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  • Why is Barack Obama fast-tracking up to 3,000 visa applications per month from three Ebola-stricken West African nations?

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    Wow it's true found that on google....are you kidding me and they're down playing this after this kind of exposure

  • http://nationalreport.net/cdc-whistleblower-exposes-ebola-vaccinations-containing-rfid-chips/
    A CDC whistleblower has recently gone on record to expose nefarious government plans which would use the impending US Ebola pandemic as an opportunity to implant RFID technology in American citizens - See more at: http://nationalreport.net/cdc-whistleblower-exposes-ebola-vaccinations-containing-rfid-chips/#sthash.IvLRX2ys.dpuf

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    Just like JAZZ pharma a few years back and then kaboom

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    Agree...total ...absolute complacency

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    Thx! If you all can look just a little beyond the day to day ups and downs of the pps and look just a little into the future you'll see and incredible company and share price....Ebola has brought the spot light onto IBIO's technology and it's incredible possibilities. In fact Ebola has sped up what would have been a little maybe lot longer time table but now huge deep pockets see this and that's why we saw what we saw on Friday and what we've been seeing in the daily "millions" of shares trading everyday. What this company has just floors me to think it was at .60 cents recently....Pounding on the table hear folks just watch the video

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    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • in the share price the roaches come out and bash bash bash....I mean to tell you it's ingenious how they pile on and manipulate ...it's almost as though they and the bloggers of bad tidings work together and guess what.... they all do... in one way or another. Either way up or down they play both sides posting unbelievable pie in the sky pump after pump when the momo is to the upside and then when the momo is to the down...well you get it. So there you have it folks ...many of the so called bashers here have another alias when it turns to the up side back and forth they'll play this game until the juice is gone and they then move on to something else. Just remember these aliases you see repetitively posting.... post after post after post ....and just follow them to their next victim and you'll make money but make sure you play closely along side them so you're in and out at every turn whether to the up or down....Now you know....sick greedy sell their mother for a nickle...yep that's them!

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    Facts about IBIO

    by porcupineonweed 20 hours ago
    atocha_1622 atocha_1622 20 hours ago Flag

    As a long term investor this is a great opportunity for IBIO and their technology to demonstrate how effective their production will be and after which will open the doors for this same technology to go beyond and produce a number of vaccines and or other medicines

  • 43 people are free of Ebola and the news is spinning positive spin on it all and all the bashers here know exactly what they're doing then think again. Though I wish Ebola was completely gone until there's a complete control in the worse places done become complacent and that is what I see about all the news and announcements from Governments. One day it's horrible and quarantine this and that to today's news Nigeria Ebola declared Ebola free. Complacency I tell you or a grand design to spin the news for the pockets to buy on the cheap when they fully know this hasn't completely gone away and until there's a vaccine and anti virus it isn't going to go anywhere any time soon. Hell it's going to take time to create the vaccine and mass produce Zmapp and they know all this. Yea ...it's all good for now ...yea for now until the next flare up and you best know already there's gonna be another until they can attack it with a medicine to completely eradicate it. Now IBIO and what has been happening has not changed in the least little bit and on the 10th of Nov. it will be clearly understood as to their role they'll play. Now I personally can't stand the individuals who want to bash and scare people into selling so if you're going to sell you best do it on your own terms of why to your risk vs reward trading or investing. Again Ebola hasn't gone away just yet though I wish this evil was gone Zmapp was already mass produced and shipped to Africa but that's just not the case and so we wait and while IBIO is still cheap I'll buy...thank you!

  • Cheaper your opportunity may arrive but things quickly change so think

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    CNBC fear of mutations on now

    by rchites Oct 20, 2014 8:41 AM
    atocha_1622 atocha_1622 Oct 20, 2014 8:56 AM Flag

    Yea....the possibility of this mutating and or going air born is a major concern

  • atocha_1622 atocha_1622 Oct 19, 2014 9:44 PM Flag

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama is preparing to ask Congress for additional funding to fight the Ebola virus, Bloomberg reported on Saturday, citing White House and congressional officials.

    Obama could make the request as early as next week, the congressional official told Bloomberg. Both officials declined to say how much additional funding Obama would seek, the report said.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Friday that Obama had not made any decisions about whether additional resources were necessary.

    The U.S. government now has more than $1 billion available to fight the spread of Ebola from three West African countries, where it has killed more than 4,500 people.

    Obama, who has been criticized by Republicans for the administration's handling of Ebola, urged Americans on Saturday not to give in to "hysteria" about the spread of the virus.

    Three people have been diagnosed with Ebola in the United States and more than 100 are being monitored for possible signs of the disease. One of those diagnosed, a Liberian man who traveled to Dallas, Texas from his home country in late September, died last week

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    Map visual of Ebola

    by nova46162 Oct 19, 2014 5:55 PM
    atocha_1622 atocha_1622 Oct 19, 2014 6:19 PM Flag

    Absolutely scary

  • and patented technology is at current stage of game worth $$$ hundreds of millions. This is the wave of the future... its just that huge behemoth companies and Governments are large and lethargic and it takes them time to come around and break from old established methods until they see the $$$ dollar savings and ability to PROFIT........however with such a deadly virus as Ebola and the threat of it spiraling out of control (as is the case) IBIO and their patented platform to mass produce Zmapp in conjunction with Caliber Biopharma with Texas A&M is 99.9% sure to happen. We weight our investments and trades based on risk vs rewards assessments and by running the numbers of current infection rate unless a vaccine or anti virus is "discovered and began to be mass produced within the next 3 to 6 months....you do not want to really know what will happen.....This is why Caliber Pharma, IBIO and in collaboration with Texas A&M will be chosen ....hell they already have been and all that's happening now is formalities. My investment in IBIO is long term as I want Zmapp to be mass produced and funded and my investment helps fund it all ...albeit in a small way still I never felt a sense of urgency as now

  • atocha_1622 atocha_1622 Oct 19, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    I went over every trade on Friday from 2:30 to 4:00 and the trade blocks that went thru were institutions I'll tell you that.

  • atocha_1622 atocha_1622 Oct 19, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    I did the same thing ....bought in at .94 and instead of selling at 2.73 I held and got scared out at 1.25 only to buy it back at 1.36 ...my problem wasn't so much fear as not having enough funds to buy other issues I saw with huge potential. But I immediately bought back in after reading IBIO real technology. Now all I can say is I'm grateful to my mom who is a nurse and told me not to let go for pennies when multiple dollars will be yours in time

  • the world is in need of a mass produced anti virus/vaccine and IBIO has the patent to produce whichever in mass quantity....So IBIO is huge also this will open the flood gates to IBIO's platform technology to be used to all sorts of ways

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