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  • bigfatty_guns by bigfatty_guns 14 hours ago Flag

    Bwahahaha!!! AFLOP bleeds red every day as all the bagholders want out. I've spelled it out for suckas. Short this junk and make money.

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    everyone selling this junk

    by bigfatty_guns Jul 24, 2015 12:37 PM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns 18 hours ago Flag

    No volume and price keeps dropping. Bwahahaha!!! Pump-n-dump AFLOP.

  • Bwahahaha!!! AFLOP had better results three years ago when stock was $23.90. There's nothing to get excited about here. And look at CLFD's pe over 70! AFLOP'S is 23 and lame as usual. Too many speculators of AFLOP have been slaughtered. Bwahahaha!!!

  • Bwahahaha!!! Anyone buying this AFLOP junk yesterday already losing money. Meanwhile us shorts pocket +5% overnight. That's AFLOP!! Us shorts own it and always will. Bwahahahahahahahhahahaha!!! Thanks for the biz, suckas!!

  • bigfatty_guns by bigfatty_guns Jul 24, 2015 12:37 PM Flag

    Lower low and now lower high...AFLOP goes nowhere. After nearly 15-years since IPO, this junk is still $6 below the IPO price offered via Merrill. Bwahahaha!!! Stock has been diluted to death as insiders wring out the value via stock option grants. It's done two stock buybacks and already reissued all that and more. BFG knows AFLOP. Short!!!!!

  • Shorts own this AFLOP pump and dump junk. Higher it goes the more we sell and more we make when it collapses. Give it time. Keep on shorting, folks. AFLOP always pays! Bwahahaha!!!! +4% overnight!!!

  • Bwahahaha!!! AFLOP junk!

  • Bwahahaha!!!

    Told you all short CLFD at $22 and buyback at $11. BFG is your daddy. Still making money, too, shorting AFLOP. Give it time. Even my lowest shorts will be good. One never loses shorting AFLOP. +2.5% overnight. Bingo!! Bwahahaha!!!!

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    and the dumping continues!!

    by bigfatty_guns Jul 21, 2015 2:51 AM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 24, 2015 10:59 AM Flag

    Bwahahaha!!! Already making good money on $22s. AFLOP pumped up for months on inside information and now they're dumping right into suckas' excitement. No one is buying this junk up here--certainly none of the multi-id pumpers on this board.

    AFLOP will continue to dump on suckas. It's still $6+ below its IPO price 14+ years ago!!! Bwahahaha!!!! Junk. It's no wonder insiders dump into these pumps themselves.

  • What was Merrill thinking IPO'ing this junk for $27.50 (split-adjusted) back in 2001??? Bwahahaha!!!

    Seriously, we've seen now at least two massive all-time rallies/rebounds, housing bubbles, lowest interest rates in history, etc. since its IPO, and yet AFLOP can't even scratch back to its IPO price?!?! Bwahahaha!!! What's it going to take if not a miracle? God's intervention? Bwahahaha!!!!

    Meanwhile, AFLOP prereleases positively and the stock tanks $3 only to bounce back. Investors have no interest in AFLOP: frankly, they're scared of it and rightfully so. Just look at the MASSIVE stock dilution since the ipo. And due take note this is after two stock buy-backs!!! Bagholders are dying on the vine while insiders cash out and dilute you suckas. CFO doesn't even hold shares now. Senior salesperson sold over 70%. Director sold out. And CEO sold over 50% right before last collapse I warned was coming.

    Ironically, AMSC had terrible billion+ accumulated losses but it kept on climbing to $43 (where CEO dumped all his shares) before collapsing to $1 where I said it was heading. And now look at it circling the drain! While respectable AFOP can't be compared operationally, it's amazing how AFOP refuses to go appreciably higher or even near its IPO price (and frankly why it's the greatest short I own regularly) vs. horrible AMSC which shot to the moon trying to squeeze me when it should have gone bankrupt. That's irony. That's Fraud St. for ya.

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    manipulated junk...stock was $23.90 3-years ago

    by bigfatty_guns Jul 23, 2015 10:29 AM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 23, 2015 4:35 PM Flag

    AFLOP'S still $6 below its IPO price from 13-years ago. It's gone nowhere. Terrible loser. It would need to be over $70 to be worth holding. Between inflation and dilution, baggies just losing money. Manipulated AFLOP pump-n-dump junk. My guess is it won't hold gains for long.

  • Covered all but my lowest $17s. Start shorting again. AFLOP pumps to dump never last.

  • Pumped and now be dumped. BFG calls it again. Every share short getting greener and greener. Bwahahaha!!! Look at the piddly volume = manipulated junk.

  • Bwahahaha!!! They'll never make money holding and hyping this junk, period. They'll live off eating crow I guess!!! Bwahahaha!!!!

  • bigfatty_guns by bigfatty_guns Jul 22, 2015 10:36 AM Flag

    And on positive pre-release!!! This is what pump and dump AFLOP does best. Baggies lose more money the better AFLOP does. Not only do us shorts get it, we profit from it. Bwahahaha!!! Then when AFLOP misses soon enough it collapses 25% more in a day and we plunder the fool clinging long to this junk. Bwahahaha!!! AFLOP $10 below its IPO price from 14-years ago!!! Bwahahaha!! While the Nasdaq hits highs and leaves it behind like the laggard it is. I guess insiders irritated too many big players last time dumping and diluting. Yep. BFG knows AFLOP and it falling as predicted.

  • bigfatty_guns by bigfatty_guns Jul 21, 2015 2:51 AM Flag

    Bwahahaha!!!! I warned you again. AFLOP hits $20 and short all you can. In fact my lowest shorts will be winners soon enough. Patience always pays shorting AFLOP!! Bwahahaha!!! Love it. Nasdaq green again and AFLOP falling from the sky another -1%. Bwahahaha!! Of course banjoboob and his multiple pumping ids just love losing 1%-5% per day...he's used to it!! Bwahahaha!!!!

  • No one coming to pompous Chang's rescue. Years ago he lost his get out of jail free card dumping tens of millions in stock on big holders while he knew results would get worse. I warned for several months as the stock shot up to $23.90. The wheels flew off and the stock cratered over 50% in months. Better than expected for us shorts no doubt. Meanwhile when asked about all the insider selling smug Chang quipped, "There hasn't been any recent selling." Bwahahaha!!! True, but just months earlier insiders where dumping huge percentages of their holdings. Of course, none of them buy shares on the open market. Nah. They grant themselves easy, free riskless options year in and out--especially when the price tanks--and then dump shares on the public: their personal money printers. True story: when AFOP traded for a fraction of its cash-per-share value ($.67/sh vs. $1.18/share and no debt back in 2007-8), not one insider bought shares. Not one. But as soon as its ARS mess was cleared and markets rebounded, insiders dumped all they could including acting-CFO sold out, sales head sold over 70% and CEO dumped 50%+. Of course, as dilution became a big problem, AFOP has had to do two stock buybacks to avoid destroying comps. Of course, insiders couldn't help themselves and have since increased shares authorized and issued more in stock option grants, etc. than both buybacks combined! Bwahahaha!!! These are the facts. In fact, once big holders dumped AFLOP, the stock has done nothing but lag. Look at it. Down 2.5% when Nasdaq up 1%. It's junk and no one including insiders will buy it which is why it gets manipulated and pumped-to-dump on suckas. There's no support because I don't think anyone likes--let alone trusts--Chang even though he claims he's built AFLOP on trust. So while operating results appear good, the stock is unsupported junk to avoid. In fact, even on the last two Nasdaq up days where shorts would be normally nervous, AFLOP collapses.

  • bigfatty_guns by bigfatty_guns Jul 17, 2015 3:48 PM Flag

    Junk. Don't be snookered into considering buying this junk. 14-years since its IPO and its still 50% below its IPO price. Insiders dumped their shares while they dilute long-term bagholders over years and years. Not even the staunchest board pumping humps are trying to hustle this junk anymore. I've warned people long enough to protect their wealth and from this otherwise seemingly "great" stock that one might own. Don't. Long-term it's junk going nowhere and highly manipulated. It's nothing but pump-n-dump rubbish that should only be shorted.

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    Nasdaq up 1%, fiber group up and AFLOP red!!!

    by bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2015 1:55 PM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 17, 2015 3:17 PM Flag

    Nasdaq up another .3% and AFLOP down -2.2%. Bwahahaha!!! AFLOP manipulated junk. Pumped on inside information and dumped when it becomes public...on suckas!! Bwahahaha!!!!! Short all you can. This junk going nowhere but lower.

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    shorts' paradise: AFLOP chart points lower

    by bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2015 6:43 PM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 17, 2015 3:06 PM Flag

    Bwahahaha!!! And lower it is. AFLOP!!!!!!

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