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batsbats100 83 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 24, 2014 4:08 PM Member since: Jun 8, 2009
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  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 24, 2014 4:08 PM Flag

    an up day

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    secret document??

    by batsbats100 Nov 23, 2014 9:19 AM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 24, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    altini1981 long time no hear from you. I pray you are right, I would like to get in some money happy thanksgiving

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    by swampmanthe Sep 27, 2014 2:29 PM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 24, 2014 2:11 PM Flag

    swampmanthe secret document is a lie means nothing

  • batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 24, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

    Currently, there are 3 things that hold off escrows from getting paid:

    - the DB lawsuit against JPM
    - the lawsuit by WMB bond holders
    - PIERS full payoff (there is sufficient money to pay off PIERS if they want PIERS to get paid now)

    Once the court has ruled that JPM is responsible for all the WMB senior notes then it will clear the 1.9B and tax refund currently held by FDIC to be given to WAMU escrows. That is the minimum. Any money coming from the LIBOR lawsuit will be gravy. Why would court hold jpm responsible for wmb bondholders?? The contract said clearly that they are only responsible for deposit accounts and that the tax refund is split between wmih and them and they get the lion's share. A deal is a deal.

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 24, 2014 9:18 AM Flag

    I see that the balance sheet indicates maybe 200 million will be available for distribution O want to know how much of this first goes to the piers as wampq only starts to get distribution after all creditors and piers get paid.
    Do we owe piers 30 million or 400 million??

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 23, 2014 9:19 AM Flag

    I am worried that the 25 billion of equity shown in this "secret document" is merely the equity wmb had BEFORE it was sold to JPM. and therefore JPM paid 1,8 billion for 25 billion in assets. There is nothing hidden , there probably is nothing left. Only a subsidy like Obama care ( a wamu care subsidy) will be able to get us some money??? I hope I am wrong but I still say SHOW ME THE MEAT

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 20, 2014 4:15 PM Flag

    130000 1.74
    130000 1.75

    Anyone have ide what this means??

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 20, 2014 11:03 AM Flag

    it is 13 days that wmih traded 2.00 or lower, this might mean that the deal makers want us shareholders to suffer some longer . They want to have the stock low meaning 1.70 -1,78 for maybe 30 days?? THen they have convinced us that this stock sucks and therefore they with a clear conscience will issue warrants to Blackstone. at a low price. After all we also had the option to buy at these cheap prices. . The deal will be coming either this year or will be announce early next year for closing in the end of march or april. Patience is need to make money and nerves of steel. If you do not have these two trades then move out of this stock. I am staying in

  • batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 20, 2014 9:58 AM Flag

    long and still strong

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    Strategy and Logic provides a comforting answer....

    by kizittoo Nov 19, 2014 10:25 AM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 19, 2014 2:22 PM Flag

    we will be public not private

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    Strategy and Logic provides a comforting answer....

    by kizittoo Nov 19, 2014 10:25 AM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 19, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    I believe that we are not searching for a target company KKR bought KFN to combine with wmih. They want to let stock stay at 1.78 plus or minus a few cents so they can give warrants to Blackstone and deal will be announced soon, I hope to see the announce this year unless for legal reasons they need to wait for the three years??

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    How to Make the Best Use of Wmih's NOLS

    by magellium Nov 17, 2014 6:44 PM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 17, 2014 7:17 PM Flag

    this is the best post ever please follow through

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    I believe

    by batsbats100 Nov 17, 2014 11:30 AM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 17, 2014 12:06 PM Flag

    yaddalisen • 3 minutes 2 seconds ago

    My wife would like to meet you. Can you offer to buy her a drink and you both can enjoy laughing at me,

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 17, 2014 11:30 AM Flag

    that the deal makers know that if you lower the price you get sellers and if you raise the price you get buyers. People buy in greed and sell in fear. Nothing has changed here, We have a shell company with NOLs that are worth I believe SOMETHING.They aRE NOT WORTHLESS. The company has connected us with the best legal brains in the world blackstone and KKR, They would not bother with us if they felt they could not make some deal worth while Case closed. My theory to give Blackstone payment in warrants to buy wmih cheap will be announced soon.I do not set the date. My own wife agrees with some of you. She claims I am crazy and I should have sold. Time will tell. believe in wmih and also in myself, I have a positive attitude

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 17, 2014 9:59 AM Flag

    and long deal within 4 months probably within 4 weeks 5.00 or better

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    by daryadel510 Nov 15, 2014 10:37 AM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 15, 2014 11:06 AM Flag

    one Question,,, my understanding was by November 2014 we were suppose to hear about our escrow shares
    AM i right or WRONG

    I do not know thanks anyway

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 14, 2014 8:13 PM Flag

    I want to thank you for your post. It is good to hear your opinion always.

    I however am much more optimistic. I believe that KKR bought KFN in order to combine this company with wmih. They had to wait first for the law suit to end to see what KFN will cost them. Next they need to wait for the 2 year period, maybe there is some advantage to waiting until the three years but I believe they will do the deal soon within weeks not months. THey need 30 day average of wmih to trade low so they can pay Blackstone their commission with warrants to buy wmih at a cheap price, THe will soon announce the deral and in small rint here will be a disclosure of he warrants granted to Blackstone.

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    we are okay

    by batsbats100 Nov 14, 2014 10:11 AM
    batsbats100 batsbats100 Nov 14, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    it is old news that wmih has little mone and no business, We rely on the value of the nols and they have not changed. I do not have any information and yes am speculating but my gut tells me that KKR is not backing away and they will soon announce the deal, but the have to pay poor blackstone who has worked hard for us and therefore they will give some warrants to them and that is the reason the stock as to drop before the deal is concluded bt again as you say I do not know anything, I am merely hoping and only giving my personal opinion. M own wife does not agree wqith me.

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 14, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    they dropped the stock to close the deal granting payment to blackstone in the form of warrants maybe at 2.00 2.25 They have not paid blackstone and do not want to issue shares as that might change the ownership Iam ot a lawyer but mabe if they give warrants it is allowed. deal can close very soon and we will be okay

  • batsbats100 by batsbats100 Nov 8, 2014 10:59 AM Flag

    What I saw listed was reinsurance division, we need to still see the wmih consolidated report. It is all confusing.However since tax rates could go down next year maybe they will make a big deal this year to use up all the nol in one year

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