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  • A wisdomless investor wannabe such as foolish_entry can not possibly own 45k shares of PBMD. Along with that kind of money comes some form of responsibility stemming from a sense of wisdom which entails one to know to hold back on making glamorous statements such as "This could skyrocket to $10 plus so freaking easily its a joke"

  • foolish_entry • 5 hours ago Flag
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    PBMD got $15m Investment from Ridgeback. They have plenty of cash.
    Remember, the May news CLEARLY stated that the benefit shown in state II ovarian cancer from CVAC was undeniable. This is why it skyrocketed to $6 plus on three times the entire float in one day. The only reason it came back down was because of all the daytraders who got stuck at higher prices. Does anyone really think that 94 million shares of volume in one day is now entirely sold back? Not a chnace. This could skyrocket to $10 plus so freaking easily its a joke.

    Put your money where your mouth is and sell all your stock in other companies, your car, your house, your boat, borrow some more money from the mob, and invest all of what you now have in PBMD and then come back and prove it to us all. If you dare or if you even can. You seem to have no problem enticing others to buy PBMD, so why not back up your bull feces in the process? I am going to go out on a limb here and surmise that you did not choose "foolish" as your account name without meaning to imply exactly that.

  • How is it that since last year the same group of PLUG analysts have been projecting lower and lower "bullish" price targets? These inept analysts are simply scrambling to keep up with PLUG's pps debacle at each turn. Last year's bullish projections called for $8 which then became $6 and then $4. What'll it be when PLUG hits $1? Will analysts come out in full force and enthusiastically proclaim a whopping double for PLUG with a $2 price target?

    Will you, isle50 be back here saying "bbbbboooooyyaaaaa! like the uninformed delusional believer of bull feces you come off as?

    4 months ago 2 analysts from Dougherty, Cowen, made a $2.50 call for FCEL, then at $1.35. Look at FCEL today.

    I can give you dozens upon dozens more examples such as these two. And you know what they all have in common? They are all small cap stocks. What does that tell us? I figured it out years ago. Truth be told, the real analysts are with the large cap stocks. In a healthy expanding economy, when they project bullish price targets for MS, CAT, Netflix, they don't end up crashing 70% like PLUG and FCEL.

    Although my mistrust of these so called small cap analysts has done wonders for me, I do believe they should lay the f/off small cap stocks seeing as how they mislead investors with their repeated missed projections.

    After repeated failures, they will eventually have to get it right at least once. And then they can celebrate the sheer brilliance of their analysis.

    I am long the technology, FCEL's and PLUG's, but not so "long" their management and certainly dread those moments when analysts try to become relevant.

  • bauherk bauherk Aug 19, 2015 12:30 PM Flag

    Gotcha. At least I am right about the delusional self-praising teary-eyed schmuck, Bottomsup.

  • bauherk bauherk Aug 19, 2015 11:13 AM Flag

    whatsoever*. That's right. I know the difference. Not like any of you delusional Bottomsup acolytes would ever notice. Bumpity bump.

  • You are and shall remain despicable imbecile investors lacking in wisdom for congratulating the sentimental schmuck who even had the gall to pat himself on the back.

    And for what? For NBG at its worst since Friday.

    If you had any shame whatsover you would come out and concede that you made fools of yourselves.

    Bottomsup is as delusional as a tv evangelist and expect nothing from him.

  • You should. Foolish investors that didn't have the foresight to wait for a spike to NBG's pps before bootlicking the self-praising imbecile extraordinaire and child, Bottomsup, as if he is as deserving as a company's actual CEO.

    At my place of work, all of us, one after the other, would have put our foot up his behind and out the door.

    Imbeciles, like Bottomsup, stand out and don't stick around for long.

    As far as what we would do with the more imbeclic wisdomless acolytes that praised that clown, i'll leave it to you to imagine.

  • Other wannabe investors were praising him and for what? God only knows. Maybe he orchestrated the whole deal between the EU and Greece. Right. They are actually praising him for his guesswork stemming from a coin toss. Up or down? In a nutshell? A real nutcase.

    And he gets all teary-eyed for what? NBG at 83 cents premarket. That's right.

    But true to his delusional crooked evangelical sort, he assures his deluded followers that it'll be at 1.17-1.30 by Wednesday.

    So go ahead all of you investor wannabes, go on praising the schmuck lots more for just plain guesswork and then work on deciding what it is that defines your mental state.

    NBG will either drop, remain where it's at now or even spike and it will have had absolutely nothing to do with the above imbecile.

  • When one pats himself on the back for "his efforts" and for "rising to the occasion" he has some serious issues that need resolved. Especially since it involves NBG where 99% guesswork made up its analysis. This isn't Apple or Caterpillar where logic based on sales, demand, supply, dictates its direction. Mostly? It is not even Monday so we can see how NBG is truly tested and already you are being praised by the teachers' pets and you... you are something of an extraordinary species of a narcissistic self praising sort.

    Whatever happened to being humble?


  • Isn't that right, imbecile abused and abusive jonasgrumble and acolyte, battered wife, garp001?

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    abbo3349, don't be naive.

    by bauherk Aug 13, 2015 10:01 AM
    bauherk bauherk Aug 13, 2015 11:16 AM Flag

    That's true but when they approved it it was only for insurance purposes in the event that the pps did drop below 1$ on lackluster performance. Now that that is achieved, they have to follow through on the process of getting hold of the deficiency notice which will obligate them to express their intentions for a reverse stock split to the SEC and shareholders within 4 days of receiving it.

    There is one important takeaway from all of this and that is that FCEL absolutely needed the pps below $1 in order to execute the 1 for 10 or 1 for 12 scenario for the sole purpose of eliminating 90% of outstanding shares with the post RSS pps at or near $10. The 290M shares outstanding today will eventually equate to a post 29M shares outstanding and FCEL will easily be able to resume generating cash from secondary offerings.

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    abbo3349, don't be naive.

    by bauherk Aug 13, 2015 10:01 AM
    bauherk bauherk Aug 13, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    Appreciate it. I wish it was otherwise.

  • The PR was not issued to get the pps above $1 in order to restart the 30 day countdown. It was issued with the pps as low as 70 cents, and FCEL believing it was highly improbable that the news would carry it to $1. It managed 29% to 89 cents and FCEL gave a sigh of relief. With only today left before being deficient don't you think that FCEL could have boosted the pps to above $1 had they really wanted it? They would have to make another quick announcement to get it there but that seems unlikely at this late stage of the game.

    I am convinced that FCEL has always wanted to keep the pps below $1 in order to get their deficiency notice from Nasdaq and begin their process.

    The only thing that FCEL can announce today to prove me wrong is an enormous insider buying of shares from none other than the heads of the company, CEO, CFO, etc.

    But as I said above, very unlikely.

  • Meanwhile this hypocrite doesn't recall his very own posts where he criticizes others.

    Here are some excerpts.

    bearwins88 • 19 hours ago writes: He's a #$%$ and a bum Has to take from hard working folks just to justify is existence.

    8bearwins88 • Aug 11, 2015 3:21 PM writes: moron

    You are not the sharpest tool in the shed, am I right hypocrite imbecile? Rhetorical question.

    Funny how you come to his defense. You either felt targeted as a pumper or maybe you and kandrew are one and the same.

    Either way, you are and shall remain a hypocrite.

    And for the record, having looked in the mirror and liked the fact that I despise pumpers/bashers is exactly why I have an acquired right to bashing them, you feces for brains hypocrite.

  • with his caps and ridiculous assessment about PLUG being "GREEN ON A VERY RED DAY!!".

    Maybe when the markets were red PLUG bled all the way down to $2.23 and when the markets turned green, PLUG bounced back and was suddenly thrust forward into green territory and beyond by a bull feces tweet which does not involve PLUG at all, rather another company, SCRA, working with BMW.

    So which is it? Pumper extraordinaire or extraordinarily incompetent?

  • In a nutshell, FCEL is gearing toward their proposed reverse stock split and the post reverse stock split number that was thrown at me, when I wrote investor relations, as an example of how institutions would enjoy minimal fees with lesser shares purchased at a higher pps was $10. In order for that figure to come about, FCEL would have to execute one of their proposed scenarios which is a 1 for 12 RSS. At 70 cents last week a 1 for 12 would only equate to a post RSS of $8.40, slightly below that ideal $10.

    So it is, FCEL makes an annoucement, FCEL spikes not 5, not 10, not 15, but a whopping 29% and there you have it! FCEL is at the ideal point where the 1 for 12 scenario can now get the pps ever closer to that $10 amount.

    FCEL is days away from being identified as deficient by Nasdaq, and if it is true that they want their RSS they can not possibly permit the pps to get above $1.

    Maybe things are looking up. Maybe they no longer need the RSS. But one has to admit that it is strange that FCEL reacted to its latest news positively whereby it hasn't succeeded in doing so once before since January 2015. Simply long overdue? Sure. Oversold and whatnot.

    Consider that not only had FCEL not once reacted positively to the half dozen other annoucements but how is it that it stopped tagging along PLUG's spikes? For as long as I have been with FCEL/PLUG, FCEL without fail spiked and dropped along with PLUG to such an extent that it was indicative of an identity crisis at FCEL. But ever since the RSS was approved in the proxy vote back in April, 2015, no longer has FCEL tagged along. On one end I thought that was great but on the other you begin to realize why. PLUG up until last week managed to climb 25% while FCEL kept heading in the opposite direction. That is probably the greatest indicator of how the pps could indeed be manipulated by FCEL for their RSS needs until that moment last week where the pps spiked to this desired level.

    We shall see what comes of it.

  • If it gets above $1 it will automatically stave off the notice of deficiency brought about after 30 consecutive days under $1 which until now I have theorized is FCEL's intent. On yesterday's news, I suggested that since FCEL had room to move without getting above $1 we might get a bounce.

    The real test begins now.

    Can the pps get above $1 today simply by getting carried by yesterday's announcement? It might not be enough unless momentum carries it. After yesterday's colossal 29% what's another 12 cents?

    Or something more might be necessary, such as a short covering. At 42 million shares short, are the shorts ready to abdicate? Again, yesterday's news might not be sufficient to bring that about.

    Or we can quickly get another annoucement to add to yesterday's, but then that would imply that FCEL was after all not in cahoots with respect to keeping the pps below $1.

    Or maybe shareholder pressure finally got to them and they decided to let things be.

    But how does one rationalize that as a possiblity when FCEL needs the RSS in order to allow themselves secondary offerings that are a must to raise cash in order for them to thrive?

    Well, that brings us back to the announcements.

    Could it be that all of this time, interest in FCEL's products and services were declining and was considering the RSS as a way out but that suddenly things are looking up and FCEL has many breaking opportunities lined up for the next six months to a year which could render the RSS pointless?

    If so, that would be indicative of cause and effect. It would mean that FCEL had no hidden agenda to destroy the smaller holder of shares with a RSS.

    There won't be a follow up announcement this morning, so it's now all about the momentum, the shorts, or FCEL's real agenda.

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    42 million shares short ?

    by marlat2828 Aug 10, 2015 9:46 AM
    bauherk bauherk Aug 10, 2015 12:31 PM Flag

    What exactly is it to you?

    Just do your thing and go short, otherwise you are an abused and abusive jonasgrumble and battered acolyte wife, garp001 likened imbecile hypocrite.

  • bauherk by bauherk Aug 10, 2015 9:25 AM Flag

    It is not just a matter of it being a bad stock, it is more so a matter of an awful management desperately bent on executing a reverse stock split as voted in favor of back in april , 2015. When I wrote them several times their reply was how it would encourage institutional investement on the sole premise that they would not have to incur as many fees on lesser shares purchased at a higher post reverse stock split price. Considering this, FCEL pps has not once reacted positively to the half dozen announcements in the last 6 months, ie. Pepperidge Farm deal, California Waster Water deal, John A. Rolls 140k shares insider buy at $1.04 and 6 months earlier 100k at $1.88, the German/FCES deal 2 weeks ago, the 2 analyst upgrades, the potential of the biggest fuel cell park in the world at 64MW in Connecticut.

    As much as I hate implying there is manipulation, how is the pps debacle after all of the above justified otherwise?

    With today's announcement, FCEL does have room to bounce back for a nice ROI without it getting above $1seeing as how 30 consecutive days under are a must before receiving a notice from Nasdaq.

    Let's see, otherwise you can add that to my list of inexplicable drops.

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