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biff_smith1 800 posts  |  Last Activity: 4 hours ago Member since: Apr 29, 2012
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  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 4 hours ago Flag

    Try to live your life so that it is very rare for you to have to say you are sorry
    and don't do anything to get your name in the paper for the wrong reason.
    That is the way I live.

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    the funny and ironic thing is

    by baldingcontrarian 13 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 4 hours ago Flag

    Sko, have a nice life. You and txbmwracer, gammajumper, mdbsastad, who should be accurate and change his ID to stupid_bsastad, ray and his filthy ID's, jack and his conspiracy theory, all of you no longer exist as
    far as I am concerned.

    And if you don't want to see my bragging and there will be plenty, you should put me on ignore for good.
    You wished me a Happy Easter but that doesn't make you an honest man and a decent person, not as
    far as I am concerned.

  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 4 hours ago Flag

    We weren't even here when the shares were anywhere near those prices.
    Why are you a good guy and then a backstabber?

    Google it. And my name is Biff; why do you copy ray the rat?

  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 5 hours ago Flag

    It's been fun tex, you are such a nice person to come to this board and give us advice that
    only a true loser could give! hehehe.

    I wonder what you will have to say when the share price doubles from here. When we
    hit $29.46 I won't even talk to you. Maybe I will.

  • and see how his only purpose of posting on this board is to try to embarrass and discourage the shareholders
    of the company on this message board!

    If the words s*cu*m and loser don't come to mind, tell the board what word does. Does he actually think anyone can learn something from him? What could they possibly learn?

    Tex, the ones who are winning are the shareholders! I don't think you even realize that! You lost and you are bitter. You are angry with me because you sold before earnings and I said something about that. Wake up man; it's a bull market and maybe you should try to make a little money. Even gas money like you made
    before would be better than nothing. There is no one on this board that will EVER learn a thing from you
    as far as making money in stocks.

    You post so many times and 90% of them are meant to belittle and discourage.
    Meanwhile, following my own advice, I am doing so good that you get angry and jealous when you hear me tell of it. You could be doing the same thing but you spend your time discouraging everyone everyone you can!
    And there is no money in doing that.

    Oh the terrible offering news is going to be so bad for the share price!
    According to you. But it won't cause more than a temporary dip!

    Are you Ray,you could very well be?

    What a joke you turned out to be.

  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 7 hours ago Flag

    "Just one of many now humiliating pump posts from sad."

    A recommendation to buy @ $3.50 was a "pump post"? Do you
    still think that, now that we have been 532.857% higher and then
    consolidated at $14.73?

    He thought the shares were not worth $3.50 or 0.233333 pre-
    split? Should I feel bad that I couldn't help this stupid_bsastad
    get on the right side of the trade? Same thing with txbmwracer;
    he saw NO OPPORTUNITY and now he is sharing his
    investing knowledge with us around the clock. How should
    we feel about that?


  • post of this quality. And then notice what mdbsastad who should be known as stupid_bsastad, had to say in the very next post:

    biff_smith1 • Oct 23, 2013 4:43 P.M.

    I have seen stocks act just like PEIX is doing, and has been doing
    and then multiply by 4 X when a better than expected report is
    announced. So this is a wonderful time to buy and if the share
    price does drop lower it will come screaming right back up !

    So it is buy-time and then sit patiently and hold. IMO.

    Biff Less

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    mdbsastud • Nov 9, 2013 12:05 PM

    Just one of many now humiliating pump posts from sad.

    And that is why he has a hard time making gas money! He is
    stupid_bsastad. Perfect ID for him.


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    the funny and ironic thing is

    by baldingcontrarian 13 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 7 hours ago Flag

    There you go, buddy up to ray and you wonder why you only make gas money.
    Well at least you are buying some ethanol to help me get rich-er.
    Old silvertongue_butnoBalls; he's never wrong because can't even take a risk
    that is tilted way in his favor! Perfect definition of a loser.

    Pixie was the biggest no brainer I have ever seen and I said it before it even
    moved from $3.50. But you got your entertainment from a person who is
    actually an ex-con. Cheap entertainment, what a joke.

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    the funny and ironic thing is

    by baldingcontrarian 13 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 8 hours ago Flag

    But the thing is tinytexwithzeroballs, this isn't goodbye for good. You will be right back doing it next time you come here with terrible advice. And if you think you have any credibility
    on this board, you can forget it! You write a pretty good post, but you met your match and then some!
    The strangest thing of all is you lost a ton of money on PEIX and now what are you doing here? You
    bash the company every single time you come here and every shareholder is wrong and Old Texas
    no testicles is right!
    If I had had the ability to convince you to buy 25,000 shares @ $3.50, and to be VERY AGGRESSIVE
    buying more if there was a selling panic after that, you would be sitting pretty good, not quite as good as me
    and you would change your tune as to Neil Koehler! But the only one who could get through to you was gammajumper (Gomer, Gummer) and mdbsastad (stupid_bsastad) and they were the worst people
    you could have buddied up to!

    And you just got done telling me that Skoscum would never apologize to me and you called me Baghdad Bob!
    Were you just trying to be nice by doing that? And sko said he was sorry, but not what for, and you
    fuggin' know it!
    I am going to go get a post that I wrote when the Pixie share price was hanging around $3.50 and I
    want to just ask you if I was just about perfectly correct with my advice and I bet you say no.

    If anyone needs to see someone in the field of mental illness, it is you, Bighat_butnoballs!
    And you proved it last week. "Does anyone here think I am wierd" is close to what yoiu said. LOL
    All it would have taken is gray hair (experience), common sense, an open mind, and plenty of money,
    and you could have made up for your losses 20 times over and you blew it and now you want to waste
    your time and everyone else's. How many posters do you think VALUE your opinion compared to mine?
    You even pestered the sh1t out of tomthumb insisting that he was Biff because he writes a good post
    like i "try" to do. And you call me an idiot?

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    "Biff" - Im sorry. I was wrong.

    by skodad3 9 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 9 hours ago Flag

    Wrong about what? You aren't saying. You were wrong to ever buy PEIX?

  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 11 hours ago Flag

    tom, if you are responding to ray, just put him on ignore.
    He has never written a post that had any value whatsoever!
    As far as PEIX, he is a complete loser, the same as tex and
    they both could have figured out they could have made
    back their lost money many, many times over like me. They
    just closed their mind to the wonderful story and I told them
    over and over to have faith in the company or find another
    company with great prospects like Pixie, but they are punishing
    themselves and making fools of themselves instead.

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't count his teeth
    by lifting up his tail and looking there.

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    the funny and ironic thing is

    by baldingcontrarian 13 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 11 hours ago Flag

    ray_bullshitta could just write "oink,oink,oink,oink oink" and make more sense than he does.
    Plus stupid_bsasdad and silvertongue_zeroballs could understand that language and have
    an advantage over the rest of us. Then they could proceed to business as usual, which
    is nothing IMO.

    BWAHAHAHAHAhahahahhaha !!

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    the funny and ironic thing is

    by baldingcontrarian 13 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 11 hours ago Flag

    The truth is you come here to shoot your mouth off when you could file a complaint with the SEC.
    But no, you just b1t(h and try to discourage everyone on the board.
    The last time Doublerd came here to post you lit right into him and accused him of being me, (Biff.)
    If it isn't you, it is stupid_bsastad doing it! Your buttbuddy and fellow loser.
    I wrote one of the best posts ever posted on this board with a buy rec. at $3.50 and stupid_bsastad figured out it was the best advice he had ever seen. That was after he poked fun of it for weeks!

    That is the sh1t we don't need on this board.
    I hope you losers have fun because you are not making money.

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    peix is in the catbirds seat

    by baldingcontrarian 15 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 14 hours ago Flag

    We are sitting pretty as shareholders.
    I am hoping we get a good scary dip
    I need to round-up.


  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 14 hours ago Flag


    As far as you saying you are done with me, I hope I can believe you just one time.

    All I am interested in is making money and your BS and outright lies have a tendency to interrupt me
    from doing that.


  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 15 hours ago Flag


    I realize you did what you have done lately just to get back at me for what I said about you
    after you sold your shares before earnings. I am sorry for whatever I said that you think
    I shouldn't have said! I know Scodad never apologized but that's okay. Anyone who thought that I
    could also be jackmcclain with his conspiracy theories and such, hasn't got brains enough
    to realize that he should apologize! Plus he has a brain defect and maybe that caused the
    Why not move on and spend your time on a stock you like because you have proven
    you can't make money on this because of your past experiences? To me, once you started
    writing back and forth to gammajumper and mdbsastad, your attitude changed all the more.
    I hope you can see now how dumb they were by bashing the company and bashing me!
    I know you are not stupid, you are smart and that is the reason why I started posting to you.

    I started posting to Doub for the same reason and he ended up losing money on Pixie the
    first time he owned it. It really was my fault because he listened to me and I was wrong.
    But he still wanted help and I helped him to himself, is what it amounts to. He emailed me
    the other day to say that his account was back to $20,000 and he said that was a huge
    amount of money to him. Now we will see what he can do from here and he will be on his
    own because that's the way it should be. He is an awful good kid and I have never seen
    him use any profane words in his messages.

    Doublerd is in Florida; I am in Maine, I hope you realize that now. I have never posted
    anything but the truth on any message board.

    It's funny, the bashers believe how many shares I own when the price drops, but they call
    me a liar when it rises a good %.

    Good luck to you.

  • I won't post here much at all ! If you coax me back, I will embarrass you like I do to stupid_bsastad,
    who made fun of my WICKED GOOD BUY @ $3.50 and I said it would 4X after a better than expected earnings report. But the thing is, if mdbsastad is embarrassed, he forgets that it ever happened within
    a New York Minute! Just the same as Ray. And tex has taken classes from them!

    Thank you tomthumb for showing that post last night. There are some good people here who deal in
    nothing but the truth.


  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 16 hours ago Flag

    silver_tongue_but_tiny_balls; maybe that should read silver_tongue_but_no_balls AKLA txbmwracer.
    Just think, he used to come here and make up slatty nicknames for the BASHERS!

    Now he is basher who should just shut up and watch the professionals to see how making huge
    money is done. I tried and tried Tex, but instead of making a fortune with me and Kelly, you will
    have to get whatever satisfaction you can from your senseless bashing.

  • never bought a share @ $3.50 to have a chance to make over 5 X his money already and to recover his loss many, many times over. He has no faith in what he is doing, but he is here today to discourage every
    shareholder. He is here today with his silver tongue to explain how bad this filing is. The only thing is, he doesn't know what he is talking about.

    I can't remember the last thing I claimed to be a non-event; evidently it turned out to be a non-event!

    I want to do some trading next week on Pixie under the right conditions so I won't say anymore.

    $3.50 is one thing, but if I had not bought thousands and thousands of shares @ $2.92 and below,
    I would have sold all my shares by now, in disgrace. And I don't own just one stock like Tinyballs seems to be hinting,
    I own 14 stocks, down from a peak of 24 and Pixie is the smallest company I own shares of. Pixie has the
    best story of them all at this time.


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    Does anyone have Biff's cell?

    by mdbsastud 19 hours ago
    biff_smith1 biff_smith1 18 hours ago Flag

    mdbsastad, be honest and change your name to stupidbsastad. hehehe

    Back on ignore.

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