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  • On a sub penny stock? Looks like for this one they are allowing 5 decimal moves. Now let's see how many 1/100,000 moves does edbi need to get back to .075? I bet that clown would have an easier time telling us how many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop.

    July 5 maybe you see something real. tariff news now in day 150 or so. When most take just 60 days and we cannot rule out that the whelans fabricated this to move the toxic stuff.

  • Up 140% on my latest one. Told you ladies to start looking at miners. Maybe you wasted all your dry powder at .075. You have to ride this out to get some of your money back to chase anything real. When is the time clock up on SEC investigation? 300 days comes and goes fast. just ask edbi how fast 8 years went.

  • Yup the guy who paid .075 a share is calling others idiots. Hey edbi how's it feel to be dumber then an idiot? You would make a good crack dealer. As long as your nose wasn't always in it. I wonder if the elastic around your brains is starting to get unwound. No good news in 8 years. You find out they were pumping you with updates to move the paper and knew you were too stupid at .075 to know any better. Yup we are idiots for not trusting you in 2009. Wish we could turn back time and be in your shoes.

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    USPTO notice of allowance is providing support imo

    by olddog1776 Jun 14, 2016 12:11 PM

    Things brings up an interesting thing. Maybe this is real, but years away and in the mean time management has to keep you focused in on a subset? This would explain the delays, why no insider is seeing it your way.

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    If you would please.

    by quickstoltz Jun 30, 2016 6:22 PM

    Okay have all 24 show up at the same time. This shows phony support and anyone can change their id 24 times. Specially this group.

    No insider buys means the smart money who could start grabbing shares and get capital gains are just watching the ship sail away. Looks to me like someone needs to con and pretend they are buying shares and there is support here.

  • Cannot back up their claims and now need to pump harder to distract. No insider buys or participation. Trials data delayed. Location changes up the yank yank. Subset of 9 and they all went home early, so is this data subjective? Hard to recall if your pain stopped Monday or Tuesday after a few weeks have gone by. Are there any placebo in this small subset questioned. There are so many ways to get tripped up here and fooled you have the tiger by the tail.

    The main clowns here have shown that they cannot support their claims and have used multiple id's to try and distract away. Quickey produced nothing of substance. Biotechsupplier had to duck for the floorboards.

    How come the id's that are suppose to be on the high ground are the ones ducking for cover. I showed my trades in AEZS. It's shameful that the gamblers here, are really the clowns so far. They have to fill your ears that they are buying 257K shares and then trip over their own words here. Cannot keep their story straight.

    How about the rest of the excuse makers show their trades. The issue here is, the gamblers are the worst investors. They are now falling like flies.

    No Insider support
    Toxic financing
    Trial location moves
    Small subset who went home early
    Drug will cost 10 times the generic and no difference up to 108 hours
    Changes in locations. Were they scrambling to find anyone who would maybe see it their way?
    Balloons due
    Lying longs
    Multiple id's working you
    What if one clown with 15 id's telling you to gamble and they have little invested here?
    AF and MS don't see anything

    This is just the stuff I found in the first 36 hrs. Not to mention busted BS and quickie. Did they need $8M at .275. What I mean since no insider participated and they had some cash, why dilute another 29M shares?

    Interesting that the dilution happen shortly after they posted data would not come in late 2015. Funny we have the some pumpers claiming in 2014 data was right around the corner.

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    Thees are biotechsuppliers own words.

    by arql07 10 hours ago

    Sorry meant biotechsupplier, we don't know if he actually is an investor.

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    Thees are biotechsuppliers own words.

    by arql07 10 hours ago

    This is how you show your trades. Had I not read the 10-k, I would be crying in my soup. The toxic stuff can clip your wings. I will leave up for a few hours. Cheery pick it. Unlike biotech investor I show my trades. If he mans up I will share what i hold today. Hint I'm heavy into mining. Have a few bio's that I like and own. will never sell my OPK.

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    Thees are biotechsuppliers own words.

    by arql07 10 hours ago

    09/21/2015 Sell -1,600 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0888 -1,600 $0.0888 $138.53
    09/21/2015 Sell -12,401 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0889 -12,401 $0.0889 $1,074.87
    09/21/2015 Sell -800 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0890 -800 $0.0890 $69.42
    09/21/2015 Sell -35,199 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0887 -35,199 $0.0887 $3,044.03

    09/18/2015 Sell -50,000 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.1111 -50,000 $0.1111 $5,416.02

    09/15/2015 Buy 1,300 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0515 1,300 $0.0515
    09/15/2015 Buy 100 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0514 100 $0.0514 #$%$39
    09/15/2015 Buy 20,000 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0518 20,000 $0.0518 -$1,061.90
    09/15/2015 Buy 8,600 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0520 8,600 $0.0520 -$468.68

    09/14/2015 Buy 20,000 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0551 20,000 $0.0551 -$1,129.55
    09/14/2015 Buy 17,200 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0546 17,200 $0.0546 -$962.60
    09/14/2015 Buy 9,700 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0551 9,700 $0.0551 -$558.67
    09/14/2015 Buy 2,800 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0545 2,800 $0.0545 -$156.41
    09/14/2015 Buy 19,700 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0547 19,700 $0.0547 -$1,104.53
    09/14/2015 Buy 300 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0546 300 $0.0546 -$16.79
    09/14/2015 Buy 300 AETERNA ZENTARIS INC @ $0.0550 300 $0.0550 -$17.25

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    Thees are biotechsuppliers own words.

    by arql07 10 hours ago

    All they have to do is back up what they posted. That is not asking too much. The toxic guys make all the money here. So they will use id's to pump on Ihub, IV and yahoo. They have a play book and I now use their playbook to beat them to the draw. It's so predictable. My hope one day the SEC starts taking these boards apart and tracing the characters.

    The only thing I can say positive here, is I haven't found the really bad toxic stuff here. Not like aezs had. The cream those investors. What they did over there. was lure management into signing toxic stuff that allowed if the price fell, that the lenders would get free shares to keep them in their same position. Then when the first loans had no impacted they borrowed again. That's when they took the price down and the stock went into a free fall and that trigger more free shares. The company then had to get letters from the toxic guys that they would sign off on the toxic stuff, the company RS 1 for 100. So you have to have eyes everywhere and understand insiders need cash and can make huge mistakes. Maybe intentional, maybe just thought the crooks wouldn't get the price to trigger. I will show my trades on AEZS. Not fair to push your clowns and not show something myself.

  • I have no concerns. He thought he was invincible and I show you his kreptonite. His own words. His stupidity to not keep the story straight. You biotech guys feed off each other. You cloud the judgement here and you admit you are gambling. I would love an intelligent board, but we got this one to deal with and there are few honest investors here.

    I knew he would run like a cockroach. That would bring out his aliases, wait till I show you what comes next.

    I also think that the pumpers aid the toxic guys. That is why I ask them to show anything real. If in 2014 I had exposed him, when this was trading in the .70's, would some here have been smarter?

    Investor want an honest shot here, not clowns guessing and then pretending they are buying. I just think we need to share our experiences on what to watch out for. Not pretend we are buying, when clearly you cannot keep the story straight in your puny brain.

    Can we be surprised here, yes. But you are looking at 22% chance of that. So 78% of the time, they either have to start a new trial or answer bigger questions or scrap it. The hardest thing for biotech clowns is to ignore the headline and find what they are telling you indirectly. No insider buys, is that something you think is a good sign? You telling me none of these insiders have any cheap options floating around, none of them want to take advantage of the .275 shares. None of them want capital gains.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. I will be the first to congratulate. But first you do need to pass the stink test. So far biotechinvestor and Quicky cannot. If these two id's are the same clown, then they have maybe a few thousand invested here and a double would net then another $1000. That would be a good day for them. I see red flags.

  • If you are brave enough to type them, then you should be brave enough to validate what you claim. My guess is bs and quickie are small time. Have very little background in bio's. Most of the unsophisticated here are chasing a dream. You can gamble if you have only 1000 shares, but claim you have 255K shares. Big difference. Then toss the dice. But to keep pretending you are a big shot, then have to run like a cockroach, well that has to wake some up here. Now either you are honorable or you are a pretender. But see i didn't throw the first insults here, you did.

    Honest investors want a fair shake here and not a con job by the pumpettes here. I only look at the two clowns here, what happens if I turned up the heat. How about the excuse makers show up at the same time as BS and quickie and start showing any id here is unique. I;m sure I'm dealing with one immature clown with 15 id's. If you are so assured of what the outcome here is, then the news will override everything.

    But you are scared little boys and you will continue for the rest of your lives to play games. Disrespecting honesty and integrity at all cost. We saw it on NEPH, PVCT, AEZS, BIEL. The pumpers always cost the greatest damage.

    Let's see if biotechsupplier ever mans up and show us early trades and the latest.

  • Yes. But I don't BS. Only pumpers BS and then you have to ask why. Because while all this BS is going on, the company is diluting. So who are the pumpers here to help, average joe or the toxic guys. Nice that BS has so many aliases to hide his shame. But I have never met a pumper that shows any shame after investors get taken.

    How come the biggest liars here are the pumpers and that is true on every toxic biotech stock with a weak story. You enable this clown. Instead of honesty here, you want just pumping puppet clowns. Well you got what you wished for.

    So if you have to pretend you are buying and your net worth is $6K, then maybe you need this more then anyone to succeed and sell your soul for a win. So far very few I trust here and just like PVCT, the clowns who pulled this BS watched $1B in value vanish. Lucky for you, they couldn't get away with that here.

  • This is why this clown cannot show you any trades. He knows he cannot support it with anything creditable. So run like a cockroach away. Then have several of your id's make excuses that he's exaggerates and gets excited. His average cost is now .58. You cannot make this stuff, but pumpers can. This is like watching how Hillary a few days ago read off he prompter and the word Sigh was there and instead of sighing, she said the word Sigh. The press made excuses for her stupidity, much like the aliases here do when BS steps in it. But you know he can show all his trades and clarify.

    But we know this clown cannot show anything real. He's a cockroach. Be careful here. Trust but verify. When longs have to pretend, that means they made a huge mistake and they need everyone thinking there is support here.

    This is why he cannot show his trades, because he cannot keep his story straight. Look quickie shows us a account balance and then has to tell us the money is in his other account.

    I asked some easy questions here and immediately got attacked by these clowns. I raised issues on changes, trial outcomes moving, dilution. These are the ones everyone should be looking at. But these same clowns tell you to gamble. I have issue when the biggest mouth's here cannot show anything real and the toxic stuff can come at anytime. How come BS cannot show any skin in the game?

  • Nov 10 he know states he owns 228K shares, I guess he misplaced 2&K shares somewhere or he cannot keep the lies in his head.

    Up more than 5%
    by biotechsupplier1 • Nov 10, 2014 1:17 PM

    IN ONE DAY! Congrats all. I think your BIG hint that very smart money wanted to jump in RIGHT NOW is the fact that they didn't take advantage of any pumping efforts of companies like ISR, for example, to capture money at the top of some BS jump---they are getting all of the smart money involved now---so that they will not have ANY concern for needing money anytinme until well after the EPIC results are announced. By then we will have partnerships and will be looking at prices closer to $5 a share. Right now is the time you all should have been accumulating. I have. I have 228,000 shares right now at average of .58 a share. On paper I'm down---but I am not selling. Quite the contrary--I will continue to buy. We are on the road to big money here. No doubt in my mind. And if some bozo who lost so much money in the market that he feels the need to call others names to make himself feel better wishes to label me some kind of pumper of the week: BRING IT ON! I'll obviously clearly proudly accept that label any day...any time. Best to all!!

  • t 27 he claims this, did he forget he told up that he has 225K shares? He should have 255K shares if he could remember his previous lie. Opps

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    Picked up 30k more shares today
    by biotechsupplier1 • Oct 27, 2014 1:48 PM

    Accumulation continues. I should have 200k shares within the next week or so.

  • Then Oct 3/2014 he posts this:

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    The time....has come.
    by biotechsupplier1 • Oct 3, 2014 1:40 PM

    We have witnessed some fantastic accumulating controlled expertly by some talented market makers. The final executive is on board with his 600k stock options (p.s. some are calling it an insider buy--it is not---it is a right for the employee to buy options at .59 as they vest over's a FANTASTIC vote of confidence of any company and the fact that our good employees are staying put and taking on jobs at MAST for options is a BIG indication as to what they know is coming). there is really nothing holding this back now. News will be released next week and the run will begin and continue above $1.00. When the heart study agreement with the FDA hits we will shoot upwards. When the EU announces Orphan Drug status we will move up. When a partner jumps on board with milestone payments and exclusive marketing rights we will shoot above $2.00. Then next year comes. I have enjoyed accumulating over the past several months and am now happy with my 225,000 shares at .60 average. let's go get it done.

    We'll have to see what the price action did during this period. But wait it gets funnier that he cannot keep the lies straight in his head. He claims he's at 225K shares right. Watch what happens next.

  • Then he posts this:

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    Up to 135,000 shares
    by biotechsupplier1 • Sep 4, 2014 12:54 PM

    Average price of .62. best of luck

    He averaged up. Will have to go back and look at the price action between these dates. Watch this get's more interesting and I'm taking these in the order he post them.

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    Hit the 100k share mark today
    by biotechsupplier1 • Aug 27, 2014 2:58 PM

    Those 50's were helpful today. I'm not at 100,750 shares, average .60 . Will continue to accumulate. Quick was correct on today. look at volume.

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    As a three year long

    by biotechsupplier1 20 hours ago

    You are also the guy who lied the most over this three years. Cannot show any trade that supports the numerous posts. How come you ran from showing your trades? How come quickie cannot copy and paste?

    No dates, no stock reference. All he showed us is his account balance.

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