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  • Excellent. Thanks for the info.

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    Growth for nat gas trucks

    by b.cz32 11 hours ago

    I would agree that Westport is top-heavy and not efficient for the revenue they draw in.

  • In US, the growth will come from demands by shippers for carriers to use nat gas.

    The shippers are motivated to do so as it saves them money in fuel surcharge, but they must share that savings with the carriers for cost of transitioning.

    In China, the top-down central planning model, the adoption is simply being done.

    The market is only concerned with making money on trades - which is still on the negative growth news of the past two years. It is not looking at the real growth and future growth of the industry. So as always, you look ahead to see where its going to invest, not where it is now.

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    Market again gets it wrong

    by b.cz32 12 hours ago

    Excellent! We will see.

  • Natural gas industry is under price pressure in every venue from frackers, to producers and distributors, and to end product manufacturers. And the market is tightening valuations. The market got it wrong in 2012 and they have it wrong now at the other extreme.

    Fed Ex is changing all its short-duty trucks to natural gas. Warren Buffet is looking into running Burlington Northern [freight] on natural gas. There will be 2,000 cng refueling stations in US in a year. China will have an order of magnitude more. The market for natural gas vehicles is growing. All the "negative-hype" is about it not growing as fast as expected in 2012. The myopic thinking is that the trend down will continue but that is not the reality. The next three years will be the reverse of the previous three - now expectations will be met and exceeded.

    Place your bet on your belief. Long or short or just watch. It will be interesting.

  • November 28, 2014 | China, Beijing

    China LNG Group Ltd has issued a statement declaring the Company and Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Corporation Limited (Shanghai) have entered into a sales framework with respect to the cooperative development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, the contents of which refers to cooperation on the development of LNG refuelling stations and the application of LNG heavy-duty trucks in the People’s Republic of China.

    As a pilot program, the contracting parties intend to select two highways — Ningbo Expressway (G60) (connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou – 151 km) and Pu-Hangzhou Expressway (G15) (connecting Pudong and Hangzhou – 112 km), adding LNG facilities to existing filling facilities. Following successful implementation of such stations, Sinopec will increase the number of LNG fuel stations based on the demand and development of the company’s LNG businesses.

    According to the framework agreement, the content of cooperation is as follows:

    (1) Sinopec will communicate with relevant government departments regarding application procedures for implementing liquefied natural gas filling facilities at existing stations;

    (2) Sinopec will be responsible for project design, construction, equipment installation, testing and commissioning;

    (3) Sinopec commits to delivering operational LNG filling facilities within six months of approval by the relevant government departments;

    (4) Sinopec will ensure an adequate and stable supply of LNG. Sinopec will sell gas to China LNG Group at a preferential price once sales reach a certain level;

    (5) Sinopec agrees to actively report to its Beijing head office to assist China LNG Group expand and develop the company’s liquefied natural gas sales to the greater Shanghai area;

    (6) China LNG Group is responsible for actively expanding the liquefied natural gas vehicle market, providing its customers with funding for conversion of heavy-duty truc

  • b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 27, 2014 8:54 PM Flag

    Sorry for the typo in the title - should have been Xichai, not Weichai. Everything else stands. Thought you might have figured out it was a typo from the body of the text where it clearly states Xichai. For someone who miss-types a lot, you sure are touchy about such things.

  • In October, the production of Xichai natural gas power is up by 151% which creates a new high growth.

    In this year, Xichai enhanced the products upgraded and market expanded. The company secured a lot of orders and the sales of the ten months is up by 83.6% year on year. To meet the rapidly growing market demands, Xichai allocated factory resources rationally and advance to make production capacity layout. According to each natural gas order, the production department advanced to arrange natural gas engine assembly, adjust vehicles and seal oil. Xichai Power focus on long-term promotion of natural gas engine production capacity.

    In North America: Recently, Weichai North America participated in the largest truck expo in America, officially launching its natural gas engines and powertrain in the North American market. The exhibition is held in Louisville every two years. In this exhibition, Weichai North America focused on the exhibition of the new 10L gas engine that meets the American emission requirements. The model is specially developed and optimized for the North American market by engineers based on the local emission regulations. Meanwhile, the powertrain that matches this engine and the local brand MACK truck were also on display, as well as the 13L, 7L gas engines and the latest Fast gearbox. The company also invited well-known natural gas engines and after-treatment supplier Borg Vannes, Woodward and Tenneco to jointly recommend Weichai gas engine.

    For its other overseas markets: This year, FAW Xichai Power has accelerated the pace of overseas market development through the close cooperation with the inside and outside group. From Jan to Oct, exported sales of Xichai engines is up by 31.3% year on year. Now, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Singapore and Russia have been the destination regions which Xichai Power exported. The new development markets, such as Italy has also turned prototype test turn into the small batch delivery.

  • U.S. Oil will build five of its GAIN Clean Fuel compressed natural gas stations for Canadian carrier Canadian American Transportation Inc.

    The deal follows a recent announcement by Montreal-based C.A.T. to lease 100 CNG-fueled sleeper tractors from Ryder System, in which it will run the trucks to and from Laredo, Texas.

    The CNG stations will be built in Montreal and Toronto, and in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Laredo, the companies said.

    “GAIN stations have a great reputation of being extremely reliable, which is critical as we’ll be utilizing CNG for our over-the-road fleet,” C.A.T. President Daniel Goyette said.

    “The partnership is critical to our business needs. These new stations will be strategically located and pair well with existing GAIN stations throughout the country to create the nationwide network we need,” he added.

    U.S. Oil has 38 GAIN stations in operation or under construction, and the Canadian stations will be its first in that country, said Bill Renz, general manager for GAIN Clean Fuel.

    The new stations will be operational in about six months, “by the first quarter, or second quarter at the latest,” he told Transport Topics.

    While “many carriers do small, incremental conversions to their fleets, to make the decision to convert 100 trucks at once is a true testament of significant benefits CNG offers carriers,” Renz said. “U.S. Oil is working hard to ensure that the network is in place for carriers to benefit from it.”

    The stations will be accessible publicly to fleets and will provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities, and will have “fleet card acceptance capabilities for trucker convenience and provide reliability to ensure that fleets have a consistent fuel source,” U.S. Oil said.

  • “We anticipate that by 2017, 8% to 10% of industry sales will be natural gas vehicles,” says W.M. “Rusty” Rush.

    Oh my gosh. That would be 16,000-22,000 nat gas trucks sold in US alone in year 2017?

    Who is W.M. "Rusty" Rush?

    He is chairman, CEO and president of the 100-plus dealership network Rush Enterprises, which boasts the largest network of commercial vehicle dealerships in the United States, representing such truck and bus manufacturers as Peterbilt, Navistar International, Hino, Isuzu, Ford, IC Bus and Blue Bird.

    And he is expanding his services for natural gas trucks - he sees the growth and sees the opportunity. His firm offers NGV service at ten locations: in Orlando and in Ardmore, Okla.; in Atlanta; at Abilene, Corpus Christi, Laredo and Lufkin in Texas; Phoenix and Yuma, Ariz.; and in Whittier, Calif. Rush has more than 120 Peterbilt and Cummins factory-trained and certified NGV technicians. In addition, he says “We have also evaluated an additional 44 locations across the network. In addition to Houston, Rush is developing natural gas capabilities in Dallas and San Antonio; Nashville; Jacksonville; Denver; Charlotte; Oklahoma City and Fontana, Calif., all by late 2015.

    “We have used several different approaches to equip our dealerships for natural gas service, with investments ranging between $50,000 to upwards of $200,000 per facility,” Rush says.

    And perhaps most important: “We are including dedicated natural gas service infrastructure in all new facility construction.”

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    by pngggjones Nov 26, 2014 4:13 PM
    b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 26, 2014 11:35 PM Flag

    I will. Hope you and everyone here has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Money is not life. Enjoy life.

  • b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 26, 2014 2:59 PM Flag

    You are about as clueless as they come. Date of the report is September 2014. Try using the search engine.

  • b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 26, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    Not if they build it before end of 2016. They believe (correctly) that Obama will never attack them for supposed building of WMDs. Too Bush like.

  • Report: Natural gas penetration into Class 8 truck/transit bus sales: 3% in 2013, 4% in 2014 (11,000 units), projected to be 23% in ten years (46,000 units). That is a 600% increase in ten years. That is approximately doubling every 4 years which is about 18% annual growth.
    Report entitled, “NG Reality Check: Moving from Infancy to Adolescence,” is a comprehensive, forward-looking long-term analysis on the use of natural gas as fuel in the U.S. heavy Class 8 truck transportation sector, according to the firm.

    ACT published its first comprehensive natural gas study in 2012. It was more bullish than this latest report, said ACT, reflecting the enthusiasm of the moment that included planned market and product development that has been slow to materialize with a narrowing fuel price spread and improving diesel engine fuel economy gains.

    “The previous long-term penetration over-statement does not mean natural gas has not grown. It has and will continue to grow, but at a slower rate the next few years.” said Ken Vieth, ACT Research senior partner and general manager. “Natural gas Class 8 truck/transit bus penetration was 3% in 2013 and should reach 4% in 2014, or about 11,000 units.”

    Looking at the most likely adoption curve, ACT believes Class 8 penetration is expected to total 23% of the units sold in 2025. If the total new U.S. Class 8 truck/transit bus market is 200,000 units that year, then the natural gas market would be 46,000 units.

  • b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 26, 2014 1:16 PM Flag

    I will give you a scenario. Putin is allying itself with Iran, actually helping it build its nuclear infrastructure. Why? Because the Saudis are aligned with the US. Putin sees a way to control the region through Tehran. Putin lets the Iranians take over the Saudi and Iraqi oil fields, where the Iranians would try to use their control of the resource to batter the economy of the US and Europe. And Putin wins.

  • b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 26, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    You can't be serious. Oil prices my friend. The oil of the Middle East is under threat. The Sunni Arabs have the most fear of a nuclear armed Iran - for good reason. Iran is gaining control of Iraq thanks to GW Bush and BObama's joint major screw up of the region. Nether one could do it alone - it took the combined stupidity of both men to FUBAR it major. The Saudis need to find a nuclear friend real quick. Unlike the existing nuclear powers, Iran won't feel restrained to keep its nuclear gun holstered.

  • As negotiations in Vienna break up so that leaders from all sides can return to their countries for further deliberations, the Iranians have already begun mocking the West and insisting that the country’s nuclear rights will soon be recognized.

    If the United States ever decides to launch an attack on Iran, “our war will end by conquering Palestine,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), was quoted as saying late Monday following the announcement of an extension in talks.

    Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday in a television interview that the country’s “centrifuges will not stop,” according to a translation of his remarks.

    Meanwhile, nuclear experts in the United States have warned that the extension will provide Iran enough time to produce enough nuclear fuel to power a bomb.

    “The actual amount of less than 5 percent enriched uranium that they’re producing per month has increased,” Greg Jones, a senior research and nuclear analyst at the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC), said in a conference call with reporters on Monday.

    “The stockpile has continued to grow,” Jones warned in the call organized by The Israel Project (TIP). “Now with this new extension, it’s gonna grow and then based on the less than 5 percent stockpile that then determines how much weapons-grade uranium they can produce.”

    “They have a stockpile now that’ll probably support the production of about four nuclear weapons, and that’s slowly increasing over the course,” Jones said. “It’ll probably gain another nuclear weapons worth by the end of June 2015 when this agreement runs out. So certainly that’s been continuing.”

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    Pennsylvania Dept of Transportation

    by b.cz32 Nov 25, 2014 11:06 PM
    b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 25, 2014 11:15 PM Flag

    On track for over 2,000 CNG refueling stations to be in place by end of 2015, opening the option for trucks on longer routes to switch to CNG. Market share will grow accordingly for Westport.

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    Pennsylvania Dept of Transportation

    by b.cz32 Nov 25, 2014 11:06 PM
    b.cz32 b.cz32 Nov 25, 2014 11:10 PM Flag

    And this follows Colorado awarding first $3.9 million of $30 million for eight NGV stations, fleet deployments. This is the first installment of $30 million in grants Colorado has dedicated to increase the number of stations dispensing natural gas and grow the number of natural gas vehicles in the Centennial State.

  • seeking private partner to build up to 37 public CNG refueling stations for direct support of transit agencies. Private partner will have state contracts to buy the natural gas from the State of Pennsylvania and also purchase agreements with each of the state's transit agencies.

    The private partner will design, build, finance, operate and maintain CNG filling stations at up to 37 transit facilities, PennDoT says. The expectation is for existing facilities to be upgraded to accommodate CNG.

    PennDoT says it expects capital expenditures of $50 million to $100 million, or $2 million to $3 million per CNG fueling site. The money may not be applied to vehicle purchases. Selection is for summer 2015.

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