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bauherk 157 posts  |  Last Activity: 5 hours ago Member since: Jul 20, 2011
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  • Meanwhile the Palestinians and many other arab nations pray for the complete annihiliation of the Israeli people. The Israelis on the other hand when asked, just want to live in peace.

    If I had to choose, I would rather live alongside the ones that do not pray to the God I know for complete genocide of another.

    If I had to choose, I would rather live with the Israelis who for a long while now have the military might to completely destroy Palestine BUT CHOOSE NOT TO than to be with the Palestinians that pray to ALLAH to one day have the military might to annihilate Israel. It is a scary thought that the Hamas should be that powerful. It is a scarier thought that you pray to a god that you think sides with you for the genocide of the people of Israel. It that is your god, he isn't God, he is Satan.

    I sympathize with the Palestinian plight but your approach is very wrong. That is why you do not have the sympathy of the world. When Yasser Arafat was alive and involved in the peace process you had that sympathy because of his skills in diplomacy. Today, with a group known for its extremism, the Hamas, you no longer have it and shall go on not having it.

    The arab nations have a terrible difficulty of dislodging themselves from extremist groups. The one veritable test has been Egypt who after ousting a dictator such as Mubarak, voted into office a worse extremist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which immediately undertook to abolish the constitution that gave Egyptians their freedom and made the country a place I no longer had the desire to visit. Hopefully the military's intervention will restitute Egypt on that scale.

    Another example of the arab nation's inclination to fighting is Libya. The citizens hailed the United States, France and company as liberators of another dictator, Muammar al-Gaddafi. Instability now reigns supreme as 6 tribes now fight in Libya for a hold on power.

    And what can we say about the democratic process in Iraq? How about simply a sigh?

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    Thank goodness for PLUG.

    by bauherk 7 hours ago

    I do not disagree. It just gets to me that FCEL did nothing with its own news yesterday and is doing more today because of PLUG. For now I am just letting off some steam.

  • It is simply a strange coincidence!!

    A note to the delusional imbeciles of this board. They know who they are.

  • The more I think about it, the less I believe you are intelligent enough to be a manipulator and the more I think you are simply ignorant.

    I began realizing that with your one-sided view of the Israel-Palestine crisis.

    For the record, you faux aspirant to higher intelligence, you can find dozens, if not hundreds of charts from this generation that match the chart from the pre Great Depression.

    Someone on this board is right to surmise that you like to copy paste info in order to attempt to come off as educated.

    I think it is conceivable that you are easily influenced by only one version stemming from only one news source you come across.

  • Cause FCEL sure can't do it alone.

    That is a hell of an identity crisis FCEL is struggling with.

  • bauherk bauherk Jul 28, 2014 10:29 AM Flag

    "is took out"? How very refined of you. Very James Bond (007)!

  • Thank goodness for PLUG otherwise FCEL would be deep in the red sea.

  • FCEL? Well, what can I say. Just another typical day of failing to react to their own headline news. And I have some idea why that would be.

  • Are you satisfied you made a difference on these investor boards, Odonnell? Are you all talk or a man of action?

    It would seem to me that the matter would be best served if you made your way to a politically inclined news venue in order to make a real difference instead of wasting your efforts here.

    Or is it too much trouble for you and you don't care to alter your life for their sake, really?

    There is something about you Odonnell that I am beginning to gather.

    I can not ever bring myself to be so high and mighty and make the claim to speak on anyone's behalf unless I have been granted that privilege from casters of votes or from a higher being.

    And if that moment came to be, I would certainly not do here.

    In the midst of relaying your worldly observations, Odonnell, I see you did not forget to remind us all that you have a strong sell sentiment for Zynga.

    The God I know punishes hypocrites too, Odonnell.

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    I expect a big move after earnings!

    by bighalloweenfan Jul 27, 2014 10:22 PM
    bauherk bauherk Jul 28, 2014 12:46 AM Flag

    You offer a very genuine perspective of your position in Zynga. You are certainly devoted. I wish you well.

  • bauherk bauherk Jul 26, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    You resort to comments that are at best wishy-washy.

    Amazon? Even at 200$? Really?

    You were probably saying all that about Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Priceline two years ago. Right?

    Are you at all sorry you didn't buy Twitter when it dropped to $29 after it reported a so so quarter back in May? I did. $39 today.

    Then again, I am not negatively inclined as you are.

    Did you call for Bank of America's complete downfall back in 2011 when it was under $5?

    You were probably blinded by your doomsday expectations and did not realize that Warren Buffett was a buyer of BAC about that time to the extent of $5B. I did and I bought.

    Seeing as how "institutions are always wrong" it would be inconsistent for you to buy just because Buffett and company were.

    What did you have to say about Glu Mobile only a year ago? Junk? Worthless? Maybe so if you were a short.
    $7+ today.

    It's not a surprise. What wouldn't a short say to accomodate his needs.

    How about Apple? 2 more years and it will become obsolete, right?

    When you start using other companies such as Amazon and Twitter above to strengthen your case about Zynga you begin to lose what little credibility you have left.

    Nothing wrong with an opinion either way, but try to make it count, otherwise you come off as desperate.

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    by bauherk Jul 23, 2014 4:20 PM
    bauherk bauherk Jul 23, 2014 5:03 PM Flag

    "Institutions are wrong all the time". That is a hell of statement to make considering I made my success in the stock market over the last 20 years on the involvement of institutions and lackthereof.

    Not to mention you end up contradicting yourself with your strong sell sentiment and your belief in a possible 30% bounce. You might as well save that sentiment for when that happens. Grab what you can and reverse course soon after. After all, who in his right mind would not be happy with a 30% return in an instant?

  • bauherk by bauherk Jul 23, 2014 4:20 PM Flag

    Did it occur to you that maybe enough shares have been accumulated and investors now have a hold sentiment seeing as how it remains fixed at these levels and are contemplating a break to the upside for the realization of profits?

    Did it also occur to you to take note of institutional ownership which stands at 74% as of march 30, 2014, up 20% from the previous quarter?

    Are we supposed to trust your word before those institutions that have invested dozens of millions and some hundreds of millions of dollars in Zynga? Sure some of them have been known to incur terrible losses but that is the exception not the norm. In other words 9 times out of 10 these powerful institutions do not lose money for their clients.

    And what reputation precedes you exactly?

    Or what of the short interest that has decreased from 65M shares short to 50M shares short since April, 2014?

    if it is true that Zynga is doomed, why are shorts not hanging around for the debacle that you suggest will soon follow?

    You do not take notice of such things. You prefer to create the illusion of a "pie in the sky" takeover.

    The majority of experienced investors including institutions are not in this because of a supposed takeover which is what 99% of pumpers purport to with each of the companies they buy into; be it the longs for obvious reasons or shorts such as yourself with biased views and a hidden agenda which only accomodates his own needs.

  • bauherk bauherk Jul 23, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

    And why exactly didn't you average down when it dropped all the way to 1.85 3 months ago or more recently down to 2.01-2.04 on several occasions, each time bouncing back to 2.60?

    All those lost opportunities and now you feel confident enough to want to add 5k shares at the end of the day?

    Unless you are "hoping" it drops all the way to 2.00 today in order to buy back in? Is that about it?

  • All of its grants and contracts matter little as long as PLUG exists. FCEL is a stable company and not deserving of its lowly pps. Enough has been announced in the last 6 months that render FCEL rather recognizable in the United States and worldwide. It's a shame that FCEL needs PLUG to have its share of annoucements and upgrades in order to spike higher. That is the reality.

    The only one thing that will make FCEL finally break free of PLUG is its very own and very credible ratings agency upgrade. And it is a long time coming.

  • bauherk bauherk Jul 23, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    Sorry to burst your bubble but in all likelihood you are the exception. I was curious and decided to ask 20 random people from my entourage of work colleagues, friends, acquaintances and all but 1 of 10 actually log on Facebook to do exactly what it was meant for. You can get games in thousands of places outside of the realm of Facebook. You need Facebook for socializing first and foremost. Maybe some of the respondents were too ashamed to admit they went to Facebook for the games "only". Or maybe they are too ashamed to admit they actually do go to socialize. Indeed possible, right?

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    This Stock Is Set Soar Higher? Seeking Alpha. Sigh.

    by bauherk Jul 23, 2014 8:56 AM
    bauherk bauherk Jul 23, 2014 9:17 AM Flag

    I'm being sarcastic. He would try to correct it and he would make it worse. And you are right. It's nothing new. It just gets me each time though.

  • bauherk by bauherk Jul 22, 2014 4:27 PM Flag

    Could it be one is more of an idiot for not owning FCEL as of Friday's low of 2.04 for an easy 30% return today before deciding to take profits?

    I don't remember seeing you advise everyone to buy at those lows.

    Short, some?

    That is why you are a hypocrite.

  • FCEL is kicked and pummeled like man's best friend, and still it remains loyal and dependent on you. FCEL just hopes PLUG keeps throwing it a bone ever so often.

  • I would settle for a 20 cent drop if it meant that Zynga would come back to life. Very ugly volume and stubborn trading range.

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