddenly abruptly changed? THE CHANCE OF THAT EQUATES TO A DRUGGIE QUITTING AND BECOMING A GENIUS..


  • arndace2 arndace2 14 hours ago Flag

    Well, you finally got BOTH correct. When will you learn? Add this: You are multi-year loser playing with your chump change. I got that last one right too. Don't forget it. I'm also right about AMD not being "investment grade" - only rapid casino grade.

    I'm having great trouble finding one fault with me.


  • Should be down 30%. But then, all the truth about how bad Polaris is, is not even started. Give it another week or two for the truth, and if Polaris really is another re-labeled 28nm chip, and if it can't hold a candle to NVDA, like some are hinting now, THEN you can start looking for that 30% imlosion from $5.52 to $3.86.

    It will take a bit longer for the slow pokes to realize that massive Q2 losses will continue through Q3. And it will take even longer to realize that the Polaris con is just a forerunner of a ZEN swindle. If Amd swindled us on Polaris, as they have done many times before Polaris, then, it is reasonable that a ZEN SWINDLE is also very likely. THAT will place Amd in the high loss column for all of 16 and most of 2017.

    Given all the above - a stretch, mind you - then Amd will reduce to a toy manufacturer. "CHIP R US" anyone?

  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 26, 2016 9:53 PM Flag

    That's a g'boy/ Keep holding. I've met thousands JUST LIKE YOU here. You will hold until you lose your shirt. This is slow motion suicide blindsiding you. You'll not understand a word of this. Not one

  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 26, 2016 9:49 PM Flag

    Childish, useless geek!! Is watching entertainment the only damn you do with your pathetic life? Too bad you have no business mind as well. Ever pick up a pencil in your life (if "life" even applies to you

  • While intel lets NVDA and AMD duke it out for the tiny tiny watt sucking world, intel has more than adequate graphics right on die, with very very little power demand. Why on this planet would any of you complete fools by a watt sucking graphics card for the literally 1% need of higher speed graphics?

    Why do YOU duke it out here when it is intel who is taking 90% of the world's graphics dollars from AMD and NVDA? You SAY that NVDA will take the mid and high end graphics from AMD. Well guess what, morons? iNTEL is taking almost all of the low end from AMD and from NVDA - which by the way is really all you need (from intel) to do far over 90% of your graphics needs. The super pro graphics users.who genuinely need high end graphics, will never stoop to AMD.

    Now THAT my morons, is why Amd was forced to start selling their newest products at or near COST. Than THAT is why Amd HAS MADE big losses in Q2, and WILL MAKE perphaps BIGGER LOSSES IN Q3.

    ZEN will be a no show until Q4 - and even then, very very low introductory volumes in Q4. ZEN will add zero to AMD thiis year. There is growing convictions - soon to be absolutely verified within day - that AMD latest products totally such, even at their low prices, and that Q3 looks like a repeat qrtly disaster, like all recent AMD qtrs.

    I dare you to compare the nearly free built-in intel graphics to the those needless $200, $400, and $600 graphics cards!!! (That is unless you are a professional graphics designer, or else a VERY VERY SICK gamester).

  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 26, 2016 11:40 AM Flag

    I tend to agree that there's a global war against intel, and everything CAN change (intel start losing big time). But I dis say "can. Investing in this insane industry is casino stuff. This constantly leaves me with the same conclusions: It's rapid trading casino opportunity always protected by sharp stop losses. Amd has a huge history of making bad choices.

  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 26, 2016 9:35 AM Flag

    I would be remiss if I fail to mention amd's only negligible income stream - silly childish game chips. Amd's custom chip division can make a tiny 15% profit but cannot sustain the company. Amd wins these game-chip contracts solely b/c amd charges so little. No one else (like NVDA or intel) would stoop so low. Amd is that desperate. The future of VR is extremely uncertain, and a fad is strune with dirt cheap competition, which leave amd out of the running. Besides, VR is a giant pain intheass.

    Amd has a small chance of reorganizing to a smaller toy company, but not a cpu/gpu company. Amd remains an excellent daytrade stock if stop-loss tactics are employed. Amd is NOT investment grade. It's a casino.


  • Some of you have heard directly from intel that their 10nm node plans are officially "delayed" while their current 14nm fabs expand to 100% of their chip armada. That sends up several red flags of course, that other fabs have inferior 14nm processing compared to intel. Strong evidence now proves that intel is correct. Then there have also been rumors of a new 7nm technology that needs no vacuum ultra violet light source lithography, which if true, no doubt WILL be devourered by TSMC, Samsung, GF, and for sure, intel. 10nm will never be needed - and it would also mean that chip power consumption at 7nm will finally PLUMMET back from insane powers today. This, IF TRUE, would be revolutionary, and would do the world a great service.

    TSMC fabs are rumored to be making an unusual fast transition toward 7nm IF that is true, bet you last dollar that intel is too, and that intel will have 5 times more fabs built before anyone else. Moreover, Amd's deep financial obligation to Global Foundaries will be LAST to transition to 7nm. Abu is running out of money funding GF and they even want to SELL GF. So, the bottom lines are:

    1. Amd will be last to get 7nm years from now, just like amd is last to get to true 14nm today.
    2. Amd is currently selling everything at or below cost right now (both cpus and GPUs), and they will report very large Q2 and Q3 losses ahead. EVEN IF amd manages to start delivering 14nm ZENs in Q4 as promised, no ZEN actual INCOME will be had in 2016. And all of this optimism ASSUMES that intel has NOTHING IN THE WORKS to send ZEN to the bottom of the Atlantic this year. We know for sure that intel is the one, and yes, the ONLY fab which is 100% 14nm capable. Everyone else still has to use huge 20nm layouts and inferior FET transistors. Moreover, intel claims much higher clocks and continuously faster graphics this year. As all the rumors fly, the absolute bottom line REMAINS. Can amd EVER EVEN BREAK EVEN? There is no shred of proof of that for amd.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 26, 2016 8:34 AM Flag

    How come you haven't mastered a Radio Shack calculator yet? R U insane? If Amd RETAILS it's cards for $199, it must volume-sell them at under $150 to allow a retail profit incentive. And then, you have the balls to suggest Amd has a "50% gross profit margin" at $150, which implies Amd can make those cards for under $75. The giant Polaris chip ALONE (forget the entire card) has to cost Amd more than $75. 14nm means very little if Amd has billions more transistors on the chip. You should not be advising or investing in this industry. You really have no clue about it, or about stocks. You a loose cannon and can be sued/shut down.

  • This little BREXIT vote is far far from over. The Brexit vote itself is just the beginning of 2-year implementation contract plan - during which time, many more dire negative EU consequences can unfold. Very few positive consequences are known. Very few. So, a long series of negatives should be expected. Some extremists even propose a slow implosion of the entire EU, one country at a time, including Greece, Spain, Italy - dragging big time funny-money lender Germany down with them.

    Nonetheless, the DOW has been flat for 2 year, and the US economy is still fragile even since 2008. The DOW almost certainly faces a probable 13,000 to 15,000 low ahead. And that's assuming no EU domino implosion. The hope of a mere 2% US GDP fragile growth this year is almost certainly going to fall considerably short.

    Historically, impacts like Brexit have occurred before, and after a week of self punishment and panic, a small rebound can be expected. But this time, the initial Brexit impact is a long and protracted 2-year event, with many negative potential consequences, and very few positives. In fact, the only true positive there is that others don't follow, and not new EU implosions are announced. "No EU news" is "good news".

    In the meanwhile, back here at AMD, we have a very similar set of conditions. The Polaris vote is still out, with many early surveys indicating that Amd will be voted out of the competition. The AMD vote is expected next week, but preliminary surveys suggest Amd's EXIT. Perhaps we can label it our own little AXIT.

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    A Nightmare for Leather Jacket....

    by usforced Jun 24, 2016 7:12 PM
    arndace2 arndace2 Jun 25, 2016 11:43 AM Flag

    There's that nagging little 45-year-old amd issue all over again - namely, how amd can never actually make any MONEY and always has to borrow more or sell all its assets. Sales dollars mean absolutely nothing. Profits means everything. NVDA made infinitely more money on launch day by selling only 7 high priced GTX's than amd can make selling 1000 RX's at cost.

    "Market share" - amd's current childish con game - also means absolutely nothing if they give them away at cost. So what if amd childishly targets regaining some of their lost 80% mkt share to NVDA? It's NEVER EVER about market share! The business survival game is 100% about making MONEY, not conning stockholders.

    But all of the AMD-longs are falling for it one more time. AMD is a day trading casino stock. It's not an investment. Always frequent trade with stop order loss protection. Never ever hold this eternal loser.


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    Vega hits milestone..........

    by usforced Jun 24, 2016 6:48 PM
    arndace2 arndace2 Jun 24, 2016 6:59 PM Flag

    You better prepare yourself for the growing and growing possiility that all that amd 14nm hype might be actually referring to amd's earliest projection of genuine 14nm chips in 2017 (which is what I have been saying all along - no 14nm in 2016).

    I really am starting to think that amd has zero 14nm chips now, and that when they DO launch Polaris low clock heaters, we will be told that they actually 28nm chips (or else that their 14nm fab tech is fatally flawed).

    Things are definitely not right at amd. They just might be flirting with another huge fraud law suite - this time against Lisa, not Worry Weed.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 24, 2016 6:49 PM Flag

    This extremely low 1200mhz amd clock, coupled with the extremely high waste heat, continue to make me think that amd's chips are NOT 14nm node chips, and have growing probabilities that amd cannot fab or cannot yield 14nm after all the hype. Amd might have been forced to employ their old 28nm fabs b/c, as I have said repeatable, 14nm is a very difficult task, even for intel.

    NVDA's much higher clocks (1600-2000mhz) - and only 16nm modes! - prove the point that amd's fabs are lethally flawed. If amd clocked theirs 30% faster, their power consumption would rise from 150W to as staggering 195W, and that would put amd totally out of the mkts - when in fact, amd's 1nm clocks SHOULD top NVDA's 16nm chips by 16/14 or, 14% (i.e. over 1800mhz to 2300mhz). So, amd is lethally flawed.

    There are two really BAD possibilities for amd going on, and both are potential law suites. 1). Amd lied or intentionally misled everyone about all of the Polaris 14nm hype, and they've substituted 28nm Polarises or, 2) amd's 14nm fab techniques are extraordinarily and lethally flawed in various ways - a again secret and illegally misleading series of fact withheld from stockholders. If EITHER are true, then amd has duped everyone one more real big time. Lisa Su and buddies will likely be sued just like Wory Weed and friends are presently being sued for misleading and lying stockholders.

    This entire Polaris mess is looking more and more blatantly transparent as another amd hoax. If it is a hoax, look forward to amd back at $2 real soon - and I don't care one bit, if amd does fix it's 14nm in a few months. The law suite will be BIG.

    Moreover, ad much more importantly, ZEN will not be trusted either, and China would be very justified to pull out (not pay another dime of the $294mln) to Amd. To top that, China could even demand their first $50mln installment returned based on amd fraud. I mean, triple ouch! Amd could, in theory be out of business within a few months. Good luck Amd!!!


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    by arndace2 Jun 24, 2016 7:33 AM
    arndace2 arndace2 Jun 24, 2016 4:22 PM Flag

    This wraps this thread at 4pm on Black Friday - Dow down only 600. Nas down 4%. Amd down 6%, nicely into the 4s again after getting slammed down the day before from $5.52.

    And BREXIT is merely a "vote". The official transition is scheduled to take place over a 2 year period. have bad news for you. It will take MORE THAN 10 years for this to unfold. Besides the Brits, Germany is the most exposed to outrageous funny money debt. Greece and Spain are just pawns.The funny money well is just about tapped out since 2008.

    Homes and banks are again at big risk. The typical 7-year recession cycle is already 2 years overdue and a another one just needed a small event like BREXIT to trigger something that makes 2008 look like a joke.

    Where do ya turn when global deb and funny money too are both topped out? Where do ya turn to employ the secret and un-reported 100s of millions of un-employed? Food and international transport of it, is one of the last vital ingredients.

    Buy seeds. Learn how to garden 100t by 100ft to feed a family of 4 all year . Buy guns and enormous rounds of amo to protect your food.Target practice to learn how to kill and how to use your new talents to turn them as fertilizer. Hell world overpopulation.

    The end (or the beginning) of Black Friday. Nothing to fear except fear itself. That never made sense then and remains moronic today.

  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 24, 2016 3:59 PM Flag

    A GREAT DEAL of what you say is quite true. There are many howevers. For one, humanity for thousands of years has instinctively known that our existence relies on various forms of international dependenec and thus, "gobalization" is vital. Our natural resources simply do not or ever will reisde in any one country.A practical form of globalization simply has not been found, although we all actually know the root problem - individual greed, or, if you prefer... numerous individuals with local commonalities ganging together to take advantage of others who are slightly different (color, language, customs, things they assume are inferior to them, etc)

    That will never change. Arrogance is just one of our many mental disorders all falling under one umbrella called mass schizophrenia - (delusions, paranoia, and above all - denial). Look no further that this royally schizophrenic board.

    It is correct that boarders should not impair mankind. They do. Currencies should not be locally managed. They do. Customs should be free to elect, but they are NOT. Colors should not be impairments but they are.

    So globalization is about as far away as intergalactic space. The brexit is the tiniest example of the overwhelming and eternal schizophrenia within YOU.

    Deny it all you want. Humans dominate schizophrenia on this corner of the Milky Way.


  • arndace2 arndace2 Jun 24, 2016 12:22 PM Flag

    You write like an unusually simple minded, limp-wristed teenage. Go play with yourself.

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