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  • You have inexperienced folks who don’t seemed interested or inclined to keep shareholders informed and to remind them of the benefits of their remarkable science and to get out to the world and tell them about their science. If this company were to IPO today, with all it’s science, trials, patents, patent applications, human data, peer-reviewed data and reports, amazing record of antidotal and verified successes, it might come out at a market value ten times today’s valuation, as long as it had a little sponsorship and transparency.

    Now, we have had an amazing run $.088 to $.157 (equivalent $3.93 post split) in less than a month, so we were due for a correction. But going forward, if we are to approach a reasonable market capitalization, the powers that be better have a plan to GET THE STORY OUT, AND INFORM AND RESPECT SHAREHOLDERS AS IF THEY MIGHT JUST HAVE SOME INFLUENCE ON THE PRICE OF THE STOCK! (we do.)

  • Look, RCPI, you do have great science, we know it because we’ve seen it work miracles in many of us across a wide spectrum of issues, but the bottom line is YOU HAVE TO DELIVER. How about some GOOD NEWS for a welcome change. We have endured every kind is financial blow imaginable. Time to tell us something positive so we can give some new buyers an excuse to buy.

  • Is there some way we can coordinate the news releases so that EVERYONE gets them at once?

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    On the New Director

    by abi_lgm_2007 Apr 21, 2015 10:32 AM
    arthd_00 arthd_00 Apr 21, 2015 1:11 PM Flag

    I think you're confusing two directors, not hard to do, one wonders if they weren't joined at the hip - bad coming in, good going out (together)

  • wanted to see if I'd lend mine? He!! no! I told him, the fun is just about to start.

  • I'd put up with Chapman but that severance deal for Williams and Peritto could have destroyed the company. How could he not have known that? Incompetence is the ONLY explanation, sorry to say. I was happy to vote NO.

  • We are being asked to vote on the Company’s Board of Directors. I’m one of those guys who takes these votes seriously, so I’ve done a little homework which I’ll share.
    First is Michael Mullan, MD, PhD. This one is easy, if you don’t like Mullan, sell the stock. Right now the company is science, patents, past trials, current trial, Roskamp propinquity and Michael Mullan. All are key to the company’s success.
    Next is Christopher Chapman, MD. He has been on the board for 10 years and is said to have good contacts with the FDA. He has also been head of the Compensation Committee of RCPI. For me that’s three strikes AGAINST him. First, he’s been around for all the “bad stuff.” Secondly, our relationship with the FDA leaves a lot to be desired and his “contacts” there have had a decade to bear fruit, so far - nada. And, third, as for the Compensation Committee, well if you saw the absurd severance arrangements with Perito and Williams, you have to ask if Dr. Chapman has a relationship with reality. Between the two of them (Perito and Williams), they all but destroyed our company- and all the time, Chapman was involved, and ended up rewarding them for their incompetence. One has to ask, “What does he bring to the party, but 10 years of bad baggage? He doesn’t get my vote, period!
    Next is MS Lee Musgrove Canaan, MBA, CFA. She has an MBA from Wharton, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, is an institutional investor and has an Investment Banking background. Isn’t this JUST what we need? And she’s only been around a short time so she wasn’t involved with the many bad decisions of the past. I vote YES!
    Next, Edward J. McDonnell, MPH. As far as I know he has no relationship with any former Governors, in or out of prison. He has 28 years of experience working with the FDA. He is a relatively new addition to the board so one has to see if he will be useful in helping the company make progress with the FDA. If two years from now his experience and/or contacts haven’t been useful, I will be the first to suggest he move on. For now, I am voting YES!

  • manipulation. I need anatabloc so I'm in for the long haul. Here's the funny thing - I can double my holdings for just a 6% increase in what I paid initially. I get some cash tomorrow and will be Doubling Down He!! with the shorts, A/C will probably save some of their worthless lives someday.

  • The stock hadn't traded that low for hours, so for the close they traded 2200 shares $460's worth Below THE BEST BID WHICH THE mm WIPED OUT JUST AS HE CLOSED IT AT THE LOW. What a creep what kind of an "orderly market" Who asked for this kind of close? Who benefits?


  • He may get smart and have it removed

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    by enerfortomorrow Mar 2, 2015 1:49 PM
    arthd_00 arthd_00 Mar 2, 2015 3:02 PM Flag

    If he hasn't removed that post within a hour, I will go to the SEC i

  • Many of us need anatabloc and this is the one way to get it back - when the company finishes trials.
    If there's one thing I have learned about anatabloc and inflammation, the older I get, the more I need an anti-inflammatory. Anatabine citrate is by far the est thing I've ever seen at fighting, Chronic Low Grade Inflammation - the enemy of all of us over 60!

  • Let's say I have 50,000 shares (I wont tell my real size but it's more) and let's say I have an average cost of $2 a share, that $100 K cost. Another 20% would only cost me $1300, I'm in, but I'll buy more here and more higher, I'm a "momentum" guy.

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