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  • Siri's strong performance has been, and IS, Liberty's strongest asset, far and away! Lately, without Siri, Lmca's overall performance would be dismal, at best!
    But, NOW Malone's trying a "new approach".
    Prior he has kept siri's importance to LMCA a "secret" ! It's as if he"s had a Rolls Royce, BUT, kept it in the garage, and, covered up its performance and, relative importance to LMCA!
    BUT, NOW, he's placing Siri, AND, its strong performance in a "stand-alone category" , for all to see! IMO, it's almost as if he's going to "advertise" what a desireable asset Liberty has!
    So, this will eventually lead to a
    1). "Spinoff", favorable to all parties, OR
    2). Selling Siri in a bidding contest, once he markets it as such a valuable commodity! He THEN uses the "new capital" to expand his newly formed "cable conglomerate"! All supposition BUT, he's put Siri alone in its own category , imo, with a plan that he'll execute in the 1st 1/2 of 2016, and, it will actually finally unlock siri's real value to all of its shareholders!

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    No Brainer

    by bca4me Nov 12, 2015 12:23 PM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 12, 2015 2:51 PM Flag

    Certainly the best we can hope 4. Personally,I think that he's trying to run off as many retail inv. as possible, so that he gets THAT figure down to 5% or so, + he THEN makes what HE will consider to B a generous offer to buy out remaining reets!(not, tho)
    Gotta remember here, the MORE shares Siri buys back(on THEIR nickel), the MORE Malone actually owns as it's really HIS company!. Thus, he keeps buying shares back as cheaply as he can manipulate them to B and, in process, aggravates the heck out of legitimate shareholders who THINK that they r getting a fair shot, here!! Just my opinion, + like somethin else, everyone's got one, BUT, I feel that this guy will use every trick in the book to gain control over as many shares as possible as cheaply as possible!!!!!

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    No Brainer

    by bca4me Nov 12, 2015 12:23 PM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 12, 2015 1:36 PM Flag

    Well, we can cartainly hope so; additionally, it was my opinion that retail=20% of outstanding shares, BUT, IF only 15%, this brings Malone CLOSER to whatever HIS figure is, imo, to "buyout" the remaining "reets'!
    I figure that he needs to get it to at least, below 10%, but, who knows, with this guy?!

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    No Brainer

    by bca4me Nov 12, 2015 12:23 PM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 12, 2015 12:34 PM Flag

    Day's not ov er; was up 4.8% in p-mkt! This, imo, is just a a piece of Malone's strategy to eventually try to get "the rest of siri" 4 a "song" like he did when he Got Mel K to hand it over and, THEN gave Mel 1/2 bil.$$ in "walking $$"!!!

  • bca4me by bca4me Nov 12, 2015 12:23 PM Flag

    Malone releases info re: tracking stocks,and, bingo, Liberty's shares INCREASE in value, and, Siri's shares DECREASE in value!
    Ever notice how, IF, Siri's doing well, a new, off the wall, negative potential develops?
    This apparently is easy 4 the M+M's to analyze= if it WERE a positive 4 siri, then ITS shares would appreciate!
    Malone has created yet another "mis-direction" to keep siri's S/V down! Long term, though, imo, he's merely setting the retail shareholders up "4 the kill"
    There's a "catch" to this that will later help Malone capture the remaining outstanding 20 % of siri's shares 4 a few cts on the dollar.
    LMCA owns 60%, insti. inv. own aprox 20%, AND the remaining 20% R what Malone is now scheming to "rob" from the retail shareholders(imo)!!

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    this news leaked yesterday

    by pkbaker Nov 12, 2015 7:31 AM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 12, 2015 8:37 AM Flag

    Clearly, THIS news "leaked" at end of yesterday's trading, + sent Siri S/V DOWN by 5 cts per share.
    Likewise, Liberty's S/V is UP strongly,, p-mkt, and, siri's points to a further downward trend; THIS all happens when siri s/v approachs its 4.18 high over the last few years!
    Conclusion one almost HAS to draw= Malone's setting himself up to eradicate the remaining value OUT of siri's share's that he Doesn't currently own, by restructuring them INTO HIS portfolio!
    Gotta hand it to THIS guy; he just does'nt give up once he decides to rob others of their equity= poster-boy for the sly corruption that has taken over wall st!

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    Liberty Now Restructures!!!???

    by bca4me Nov 12, 2015 7:45 AM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 12, 2015 8:12 AM Flag

    IF THIS were a positive for siri shareholders, it would B sending S/V U P!
    End of yesterday';s trading, THIS leaked out + sent S/V D O W N 4-5 cts; THIS A.M.m Liberty's S/V is UP by almost 5% and Siri's looks to continue with yesterday's slide.
    Clearly, Malone's once again, trying to transfer value of Siri's shares into HIS portfolio, and, again, run off the rest of siri's retail shareholders!
    The Old Man never gives up; he's going to rob siri's shareholders of their equity, if it's the last thing he does(+, it MAY B the last thing he does= He's getting to the point of "retirement," hopefully)!

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    Liberty Now Restructures!!!???

    by bca4me Nov 12, 2015 7:45 AM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 12, 2015 7:52 AM Flag

    Doesn't THIS resemble what Malone tried to do when he offered a cheap buyout; was'nt he THEN going to turn Sirius shares into totally "non-voting(+, non power) "tracking stock"?
    Is this the beginning of the end for those retail shareholders, as THEIR shares will now begin to B converted into some "other type stock" that Malone will take :value OUT OF and transfer into his "other holdings"?
    He's once again trying to divest shareholders from THEIR equity by putting it in HIS back pocket(imo)!

  • Last of the 3 new "tracking stocks" is called the Liberty Sirius Group"
    This equals Malone's NEW attempt to separate the remaining Sirius retail shareholders from whatever equity they may have in their shares?
    When ANYTHING new comes along, that's presented by Malone + includes Sirius as a company and a stock, it needs scrutiny, ' cause, imo, it's going to B an attempt to quite simply put, steal $$ out of shareholders' pockets + put it in Malone's.
    Just THAT simple, 'cause "he's just THAT kinda guy"!

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    New Sales Promotion!

    by bca4me Nov 6, 2015 7:43 AM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 11, 2015 4:14 PM Flag

    Today= Going to need 2 tubes of prep. H to get over the hosing that Malone + his G.S. lackies inflict on Siri's shareholders

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    by mikegraves53 Nov 9, 2015 10:50 AM
    bca4me bca4me Nov 9, 2015 12:36 PM Flag

    Could'nt agree more; Stern is a draw , BUT, to a much lesser # of subs than his "promoter", Mel K would have everyone believe. Siri + its shareholders have already put over a billion$ in Stern's back pocket, and, the future is so very different, far as his appeal is concerned= He's PAST TENSE, + siri comes out way ahead on saving his salary vs the # of subs that leave 'cause of Stern!
    Fact is, a # of "potential subs" R driven off by his persona, and THEY might jump on board, once he leaves= Good riddence! Hope he takes a hike!
    Malone + his schills will blow it all out of proportion so that Malone buys himself a ton more shares(buyback) on siri's nickel, BUT, so what= if it wasn't Stern's departure, they's create some other Mis-information to drive down S/V!!

  • 1). "Auto sales thru the roof; breaking all prior records!"
    2). Sub #'s beating forcasts, + likewise, forcasts continue to B increased!!
    3). 3rd Qtr one of the strongest ever recorded
    4). Siri becoming more "tech-savvy" as ea. qtr passes
    WHAT part of ANY of these metrics would make share value decrease?
    More specifically, why would ALL of these combined NOT have a VERY positive effect on siri's S/V???
    As usual, this company's "operating metrics" and its share value's
    performance CONTINUE to B a TOTAL disconnect! Equally conspicuous, Mgt., as usual, seems to B quite "comfortable" with its stock being decimated, as evidenced by their silence re: evaporation in value, when it SHOULD B increasing, daily!
    Wonder what the cause could possible B??
    D U H!!!!!

  • Apparently, judging from p-mktthe S/V "haircut" will resume, today! IF this stock can't perform well, AFTER its MOST important metric(auto sales) goes "thru the roof", then its manipulation has become "in your face" obvious!!
    As previously stated, many times, looks as if Malone will not tolerate Siri's S/V to stay at, or above the 4.00 level!
    And, as usual, all the positives, and associated positive press will NOT have any effect on share value; it's simply going to "go where" the G.S. program has it set to go, and (imo) Malone won't let anyone else make a dime off its S/V=
    "He's ALWAYS been Just that kind of guy"!!!!

  • Rumor has it, that Siri's home office has a new stock bonus program; Buy 100 or more shares of Siri + get a free tube of Preparation H. Investor relations dept. says this will "ease the pain" of owning Siri shares= will ease the pain that mgt inflicts on its shareholders!
    Just a rumor, BUT, seems as if , with THIS stock, it would B worth considering!!!!

  • bca4me bca4me Nov 4, 2015 2:10 PM Flag

    Quote: "He said he did'nt see any reason why Apple would'nt want to just buy Sirius" In fact, Sirius has already made a billionaire out of Stern, and, gave Mel K a 1/2 billion in severance $$!!
    And, one wonders why, A) Sirius stock remains so stagnant, and, B), why Mel K is always "promoting" Stern's best interests?
    No-brainer= it's business practices like this that make exec.s filthy rich and shareholders broke!!!

  • bca4me bca4me Nov 4, 2015 11:48 AM Flag

    Only problem with this approach= Malone has Siri @ 5-6 billion$ worth of debt; add THAT to , say 5.00 per share= 5 billion outstanding shares = 5 bil debt + 25 bil. in S/V + U have a company that Malone has "outpriced".
    J.M., imo, has strategically place d "his cash cow" in a place where no-one will pay the price( gotta incl debt), and, he continues to cook the books, drawing equity OUT of siri's register, into HIS back pocket, while using Siri as collateral to buy new toys 4 himself!!!!!

  • bca4me by bca4me Nov 4, 2015 11:17 AM Flag

    This company states that AUTO sales R its principle driver= its business depends on strong auto sales, + this is ALSO the accepted concensus among all analyats covering Siri's S/V!
    Ergo, with such "over the top" strong auto sales, (focussing, particularly, on a very strong October), it's only logical that Siri's S/V SHOULD B climbing, BUT, N O= there's likely(a laugher) a bit of neagtive being manufactured 4 a press release that will (intentionally) off-set the strong auto sales#'s and, B used as the NEXT mis-direction, to knock down Siri's s/v, as is happening right now!
    Again, all of this seems to fly under siri mgt's radar= they seem to B just fine with the company's S/V going no-where!!!!????
    So, then, this would seem to actually B to THEIR liking! It gives Malone the cheaper buy-back so he can use Siri's BORROWED $$ to accumulate more shares, ergo, MORE control 4 himself= The scam just goes on and on!!!!

  • bca4me bca4me Nov 4, 2015 7:15 AM Flag

    Oct.= Again, one of the strongest auto sales months, +, share value seems to B oblivious to this and all other positive operating metrics and press; if THIS does'nt make it crystal clear that S/V is being held down, AND, that mgt. seems quite O.K. with it( based on thier committment to ignore the dismal S/V performance) then nothing will.
    Any other company would B calling 4 an investigation as to why their s/v is "locked up" in face of such strong recent company progress! Inasmuchas Malone has yet to voice the slightest dis-content over his stock being jerked around, one must conclude that he's O.K, thus, complicit, in his stock's total "Non-performance"
    But, what else is new; this is the way that Siri's mgt team has ignored their stock's being abused, from day one!!!!!!

  • As is usually the case, a late "haircut," administered to Siri's S/V; some things just never change.
    Guess that this is part of the G.S. siri trading program, that imo, Malone + his M+M "buds" have put together to keep Siri's share value "IN LINE"
    Still the best ATM that Malone + the M+M's use to milk retail shareholders out of nickel + dime amts= "lunch $$ 4 them"!

  • Now, we're going to see the predictable evaporation of siri's recent gain; it'll evolve on a steady basis, in spite of the strong quarter, in spite of recent positive P.R re: improvements in operating metrics.
    This is just the cycle repeating itself, whereby (imo) J. Malone has his G.S. lackies program trade siri's s/v downwards, day after day, to try to drive out as many of the remaining retail shareholders s possible, so as to gain more control over the co., and eventually gain total ownership!.
    He doesn't want anyone else making a nickel out of it, IF he can help it!
    JMO, BUT, it's a "syndrome" that's occurred after just about every qtr., and, is very transparent!
    He's grinding away the remaining reets, trying to show them that HE has total control over S/V and won't let it run up!

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