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  • bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 2:44 PM Flag

    Whoa...That's a lot of caps and exclamation points there, buddy. Settle down....I promise I will go look at the numbers, and I fully expect you to be correct. But don't think that I don't know what you're trying to do here. By nitpicking the details you're attempting to bury my point, and my point was simply that, based on the apparent sales, it is difficult to imagine any of the un-launched players chomping at the bit to get their hands on some product......See? No lies...just a personal observation.

  • bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    If you can track all this stuff, more power to you...But all I'm looking at is one number: 36 thousand in royalties for the year 2014. Then I said to myself, "That would probably be APRI's take on about 8 thousand units."

    If I led anyone out there to believe that I somehow knew the exact number of units of Vitaros that have been sold, I sincerely apologize. I do NOT know that, and neither does Social.

  • bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 1:18 PM Flag

    Hey! I was simply estimating the number of doses sold based on royalties received...and you KNOW THAT.

  • bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 1:15 PM Flag

    It's okay, Social...I realize that when you said that about the 5 million units that you were NOT lying. You were just mistaken is all.......I forgive you.

  • bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 12:48 PM Flag

    (You're a hoot)........Hey everybody! Social told us that Takeda was going to sell 5 million units of Vitaros in their first month! What happened to that?!

    (What's that, Social?...You DIDN'T say that?...........Prove it)


  • bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 11:33 AM Flag

    For pete's sake, Social. Why do you insist on taking "opinions you don't care for" and labeling them "lies"? You spout stuff all the time that I vehemently disagree with, but I do not consider you a liar...nor have I ever called you one. And be careful when you paraphrase things I have said in the past. I have never used the word "scam" in regards to Vitaros, and to quote me as saying "the cost of manufacturing Vitaros will bankrupt APRI" is preposterous. Everyone knows my opinion of Vitaros. I have made that crystal clear. So when you put words in my mouth that aren't accurate, I don't think that goes unnoticed. And as for Aspire?...Jury's still out.

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    News on Monday? I think yes.

    by socialboom30 Mar 20, 2015 2:41 PM
    bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 10:29 AM Flag

    I'm not sure what you think I'm upset about, but don't worry, I'm happy as a clam...always. And just for grins, if you believe I use another ID, just what ID might that be?...(and be careful, Social. You're bound to offend someone!)

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    A little advice

    by bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 1:33 AM
    bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 2:18 AM Flag

    Here is why the worms suspect that there will be no more launches. The two major firms left, Bracco and Majorelle, are extremely tight with APRI. Bracco is the only firm who has actually made money on the product, making it for APRI, and they were the very first players. Majorelle was tight enough with them to pony up 2 million and use their influence to get them off the hook in their Finesco fiasco. Now, after seeing that eight months of being on the market has produced 8 thousand units in sales, give or take, it would be simple for both of them to say "deals off", and APRI would have to simply would be unethical of APRI to pursue upfront payments from companies that have already given them so much.

    So once again, it's all about the F drug.........I hope you're feeling lucky (particularly when all the other stockholders realize that V is history).

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    A little advice

    by bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 1:33 AM
    bicster58 bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 1:45 AM Flag

    One thing that I hope everyone will start to appreciate...this whole Vitaros business is over. They had a great run, soaked a lot of people out of a lot of money, but I assure you, it's over....As a matter of fact, it might be so over that there will be no more launches. Try to understand that these "launches" are merely APRI providing product so the partners will have to live up to their contractual agreement and cough up the milestone payment they agreed upon...These are just unavoidable death throes on the part of the partners.

    So remember, this is all about the elusive F drug.

  • bicster58 by bicster58 Mar 23, 2015 1:33 AM Flag

    If you're long right now, put in a sell order on Monday at 2.12. You won't regret that. The worms have told me that you're not going to hear a peep out of APRI for two months ( except for maybe a V launch or so, which will mean nothing). The worms have told me that Sarissa has given Aspire the green light to recommence their "program". There's nothing here but fresh bagholders looking for the exits.


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    What now?

    by bicster58 Mar 17, 2015 12:59 AM
    bicster58 bicster58 Mar 17, 2015 2:09 AM Flag

    Yes Al, I was trying to buy 100 of the May puts...they sold me 20. But hey!....Money's money :)

  • bicster58 by bicster58 Mar 17, 2015 12:59 AM Flag

    Hey guys!...Been out of touch for awhile. Thought I'd throw in my two cents here....These are the points that I think are pertinent.

    1. I believe everyone must write off Vitaros. it is clearly NOT a driver, and is of no consequence. I think that APRI is probably trying to sell the franchise to Bracco, and even if they pull that off, it won't fetch more than 5 million. it is no longer a consideration. As Al pointed out, 36k of royalties in 8 months can not be, it is what a rational person would expect.

    2. Everything now hinges on the F drug (I'm sorry, but RayVa is a joke. it was just a desperate attempt to drag something out of the closet and create a new driver, since Vitaros was coming to an end). BUT, this F drug cannot be poo-pooed. I believe, looking at the timeline, that while APRI was jerking around with RayVa, putting perfume on it, Sarissa came knocking on their door...with the F drug in their pocket. In other words, it was Sarissa who brought Forendo to APRI. Sarissa couldn't buy the rights and bring this drug to market themselves, so they found a desperate company to use as a vehicle. And Sarissa intends to finance this thing. The question is, to what extent?...I have a feeling that Sarissa is prepared to periodically throw BIG money at this company.

    3. So what to do?...Well, first off, at this point in the game, Sarissa has no vested interest in supporting the PPS , and they absolutely would not bother purchasing more stock in the marketplace ( unless they were buying it from Aspire, as they did in their original purchase). One would assume that since they obviously need to invest more funds, and would want those private placements to be on the most favorable terms, pumping the F drug at this time would be counter productive. guess is that even though there is most likely something interesting going on here, there is a lot of financial maneuvering that must take place, over a fairly extended period of time, before nirvana.

  • bicster58 bicster58 Mar 4, 2015 8:11 PM Flag

    Hey Al...I think everyone here knows that Vitaros involves running into the bathroom and performing a chemistry experiment on yourself. If they don't...then you're right...shame on them.

  • My son and a buddy of his have been on a road trip, and they crashed at our house the last couple of days. Last night the three of us were tipping a few and at one point his friend said, "I will never understand women." My son came back with, "You don't need to understand women. Women are the only ones who understand women...and they all hate each other. That's all you need to know."

    Yeah...that's my boy:)

  • bicster58 by bicster58 Mar 4, 2015 5:00 PM Flag

    I've stayed at that Ritz in Dana Point...Nice place, but bring your own liquor ($15 well drinks, as I recall).

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    Note to Court

    by bicster58 Feb 27, 2015 5:49 PM
    bicster58 bicster58 Feb 27, 2015 6:05 PM Flag

    "Grab".....(holy cow!)

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    Note to Court

    by bicster58 Feb 27, 2015 5:49 PM
    bicster58 bicster58 Feb 27, 2015 5:53 PM Flag

    Ha! That's didn't like the word #$%$!

  • bicster58 by bicster58 Feb 27, 2015 5:49 PM Flag

    Hey Court. I just realized that there was something I was supposed to tell you. A few weeks ago I promised you that if I sold BSDM I would let you know...I can't remember why, for the sake of transparency, I guess. Anyway, as of yesterday I am completely, 100%, BSDM-free!...just for the record. ..I guess I didn't care for their new ticker symbol. It felt like they were getting a little too "personal." Plus the fact that, unlike Social, when someone starts waving thousand dollar bills in my face, I have a tendency to #$%$ them and run like a thief in the night. Social prefers to tell them to go away and come back when they have million dollar bills....Well, you're always half right, Social, cuz they DO go away:)

  • bicster58 bicster58 Feb 25, 2015 11:43 AM Flag

    Funny you guys should mention BSDM. I just had a hilarious conversation with an Ameritrade guy over it. Fortunately or unfortunately, I still own a (smaller) boatload of that junk. I just sold the stock I bought at .20 yesterday. So when I saw it up again this morning, I decided to lighten up some more, but it was still BSDM, not PRSN, in my account. So I call the guy and ask him how to proceed. He says, "You can't sell it. It's not trading." I laughed and said, "That's because it's PRSN."....He said, "Apparently not yet."...I laughed some more and said, "How about I short some PRSN and just wait for this to settle out?" He said, "That should work...wait a second...No, we don't have any PRSN to borrow." Wild laughter on my part, "Sure you do!...It's called BSDM."...(long pause)..."I don't think it works that way." After a serious bout of laughing (me hysterically, him nervously) I asked him, "Can you look and see if you can borrow BSDM?"...After a second he said, "Yeah, do you want to do that?"....I said, "Of course not! The stuff doesn't even exist!" (At this point I was the only one laughing, and couldn't stop...he was getting irritated)....Anyway, we never did get it figured out, and I just left him with a snide, "You KNOW I'm going to get hosed on this, right?"

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    Bic are you selling the pop?

    by homerun_al Feb 24, 2015 2:37 PM
    bicster58 bicster58 Feb 24, 2015 3:52 PM Flag

    Just for the sake of being candid, all of the .20s I bought in BSDM, I have just sold at you can all laugh at me as it goes higher.

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