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    by ijerryhale Feb 11, 2015 7:10 PM
    barqly barqly Mar 24, 2015 8:36 PM Flag

    Hows that "scam" working out for you now? lol...

  • are needed to move this stock; that, of course, would raise revenues considerably. With our $2m LOC, we should be able to continue a marketing push that we have never done before. Our nemesis will, of course, be the economy and whether monies will be released by companies in an attempt to save monies over time. Plodding along while raising revenues by 10-15% quarter over quarter is nice, but won't excite the investment community.

  • Volume of 98,000 x .28 = $27,440. That isn't enough to do anything, This quarter was solid but didn't reveal any catalyst to drive the stock higher. Maybe in the future, but not until additional major buyers are enticed; certainly not this time around. The waiting game continues.

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    Agreement extension from 8/14 to 9/30

    by barqly Aug 12, 2013 2:10 PM
    barqly barqly Aug 14, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    There is no question the postponement of the deal was the reason for the decline. I don't agree with your suggestion that the stock will low at .20. It would have been easy for the company to sell off some shares to a scalper; instead they elected to search a bit more to see what they can do to raise the money. I think that speaks volumes of the company and management; too many companies just sell off stock (dilution). Lastly, there is no question that the market views anything other than full speed ahead without a rife as being a negative. Not in this stock for a month or two so I don't mind the down churn. I think we need to keep an eye on the business and that seems to me to be moving along nicely; their recent purchase seems to be lost and forgotten already; that should reward us down the road. Again, the management holds a number of shares and that makes decisions about finances a bit more focused; after all, they have never sold even 1 share!

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    Company well positioned...

    by barqly Aug 12, 2013 3:51 PM
    barqly barqly Aug 14, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

    tesio...couldn't agree more. This is by far the #1 stock in my portfolio whereby the management is running the business with the stockholder in the #1 chair. I was shocked to see a stock buyback; nothing supports shareholders more than a company spending their monies on buybacks. And, as you say, the infrastructure is paid for and in place; time to get the goo outa da ground!?* If we can now increase bpoe somewhere north of where we are and the 5,000 we thought we would be pulling originally. In my mind, not attaining our projection is what set the company back a few spaces, yet gave many of us the opportunity to invest. GLTA, although I don't think TAG needs a great deal of luck.

  • Hired additional staff and have pressed our marketing. It should all pay off in the future. Why now?
    Because it is the right thing to do, and we could spend the cash now that we have a LOC of $2m
    available. If there was a bit of a depressing number, it was the overall revenues. We were shooting
    for somewhere between 20%-30% QoQ and came up a bit short. Still, the timing of the marketing push
    appears very reasonable. With that said, it will take a few more quarters to see any real stock appreciation.
    Hopefully, Jason will guide going forward in order to entice additional buyers, but I think we will continue
    to slowly increase revenues as the market/economy is what dictates our successes. Outlays of cash, even
    with the surety that those monies will be returned or made up; still difficult for companies to commit. As
    the economy continues to strengthen, so too will our revenues. JMHO.

  • ...resistance/support. Need a catalyst and maybe on Wednesday
    we will find/identify one.

  • based on resistance/support levels.

  • ...appears to me to be merely a matter of time.
    Finding a company of this ilk; no debt, superior
    drill rights, cash on hand, increased revenues,
    skilled and seasoned team; all adds up to a very
    fortuitous stock risk. Certainly one that I am willing
    to ride out. Now, with that said, let's get the goo outa
    the ground!

  • ...a paltry number of buys in advance of "potential" record
    quarter. The volume I think this company needs to see is
    north of 1,000,000 shares for several days. I'm not saying
    it won't happen, but I am saying I don't know when it will
    happen. Certainly not until issues are resolved and resolved
    convincingly. JMHO.

  • There are actually two reasons why Telkonet has not caught fire by major investors, imo; 1) current and future revenues...if and when the economy suffers, businesses are reluctant to outlay cash even on projects that can save them money in the long run. This was discussed by Reindeers and Tienor in past company reports and conference calls over this last year. This issue has greatly improved over the last few quarters, however it is an issue that could resurface depending on economical environment. 2) we continue to have an issue relative to "collected sales tax". The potential liability is somewhere north of $1.8m (sales tax + penalty) and will remain in financial view until fully collected. We are being allowed to collect it, state by state, without intervention. However, patience may run out and the total sales tax may become due and payable in the future. GLTA.

  • Nice to see the extension in lieu of arbitrarily making a stock deal (dilution).
    I think it's equally nice to know that the Management has 'skin' in the game.

  • 2012 year end numbers indicated that individual investors totaled just
    under 300 (297); yes, I also thought it was a much greater number. So,
    the bottom line is that there is a great deal of churning to make the "number"
    go up, and a great deal of churning to make the "number" go down. And,
    that is the reason why it would take a major hitter (volume buyer) move the
    stock north, or south. The good news is that to move the stock south, it would
    take a massive sell off by individual buyers as there are few (2) major holders,
    other than the management. Also, to make the stock price rise, it would take
    a great deal of volume, however a number of 'us' buyers could move it a bit
    higher based on minimum buys. Once again, we need major volume, which
    would indicate failure (not likely) or major volume, which would indicate that
    some other funds or investment companies have "been convinced". Our time
    is coming, not too sure exactly when. GLTA!

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    Q2-13 Revenues...

    by barqly Aug 8, 2013 11:15 AM
    barqly barqly Aug 10, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Only if we get the institutional investment community to buy in.
    If not, we will continue to trade low imo.

  • is and always will be the lack of institutional investors; we have 2, and of course, being off a major indices. The cure is exactly what Jason & Co. is doing; strengthening the balance sheet by eliminating debt and amassing cash by growing the business and increasing revenues. What is becoming more evident daily is that Telkonet is becoming a household name in the industry and is revered by a number of external sources as being the #1 company in our niche; product and service. Once we start getting the attention of further institutional investors, we will see appreciable escalation of stock. This is evidenced by the interest in our CC questions; largely asked by these types of investors, which is showing increased interest.

  • Hard for me to believe that we can't beat Q2-12 revenues of $3.462m given the published contracts that Telkonet has signed over the last many months. Also, the lagged revenues streams from one quarter to the next. A very reasonable revenue rise to $4.25-$4.50m would do us well. It may take us a few more quarters to achieve a major increase in stock price, however for the first time in a very long time, we all can see the light at the end of a very long, dark and bleak tunnel. GLTA!

  • Put in an order over 24 hours ago at .29; thought it would be taken out
    this morning at luck. I think the trees have been shaken
    and most are waiting for CC to occur by August 14th. Although every
    quarter has looked like the definitive quarter, over the last several quarters,
    this one looks that part again. Revenue talks, BS walks!

  • Excellent update! What this update tells me is that NZERF is two things; 1) they are moving as quickly as possible to make money and stand on their own earnings, and 2) they are attempting to move forward with the purchase without dilution. With a week to go (August 14th), I wish them a great deal of luck; this last joint venture was a very good way of producing monies without dilution. One last note, they are very good at keeping shareholders notified of current events/situations; many other companies I have owned are far less forthcoming.

  • Installations of EcoSmart energy management have been completed at three of six hotels owned by Ellicott Development: the 82-room Country Inn & Suites located in West Seneca, NY, the 120-room Wyndham Garden Hotel & Suites and the 105-room Staybridge Suites, both of which are located in Amherst, NY. Green Lodging Energy, one of Telkonet's strategic partners, facilitated the relationship with Ellicott Development and will provide comprehensive post-installation service and support for the hotels.

    EcoSmart is a complete suite of energy management solutions, both wired and wireless, that can be configured for properties of all sizes. EcoView occupancy sensors monitor rooms for motion, body heat and ambient light. EcoInsight and EcoWave thermostats, working in conjunction with the occupancy sensors, balance energy usage and room comfort. EcoGuard outlets can control power to lights, entertainment centers, minibars, and more.

    Thomas Hannon, Ellicott Development's Director of Buildings, installed energy management systems from several of Telkonet's major competitors prior to discovering the major advantages offered by the EcoSmart technology platform.

    "We've tried numerous solutions and recently concluded that Telkonet's EcoSmart energy management provides Ellicott Development with the most efficient HVAC operation for energy savings and the most advanced remote management capability of any technology on the market today," said Hannon.

    "There's no other technology currently available that gives us the features and functionality we need to effectively monitor and manage hundreds of rooms at separate locations simultaneously," Hannon added.

  • ...on this one. Looking very strong on all levels.

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