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    The Laugher!!!

    by bca4me 4 hours ago
    bca4me bca4me 2 hours 11 minutes ago Flag

    Folks have been saying, " siri short squeeze" 4 over 6-7 years, + perhaps that's what it'll take to make this stock have a "comeback"; BUT, imo, the only ones making $$ here have been Mel K(= walked w/close to 1/2 bil.$$ severence, ) + Howartd Stern, who's also taken down closer to a billion of siri's(+ its shareholders') $$
    Meanwhile, we have Malone, imo, is posturing + accumulating shares by using siri's borrowed $$, + angling to make his next attenpt to steal what equity the retail shareholders still have. So- that's why I keep saying, Siri= the scam goes on, + on, etc.!!!!

  • The "joke" just goes on + on: Those who pile up the short figures(imo, @ the direction of Malone), R likely the very same folks with a program that will drag the S/V DOWN, after they short it.
    And, it's still, imo, likely that Malone wants to accumulate(that's right, Malone) as many siri shares as he can, before his next attempt to relieve the remaining retail shareholders of THEIR shares @ some ridiculous scam price!
    Imo, he feels that this is H I S company and he's the ONLY one who's going to make any real $$ off siri's shares, if and when he lets them trade without a program controlling their value.
    Looks as if, 4 the time being, he's directed his lackies @ G.S. to keep s/v below 4.00, inasmuch as he won't pay this much while HE's buying shares back(under siri's name + nickel)!
    Scam just never ends!!!!!!!

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    3.85-3.95= That's I T !!!!!!!

    by bca4me Aug 19, 2015 9:38 AM
    bca4me bca4me Aug 21, 2015 8:07 AM Flag

    THIS is(imo) Malone's 'perfect storm"= He's now going to have his G.S. "lackies" drag Siri's S/V down, so that He can buy a load of siri shares 4 HIMSELF, using Siri(+ its shareholders') nickel.
    He'll once again work the system, and, try to run off another boatload of reets so that he can gain a stronger position 4 his next attempt to separate the remaing reets from THEIR shares.
    This "rinse cycle" should have become rather transparent, by now, inasmuchas, Malone has run Siri's S/V thru the ringer, numerous times since he "saved the co"(4 himself)!!!!!

  • Should B obvious, by now, that(imo), Malone has decided to continue H I S buyback , to stay in the 3.85-3.95 range.
    Interestingly, He's accumulating siri shares 4 Himself(seeing as HE is Siri's majority shareholder) on Siri(+ its shareholders') nickel!!!
    In so doing he's actually making it look legitimate 4 him to have his "lackies" program trade Siri shares in this range, the perception being that the company is NOW carrying a bigger + bigger debt load as Malone accumulates more + more shares!
    Some-one just recently stated that liberty(malone) now owns 59.6% of siri's shares!
    So, the question is, just how much of a % ownership has Malone targetted, before he asks his G.S. lackies(imo) to give Siri an "up-grade" in their targetted S/V??
    If + when THAT happens, we'll know that Malone has acquired his goal, B U T, IMO, it's gonna B a long time till THAT happens, + by then, Siri's credit rating will B so far down in the toilet that he may just B acquiring shares at a whole lot lower price than he's doing NOW!
    Ultimately, of course, imo, his goal is to eventually run off all of the reets so that HE'S the only one making anything off siri's shares!!!
    JMO, But, it's sure shaping up this way!!!!!

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    by bca4me Aug 3, 2015 8:19 PM
    bca4me bca4me Aug 15, 2015 7:40 AM Flag

    Gotta remember, When Siri buys back shares(on ITS borrowed $$$), It's actually Malone, the majority holder buying back shares, +, while doing so he's helping to keep Siri's share value DOWN, by increasing its debt load, thus helping to keep it from "crossing the 4.00 threshhold!
    Imagine he'll continue the buyback, until he gets at least 90-95 % ownership, + THEN tell his buds @ G.S.(imo) to "lighten up, + let it fly"

    It seems as if he's fully committed to making sure that HE'S the only one to make a real killing on THIS company's stock!!!!!

  • Largest % increase in siri, since April(8.28%=11 + 3/4 mil shares).
    Sad thing bout this, is that, imo, those who R most heavily invested in shorting Siri, R the same folks who can, + likely, do, have the programs + power to literally control its share value! AND, they likely often do so 4 a "fee'!

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    by bca4me Aug 3, 2015 8:19 PM
    bca4me bca4me Aug 11, 2015 9:02 AM Flag

    Posted 8 days ago, + some criticize the messenger, B U T, it's apparently a glaring FACT, that SOMEONE is doing their very best to keep this company's stock harnessed below 4.00 per share; this all happening while the LOW concensus values Siri @ 4-4.25 per share.
    Programmed trading? Of course, BUT, who's doing it + who's paying them to do it?
    More transparent than many "pumpers" want to admit, BUT, the stock's performance(or, lack thereof), speaks 4 itself= still the M+M's Favorite ATM!!!!!

  • 3 days in a row, M., Tu., + Wed., Siri traded in the 3.96-4.00 range, and, ea. day, it went DOWN, @ the very end of trading. Yesterday's "haircut", was the most blatent= dropped to 3.92 in the last few minutes!
    Now, although THIS is nothing new 4 this stock, it DOES evidence that it's STILL being program traded, + its "operational metrics" continue to B a total dis-connect from share value; in other words, it's STILL being the poster stock 4 manipulated trading and, principally, 'cause of its hi vol of outstanding shares, is the easiest to target, when it comes to making it stay BELOW 4.00 per share- go ahead, blame the messenger, BUT, the message is still quite clear= Siri has been the top $$ maker 4 those who wish to use corrupt trading to make a boatload of $$$

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    by bca4me Aug 3, 2015 8:19 PM
    bca4me bca4me Aug 5, 2015 8:01 AM Flag

    How can it possibly NOT B clear to some that this stock is literally LOCKED DOWN, , by programmed trading? And, IF so, then mgt should either B indignant over such action, Or, as evidenced by their complacency, is complicit in this effort to make sure that siri's share value does NOT reach levels being forcasted by many analysts, lately!
    STILL the M+M'S favorite A T M !!!!!!

  • bca4me by bca4me Aug 3, 2015 8:19 PM Flag

    Wonder how much $$$ Malone is "laying out" 2 his g s lackie buds to keep Siri's s/v BELOW 4.00 per share: likely a whole lot more than "the interns" R getting in the latest "settlement'!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Look familiar? Siri sinks to the low of the day, @ "the end of the day", and, THEN is red in after hrs!!!
    Looks 2 B very obvious that SOMEONE(aka, J Malone?) DOESN'T want siri to reach, + CLOSE @ 4.00 per share!
    Something to do with O P T I O N S??????????

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    What will the "One time write-off" be, THIS QUARTER???

    by bca4me Jul 26, 2015 10:41 PM
    bca4me bca4me Jul 28, 2015 8:03 AM Flag

    Well, worked out almost exactly as you(+ I) predicted= he wrote off 108 mil in 2nd qtr., saving the rest(102 mil) to post against 3rd qtr., to make sure that 3rd qtr eps would also miss.
    But, once again, this has gone beyond transparent= this company always has an ace in the hole, in the way of "one time write-offs", that erase any potential impressive eps #'s, and make the bottom line look rather so-so, @ best!
    Kudos to Malone, et-al, you've screwed the pooch again!

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    What to expect!!

    by bca4me Jul 27, 2015 3:24 PM
    bca4me bca4me Jul 27, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    By now, siri's quarterly reports have become too transparent to fool the serious investors with their record shattering free cash flow, huge sub increases, etc.,; bottom line, here, is simply that everyone knows that siri will release dismal eps, which, in fact, dictates how a company has done 4 the past quarter!
    Is this repetitious negative eps report engineered to B so= is mgt intentionally bringing DOWN eps, every quarter?
    Matters little if it's intentional= it's this pattern that has consistently prevailed= Look for them to bath themselves in self adulation about their exceptional accomplishments, and, dismiss as unimportant, the fact that they have once again blown it on E P S!

  • Seasoned traders KNOW that siri can B depended on to release great #'s, = likely to B, increased free cash flow, strong auto sales + sub increases, slimming down of operating expenses, +, could go on + on, BUT, history says that siri stock does EVERYTHING great @ the quarterly report, E X C E P T, the eps, which has always been brought DOWN, by unanticipated ONE TIME EXPENDITURES= COUT ON IT;
    Siri shares take, yet another dump, 'cause mgt engineers the eps to NOT B in line with all of its other reporting metrics!!!!!!!

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    What will the "One time write-off" be, THIS QUARTER???

    by bca4me Jul 26, 2015 10:41 PM
    bca4me bca4me Jul 27, 2015 9:00 AM Flag

    Yes, THIS would B "consistent" with their "agenda" of making sure that EVERYTHING in the quarterly report is GREAT, except the eps, which they consistently and systematically make @ or below expectations!
    This game they play has become way beyond transparent, by now!!!!!!

  • Thus far, this co. has managed to #$%$ defeat from the jaws of victory, every quarterly report; THIS time they will have to "dig a little", IF they don't involve the 210 mil$ payout(or some form of, or, a part, there of !!)
    EPS concensus is 3 cts per share; let's see how they manage to screw it up with all positives, EXCEPT, "the bottom line"(eps), THIS time!!!!!!!!!!
    Gonna B a little MORE difficult, THIS quarter, with all of the positive press, over the last few days, BUT, they'll figure out SOME way to make the eps look bad, + keep any potential profits O U T of the retail shareholders' pockets! BTW, this is exactly what they manage to do EVERY quarter!!!

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    Duke: Trading On Inside Information--Part 2

    by dukeufinstu Jul 12, 2015 7:47 AM
    bca4me bca4me Jul 12, 2015 8:25 AM Flag

    Great prediction=that siri would decrease in val.,, when the overall mkt was expected to drop due to problems w/Greece + and China.
    Could go on, but, once more we r receiving so-called Predictions, that r cherry picked with info designed to shed, once again, a negative light on siri as a stock + co.
    Has anyone else detcted the consistent negative overtones in EVERY weeks' Duke Documentaries?
    Predicting what has happend + shaping info to render a negative tone, week after week, seems to make one wonder why all of this time and effort is invested to mold opinions about this company! No doubt, there is an agenda here, that is aimed @ this company.
    Regardless of the motive, this "weekly column" of "The Duke", clearly wants its readers to believe that siri is NOT a good inv., hard to give credibility to this agenda, when it is sooo predictably negative, week after week!!!!!

  • Siri mgt is likely(imo) lining up their excuses 4 such a poor eps in the 2nd qtr., in spite of what will B good sub #'s and huge cash flow; the 210 mil payout to "pre-72 music" will lead the reasons 4 such an abysmal eps, BUT, they'll, as usual have other "one time expenditures" to sugarcoat their diverting the $$ into THEIR pockets, instead of into shareholders accts., via positives eps!
    BTW, has siri E V E R exceeded the eps projections, or, is merely hitting the projected eps, now supposed 2 B a major mgt accomplishment??

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    Greek Default

    by bca4me Jul 6, 2015 8:19 AM
    bca4me bca4me Jul 6, 2015 4:42 PM Flag

    Sounds 'bout right= Naz down .34% and, the drum roll= Siri's s/v DOWN 4 times that amt., so, what else is new= insiders paying their G.S.(imo) lackies, to drag siri down so that they and malone own as many siri shares as cheaply as poss., until malone once again trys to steal the rest of the retail shareholders' equity with another insulting "takedown offer'!!!

  • This will apparently send the mkt down, which will yet again B used as a vehicle to lower siri's s/v by 3-4 times as much(%-wise) as the mkt's loss!
    'Course, the potential demise of the Confederate Flag, + the recent Supreme Court's rulings will likely + eventually B imployed as yet another mis-direction excuse to evaporate siri's s/v even further(while the "insiders cook the books, to make sure that THIS quarter's eps is as dismal as all others have been)= STILL the biggest scam on Wall st., that the M+M's + siri's insiders line their pockets with while robbing shareholders' equity!!!!!

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