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  • benfrankie51 benfrankie51 Oct 11, 2015 9:19 PM Flag

    Obviously Saudi's are the only ones knowing that Oil prices must stay down of face economic disasters worst than 2008. It is in the making. Oil and Food prices cannot preceed economic growth for any nations. Just a plain fact.

  • When will they learn that Economies cannot survive any oil price hike or food prices hike? Oil Speculators are putting global economies into DEPRESSIONS this time around. Today we have more wars than ever, Consumers are being suckered by big Oil Companies and Speculators. Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, China are reeling from economic destruction. When will Speculators learn that nations will go down further everytime they screw the economies from recovery?

  • It is a recipe for continued disasters to nations economic engines. Oil have always crushed nations growth and this time around it would take down many more nations in prolonged economic distress. There is no way around it, if oil goes up, it will be worst than Terrorism towards all economies.

  • You know whats coming to commodities, it is proof that global economic are not what Wall Street portrays. Oil prices must fall further to stop Global turmoil. Ever wondered why these nations, China, Brazil, Korea, Australia, 27 nations in Europe, WHOLE of Asia, dozens of Middle East nations and the entire Caribbean nations are suffering high Inflations, Deflations and only America is keeping everyone alive? It is the entire world in trouble and Oil Morons are just trying to destroy whats left of any recovery. It will be Depressions in the coming.

  • It is plain and simple here, within the past weeks, Oil Companies Oil nations, and Wall Street Speculators have bid up oil prices. The problem is that Oil cannot continue to climb when nations are in a slump . The worst thing to happen is if Speculators starts squeezing nations and Consumers while these nations are still in recessions. It would be a terrible mistake for the entire global economies survival. Oil should be below $30.00 right now and not cross $40 . Any move up on energy would squeeze Citizens into no spending mode. It is starting to happen since gasoline has increased very quickly in the last 2 weeks.

  • Oil should not be past $30.00, and here are reasons why. The entire universe is bleeding from recessions, many nations will suffer much more if food , grains and meat prices doesn't not come down soon. High Crude oil prices have created every war which are being fought as of today. There has never been anytime before that this much nations are fighting wars. It is all because of nations ability to survive. Isis, Al Quaida were created because of suffering of the poor while nations suppress their Citizens ability to rise. There will be many more wars, even with China, Russia and US. If oil prices ever goes up and if food prices doesn't come down as relative to crude, expect major wars in coming months and years. If you don't believe me, just go back to a few years back and read my postings about high oil prices will to send many to fight for survival.

  • The same group, speculators, banks, Oil nations and OPEC are now paying back the hundreds of Billions they have stolen from the Consumers over 13 years. Bush and Cheney White house bunker meetings must from Jan 2001 be unsealed. Shell CEO Hoffmeister , Cheney and OPEC were the cause of the global economic collapse and the 2008 recessions. Shell sold their refineries during hurricane katrina to squeeze American Citizens in 2005. This should be investigated and must be prosecuted if Hoffmeister and Cheney are found to conspire to rape the Citizens with $5.00 gasoline since 2005.

  • Saudi's knows it and they are in cohoots with Obama to stabilize economies while keeping oil prices down. The only ones who are not concerned is Wall Street and the Oil Companies. They will continuously speculate to keep oil prices to create the next DEPRESSION. What happens will oil Companies have to produce in sales or just drop off the face of earth? Bankruptcy they call it.

  • Don't matter how much Oil Companies, OPEC and Speculators tries propping up oil , they are facing a severe global economic collapse if US falls. Saudis are not stupid and they know if oil prices are not stabilized that nations will fall into severe economic distress and that every nation will go down. It is all because of the past 13 years of energy prices raping every nation. I wouldn't be surprised to see US gets weaker and then there will not be any nation to keep a positive outlook. China, Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia, Europe, and every nation on earth areb suffering. Just look around .

  • There is no way that the global economies can survive with high food cost which are ripping peoples wages apart. Food prices is doing what oil prices have done for the past 13 years and nations cannot recover when Citizens cannot afford to purchase food. Today oil prices have gone down , but food prices have risen crazy high. Basic food such as Meat, eggs, milk groceries ,vegetables and every form of food have taken back what oil prices have done, infact it is worst now for people wages than when oil was up. If Fed doesn't acknowledge the fact that food INFLATION has killed growth, manufacturing and will further aggravate nations recovery, then we will be setting up for a major RECESSION or DEPRESSION again. Oil prices cannot increase when Consumers are strapped to survive.

  • benfrankie51 benfrankie51 Aug 31, 2015 9:56 PM Flag

    Whenever the largest economy is in despair, everyone else better take note. US is suffering and is yet to fall from higher food cost. I do groceries in my house and I own a business too. The ramifications of high food cost is surely eating away at people income despite gasoline prices coming down. Food prices from canned goods, meats, flour, vegetables, crackers, you name it is ski high compared to the high oil prices we he had the past decade. Go figure why Feds is trying to save Deflations buy it is coming to bite the entire Global economy when US goes down.

  • Economies are suffering and getting worst daily while news print , EIA and OPEC are playing games with the entire Global economies. US alone is holding up the global economies. Nothing new have changed in US economy except that gasoline is still at near highs in many states and Food prices are eating away at Consumers. You name it, Meats, materials, gasoline, rent, and vegetables are all sky high today. This is the making of a serious Recession. This time many nations will fall harder, China is reeling as we speak.

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