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  • He didn't even put his name in the title like many of the great entreprenuer led companies do, he just used family initials.

  • I don't know when the info about the short position started making the rounds, but the Groove note hit about an hour before the market closed Friday. There are thousands of traders out there who beat the bushes for this kind of stuff and most of them will make their first notice of CVSL in their review of the big gainers over the weekend. A stock that trades 80k shares per day with a 2.4 million share short interest that popped 40%+ on a slow market day will be getting some new players on Monday. If the biggest part of that position is short from $1.50's, they may be gettting margin calls bythe close Monday

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    Annual Meeting Part 3

    by extra_e_mail Nov 22, 2015 10:05 PM
    bankwatcher1998 bankwatcher1998 Nov 23, 2015 1:53 PM Flag

    You should visit a Pie5 sometime cashback. When you post statements like this it shows you haven't yet. Or maybe you just failed to notice the $4.99 kids pizza?

  • We believe that other insiders have been buying shares since the restricted period ended last week and expect to see more Form 4’s filed this week. We view this as extremely bullish, as the decline in RAVE stock over the last few months has been so severe that some began to wonder if there was something negative happening behind the scenes that had not been disclosed yet. The buying of shares in significant numbers by those closest to what is happening at the RAVE confirms to us that there is no such negative surprise lurking and also confirms that the recent sell off in RAVE shares has left it trading in a range that represents a significant buying opportunity. We note that Director Hammett’s purchase of $30k in RAVE stock increased the number of open market purchased shares he owns by 50%, a very significant purchase by either measure.
    We believe the trading in RAVE shares the last few months has been heavily impacted by short selling and that the intensity of the short selling effort has increased over the past few weeks, as the trading action has increasingly been impacted by a program that uses small orders placed with multiple ECNs to shrewdly and efficiently push the price lower. While we have noticed this kind of action to be occurring with RAVE for several weeks now, the Form 4 filed mid day on Friday was the first indication that short sellers may now be on the short side of a buy order from RAVE insiders. Tomorrow after the close, the most recent Nasdaq short interest report will be released and we expect the reported short interest to be at or near the highest levels in the history of RAVE Restaurant Group. With the stock already trading at levels that equate to a large discount to the value of the Pie Five operations alone and insiders making significant open market purchases, we will be interested to see if a report showing RAVE short interest to also be at record levels will be enough to cause the speculators who have been selling RAVE short to either

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  • There are only 3 trading days until we get to see how big the short interest has grown. Seems like the squeezes always occur right after the report. And Thanksgiving week with its lower volume always seems to have 3 or 4 major squeeze plays

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  • The largest shareholder of RAVE (Newcastle owns close to 30%) has its president on the RAVE board of directors and I believe that makes him an insider who is unable to buy stock during the blackout period, which runs from two weeks before the end of the Q until one week after earnings are released. So either tomorrow or Friday, the private equity fund that has watched one of their key holdings get hammered by shorts can buy again. The last time they could buy (August 14), the stock was just under $12.

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  • bankwatcher1998 bankwatcher1998 Nov 18, 2015 9:41 AM Flag

    This is very helpful. I have heard the RE issue discussed previously and it only reaffirms previous impressions that this management team is approaching expansion in a prudent manner.

    The biggest thing I would like to see from them is more communication with shareholders. RAVE is too big to continue to avoid quarterly earnings calls with shareholders and analysts.

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    Tomorrow meeting

    by extra_e_mail Nov 16, 2015 11:19 PM
    bankwatcher1998 bankwatcher1998 Nov 17, 2015 7:06 AM Flag

    Thank you extra_e_mail

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    Open Letter to Rave Management -GrooveVC

    by adinvestor1965 Nov 16, 2015 3:08 PM
    bankwatcher1998 bankwatcher1998 Nov 17, 2015 7:03 AM Flag

    This comment shows you are either unaware of the relevant specifics here or that you are trying to mislead others. Pie Five has the necessary financial reporting in place since the company was reorganized as a holding company several years ago. Rave could file an S-1 and have Pie Five publicly traded as a distinct entity in just a few months time if management started the process today. Also, its only two years under the new JOBS Act, like NDLS and ZOES used.

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  • A good article on RAVE's Q1 from Seeking Alpha a few minutes ago -

    With RAVE on track to open the 100th restaurant in the Pie Five chain over the next 3-4 months and work in progress to scale it significantly from that level, we believe investors will increasingly demand that management take steps to allow Pie Five to be valued on its own, separate and distinct from the mature Pizza Inn chain. Pie Five alone is arguably worth significantly more than RAVE's current $60m market cap, possibly a multiple of it in an IPO scenario and we think the murmurs at this year's annual meeting may turn into a din if there are not clear steps taken in that direction over the next few quarters.

    With the short interest at or near to record highs, the stock being clearly oversold on a technical basis and the stock trading down to levels ($5.91) last seen prior to the beginning of the company's successful expansion, the question now becomes how much lower can they drive it by selling borrowed shares of such a thinly traded stock before the speculative sentiment turns and the bigger money to be made near term is by pushing it higher?

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