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    by ago_heights 14 hours ago
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 7 hours ago Flag

    You're contrived, not the sell-off.

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    by ago_heights 14 hours ago
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 7 hours ago Flag

    Please, up today? A pitiful 1.5% after falling 10%? Look at the whole market picture and world event picture and THAT is what tells you where this market is headed, along with a major breach on the DOW support level, crashed through on heavy volume. Wake up and smell the rotting coffee.

  • He has written uncountable posts and answers that just paint the rosiest picture of the market imaginable.

    He has chosen to, deliberately, or more likely by ignorance, that these are the facts, and they portend a very scary market.

    DOW - breached, cutting right through, in heavy volume, its support of 16,735. If it can't hold that (which it appears it won't), we'll fall significantly as it heads to its next level of support of 16,604, then 16,305.

    S&P - getting very close to breaching its 1,910 support (200 day MA). Then it's headed to 1,857.

    Earnings don't mean much with this happening. And with Asia negative, Euro negative, Russia bombing and sanctions escalating this dire situation in Ukraine, Israel & Hamas, Argentina's wows are more serious than most realize they are.

    Mr. Weaver, you and your propaganda are total nonsense.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 7 hours ago Flag

    I agree that many of their writers were unqualified half-wits who thought they knew it all. However, there were some very good writers. But watch out if you criticize them,as they will simply remove your post, which is far from a place for free dialogue.

    Their letter was a joke - no explanation, nothing. They have major issues, no doubt.

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    This is getting scary!

    by pva52 14 hours ago
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 7 hours ago Flag

    Shill? You're full of it, as is your kindergarten analysis. Displaying your ignorance with the gravity of Argentina, Europe, Russia & Hamas is pitiful. Earnings mean next to nothing when the S&P is close to 1910 and the DOW has crushed through its support of 16,735 on heavy volume, is will be looking at 16,604 next. What does this mean, since an ignoramous like you hasn't a clue -- CORRECTION TIME.

    You are the one who is the fool. This is not a contrived sell-off. There are very intelligent people on Fast Money, Options Action (who support these danger levels by competent chart analysis), and a myriad of financial experts today who support EVERYTHING I said. Your total ignorance deserves your adolescent LOL LOL LOL, as you have proven YOURSELF the fool who knows nothing.

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    The Gaps

    by m.moc63 11 hours ago
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 9 hours ago Flag

    Any luck treating your psychosis? Obivously, no.

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    This is getting scary!

    by pva52 14 hours ago
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 9 hours ago Flag

    Exactly. And it's happening across the market, without any bounce-offs. Breaching of support levels on the DOW and S&P are serious indicators that things are going south. Plus, Europe, Russia, Gaza, and people don't realize that Argentina is far, far worse than Greece, and this situation is serious. All added together is very negative.

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    MU: A Declining Stock in Free Fall

    by arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:37 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 9 hours ago Flag

    You're correct. It's too late for me now. And the breaching of the DOW & S&P support levels is extremely serious and indicative of a large correction. This has happened on high volume, and there has been a lack of bounce off. All of these are bad signals and indicators. Those who don't understand the market live in fantasy land.

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    Comments on the Market Downturn

    by joeschmo_4 15 hours ago
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 9 hours ago Flag

    Breaking through DOW support of 16,735, and S&P support. This is serious. Do you simply think it will disappear? This time it is different, and that is the consensus of the brokerage firm I use, and its top rung of brokers. What next? If this doesn't bounce, which it hasn't and is a bad sign, next week, we will be headed down to the next level, and the next, and a major correction is a very likely scenario.

    These posts show how little the posters understand how the market works. Live in your fantasy world until it comes crashing down, which I'll be victim of as well.

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    Why the panic?

    by jimcrawford861 16 hours ago
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 10 hours ago Flag

    Why the panic? Because we have broken through important key support levels on the S&P and Dow. If this does not correct next week, a major correction is in the offing. That's why.

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    Last time MU was down 10% in a few days?

    by u087787 Jul 31, 2014 4:20 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:56 PM Flag

    Delusional nonsense.

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    Last time MU was down 10% in a few days?

    by u087787 Jul 31, 2014 4:20 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:55 PM Flag

    SO? Sandisk lost almost nothing today, while MU was the LEADER of loss in the NSDQ. What does that tell you, if you have any analytic ability?

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    MU is starting to smoke Samsung !

    by bullseyecatnip Jul 31, 2014 2:40 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:54 PM Flag

    Simple-minded nonsense.

  • Marc Faber predicts 20% to 30% drop in stocks
    "Old line industrial firms can use factories and manage supply chains more efficiently. Modern multinationals like GE exploit new products and markets, and generate vast profits, with much less cash than in decades past," he said. "The abundance of financial capital pushes up sustainable stock prices and price-earnings ratios."

    And despite S&P 500's price to earnings ratio (P/E) looking expensive, hitting 19.60 last week, Morici notes it's still below the 25.0 level back in 1998, when the index first crossed the 1,000.

    "Considering how efficiently the digital economy can create wealth from investors' cash, a P/E ratio as high as 25 and the S&P index trading at 2500 are quite possible," he added.

    Morici's contrarian call stands out amid a plethora of bearish voices warning of a severe correction, describing the S&P 500 as extremely overvalued

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:48 PM Flag

    Because they have pie in their face for the garbage price targets they wrote. Who pays who? Ask yourself that when you look at the stock action. It was not good before this. Earnings gave this a boost, and that is fading and fading......and now Samsung. No good news - only bad. Not a peep out of anyone but Cramer, whose seedy reputation proceeds him, and now he tries to save face. Go to and look at his The Street article making excuses.

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    Thank you Samsung!

    by daejna Jul 31, 2014 5:59 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:45 PM Flag

    No Brainer? Really? Dipping into the 28's today, and having fallen before that, I hardly think so. More downside on the way.

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    enjoy ur beatingz bagholderz?

    by jonubrokefoolzzkellyz Jul 31, 2014 5:58 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:43 PM Flag


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    China Manufacturing Gauge Rises to Two-Year High

    by wallisweaver Jul 31, 2014 11:35 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 31, 2014 11:42 PM Flag

    Do you the sense to look at the futures on CNBC? Nikkei down. HangSang down. Shanghai up a miniscule amount. Thursday's Euro trio - all down and not expected to be up tomorrow; just the opposite.

    Despite your quotes and your claims - the tape and sentiment is what counts. You're simply plain wrong.

  • If its daily decline wasn't enough for the past days, now Samsung put it into a huge free fall today. It should have been sold when it was $34 after earnings. So many on this board open their mouths about "$40, $50, $80." After being on this board for some time, I really see how many delusional and sick individuals inhabit it.

    And, every excuse in the book is used: "Samsung stated wrong info." "It does this, it will go right back up." etc., etc., AD NAUSEUM. I wish I could turn back time and have sold my shares and closed my options after earnings.

    How's your stock that hit a high of 34.50 doing hitting 29.85 today? THERE'S YOUR PROOF. Those who ignore it, make excuses for it, are simply delusional fanatics who abuse people like me, and should be ignored. I have every right to post what I think. If you don't like it; ignore it, as I will the sickos who will respond to this post with their filthy and abusive comments. You're not worth a second of my time to respond to.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 18, 2014 11:30 AM Flag

    Continues to plummet. Now, with the NSDQ up 45 points, MU is down even further to only up 18 cents from yesterday's awful close of down 1.60 from Weds. And, then these beacons of light for MU sit here and criticize posts like mine? You're the ones proven delusional.

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