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  • An individual Forester that travels many miles each year purchasing timber and managing logging needs a work type four wheel drive vehicle such as the one sold for Government Foresters, game management etc. but GM will not allow him to purchase a so called “Special Service” vehicle. The competitors do so he purchases a competitors vehicle about every three years.
    Thinking GM may have changed following the bailout he recently contacted two GM dealers but the dealers could not get permission from GM to sell him one. The four wheel drive Tahoe he is interested in is not a pursuit vehicle.

  • Toyota and most others have redesigned their V6 engines to eliminate the high maintenance cost timing belt. Honda did it from the four cylinder used in the Accord over ten years ago. Many, like me, will no longer accept a new vehicle with a timing belt.

  • With a pay per view or subscriber supported program the audience is limited so why would a smart advertiser spend money advertising to a smaller audience than to an unlimited audience.
    The Orange Bowl with two college teams was limited to ESPN only so many that would have watched the game could not. The advertisers paid large fees but the audience was much less than it could have been had it been broadcast through other sources.
    Not smart on the advertisers part.

  • bampa3 by bampa3 Jan 3, 2014 10:31 PM Flag

    Those of us without ESPN cannot watch the Orange Bowl. Many can but many cannot see the game between Clemson and Ohio. Why not spend that money on a venue that is available to more people.

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    So called Robocalls.

    by bampa3 Nov 10, 2013 2:08 PM
    bampa3 bampa3 Nov 12, 2013 3:22 PM Flag

    You are correct about that to some extent but most are made from other countries via the internet and I do not know how the revenue from the calls compares to the loss from people that abandon landlines partly because of the annoying calls.

  • The technology exists for AT&T to curb some of the calling and it should be done. They may not be concerned about loosing land lines but two friends said the thing that pushed them to go ahead and eliminate their landline and go fully to wireless has been the constant flow of unwanted calls. I am about to that point also and it is frustrating to know that AT&T could stop most of it if they chose to.

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    ATT Retiree Healthcare

    by jim.annboyle Nov 2, 2013 4:24 PM
    bampa3 bampa3 Nov 10, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    Retired, on Medicare the Company plan is a supplement with our cost for my wife and I will be $120 more per month for 2014 than it has been for 2013. Not sure why so much of an increase but much more of an increase than in previous years. My guess is that Obamacare is part of it.

  • Channel I previously listened to now says no longer available. Tried to find some programs previously listened to and no luck. Called customer service and after a long wait they told me the old channel so the customer service does not know what has been done with the channel shuffle and according to one station a new shuffle will take place November 18. How will they keep customers operating this way? Must be approaching melt down.

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    IOS 7 and why AAPL is headed south

    by clintjharris Jun 21, 2013 11:48 PM
    bampa3 bampa3 Sep 19, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    I have IOS 7 on iPhone 5 for about 30 hours. All previous updates were improvements without the amout of frustrations of this update. One fo many, I have a number of items in Notes and up until this upgrade you could swipe from one page to another but that has been removed with this update. Looks like many changes were made that are not user friendly. Are we seeing the direction of Apple without Steve Jobs?

  • By turning the personal information of a reviewer over to the business being reviewed keeps realistic meaningful reviews from being posted. I will not post more reviews on Angie and risk another series of attacks and harassment by a business employing thugs. I think others do not post reviews for fear of retaliation.

  • If a customer of Angie posts a true negative about a business and the business is run by unethical people the customer making the post is at risk of harassment in may ways. The business has all the information on the customer including credit card and other personal information and can use that information to retaliate. Any customer needs of Angie should be aware of this before posting a negative review and putting themselves at risk. This makes reviews on Angie unreliable. The general web is a better source for unbiased information about a business. I will no longer use or post a review on Angie's list.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Honda is behind most of the competition in eliminating timing belts from the V6 engine. Ten years after eliminating them from the four they are still using them in the V6.

  • After checking Angie's List, did business with a good rating. After experiencing fraud with the business found it is run by thugs and anyone writing a bad review on Angie's List is reported to them and they harass the poster in many ways until the bad review is removed. Postings on other sites reveal that others have had bad experiences with the business. I will no longer use or rely on Angie's List.

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    Honda / Acura V6 2013 Timing Belts?

    by bampa3 Dec 18, 2012 11:08 AM
    bampa3 bampa3 Dec 21, 2012 4:21 PM Flag

    The new Fit engine is a recent design from the ground up and is a very modern engine and has a chain. Your fuel mileage is impressive!
    I use a SUV for towing and some other reasons and the V6 is my choice for it, the gas mileage is nothing like the Fit for sure. The current V6 has had several modifications but is still the old basic design. I am confident Honda will do a clean slate redesign at some point and it will likely use a chain as Toyota and others have done with all recent totally new engines but I do not know when that will take place. Thought someone would know and share when I made the original post. Hope you continue to enjoy the Fit.

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    Honda / Acura V6 2013 Timing Belts?

    by bampa3 Dec 18, 2012 11:08 AM
    bampa3 bampa3 Dec 21, 2012 1:30 AM Flag

    m. swanger
    Since many manufacturers have some engines with and some without, I think the most reliable method is to look at the maintenance schedule for the car and engine you have and see if it specifies a timing belt replacement interval. For example, a 2012 Honda Accord has a different maintenance schedule for a 4 and V6. The 4 does not specify a replacement interval for a belt as it has a chain. The same car except it has a V6 specifies a belt replacement at a certain interval as it does have a belt.

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    Honda / Acura V6 2013 Timing Belts?

    by bampa3 Dec 18, 2012 11:08 AM
    bampa3 bampa3 Dec 20, 2012 8:02 PM Flag

    Even Honda has acknowledged the advantage of a well engineered and quality chain system. When they designed the new four cylinder engine that went into production with the 2003 Accord and later they incorporated a chain rather than a lower cost belt system. They do not specify a service for the chain for the life of the engine. It is constantly lubricated with the engine oil.
    The engine has to be designed from the beginning for one or the other. A belt cannot simply be replaced with a chain, it requires a number of things be different.

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    Honda / Acura V6 2013 Timing Belts?

    by bampa3 Dec 18, 2012 11:08 AM
    bampa3 bampa3 Dec 20, 2012 7:50 PM Flag

    A few engines, usually older design, are "clearance" engines which means the pistons will not hit the valves therefore will not destroy the engine with a timing belt or chain failure. Had it been a chain the likelihood of it breaking is much less. Ford has used chains in their overhead cam V8 and V6 engines since the new modular design starting in the early 90s.

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    Honda / Acura V6 2013 Timing Belts?

    by bampa3 Dec 18, 2012 11:08 AM
    bampa3 bampa3 Dec 19, 2012 11:18 PM Flag

    A well engineered chain system can be expected to last the life of an engine. The initial cost is more but the long term cost of replacement and possible repair is more with a belt drive engine. Most modern high compression engines will be destroyed or severely damaged should a chain or belt fail. The pistons will strike open valves usually resulting in an engine replacement. All manufacturers have used chains for newly designed engines. Honda did this when they developed the current 4 cyl used in the Accord and some other vehicles. Most manufacturers have some of both types in their fleet so they avoid addressing the issue. The first one to have all chain drive engines will probably take advantage of that in their marketing and I think it will provide them a definite advantage. I am confident Honda will do it with the V6 but just do not know when. My son and a brother-in-law used that as a major factor in choosing another make, Toyota, rather than a 2012 Pilot. I have had more problems and spent a lot more on the three vehicles I have owned with belts than any chain engine I ever owned. I have a five year old vehicle with a belt that I am considering replacing in 13 and will not consider a vehicle with a belt as long as a suitable one is available with a chain. It takes some investigation to make sure which does.

  • Anyone know when the V6 will be upgraded and change from timing belt to chain or gears? Most Toyota V6 engines now have chains. Some, like me, will not purchase another vehicle with a belt. Honda stepped up to a chain on the 4 several years back.

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    Ordered New Iphone 5, Dumped ATT for Verizon

    by uncletizz Sep 19, 2012 1:06 PM
    bampa3 bampa3 Sep 20, 2012 5:57 PM Flag

    Are you sure the grass is greener? You may regret that move. Of course that would depend a lot on how you use it and where.

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