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  • "The Chinese government has started a strategic initiative to build electric cars on the mainland. As many as 40 models will go on sale in China this year, triple the number available two years ago, Bloomberg Intelligence estimates."

    Now you know why Tesla sold very few cars in China
    and more than that - Why Tesla will NEVER sell any more cars in China, E V E R..

    Btw longs, enjoy the "Musk and Battery" show this afternoon
    After all you are paying for it with your own cash..

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 22, 2015 5:35 AM Flag

    it's not "crazy", it's "stooopid"
    also, imo you are making a big assumption about the "lot of money" part..

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 22, 2015 5:32 AM Flag

    the 2Bn bone was thrown in there to get the big dogs barking bids

    all of them realize here is worth 10x more than that and if they get it at 10-15bn it's still a huge bargain

    i have a lot of faith in suri so far, but if he sells here for less than 12bn i'd say he has no clue

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 22, 2015 5:23 AM Flag

    apple guys are smart shoppers (cheap) and keep their (credit) card in the inside pocket, so nobody can see whtf is going on in their pockets
    that's why they haven't bought tomtom cuz they realize is not worth

    and imo they are afraid to jump into an open bid for here, as they will have to show their cards (and that they really need some fing good maps..)

    but apple makes a huge mistake by not buying here, as here can be a key strategic card in apples suite:
    - no more map issues
    - can bargain with google cuz they have the upper hand on maps now
    - can get it in the car, watch, phone, headphones ;)
    - can show where are all those "things" located at all time..
    huge value to be unlocked by here inside apple..

    as about msft.. they may simply be temporarily out of cash? or have to deal with bigger issues?
    we'll find out wazzup with msft in a couple of days also

    fb has a lot to get out of here and zberg pays well if he sees the synergy..

    it's getting exciting again in nok-land in a calm and heart-warming, finlandia style way..

  • and let fb have their own ecosystem, not have to depend on google maps..
    considering the other purchases fb made, here has hard core value - acreative from day one - it is worth 12-15Bn minimum

    i'm surprised though how apple and msft are so blind to the bsns value here has to offer
    or maybe they are lurking in the shadows?
    we'll find out soon..

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 13, 2015 2:38 AM Flag

    duh.. those guys are cluelesss
    anybody who has some clue is reading "tech analysts" only for entertainment purposes (to play "catch the bs")

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 13, 2015 2:37 AM Flag

    HERE is in a great position to spark a competitive bid @jomike

    all the potential bidder we are aware of, badly need good quality maps
    and HERE has the best d@m' maps in spades

    i am fairly confident the bidders will realize this "once in a decade" opportunity

    - apple - maps will help them expand in areas they never could play because of the (let's say sh!tty maps they have now)
    and compete with google
    and sue google for patent infringement on maps
    and get the maps in their cars
    and have the iphones the best maps on the planet (with offline mode also)
    and work in beacon mode too (as nokia is part of the indoor navigation group)
    and buy technology that was worth 8billion 10 years ago.. it should be double at this time (inflation/valuation/etc)

    - msft
    bing will be more google-y
    the phones will stand some chance to compete in the mobile space
    they will own an essential piece of IP
    it's their last chance to make windows phone relevant. once this train is out of station.. good luck catching it

    - samsung
    can negotiate with the deal to get a more lenient treatment for the ip talks to come soon
    can get a shot in the arm to their dwindling phone sales
    can acquire an esential piece of ip and sue apple, google and everybody who ever sued them, just to make a point that they are not only about stealing ideas.. ;)
    will get them an edge against apple

    - many chinese phone companies (mi, others)
    will get a great quality map that they are lacking now
    will get them an edge against apple
    will get them a chance to be relevant in the market space

    so.. gentlemen.. let the games begin..

  • few months back were talking here about apple being the ideal buyer for nok maps

    still believe apple and nok maps are a match made in heaven

    possible nok launched the "accepting bids" to spark a bidding battle between microsoft, samsung and apple ?

    because if samsung buys nok maps samsung may get preferred treatment for the ip negotiation later ? (and have a great competitive solution for their mobile platforms)

    same for msft - they can get a good maping solution and with bing have a chance to compete against gogle..

    finally, same for apple - won't depend on google maps neither for the phones, nor for future devices (cars, thermostats, watches, etc)

    all of that is worth a lot more than the few billions mentioned in the article..

    it's gonna get really exciting in our neck of woods..

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    “Apple, The Pandora Killer”

    by p_in_singapore Mar 20, 2015 11:09 PM
    asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 9, 2015 12:02 PM Flag

    the reason i was talking about china is because when pandora gets back to around 15 it can become interesting for baba and others like it

    i am using "when" not "if" for pandora getting back to 15 because i believe with this macro econ it will have to reach 15 before doing other stunts..

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 6, 2015 12:18 PM Flag

    u can not sell power plants day in and day out.
    they got the power plant sale announcement today for a reason - did you ask yourself what would that be ?

    how about they are trying to pump the pps just because they know it's gonna drop during the conf call ?
    maybe they just need naive "investors" to buy and prop the stock so it doesn't crater again in the 20s ?

    imo it's both A and B

    but as you see from the pps slide, somebody knows something..

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    “Apple, The Pandora Killer”

    by p_in_singapore Mar 20, 2015 11:09 PM
    asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 1, 2015 4:42 AM Flag

    "apple the pandora buyer" sounds much better imo

    1 - it will provide almost 100mil users to apple itunes/radio over night

    2 - apple can integrate their itunes in pandora for a quick monetization play on pandora user base

    3 - pandora is (still) cheap

    4 - pandora may be willing to sell now, but that won't be the case if a counter offer is received from baba (who already got the rights for bmg music in china..)

    5 - pandora price is peanuts for apple, they can make the money back in the first year off the huge pandora user base

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 31, 2015 3:33 AM Flag

    i thought u just did that a while back, didn't u ?
    don't remember the details cuz i didn't pay attention, but i seem to recall u claiming 80% consistent profits..

    good luck with that.. just keep at it and in 15 years will be the next warren buff..

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 25, 2015 4:28 AM Flag

    apparently lots of shorts voted with their money that way.. (amzn going down)
    if you look at the current price - it was around this range before and it felt big time from a similar position

    assuming a market correction of 10-20 % as the analysts predict, amzn can drop to around 300 in short order
    so the shorts assumption seems to have some merit

    of course, the opposite camp, the believers in market manipulators - could also have a point - as it is visible from the daily gyrations of the stock - so indeed, once the fed tightens the money and economy feels stronger next year so people can have jobs, can afford to purchase stuff, etc it may rebound in 2016 or 2017

    in the mean time, if i would pick a side, considering the market, pundits, etc, i'd bet on a down coming soon

  • it is gonna take a few years for FAA to allow AMZN fly drones at 200y high and insight of a certified pilot.
    that will save amzn lots of cash (not)

    and of course, if your package happens to drop from 200 y.. shot down by some random joe, bird, windshare, etc.. it's amazon paying the insurance, right ?

    and if some random joe terrorist is going to fly around drones painted like amazon's ones and containing bombs.. police/army won't even be able to tell what hit them

    "is a bird, is a plane, is an Amazon drone? NO !! it's a terrorist drone painted like Amazon, dropping bomblets downtown Ney York/LA/Washington/etc !!!"

    why does US have to assume this risk ? because Amazon said so ???
    don't we have enough problems as it is ?

    it is amazing to me how people can even listen to this kind of kr@p.. drone delivery..
    are the journalists so out of topics that they talk about such a lame story ?

    i hope there is a bit of common sense left in those drones living in the parliament
    they should shut this drone law down like a turkey flying low altitude

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    the hacking of amazon gaming site

    by asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 24, 2015 11:08 AM
    asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 24, 2015 4:57 PM Flag

    the diff between hilary and hackers is the hackers do wear pants
    and you can try ignoring them, but at your own peril

    imo amzn is just trying to bury the hacking report in an ocean of media noise with drones, video, etc
    but that makes it even worse, because it hides the facts
    that's why i am asking about the hackery to make sure somebody is going to the bottom of it
    cuz usually these kind of incidents tend to be ugly and create a lot more problems than it's at first visible..

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    AMZN market cap can't be cheaper than BABA.

    by osulincat Mar 24, 2015 12:32 PM
    asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 24, 2015 4:48 PM Flag

    at least baba has the huge chinese population mass to at least attempt to deliver something (as the chinese econ seems to slow down)

    but amazon has not much going for them.. they are drumming on drones.. c'mon.. with the associated security and risk issues amzn will get the right to play with their drones in their backyard, but never in the open
    just imagine what happens if:
    - somebody makes some drones similar to amzn and follow the amazon drones to steal their package once they deliver it
    - or if a drone drops their load on the head of people.. or on an expensive car/house/etc
    - or some territorial birds get fighting the drones..
    - or some people get a hobby to shoot the drones
    - or the kids to slingshot a drone..

    way too many failure scenarios that can never be avoided, no mattter how "smart" the drone is/becomes
    so it would be a crime to approve such vehicle to fly over our space
    and i didn't even think what the terrorists will do with such stuff.. but that part u can imagine yourself..

    amazon is just grasping at straws because they are desperate
    drones are yet another straw but it may be the final one, that breaks this camel's toe... umm.. i mean.. back/

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 by asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 24, 2015 11:08 AM Flag

    how it will impact the quarterly report ?
    anybody any thoughts ?

    i've read the gaming guys are responsible for around 1billion in revenue..
    and from what i've seen with other hacking incidents, once the news start registering.. questions like "how many credit card numbers were stolen " and "what else was compromised" and etc..
    can ripple through painfully
    will amazon get it in the chin or will be able to duck this one also ?

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 20, 2015 1:47 PM Flag

    in big time @gpro
    imo gpro will get back to 50-60 and beyond within that time frame
    p wil do well too

    imo both p and gpro will get acquired rather sooner than later by a large company that wants to improve their media offering..

    unlike tsla which will crash once this irrational exuberance is done and the cold reality settles in (driverless lawsuits, secondary offerings, no sales, no chargers, etc..)

  • expect stocks to significantly slide while investors taking profits and looking for cover

    per goldman puts on s and p are growing in price fast
    that means traders are expecting the market to head south

    if that happens amazon pps will not just head south, will free fall

  • asdfhsdkjfh342 by asdfhsdkjfh342 Mar 12, 2015 7:27 AM Flag

    they got 100mil which is almost 2x the money they made last year
    so we expect at least 3pps to reflect that
    then they will receive soon after that another over 200mil, which will add 5-6 extra to the valuation
    all in all and with discounts and etc should be trading somewhere around 3+5/6 =~8-9pps

    however, ms market believes this is worth 1 and change
    what gives ?
    am i missing something, or peeps are way confused about zgnx ?
    or the big sharks are taking her to the woodshed before letting her run wild ?

    anybody has any thoughts on it?
    (serious comments pls, i really meant what i wrote above)

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