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ayscuew 185 posts  |  Last Activity: 1 hour 18 minutes ago Member since: Jul 5, 2001
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  • Dow up 41. Crude and ng moving up. Big move up for most coal
    stocks EXCEPT NRP. NRP opened up 7 cents but now dropping.
    Thought we might see $3 before ex (15 trading days). Doesn't
    look like we will get there.

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    Question for ayscuew

    by jrad52 15 hours ago

    You are ALWAYS correct jrad. Have INVESTED in NRP for almost five years. Will also
    tell you that I have been in the market since 1965 and have never shorted one stock.
    My only problem with the elimination of the distribution is that the next step is bankruptcy.
    The coal, crude and ng producers who lease from NRP are losing money. If the dollar
    continues to strengthen, it will hurt the soda ssh business too. Seems like ALL of the coal,
    crude and ng producers are doing nothing but waiting and hoping that their markets will improve.
    My solution for years (as you know) has been to produce less. Do admit that I am not "the sharpest
    knife in the drawer". Will stay with NRP, however,, and wait and hope. Hope you will hang
    around too jrad.

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    Trading 10/8/2015

    by ayscuew Oct 8, 2015 10:05 AM

    Only stock in the universe that was down today. Believe they might
    kill the payout (distribution).

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    Trading 10/8/2015

    by ayscuew Oct 8, 2015 10:05 AM

    At noon, good move up for most coal stocks EXCEPT NRP. NRP trading in the
    red with a 12.7% div and only 16 days till ex.

  • Dow down 9. Crude and ng up. Coal stocks mixed. NRP up
    a penny on very low volume.

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    US coal consumption

    by ayscuew Oct 7, 2015 5:52 PM
    ayscuew ayscuew Oct 8, 2015 9:15 AM Flag

    Better question is how much coal price has dropped. Do know that BTU
    has lost more than half a billion dollars last 12 months and are projected'
    to lose as much over the next 12 months ($150 million in quarter'
    just ended). NEED NEW MANAGEMENT!

  • Morgan Stanley today said that US thermal coal consumption will be
    constant at 774 million tons 2015 through 2020. Two years ago,
    US coal consumption was 1.1 TRILLION tons. BTU cannot
    survive with. Morgan Stanley's estimate. Also, our crack
    weather forecasters are forecasting a very mild winter.
    With present management, BTU is going down.

  • ayscuew by ayscuew Oct 7, 2015 5:21 PM Flag

    For years, NRP management pointed up each quarter the ll million acres
    of land with which they have mineral rights. Have seen no mention
    recently/ I emailed the company for comment but have had NO response
    to my email. Have had prompt response to other recent emails. Have
    to assume that the 11 million acre investment with International Paper
    is now a dead issue.

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    Is Insider buying an annual process for NRP?

    by jrummell7 Oct 6, 2015 4:51 PM
    ayscuew ayscuew Oct 7, 2015 4:14 PM Flag

    Two points:
    1. Window is closed for insider buying until November 11th (two trading days after
    3rd quarter results are reported).
    2. Wyatt Hogan, President and Chief Operating Officer made more than $800,000
    last year. He owns less than $30,000 worth of units. To me, that means that
    he sees unit price going much lower. Furthermore Corbin Robertson is running NRP.
    He doesn't need Hogan and Hogan should be fired. I have no quarrel with
    the unit ownership of other NRP officers but it does seem that they would be
    buying at the $2.50 level.

  • Dow up 150. Big move up for crude and ng. Coal companies giving back
    yesterday's gains (ACI & BTU). NRP up on below average volume. Nineteen
    trading days till ex.

  • Here's when you can buy NRP units:
    1. When met coal reaches $150 per ton
    2. When crude trades above $75
    3. When ng trades significantly above $3.
    In short, until fundamentals improve NRP units will continue
    to crash. If there is NEVER improvement from present prices
    of met coal, ng, and or crude NRP WILL BANKRUPT.

  • Dow up 74. Good move up for crude. ng continues down. Coal stocks up, especially
    BTU. NRP continues up ((ex date coming soon).

  • ayscuew by ayscuew Oct 5, 2015 6:21 PM Flag

    Just mauled BTU again (Mad Money - CNBC). Cramer has been right about
    coal for 4 years. BTU IS GOING BANKRUPT. DuPont fired their CEO today
    after their share price dropped 33%. BTU shares have dropped more than 95%
    and ALL management is still in place and still drawing big salaries (and even

  • Dow up 186. Big move up fro crude ng and some coal stocks. NRP was
    the ONLY stock in the universe that did not open up (opened flat). NRP
    now up on extremely low volume. If volume picks up, NRP shares will crash.

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    Question for jrad.

    by ayscuew Oct 3, 2015 7:34 AM
    ayscuew ayscuew Oct 4, 2015 8:59 AM Flag

    Appreciate your comments jrad. You ar the best.
    Believe ANR plans to come out of chapter 11
    and continue with their coal business. Good news
    for NRP I would think. Hard to find a positive with
    any of the fossil fuel businesses (coal, ng and crude). Most are losing
    money but continue to "protect market share".
    My big issue with NRP right now is that Hogan (Pres. & COO)
    is not buying shares (units) Means to me that he does not
    see a turnaround coming for NRP.

  • Any guesses for 3rd quarter results (inc, rev and dcf).??

  • NRP's recent performance is really ugly. Note:
    1 Dow up 200 points today.
    2 ALL coal stocks up today EXCEPT NRP.
    3. NRP shares down 10 of last 11 trading days (almost 25%) with only 20 trading
    days till ex.
    3. NRP shares trading 23 cents above historic record low.
    4..10 year fed funds below 2% while NRP shares yield more than 14%.
    Obviously sellers of NRP shares believe that the distribution is
    going away
    LONGER BUYING NRP SHARES. The President and Chief Operating
    Officer owns only $27,000 of NRP shares while he made more than
    $800,000 last year. He obviously has no hope that NRP can survive and
    he should be fired. Share price has dropped 85% since he took over
    the company.

  • Dow down 234. Crude and ng crashing. Coal stocks mixed. NRP down
    on very low volume. Going much lower.


  • ayscuew by ayscuew Oct 1, 2015 4:45 PM Flag

    Moody's said today that 2015 EBITDA for coal shares are down 25% and will
    be down another 10% in 2016.. Don't know what coal companies they are
    using but these numbers will break most coal companies not already
    in bankruptcy...
    More bad news: The BTU reverse split was effective today. Stock
    spit 1 for 15 and dropped 15%.

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