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    Toyota Hydrogen cars is coming.

    by benfrankie51 May 18, 2015 8:52 PM
    benfrankie51 benfrankie51 May 18, 2015 9:31 PM Flag

    Google Toyota hydrogen car news. It came out just this evening.

  • What will happen to gasoline cars? Toyota just said that it has a breakthrough with its Hydrogen technology and it will be bad news for oil and gasoline. Read the news, its here and OPEC cannot deny it.

  • benfrankie51 by benfrankie51 May 2, 2015 10:01 PM Flag

    Here is why, the Princess of England Kate had another baby, if this doesn't work, it will be because the sun will shine tomorrow. I believe that Oil will rise everyday for various reasons, I may fart on Monday too.

  • It again shows how oil Companies, Oil nations, and OPEC are in Cahoots with Wall Street Speculators to control Oil prices worldwide. United States will suffer the most along with China if another Recessions hits. It is 80% likely that US will see a terrible reaction from Consumers in coming weeks. The US and China is deflating rapidly and will cause a domino effect to enter a Global Recession. Its a fact that will come to bite the FEDS and anything and anyone who are associated propping up oil prices.

  • benfrankie51 benfrankie51 Apr 22, 2015 12:00 AM Flag

    The world is swimming in oil and Companies have to shut production to keep oil prices up. What kind of Idiot are you? You are fooling yourself with China's 3 Trillion reserve. Just to inform you that China's 3 Trillions are tied up in their Ghost towns and Chinese Officials are downplaying their housing Bubble popping. It must happen that China must deflate from its Commodity Ghost Housing Bubble POP and come to reality. Are you stupid to see that China is overextending itself trying to save its Housing bubble by investing all over the gLobe SO when that Bubble POPS it would keep the yaun afloat. You must be an oil sucker?

  • Bush and Cheney gave the green light to Saudi's to rape every nations economy since Cheney held secret meetings in 2001 to allow Shell , and Oil Companies to manipulate oil prices. Unlucky for US that when Hurricane Katrina hit, it allowed Saudi's and Oil Companies to shaft the US because the Gulf was closed for some time. Saudi's shafted the US to take oil prices unimaginably to $147.00 a barrel and bankrupted the entire Global economies. We are and will suffer for decades because every nation economic engines are broken as of today. Oil prices have bankrupted every nation except NON-OPEC nations. They are laughing at us now as we are catching hell to recover from Recessions and Depressions.

  • I told everyone here for the last 3 years that Oil will again, and again cripple every nation on earth. Energy prices have always crippled nations ability to grow economically. So what happened to the so called B.R.I.C.K nations? They are all suffering from Deflation, Recessions, and Inflations. China is dead, Brazil, Russia is done and are sinking into Inflations. I remembered telling everyone that not even OPEC would be sparred this time around. Oil will forever cripple nations, OPEC was told this and they took oil up to fill their bank accounts while many nations get destroy . Now OPEC, the Saudi's are playing the fiddle to get everyone out of drilling while they can rally for a couple years because their bank accounts are fat. Problem is that if US sneezes, it will take down every nation again. Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Russia and the entire 29 nations in Europe are dying with deflation. US is being propped up by the FEDS strategy, and it is why they cannot raise rates until late 2016. The economic collapse will continue until US hickups.

  • For several consecutive weeks, oil builds have gotten way out of hand, there is too much oil and not enough storage. Oil Builds are consistent with economic collapse. I wouldn't be surprised to see a massive flow of shorts coming in after todays build. For some reason Oil is staying up even while the dollars is strong. This oil build today signifies Global economic collapse in the works here. You just cannot prop up oil with this much build.

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