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  • bear_cubster by bear_cubster Aug 15, 2015 8:48 PM Flag

    I check Twitter almost daily and now I have begun using Periscope. At first it seemed like it had poor connection issues but it seems like lately it has gotten much better. So I was wondering if the addition of Periscope will help Twitter? I mean I use Twitter almost daily and Periscope on the weekends. Compare this to Face Book which I haven't used in about 3 years now. So why is Face Book something I don't even use continuing to become more valuable when it seems like it is mostly for families to post pictures? In comparison the up to the minute trends, celebrities, and cool people all seem to be on Twitter and now beginning to be on Periscope? Is Twitter just not doing enough to market themselves and Periscope? What gives?

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  • This week in Orlando, Trader Joe's opened a store on the same street as Whole Foods as far as I know I think there are now 2 Whole Foods stores and 2 Trader Joe's stores in the greater Orlando area. Although it is smaller with less selection the prices are definitely better at Trader Joe's, good luck trying to find wine for $3 per bottle at Whole Foods. I like Trader Joe's own unique brand items better than Whole Foods. I like them both but with a new store closer to me, I will probably go to Trader Joe's a bit more than Whole Foods but still go to both of them. I wonder if the lower prices and popularity of Trader Joe's will hurt Whole Foods. Until recently, Whole Foods pretty much had most of the Orlando organic market with 2 stores to 0 Trader Joe's stores but now Trader Joe's has caught up with 2 stores of its own. I used to live in CA so am very familiar with Trader Joe's products.

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  • It seems odd to close all 133 stores in Canada. That is a ton of stores. You would think some of these 133 stores had to be making a profit? So if that was the case, why not keep the ones making a profit open and simply close the ones losing money or breaking even? Lets say hypothetically 40 of the 133 were making a decent profit. Keep those 40 stores open and simply close the rest. You have to figure each store had at least some regular customers. By keeping open the ones making money, it is likely the profit of those stores would even increase as people who really love Target would simply drive further to the smaller number of stores that remained open. Additionally, this would enable Target to take a closer look at the stores doing well and incorporate those idea eventually into new stores. Just because the majority of stores did not do well, doesn't mean you get rid of everything including the stores doing well. Besides I would think they would want to keep a foothold in Canada for future growth prospects. I shop at Super Target regularly in the U.S. but often notice a lot of things that could be improved (i.e. not offering a 10 items or less line in my store and the Cartwheel App which I have had a lot of difficulty with) often makes me wonder about this retailer. IMHO

  • I used to use it all the time years ago, now haven't been on in several months. I still look at Twitter as it is easy to read Tweets on my IPhone while waiting in line for something or on a lunch break, but never go on Facebook anymore, not sure if my account is even active anymore as I don't remember my password and seemed too much of a hassle to try to retrieve...anyone else?