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  • Let's try, for the 3rd time, to post this( Yahoo seems to "dis-allow" posts, negative towards Malone's trashing of his retail investors' equity)
    Seems as if, the better the metrics, the worse the bottom line(net income, profits) is!
    Almost as if this mgt team intentionally DIGS to find negative "adjustments" to the bottom line to assure that retail investors don't realize a nickel's worth of profit from the company's improved metrics!
    How can a report, filled with so many positives, possible result in such low net income figures; = almost as if there's a designed pattern of keeping a lid on success, so that ANY and ALL profits are shielded from retail shareholders and reserved 4 siri's top dogs and their lackies; oh well, this IS, afterall, S O P 4 siri!

  • Typical Siri performance= the better the metrics, the less the net income(.02cts per share) is= this time they really had to go out of their way to juggle the books to so poorly miss the street's eps estimate!!!!
    How the heck can just about EVERY metric be UP and the net income be so poor?
    Clearly has Malone's fingerprints on this one, I.E., he does'nt want one penny of this company's value to fall into the retail shareholders' pockets!!!
    Just WAY TOO obvious, this time!!!!!!

  • Agree= Siri saves, at least 80 mil per year(H.S. salary) and, will NOT lose nearly that much in Stern sub revenue= No-brainer= adios Howard, your departure adds (imo) at least 20-40 mil to the bottom line, per year!!!!!!!

  • bca4me by bca4me Mar 31, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    Welcome to "Siri Neverland", where, G.S.,(imo), issues what is essentially a siri downgrade(neutral rating), + THEN, IMO, uses its program to drag down siri's S/V, as per its customer's(J.M) request!!!
    The Siri scam just seems to go on and on, as nausium, and not ONE so-called analyst +/or business "news operative" will address this 4 what it quite obviously is!!= A complete laugher!!!

  • bca4me bca4me Mar 25, 2015 8:38 AM Flag

    Above referenced "arrangement" should B considered a "Plus" to Siri's bottom line= rather good news, but, will likely take a back seat to the recent G.S, neutral rating, which is, in effect, their "backdoor downgrade", But, then again, just another piece of the Game that Siri's mgt team is involved in as relates to placing share value where IT wants it to B on a daily basis!!!

  • Just a "Couple of Thoughts, here"= A). Though Siri IS being referred to as one of the MOST shorted stocks,this is a bit "mis-leading'= Siri's short interest just DECREASED another 9.5 million shares(6.54%), in this past bi-monthley report= yes, a large # of outstanding shorted shares, BUT, not nearly one of the highest % of overall outstanding shares shorted, comaored to other companies' shorted shares vs. overall outstanding shares!!!
    B) IMO, there is a potential connection between siri's share vaue performance and how it's treated, I.E., suddenly G.S. comes out of the woodwork and initiates coverage w/ a "neutral rating"; c'mon man, a "neutral may as well B a sell, which, again, imo is a rating released w/n "agenda" in mind, and, that would, imo, B, to help deliver as many shares into Liberty's hands(aka J.M) as cheaply as possible, so as to give J.M. more control, ergo more power to run off remaining retail shareholders as possible, BEFORE Liberty makes it "move" on siri(with help from their "friends"!
    Again, jmo, BUT, it would seem that siri stock is being garnered by Liberty and its "allied "helpers" on Wall ST., prior to there being some future "major move on siri that will significantly increase its share value!!!!

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    What the frack is going on here?

    by blueyedcatch Mar 23, 2015 8:19 PM
    bca4me bca4me Mar 24, 2015 8:56 AM Flag

    Could'nt agree more=Malone wants to get as many shares as possible, bought back, with Siri shareholders' equity= THIS gives him more control= gives hime MORE power to , @ a later date, attempt yet another of his assanine maneuvers to make Siri shareholders equity move from THEIR pockets to HIS!
    Malone DID save this company from B/K, BUT, imo, was merely making a Steal Deal 4 him, that was based on his agreement with Mel K to send Mel "packing" with a "golden parachute" worth 1/2 billion$$ of shareholders' equity!!

  • "Way too hi, what am I paying U people 4"?
    THEN, G.S. releases a "neutral Siri rating"= U no "The rest of the story"!!!!!!!!!

  • bca4me by bca4me Feb 24, 2015 7:32 AM Flag

    Same old stuff= How many times has S/V risen. only 2 B "chopped down" by Malone's G.S. "lackies'(imo).
    He's NOT wanting anyone else, other than him, to make a penny off siri's stock= he's, once again directed his cronies to "turn their program on", + bring her down to where he runs off as many retail shareholders as he can!!
    Meanwhile he uses Siri's cash flow + borrowed $$ to buy back shares+, he MAY be accumulating thru a "third party", something he's already done a # of times!
    It's all about Malone trying to use every trick in the book(imo) to "extinguish" retail shareholders' equity , while increasing his % of ownership in siri!!!

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    by bca4me Feb 5, 2015 9:53 AM
    bca4me bca4me Feb 5, 2015 10:49 AM Flag

    Gotta admit, volume's extremely LOW 4 just after a quarterly report; likely 'cause the sharks don't have enough bullits after THIS report to shred it as they r so accustomed to doing after ea. qtr. report!

  • bca4me by bca4me Feb 5, 2015 9:53 AM Flag

    And, with the S/V being what it is,(imo) there R STILL those who deny that Malone has his G.S. lackies program trading siri, to suit Malone's needs?C'mon Man= where would S/V B, right now, IF it merely met, or did'nt meet expectations?
    Still way too easy, with the volume of outstanding shares, to make share value whatever the program is set 4 that particular day! But, relax, J.M will quite possibly have yet another "slick maneuver" up his sleeve to try to fleece the remaining retail shareholders out of their equity= 'cause he REALLY needs the $$$$!!!!

  • Used to think that S.A.' s Crunching Numbers released negatively slanted articles 99% of the time, BUT, after digging found that I was wrong. His articles are full of negatively slanted mis-direction + mis-information 100% of the time= give him 48 hrs to dig deeply + pull up some negative slanted spin on THIS quarter's report!
    And, likewise, the Malone "moles" will try to give a downward slant on this quarter's report.
    Irony here is(in spite of what those who refuse to accept it) that, while most will surmise that Malone is using his G.S. "lackies(imo)" to keep S/V DOWN to buy back shares as cheaply as possible, the reality is that Malone is acquiring more siri ownership 4 himself(while spending SIRI'S capital), and using all his "contacts" to drive out Other shareholders, to give him(+ his cronies) complete siri ownership!

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