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big.yank 14 posts  |  Last Activity: 5 hours ago Member since: Jul 28, 2010
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    "Slowly I turned, step by step..."

    by big.yank 21 hours ago

    I have read many of your posts over at IHub. Now I know why all the positive posters dwindled down, over there. Why would an internet media company attempt to silence positive investment content? There is a case pending where a Chinese oil distributor was pounded with negative comments, claimed to be fraudulent, and is now suing Seeking Alpha for its delisting to the grey market and the ruination of its capital base on high-tier OTC. The company is Longwei Petroleum and remains active. I did not lose money on LPIH but I like the company and think they got screwed in a very similar deal to the shorts scavenging Newlead with media manipulation, bald-faced lies and a campaign to overload financial news networks with content to drive S/P down in a manipulative and fraudulent manner. There is a difference between being exuberant and vocal about an investment, long or short, versus alternatively participating in an organized conspiracy to cheat others to fuel a short position's profits by using manipulation, damaging lies like spreading bankruptcy rumors (the equivalent of screaming "fire" in a crowded movie theatre) or distorting media content to only allow access to damning content.

    I think this one may blow up and some people including over at investorshub are going to get hurt badly.

    LONG NEWL and not selling.

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    "Slowly I turned, step by step..."

    by big.yank 21 hours ago
    big.yank big.yank 16 hours ago Flag

    Glad you got an idea of where I went. IHub cut me to one post per day, then they delete the one post. The moderator jimW2 is a mole, IMO, cancelling any long post and trying to wipe out any posts and posters that challenge the short position. There are others, here, that share my opinion. Detearing needs to pull his horns in and quit hating me at least long enough to help us all through this shared scenario.

    I am in very deep with my purchases last Friday. I may still buy more.

    Don't give up. I think we are all getting close to a huge win.


  • big.yank big.yank 19 hours ago Flag

    Hi, Chubby!

    With all your weight gains, did you develop a FAT HEAD as part of your obesity regimen?

    If the CEO has a huge chunk of shares as you say, which is true, by the way, then clearly he is closely aligned with the S/P that us investors are suffering with, at the moment. Right? And if he sold any appreciable quantity of shares without a required Form 4 filing which is required no more than 5 days after a trade, he would be subject to criminal actions which, obviously has not occurred.

    So, why don't you take your ridiculous boiler-room lies somewhere else where you might find people dumb enough to believe them. Maybe you could try a Middle School someplace like in Somalia?

  • big.yank big.yank 20 hours ago Flag

    Idiots? The idiot is you. You are talking trash regarding outstanding shares before several reverse splits and shares outstanding today and going forward. They are not the same thing, jerk!

    There is no more dilution coming. What's happened in the past is over, and while some of it sucked royally, what's coming is going to make up for it. The short game is OVER! Get used to it. It's done. Finished. Now it's time for a recovery and payback time.

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    Why won't this p-o-s die

    by stvrein 20 hours ago
    big.yank big.yank 20 hours ago Flag

    You are obviouysly very depressed over your inability to kill NEWL stock and send it to zero value. My strong suggestion is to commit suicide and spare yourself further pain and suffering.



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    "Slowly I turned, step by step..."

    by big.yank 21 hours ago
    big.yank big.yank 20 hours ago Flag

    There's no share value traded at those MM trade points. It's just the old MM inventory game. There's no volume. The sellers that were going to sell have hit the exits. There is no meaningful downward pressure. The short game has concluded.

    Now guess what comes next....

    "Short people got no reason to live" --- Randy Newman

  • big.yank big.yank 21 hours ago Flag

    You bashers are rank amateurs compared to the professional boiler-room crowd over at Investorshub. At least those guys paint a good face on their short rubbish instead of ridiculous hyperbolic lies like "72 billion outstanding shares" which even a moron knows is bogus.

    You guys couldn't last 5 minutes over on Investorshub before getting squashed like a bug.

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    "Slowly I turned, step by step..."

    by big.yank 21 hours ago
    big.yank big.yank 21 hours ago Flag

    I agree with much of what you say. If you bought prior to any of the R/S's, you got a crumby deal. That includes me. I bought a huge amount at $.30 and more at $.10 prior to the last one. But I think the reverse splits are over on OTC... no listing minimum required... and the toxic financing deal with Ironridge is wound down or is winding down shortly (pun intended). Compare the ship fleet and operating potential to Scorpio Tankers, STNG who with a 49 ship fleet has a market cap of $1.83 B and trades on the NYSE. It is a Monaco-based maritime. Now layer in the bulk cargo potential with NEWL-owned coal mines, an energy shortage in China and potentially in Eastern Europe and you can discern why not all longs have "abandoned ship" (pun also intended).

    There is high risk here. There is also high potential reward. Be careful, but be smart enough to recognize there is a reason why so many people are trying to pound NEWL through the floor, and it is NOT because they want to be right, just make money on the cheap shares and scare tactics of a crass short game.

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    "Slowly I turned, step by step..."

    by big.yank 21 hours ago
    big.yank big.yank 21 hours ago Flag

    Forget metrics, this is a NEWS driven stock. Always has been. What news? Short run. Ship delivery any day now. Another ship delivery in August. Uplisting to level above grey market. Ironridge suit settlement.

    Any of the above is a double. Then you do the math if several occur.

  • Despite all the negative message pounding, the volume of panic sells has concluded and the price has stabilized, preparing for the next ride up. The short vultures are trashing NEWL over on Investorshub to a fever pitch, but nothing is happening. Will the SEC and A/G investigate fraudulent message bias to benefit shorts of Newlead stock as perpetrated on IHub?

    Yahoo at least allows longs equal rights to post as their opposition.enjoys. Seems fairer to me.

    NEWL is going higher. It may not be a huge, one day spike up, but a buy at these post-r/s levels is a sure winner by the end of the year.

  • Time to reverse direction on the escalator.


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    Never seen board so negative , rally coming!!!

    by doggonesteve Jul 27, 2014 12:16 PM
    big.yank big.yank Jul 27, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

    This board is negative? LOL. No, the Investorshub board is 100% negative, as a Newlead board moderator has every positive message deleted and tries to get posting privileges suspended for any poster that has anything optimistic to say about NEWL. Most of the positive posters have given up placing messages there, some like detearing have come over here and I have prepared a complaint to go to the SEC and Attorney General of Florida regarding manipulated information being dispensed to drive down share price to benefit short holders in a fraudulent campaign to conceal any reason to buy or hold Newlead common shares. These actions have lead to enormous losses in market capitalization and shareholder value to the benefit of those censuring the information available to investors to the negative views alone.

    Remarkably, while Investorshub administrative staff has been repeatedly informed of the fraudulent antics believed to be taking place, Ihub staff continues to confirm message deletions despite no rational Terms of Service violation can be cited, and cuts or curtails further posting rights for those complaining about the inequity and possible illegality of such content control.

    Not all of NEWL's problems can be attributed to fraudulent actions undertaken by others, but I believe a lot of the negativism is being orchestrated in a modern-era Greek Tragedy that has cost innocent investors $millions to enrich a few gamesters/gangsters with a self-serving agenda involving media "management" to serve a criminal agenda.

    Many of the same "boiler room types" are present on this board, as well. Be careful. At least Yahoo does not use board moderators that can exploit investors with skewed data and imbalanced views affecting the present and future value of their investment.

    Be careful. Do not become a victim of this SCAM, which has nothing to do with NEWL. The SCAM is the activity used to drive your S/P down for the benefit of the game players.

  • You may get some discovery, but it won't help you build a compelling case because the conservatorship is legal and so is Amendment 3.


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