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beprepared4infinityandbeyond 12 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 4, 2014 8:37 PM Member since: Feb 22, 2000
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  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond by beprepared4infinityandbeyond Aug 4, 2014 8:37 PM Flag

    Anyone here know why GameLoft is dropping so much?

    I can think of one and only one answer… No one in America trades their stock! Most days the volume is near zero due to the lack of a true NASDAQ listing; that keeps the investment community from talking about the company. If they had a NASDAQ listing then CNBC and other news services would probably talk up several of the above events. Simply making American investors aware of their company would make many new customers aware and that would lead to greater product sales.

    IMHO, everything should be going in their favor: They have teamed up with Marvel for a variety of games, they have ported a variety of games to YunOS, they have released a number of new games to Windows (both phone & pc), they have released Modern Combat 5 on several major platforms (already in the top five of Apple’s store), they have updated Minion Rush (one of their more successful games), they have ported many of their games to Android, they are optimizing several of their games for ZTE 9, and they had fairly decent earnings.

    I’m guessing that the CEO of the company doesn’t want to succeed by going international. His products already sell international so that should be enough, right? WRONG! Almost no one in the Americas talk about his company and that keeps it from getting the free publicity that could take it to much higher levels. It’s experiencing a fire sale because of volatility in Europe and the surrounding areas but where do most of their product sales come from? I’m guessing America yet most American investors have not heard of the company.

    GameLoft, volatility is thy middle name…

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  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond by beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jul 22, 2014 4:15 PM Flag

    Okay, this release is going to be much bigger than I expected... iOS, Android and now Windows!!!

    IMHO, this little tiny gaming company is teaming with a lot of big boys and it's only a matter of time before one of them buys them out... Partnering with Disney / Marvel on several projects... Now partnering with Microsoft... They've been releasing products for iOS for years and Android for nearly as long.

    If NEST (maker of thermostats and smoke alarms) can be bought out for $19Bil then a company that makes dozens of great games for multiple platforms has to have a bit more value than $0.67Bil

    The Americas don't really talk much about GameLoft but that would quickly change if they were bought out by one of the big ones (Disney, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Activision, Electronic Arts, Etc.) or if they moved their stock to the NASDAQ.

    I'm buying and holding in expectation of the day when GameLoft goes from being a little know game manufacturer to one of the greats.

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    Interesting strength this week...

    by rumorwhisperorbuzz Jun 20, 2014 3:23 PM
    beprepared4infinityandbeyond beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jul 21, 2014 10:51 PM Flag

    leedow, I highly suggest you try Googling for: independence contract drilling ipo

    These things take time but it is clearly in the works

  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jul 1, 2014 7:32 PM Flag

    Most of their games were written for either the iPad or iPhone and later ported to other platforms. I highly doubt that there's a lot of old world software there. They seem to be pretty good and fast at building new games; not the sort of PC gibberish that you're describing.

    I mention them because they have very solid earnings for a company that few have heard of and because Apple has a ton of cashing sitting idle in Europe. I could see building from scratch if you thought you could do better, but that's a pretty big if. Take a look at GameLoft's website, try a few of they free-mium games (games you get free now but pay more later to unlock features) and then tell me it's not a good idea. I'd also suggest taking a look at their last earnings statement; GameLoft doesn't need a company like Apple, yet IMHO they could become a whole heck of a lot bigger simply by joining Apple and letting the Apple marketing machine include some of their games in their advertising. FYI, some of the newer games are multi player (over the net) and not just in the iPad to iPad sense.

  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond by beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jul 1, 2014 1:02 PM Flag

    GameLoft is a well-run European gaming company with ties to Disney for several of their Marvel games. This is a company that does little to no advertising yet their products are doing fairly well in all of the various app stores. IMHO, if someone big were to buy them then the publicity alone would make their portfolio of products a lot more valuable (attracting many new customers). The company currently has an ADR but the volume is near zero so it’s pretty clear that few investors know about them. IMHO, Apple has a unique opportunity to use their European War chest and pick up a fantastic company… BTW, they might also be a good fit for an entertainment company like Disney, a content company like Amazon or another gaming company like Activision. The only reason I think they might be a good investment for Apple is because they have a huge European War chest and I believe GameLoft is a great long term investment… Just not a great one for American investors because its ADRs are a joke (little or no volume).

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  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jul 1, 2014 12:50 PM Flag

    Oops, typo... "Apple has tons of money in European banks just waiting to be put to use... If Google could pay 19-Billion-USD for a one-hit-wonder like Nest then perhaps Apple should consider buying up Nest for one or two billion. "

    That should read: "Perhaps Apple should consider buying up GameLoft for one or two billion"

  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond by beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jul 1, 2014 12:46 PM Flag

    GoPro went public a few days ago and it has already doubled from the IPO price.

    A few minutes ago one of the talking heads on CNBC claimed it was because: "We raised awareness of the product and that's going to help sales"

    GameLoft creates some of the best games available for iPhones, iPads, Android Devices, Amazon FireTV and for many many more products... BUT! In a sea of hundreds of thousands of app, No One is helping to market GameLoft apps.

    This is why some company like Google, Apple, Amazon, Activision, Disney, etc... Should buy GameLoft and turn it into a blockbuster company. The company is little known here in America but the minute someone tries to buy them, or the minute their consider an official listing on the NASDAQ... Then they will become the name that many talk about and lots of new customers will flood in to try their apps.

    Apple has tons of money in European banks just waiting to be put to use... If Google could pay 19-Billion-USD for a one-hit-wonder like Nest then perhaps Apple should consider buying up Nest for one or two billion.

    Tis something to think about...

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  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jun 27, 2014 3:28 PM Flag

    I'm still hoping that someday they will allow this one to trade on the NASDAQ. The low volume / low attention they get in Europe certainly keeps the price relatively stable but this company still trades like a company stuck in the mud and unable to get out. Adding them to the NASDAQ would cause lots of talking heads to give them free press. In turn that would draw both new investors and new customers to the company. IMHO, it would be a win win for the company... FYI, I'm still a buyer here and consider this to be a great long term investment; in spite of the extremely low volume for their ADR.

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  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond by beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jun 25, 2014 11:48 AM Flag

    Too much cash held overseas? Why not go on a shopping spree?

    GameLoft appears to be a good candidate as they makes many games sold in the app store and are fairly profitable.

    Food for thought...

  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond by beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jun 6, 2014 1:52 PM Flag


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    No doubt, there is good support

    by fatedecides21 Jun 3, 2014 2:07 PM
    beprepared4infinityandbeyond beprepared4infinityandbeyond Jun 3, 2014 2:22 PM Flag

    Today's call buying is off the hook! 1324 contracts bought today for this Friday's $32, 2922 contracts for $32.50, 4253 contracts for $33, 1626 for $33.50, 1939 for $34, 1335 for $35 and hundreds of additional contracts for various prices... Note each contract covers 100 shares........ These all expire this Friday!!! The sum of these appear to out number all of today's Twitter option purchases for outlying weeks and months... Don't get me wrong, they are plenty of options purchased for other dates, but most of those weren't purchased today... Someone is gambling a fair amount of money on seeing higher prices before the end of this week. For their sake I hope they are right.

  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond by beprepared4infinityandbeyond May 23, 2014 1:52 PM Flag

    Then ask yourself, is the press right?

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