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    by arts.crafts2 Feb 17, 2016 3:38 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 17, 2016 6:08 PM Flag

    dhdhoora, good idea. GILD needs to do acquisitions, but hasn't done nearly enough. GILD should respond with press pointing out the negatives, any possible FDA approval out over a year, and brag about their drug pipeline. With GILD's new head honcho, what the #@$# is he doing any different? This company just can't get it through their heads that they need to PROMOTE and BRAG about their accomplishments and pipeline drugs.

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    by arts.crafts2 Feb 17, 2016 3:38 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 17, 2016 3:40 PM Flag

    As I wrote this one minute ago, GILD has descended to 88.66. This makes my blood boil.

  • arts.crafts2 by arts.crafts2 Feb 17, 2016 3:38 PM Flag

    We have waited for GILD to move back up, and now, this pinprick RGLS comes out today with its injection regimen, which, if it is, won't be approved until 2017. So, why would GILD go all the way down to 88.93?

    And, I fear, that the market rally could end, and the analysts come in tonight and tomorrow with articles that will only do more damage to GILD.

    RGLS has serious side effects in 2 patients of their "huge" study group of 79 patients (pitiful), And, it requires a Harvoni, Olysio (the drug that was overpriced & went nowhere, though it works), and one other.

    Do you agree with my take on this?

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    by mongo_great Feb 13, 2016 3:57 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 14, 2016 1:24 PM Flag

    No, you LOSE and you can't handle it. I've one-upped you and will one-up you when you continue to post your filth, potty-mouth, mongoloid.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 14, 2016 1:22 PM Flag

    Ha, Ha! Mongoloid, you #$%$ POS. I read you for FILTH, and one-upped you for GOOD. not2old and I can laugh the whole weekend and into next week.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 13, 2016 4:42 PM Flag

    Hey STENCH-RIDDEN mongoloid, it's your sharp tongue. I won't dignify your false, abhorent, homophobic comment. You're one of the sickest creatures I've run across, and you should be censored, PERMANENTLY.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 13, 2016 4:37 PM Flag

    bears, just read my post. The major questions are all there, mostly surrounding hedging /non-hedging. And why airlines decline with lower oil prices, when the opposite should be the case. And the fear that AAL has no price hedges, but simply buys at spot prices, may be the worst one to start to fall if oil prices continue to rise (most don't think they will), and the strange, inverse pattern of falling Airline stock prices with falling oil. I find it odd that no one is interested in such salient issues that are staring them in the face.

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    by mongo_great Feb 13, 2016 3:57 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 13, 2016 4:29 PM Flag



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    Lot of short squeezing in many sectors

    by unclespeaking Feb 12, 2016 11:32 AM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 13, 2016 3:21 PM Flag

    No, I'm not naive enough to believe the Saudis. And you are correct that it was the UAE, per an article I quote from:

    West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark crude oil, fell 4.5% to $26.21 on Thursday but rebounded above $27 after the Wall Street Journal paraphased a United Arab Emirates Energy Minister as saying that "OPEC members are ready to cooperate on a cut."

    Right, they're ready to cut. How many times have they said? It's a pile.

    As far as what WSJ said, you have to be a paid member in order to read it.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 13, 2016 3:07 PM Flag

    Thanks for your response; however, you didn't address my major questions; if you don't have the knowledge to do so, I can perfectly understand that.

    Actually the volume on Friday was in line with the average 3-month volume, per Yahoo.
    I do agree that "trying to game the airlines on the daily WTI prices is a losing venture," but there has to be a way to play this stock to stop the bleeding. The fact that it gained nearly 4% yesterday, in my mind, is rather meaningless, as a majority of stocks went up on a +313 DOW rally day. Profit-taking could be involved as well, for those who bought in at a lower price and just want out. The Airlines seem to be among the worst sectors to be invested in.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 13, 2016 2:59 PM Flag

    You can't even spell the name of the person who you called stupid. Is not2old4cruisin too complicated for your brain that you address him as snotoldcruisin? And, he rightly stated your remark is pre-adolescent, and that you post frequent demeaning posts. I see them plastered all over this board, as if you have no life; nothing to do but be a scourge on this board. I've been victim of your sharp tongue before. Your posts are not worthy of any response, and you should be ignored, which I will gladly do.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 13, 2016 2:51 PM Flag

    BUMP. Anyone out there, other than the nasty person who downthumbed this?

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    Worst days ahead

    by gabrielmellace1 Feb 12, 2016 1:23 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 12, 2016 11:44 PM Flag

    I agree, gabriel. If rxr4pm is so sure of his position, he has no business making nasty, vile attacks; rather, he should be asking why you think this way, or disagree with you in a respectful way. He showed what type of person he is - one who needs his tongue taken care of.

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    Lot of short squeezing in many sectors

    by unclespeaking Feb 12, 2016 11:32 AM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 12, 2016 11:02 PM Flag

    And you're naive enough to believe the Saudis? And with their conveniently announcing this within minutes of our market crashing over 400 points to bust through all support levels? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out these known and proven liars can NEVER be taken at their false words. Besides, they had a hidden agenda to announce this "faux news", as the world markets collapsing around them will hardly bring them more oil income, at any price.

  • AAL & some, not all, of the airlines huge rise today is baffling me. A fuel hedging search only complicated reaching an understanding of how it works. Contracts of differing lengths; Call and Put Options.

    Most major airlines hedge fuel. AAL does not, yet has been the underdog of the group. As oil prices drop, unhedged AAL's stock should rise; but that has not been the case. I've watched daily how the darling of airlines, DAL (& others) would rise with fuel prices on a downtrend, while AAL fell in price. This makes no sense to me.

    That brings us to today. AAL went up 3.7%, I compared all major carriers. None, except JBLU & SAVE, come anywhere close to AAL's 3.7% rise. JBLU's also up 3.7%, but they announced flight expansion to Cuba, playing a role in their rise. SAVE was up 4.17%, but just reported a great quarter, & it appears they don't hedge, as articles state they rose due to low cost of fuel. But the others ;did not rise near to AAL. UAL came closest at 2.92%. LUV 2.43% DAL 1.00%.

    Should not the opposite have happened with hedged airlines going up the most? Also, with Thurs' Saudi news that they now agree to cut production along w/OPEC members, AAL & others should have fallen. (Though they have lied similarly in the past, & it is too coincidental this "news" came out right when US markets were breaching key S&P and DOW support levels; precursor to a heavy correction & causing a worldwide correction / recession.

    To complicate this, Friday was a big bounce; odd on a Friday of a holiday weekend, & with China PMI & other horror figures coming out Sunday night. Can anyone make sense of all this, plus explain how hedging could account for these large moves up in the Airlines? Should we expect this to continue, or is this a one-off event?

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    Lot of short squeezing in many sectors

    by unclespeaking Feb 12, 2016 11:32 AM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 12, 2016 12:00 PM Flag

    Dream on for that.

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    Mad As Hell

    by cashbar1 Feb 11, 2016 11:33 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 12, 2016 12:06 AM Flag

    Cashbar, you bring up many very salient points here.

    The timing of the Saudi "announcement" is highly suspicious. It happens within minutes of us breaching crucial S&P and DOW support levels. Why? Because the Saudis don't want us and then the rest of the world collapsing into a recession, or oil will fall even more; so, this was a tactic to pull our market back up, with no intention of reducing crude output. And, this is the belief of many financial figures who spoke after this happened.

    But, as the fools in the market will be, they went into a buying frenzy and pushed stock prices back up, which pushed the indices up.

    Of particular note is Carter Worth's charts today on Fast Money. This guy is bright and knows his stuff. He and Brian Kelly are the smartest, as they see a major correction or worse coming.

    Then, on Monday, China will be back from their holiday week, and will be reporting more figures.

    Remember, Sweden went to negative interest rates last night, and others are considering the same. Japan has already done so. None of this forebodes well; it is indicative of a global collapse.

    I wish with my whole being that I had listened to Brian Kelly's warning 2 or 3 weeks ago -- go into cash tomorrow. If I had done so, the hundreds of thousands I have lost since then, would not have been lost.

  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 11, 2016 12:35 PM Flag

    Would you suggest holding on until $39, and how did you determine that point? The lowest candlestick in the past year is on 8/24/15, and that close was 37.62, so I don't think that's where you're determining 39.00 from. Can you explain?

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    Could be providing a bottoming pattern.

    by ptiscog Feb 11, 2016 10:29 AM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 11, 2016 12:25 PM Flag

    More likely is that it has a 12.6% short interest, and that is what is driving it up. It has its own financial issues though not to the extent of EXPE. I took an extensive look at EXPE in AH's yesterday, and the swings were beyond anything I have ever seen - from $88 to $111. Does that make any sense on a company that missed? Only if you consider EXPE short interest is 9%. Caveat emptor.

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    The one thing the street is trying to hide

    by kathryn.wnek Feb 8, 2016 3:57 PM
    arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Feb 11, 2016 12:18 PM Flag

    GET OUT OF HERE! You spamming witch.

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