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    turkey should get a grip on greece!

    by tzar_red 18 hours ago

    Well, no surprise here. You are now and always shall remain an ignoramus. Does it occur to you that the Turkish economy is in the midst of its own personal economic distress? Have you bothered to research the country, its policies, its economy? You never went beyond just the name of the country, right? Could you even pinpoint it on a map?

  • That is the reason you are not head of the ECB, IMF, EC. Those three have not been mandated to shrug off Greece as irrelevant. They are not interested in repeating the mistakes made by the United States with Lehman in 2009 by neglecting to consider how its reach extended all over the world.

    From the comfort of your homes, you are oblivious to all that.

    Consider this. Greece is already in a deep hole. The EU is not. The EU is thriving. Greece by defaulting would not find itself that much terribly worse off than it already is. After all, a default would do away with a great portion of their immense external debt. The EU, on the other hand, would get a taste of what it feels like to no longer thrive. And then their troubles would only just begin. It doesn't help in the slightest that the Euro has lost lots of ground versus the U.S. dollar lately almost to the point of parity. That is only a preview of the consequences on the euro currency if Greece defaulted.

    That, in a nutshell, is what competent people want to avoid at all costs.

  • bauherk bauherk Mar 24, 2015 8:53 AM Flag

    You are shorting NBG because you think the "Greek people are poor and have nothing"? You deserve to be hugged by ridiculously named mariarayseswippi. Birds of a feather flock together. You are an especially ignorant dufus, like none other.

  • bauherk by bauherk Mar 19, 2015 10:13 AM Flag

    Don't be so obviously dim-witted. Know what is going in the news before blurting out nonthingness. PLUG! Nothing more than PLUG! It is always just PLUG. FCEL's ups and its downs, all because of PLUG.

    FCEL hasn't made any decent announcements in forever.

    Unless of course you knew all that, and you were just being a pumper.

  • 24 cents bounce back from its lows, come what may, is impressive.

  • Once again, PLUG has an amazing tendency to bounce back from its lows.

    FCEL, always too slow to react. Ironic, considering PLUG dragged FCEL down, but a 20 cent bounce back form its lows can't boost FCEL even 2 cents.

    You can daytrade PLUG while FCEL merits a sigh.

  • Even Ballard has more volume than FCEL thus far.

  • The only thing PLUG failed at is with regards to the analyst estimates. Otherwise, everything has improved. Shimpments are up 243% since 4th quarter 2013. Bookings are up. Gross margin is up 18% for its gen drive units COMPARED TO -7% LAST YEAR. $21.5M revenue compares to $8M in the prior year, which represents a 168% increase. 957 Gen drive units were shipped compared to 279 units 4th quarter of 2013.

    If you are unimpressed with numbers such as these, it is because you are a hypocrite most probably stemming from your short positions. It comes with the territory.

    As far as the analyst estimates, I never cared for any of these bumbling idiots that want to see THEIR estimates met. I especially lost respect for analysts when 99% of these supposed experts fumbled everything back in 2007-2011. Theirs is all guess work based on what the company itself says. I couldn't care less for it.

    The company's numbers are impressive compared to last year, regardless of the shorts and the analysts.

  • not impacted the pps in the slightest except for 2, 3 cents either way. Why? We are talking about an average price of 1.30 which equates to slightly over $26M worth, traded.

    No one here seems to have level II quotes otherwise they would be aware that the shares go through in bulks of 9000, 9900. The pps doesn't seem to be crashing, which would seem bearish. The pps doesn't seem to be spiking, which would indicate a bullish interest in FCEL. The price has fluctuated throughout all of these trades between 1.24 and 1.35. The short lived rise to beyond 1.40 last week stemmed from FCEL's earnings and nothing more. As well, the trades go through strictly at prices between the BID and ASK.

    If not for these huge trades that come about twice and sometimes more per trading day, FCEL's volume would be marginal.

    So what's up? There is no way to find out unless you are privy to inside information. I have to resort myself to believing everyone will find out when institutional trading is refershed in several months time.

    For now, I am theorizing that I am not alone to not want to be caught owning shares that have been subjected to a 1 for 10 reverse stock split. That is not why I signed up for FCEL. I would rather risk all in FCEL at these prices with the hope that it can easily jump to 2$ on one outstanding news item than to risk it at $10 with the knowledge that it would take 5 such outstanding contracts to get it to double accordingly.

    I don't have to explain the semantics to anyone here. Well, maybe to imbeciles such as Jonasgrumble with whom no one can possibly reason being the drunk piece of worthless feces that he is. The rest of you get my point. And I think institutions would rather give up FCEL at these prices and start all over once it hits 10$ and possibly even wait till it drops to $8, $7, or even $5. If they hold off coming on board this would be a likely outcome.

  • bauherk bauherk Mar 13, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    With a name like yours, you fit right into this group of losers. You set yourself up for that one. Lights are on, but nobody's home.

  • ... besides being an imbecile, is that he is a hypocrite, among many other hypocrites. He believes in the technology like most do. Jonasgrumble knows better than most that hospitals, universities, residential neighborhoods purchasing the fuel cell plants has its legitimate reasons and its own merits.

    The problem with Jonasgrumble, besides being an imbecile (sic) is that he is invested short in FCEL and feels he must put up the facade of one who is against the technology in order to protect his short position and that requires hypocrisy.

    I think I made clear the hypocritical aspect of Jonasgrumble and which is difficult for a short to bypass, but why an imbecile you ask?

    Jonasgrumble believes he could impact the direction of a pps on a Yahoo message board and that can't but label him an imbecile. He also understands that very well, but desperation gets the better of people that find themselves in that kind of a predicament.

    He has to live with himself as an imbecile and a hypocrite. His children, his wife, his parents, his siblings, God forbid they should know him the way we do.

    I get to highlight those traits that are unique to his kind simply because they bring it upon themselves.

  • You are an imbecile along the likes of jonasgrumble.

  • I bet you would have rather had me reply directly to your post so I can bump it for your personal gain, right? Do you seriously think you can spam other non-related companies here and impact its pps? And in the midst of it all you found it in yourself to leave us a kind word about FCEL.

    You are truly a text book hypocrite.

  • Lucky me, PLUG. Although it has nothing really to do about luck. PLUG has a great ability of bouncing back from its lows. FCEL? Once again, it is so very torturous.

  • It makes me wonder if any of you even have level II quotes on your trading platforms.

    If you did notice but chose not to raise the matter, well, I don't know what to make of something like that.

    No one commented when I first mentioned it yesterday, except the imbecile extraordinaire, jonasgrumpy with his usual Muammar Gaddafi likened feeble minded rhetoric. The rest that matter? Nowhere to be seen or heard from.

    5 times today, 9000-9900 blocks of shares traded by the dozens and by the hundreds since Monday. I have tallied 11 instances at between 500k and 700k shares each time for a total of close to 7M shares either purchased or dumped.

    Don't all rush to respond, now!

  • I would venture to bet she is as despicable as she comes off on these boards. Especially now with her attempt at glorifying herself through the death of Boris Nemtsov by using an idiom, Je Suis Charlie, made famous with the cartoonist deaths in Paris recently.

    She is as superficial as they come.

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    Je suis Boris Nemtsov!

    by mariaraywhip Mar 4, 2015 6:14 AM
    bauherk bauherk Mar 5, 2015 9:21 AM Flag

    Because Putin knows there are people like you that will make those kinds of allowances possible. You are his ticket to diverting attention elsewhere. He contemplated the possibility that someone would do his deed, and took the risk of eliminating a troublemaker.

    The only question that needs answering is this. Who best would gain from Nemtsov's death? He was a direct menace to Putin's secret involvement of Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Who else is a greater menace for Putin and more visible than Nemtsov? Alexei Navalny. Assasinating Navalny would have caused more chaos in Russia than it did for Nemtsov. But he has undertaken to persecute Navalny by dragging him and his brother in the courts with false accusations of fraud against French finanacial entities that denied they had ever been defrauded. Remember how both individuals accuse Putin of corruption and isn't it just convenient that Navalny should be the one committing fraud?

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    hmmmm nbg going up huh?

    by glee1984 Mar 5, 2015 6:38 AM
    bauherk bauherk Mar 5, 2015 9:07 AM Flag

    "...looking thru Friday is going to great and looking at my logic doesn't it make sense", "now this stock isn't going now", "stay awhile little bit more longer" Make up your mind. Which is it? Awhile? A little? More?

    Your logic becomes nonsensical when your main obstacle is your awful ability to express your thoughts correctly in English.

    Do you even care to respect the written form?

    You can best respect it by leaving the writing to those capable of expressing themselves in English.

  • On 3 separate occasions on Monday, once yesterday, and now once more. A total of 5 instances and each time approximately 800k shares. A total of 4M shares were, shall we say, dumped, so far?

  • EBRD agrees lending to Greece until end of 2020 - EBRD president
    BRUSSELS, March 3 Tue Mar 3, 2015 4:41am EST

    (Reuters) - The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has cleared the provision of cheap aid and funding support until the end of 2020 to Greece, EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti told a news briefing on Tuesday.

    The former Greek government put in a request late last year to become an EBRD 'country of operation' and make it eligible for the development bank's support, but the process was put on hold during the uncertainty of the country's recent elections.

    However last week's four-month Greek aid extension by the euro zone has put it back on track and EBRD shareholders -- 64 countries plus the European Union and European Investment Bank -- unanimously back the proposal on Friday.

    Chakrabarti said there would be no upper limit for the loans to Greece but that the amount would depend upon the projects proposed. (Reporting by Alastair Macdonald; editing by Philip Blenkinsop and Robert-Jan Bartunek)

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