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  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 1 hour 47 minutes ago Flag

    I seriously doubt that the worst is likely over for Samsung. Nobody will be buying their new phones.

    But hey.....maybe next quarter profit will only be down 24% for Samsung. That's a happy thought!

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    Credit Suisse Raises 2015 eps Estimate to $9.44

    by balooga2_2000 2 hours 10 minutes ago
    balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 2 hours 5 minutes ago Flag

    First Analyst to move Apple's 2015 EPS estimate over $10.00 will win an autographed picture of Carl Ichan.

  • And upgrades Apple to Buy........That's what I'm talking about. Smack on that! Roll Tide!

    Current 2015 eps estimates are $7.74..........CS now says $9.44......Whaaaaat?

    This is how the stock goes to $ 7 trading sessions.

    I still say it will be over $11.00........But I will take this big estimate hike and upgrade.

  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 7 hours ago Flag

    I think being the first gal in your group of gals to have an AppleWatch will get you lots of attention. And then other gals will want to have one too, so that they can get lots of attention.....and so on and so forth.

    Women who get lots of attention are more happy than women who don' husbands and boyfriends who want their gal to be more happy, will buy them a watch.

    My sister buys a new Lexus about every two years. She has much fun showing it off to all of her friends. She has a lot of friends.......and it's strange how many of them now drive a Lexus. My sister wants an AppleWatch and will buy one on the first day. Within 6 months, all of her friends will have an AppleWatch too.

  • Be as long as long can be ahead of the AppleWatch launch. Everybody expects the watch to be a flop just like they said the I-Phone would be a flop. This will be history repeating it's self. The people who have convinced themselves of the AppleWatch failure don't understand the watch. They don't have a clue. They are the same people who for years have been baffled by Apple's refusal to sell cheap phones at low margins.

    The AppleWatch is not a video game platform, or a health monitor or a desktop computer. 98% of those who buy one will NEVER have an issue with battery life. The AppleWatch is cool high tech fashion jewelry. They come with a choice of 75 different bands for pete's sake. 85% of these watches will be sold to women in Asia, with half including an I-Phone purchase.

    The cool part here is that with opinion of the watch is so low, when Apple sells 30 million in China alone in the first month.....there will be pandemonium in Apple stock. It will be too late after the first weekend. Just like the 6 Phone, 4-6 week delivery dates will show up within a day or then the markets will figure it out.

    Apple's fancy new $70 million gal is in China now, opening up new Apple stores and making all of the stores look like the jewery counter at Bloomingdales. Apple bought an entire issue of the leading Chinese high fashion magazine a few months ago and loaded it up with the hottest models all wearing the watch. Apple is showing you the market. And Apple knows how to market.

    The entire world is talking about apps and functions and battery life........while the real story is fashion and sex and 76 different colors. Apple will sell 5x more of these watches than anybody expects, and the I-Phone sales driven by this will be breathtaking.

    If you could go back in time to when Apple launched the first "failure" called the I-Phone, and buy Apple stock despite the conventional wisdom.....would you?

  • The problem with our tech market is that as all of them report, they just look like #$%$ compared to Apple. I have no idea why massive money isn't drafting out of other tech companies and into Apple.

    Apple makes everybody else look like #$%$. Sell your winners to do #$%$?

  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 10 hours ago Flag

    My horse always wins. He is a one trick pony.

    Regards, Mic.

  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 10 hours ago Flag

    If Apple can use overseas cash to buy back shares, why don't they use $150 billion right now to buy back shares? Why did they not do this when the stock was stuck at $95? Carl Ichan's $300 Billion dutch auction idea sounds pretty good. Pay for half of it with overseas cash.

  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 10 hours ago Flag

    Good luck talking into your watch without an I-Phone. :-)

  • I have sent Tim Cook 46 E-Mails requesting that he raise the dividend to 3% and to peg it there. I listed 12 reasons why he should do this, starting with my desire for more money.

    Although he has not responded to me yet, I think he will do it, because a couple of years ago I sent him only 22 E-mails asking him to do a stock split with 12 reasons why he should do this, starting with my desire for more shares......and a week later he did it. He didn't respond to me then either......he just took my advice.

    So don't worry. A big increase in the dividend is coming.......Apple has way too much money not to give a big hug to us Value Investors. Tim is big on hugs......that's why we love him.

  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 11 hours ago Flag

    Very few shorts in Apple. Option players are a much bigger factor than shorts. 3 more analysts may raise their target price to $150 tomorrow. Investors may pay attention. All things being market neutral. (no market crash)....Apple should rise at least 10 points over the next two weeks.

  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 11 hours ago Flag

    Nope. You snooze you lose. Analysts will be raising target prices to the $150 range. Estimates must be raised much higher. If you have at least a 3 month horizon, just buy the stock. If Apple follows past trends, it will be $125 within 2 weeks.

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    Premonition Review - Xiaomi vs iPhone

    by scoopally 12 hours ago
    balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 12 hours ago Flag

    Xiaomi is openly known to sell "knock-off" I-Phones. People don't like knock-offs, and won't buy knock-offs. They would rather pay 2x the price to get the real thing.

    Chinese people don't want knock-offs either. People who buy knock-offs are not Apple's target market anyhow. BMW does not market their cars to homeless people.

    Apple is not worried about anybody except the customer.

  • balooga2_2000 by balooga2_2000 12 hours ago Flag

    "Ahrendts has been focusing her energy on China, where Apple is opening five new stores before the Chinese New Year on February 19."

    The Chinese New Year will be the next unbelievable record sales event for Apple. And I believe Apple is locked and loaded for it. Not just I-Phones, but everything else Apple sells.

    Investors have yet to wrap their heads around the China story.....but they will in a few months. :-)

  • Q2 will see an epic Chinese New Year. Apple will sell 35 million I-Phones in China alone in Q2

    The AppleWatch will be a giant hit in China in Q3. The AppleWatch will drive huge I-Phone sales.

    Do the math......$11.00 2015 EPS.

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    Who is Thinking?

    by balooga2_2000 13 hours ago
    balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 13 hours ago Flag

    Carl Ichan is a good thinker. He thinks about things. I think he has a thinking cap. His record is very, very good. How can you get to be that good without being a good thinker, or having a really good thinking cap?

    Apple is now delivering the nosebleed growth rates that Carl Ichan thought they would.....after he thought about it. I think a lot about what Carl Ichan thinks.

  • $2.00 per contract......Use the money for roads and bridges.

    Let the tail wag the dog once a month instead of every Thursday and Friday.

  • There needs to be a second message board just for people with short term options so that they can scream about big sudden moves in the stock that will bail them out. :-)

  • balooga2_2000 by balooga2_2000 13 hours ago Flag

    If you are thinking about Apple, and are not thinking that Apple's 2015 EPS will be over $10.00......then you just need to think harder. You need a thinking cap! 2015 EPS will be over $11.00....UP 85% from 2014.

    Apple's PE should be 28

  • balooga2_2000 balooga2_2000 13 hours ago Flag

    There are rules and traditions. Apple will go up another 10 points over the next 6 trading sessions......many new All-Time highs coming very soon. Apple can start buying shares too. The restrictive period will be over, and Apple can start buying their 5,000,000 shares per day. :-)

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