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    jrad: OCIR

    by me_jade 11 hours ago
    ayscuew ayscuew 2 hours 46 minutes ago Flag

    For some reason, I cannot find OCIR's statement. Would be interested in YOUR thoughts. Also,
    sorry about my mistakes about the Whiting Petroleum deal. Still believe that Whiting's recent
    stock movement indicates big problems for NRPs' oil business.

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    Gets worse by the hour

    by ayscuew 16 hours ago

    Share price continuing to fall in after hour trading. At 4:50 shares
    trading 8 cents above record low. $2.37).

  • Shares of Whiting Petroleum are down almost 50% since July 1.
    Share price hitting a new low almost daily. Whiting sold oil
    drilling properties to NRP in the fourth quarter of 2014. Whiting
    leases these properties from NRP at this time. Would guess that
    NRP will show very little income or revenue from this investment
    when 2nd quarter results are reported on Thursday.
    NRP shares will trade for pennies if there is a significant
    revenue and or income miss in second quarter results. NRP shares are
    already down more than 20% since ex date (yesterday and today).

  • Ninety thousand shares traded within the last 15 minutes. Took share price
    down 7 cents. Similar to trading near the close yesterday when share price
    dropped to the low of the day at the close on big volume. Strange"
    Expect to see new record low share price tomorrow

  • Dow up 30. Crude and natural gas trading up. Most coal stocks
    down. NRP opened up a few pennies. Now crashing! Fifteen cents
    above record low. Going lower.

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    ANR.. BK, WLTG.. BK..

    by luke.2012 Aug 3, 2015 4:00 PM
    ayscuew ayscuew Aug 3, 2015 4:22 PM Flag

    You are one smart dude, luke. You failed to mention Patriot Coal and James River coal.
    They, too, are bankrupt. Since you have all of the numbers, you might tell us how
    many of the 7 billion world population would freeze to death without coal? Also, how
    much coal will be burned world wide when the population reaches 9 billion
    in 2050? I

  • Dow down 38. Crude crashing. Natural gas up fractionally. ALL coal stocks down
    at or near record lows. MOST HEADED TO BANKRUPTCY. NRP down 11%.
    Going much lower.

  • ayscuew by ayscuew Aug 3, 2015 9:12 AM Flag

    That's what Jim Cramer said 5 minutes ago on CNBC. He has said that since 2011
    and he has been right.

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    ANR to file for bankruptcy tomorrow

    by jhanle1948 Aug 2, 2015 10:21 PM
    ayscuew ayscuew Aug 3, 2015 6:43 AM Flag

    James River last year. Patriot, Walter Industries and now Alpha Natural Resources
    this year. Arch (ACI) probably next. Looks like another bad week for coal. Some
    natural gas companies also starting to get into trouble financially , ie LINE..
    Crude also dropping this morning. The energy business is not the place to
    be at this time.

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    The next move against coal.

    by ayscuew Aug 2, 2015 7:44 AM
    ayscuew ayscuew Aug 2, 2015 5:42 PM Flag

    Here's the bottom line. Tomorrow, Obama will take ALL of the credit for
    destroying the coal industry. BTU WILL NOT SURVIVE.

  • Tomorrow, Obama will make another coal speech. He will remind us
    that during his time in office he has closed almost half of the coal generating
    power plants and almost half of the coal mines in the USA. Bet he will also
    tell us that in the past year alone he has killed 70,000 coal miner's jobs.
    The White House reports that tomorrow's speech will be Obama's most
    important yet in his global warming and"war against coal" endeavor.
    Time to bring this thing to an end. I believe that Obama might now
    BOMB THE REMAINING COAL MINES. Only way to end quickly his
    "war on coal".

  • Tomorrow, Obama will make another coal speech. He will remind us that since
    he has been in office he has shut almost half the coal generating plants and almost
    half of the coal mines in the USA. Bet that he will also tell us that he has destroyed
    70,000 coal miner's jobs in the past year too. Tomorrow, I believe that Obama
    will deal his final blow against coal. HE WILL BOMB THE REMAINING COAL MINES.
    Only way to bring his "war on coal' to an end.

  • Last Wednesday, Zacks downgraded NRP shares from "hold" to "sell"
    Reason given was that NRP lessees are shutting mines. Have not
    read that. We will know on the 6th.

  • Only positive is that there is total negativity on the part of the analysts.
    If you saw on CNBC today Fast Money at noon and at 5pm, you know that:
    1. Crude oil inventories 25% above last year. Building at more than 2 million
    barrels per week. Iran about to add another 2million barrels per week to the supply.
    2. Natural gas inventories also 25% higher than last year and building.
    3. Thermal coal inventories have been out of the roof for years.
    4. Met coal price down to $93 per ton ($330 just 4 years ago)
    Nothing but bankruptcies in sight for coal, natural gas and crude oil stocks.

  • Dow down 44. Crude down but natural gas up slightly. Coal stocks mixed. All near
    record lows. NRP shares up 11 pennies. NRP will trade ex on Monday (8/3/2015).

  • Exxon just reported 2nd quarter results. Beat with revenue and missed with income. For
    years coal companies did the same (beat on rev and missed on inc.). Most coal companies
    are now bankrupt. Wonder if crude and natural gas companies will continue to follow
    what coal companies have done? Goldman Sachs sees crude at $30.

  • ayscuew by ayscuew Jul 30, 2015 1:22 PM Flag

    Arch Coal reported 2nd quarter results earlier today. Missed street estimates for
    both revenue and income. Massive losses. Arch management sees no near term
    improvement for met or thermal coal. ACI leases mines from NRP.

  • Dow down 81.. Crude up slightly but natural gas down. Natural
    gas inventories to be reported at 10:30. Coal stocks down. NRP
    opened up but now in the red. WLL crashing. Don't know why. Their
    2nd quarter results were better than the street expected.

  • Dow up 54. Crude down but natural gas up slightly. Coal stocks mixed. New low for ACI.
    ARLP up. Should be much higher. Good quarter and div. increase. NRP uo 2 pennies with
    two days till ex.

  • Dow up 51. Crude down slightly and natural gas up a bit. Coal stocks mixed but
    near record lows. BTU missed, as expected, and now trading below $1. They
    also eliminated the 1 penny dividend. NRP little changed with 3 trading
    days till ex.

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