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  • Stock is now $2 less than where Sidoti just started coverage with a Buy. Any idiot that recommends this stock as a buy--especially anywhere near AFLOP's top--is doomed to repeat its torrid history.

    Again and again I try to protect fools and all the starry-eyed, naive people to avoid this stock like the plague. It's nothing but a pump and dump, manipulated pile of sheet. Insiders dumped all they could above $20 and now the bottom falls out again. Same program rise and repeat...although this time I doubt it goes back up.

    Insiders dumped heavily. They know the markets are bloated with froth and AFLOP's growth is or will be shortly slowing. Just like I warned last July, this PoS is going to crater as comps just won't look so good and this stock has NEVER enjoyed support or love. It's simply a pump and dump special. Those of us that know AFLOP know it's not a stock to own. It gets diluted by insiders and pumped and dumped by Fraud St. and never enjoys a premium valuation regardless of results. In fact, the moment anyone upgrades it, you better be heavily short or at least sold out. I warned you again this was coming. Welcome to now.

  • The stock has great fundamental and comps to date. Yet its multiple, support and respect are horrible--and I mean THE WORST. Anyway the stock is popular for a small cap and with these great results, well, no one wants to sell. So market makers and a shrewd few end up shorting the stock like crazy--even enjoying the bogus squeezes to nowhere--to higher the better levels. Then when the pump to go dump wears off as insiders dump all over fools, reality sets in and the shorts pound the carp out of the stock price until all the fools puke up there shares. The high short interest is merely temporary and nothing more than filling the baskets of all the fools thinking this stock is going up. It's not. And down it goes again as I predicted.

    Bottom-line is stay short and thirsty. Avoid this stock long--especially on the way down. I hope people get educated after I prove time and again this is Fraud St's way and why you shouldn't invest or trade a penny on the ponzi markets...unless you REALLY know what you're doing. AFLOP is a highly manipulated loser and most of the people on this board lose most if not all their money. Just my sage wisdom from a guy that's made a LOT of money trading both AFOP and AFLOP in the last decade.

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    Something fishy

    by confluence12003 Jul 16, 2014 10:02 AM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 11:03 AM Flag

    Come on Confluence, there's nothing "fishy" about the stock collapsing last year from $23.94 to $11 and then within a few months rocketing almost all the way back up to $22.80? You've said it before and know it: AFOP is THE MOST manipulated stock out there. Add in the fact that the biggest position is really the short seller? Well, you can see why it just collapsed from $22 to $16 on nothing in such little time. And by the way, it never got a pe/multiple anywhere near some of the other hot stocks...that are even losing money!

    Something is fishy and it's dead fish AFLOP the pump and dump stock we've always known since you introduced it to me. It's THE MOST hated and disparaged stock (price-wise) I've ever known in over 3 decades of trading. In fact, you've hoped for years it would some day give Chang his day in the sun. Well, I think that it was $20 to $23.94 where he's been dumping like crazy along side of other investors. And, yes, he even got to ring the bell signifying the pinnacle of his career, company and stock price. It's probably all downhill from guess. Cheers

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    So much for Sidummies' PUMPGRADE! Bwahaha!

    by bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 10:48 AM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 1:34 PM Flag

    What I find most entertaining is you pumpers (confluence is not considered such) expect AFLOP to do something different and it always collapses. Always. In fact, any time there's an upgrade, it's a dead giveaway everyone is selling and suckers are wanted.

    This pos just fell from the pumped price of $22.80 to now $15.96 on absolutely nothing. Zero news. And yet even I could argue the $22.80 price is/was too low. So now we have a stock that's down 30% and not a single bit of substantive evidence for such a move exists. Alas, this brings me full-circle to what I continue to demonstrate as fact:

    1. Short sellers unequivocally own the price of AFLOP
    2. Insiders dumped most of their stock and probably hope the price crashes so they get cheaper option grants/prices and can enjoy another pump to dump in future.
    3. While bagholders wait, insiders dilute the bleep out them while they wait in vane for a premium valuation that NEVER comes and they're fooled again.
    4. AFOP is the most-manipulated, pumped-n-dumped, hated stock on the NASDAQ.
    5. Never buy this pos stock especially while it's up substantially: always best to short it and bet against it especially when insiders are DUMPING IT themselves.

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    Something fishy

    by confluence12003 Jul 16, 2014 10:02 AM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    Confluence - AFLOP has a terrible valuation even when it's knocking the cover off the ball. In fact, excess volatility doesn't even begin to describe this pos stock (vs. the company).

    AFOP always marches to its own beat. Remember when it had over $1 in cash per share and traded down to $.60? There is no such thing as a "market" especially when AFOP is involved. It's a manipulated, legal wealth-transfer ponzi stock that's used to rip-off any fool stupid enough to participate. It makes no sense which is exactly why it's perfect to scam suckers. Of course results are great. Of course no one wants to sell it with results like this. So market makers end up selling to "peers"...their buddies at neighboring institutions. Then after AFOP pumps to dump, the stock starts tanking. Then when ok results (maybe not great) come out and the stock instantly tanks 25% on top of some huge pre-collapse. Now just imagine when comps "catchup" like I've been warning. Now imagine when its growth isn't stellar and.or better than anything else out there. WHAM! AFLOP is going to collapse. How low? Well I can tell you this. If the shorts can pound this from $23.94 to $11 on good news (what I think was very good for such a small company), imagine what the shorts are going to do when growth dries up or even contracts? FNSR's results had nothing to do with AFOP, yet AFOP has TANKED even more.

    Shorts don't need any excuse to pummel AFOP. It'll mark the share price to whatever the shorts want. This you can bank on. They've already proven the price can trade for less than cash on the books...and here we are way up high with a multiple over cash per share. It could be a very long way down...especially if it misses or there's perceived weakness. Heck it just tanked 30% on absolutely nothing. Strangely enough, bulls don't care either. They're not buying. Even you here won't buy...albeit temped, you're not buying. Not even the hardiest of fools buys AFLOP going down.

  • This stock is the #1 POS out there, bar none. It's no leader. Leading stocks don't behave like this. I've warned you all time and again avoid this turd. Do what insiders are doing: sell. Better yet, just short it and you'll never lose a penny if you're patient.

    And here it is -4% today after already tanking nearly 30% from $22.80 and no support. Not even Sidoti's pumpgrade with $28 target could save it. Nah. Everyone continues dumping on the way down just like last year. That's how everyone rotates out of this turd...selling on the way down giving suckers a discount to nowhere...but lower. Really you'd think suckers would learn by now. Heck this carp has to rally 43% just to return to its recent high of $22.80. Bwhahahahahaha!! Yeah, and I'll lay a golden egg on TV when that happens.

  • That's what POS stocks do when they have no support and robust shareholder base. AFLOP's is pathetic which is why bigger names fled AFLOP last Sept through March. This last pump was to dump that mess on suckers. And here it is...right back down after even insiders dumped hard.

    Compare AFOP to any stock and it's a screaming laugh. For example, take something unrelated like FTR (recommended at $4). Compare valuations, growth, earnings...AFLOP trounces it. Next compare shareholder bases. Alas, this is why FTR rises and AFLOP merely gets pumped, dumped and collapses into freefall time and again.

    Again, where are all the pumpers to remind me just how right I am time and again? Doesn't matter. My hope is that this doesn't rip off more folks. Of course, if you're short $16-$22, enjoy.

  • bigfatty_guns by bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 2:24 PM Flag

    This pos was going under $20. Get ready for lower lows, too. People rotating out of way over-valued fiber junk.

  • bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 2:41 PM Flag

    Amazingly, not a pumper will show his face today. Here at $15.99, every other stock up along with general markets...and WHAT? AFLOP down -4% more AND not a buyer to be found. And pumpers think there's anyone going to buy this rubbish above $20 after insiders dumped it $20 and it's been pumped and dumped hard now?

    Bwhahahahhahaa!! It's all risk and no reward for long baggies.

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    So much for Sidummies' PUMPGRADE! Bwahaha!

    by bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 10:48 AM
    bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 16, 2014 2:45 PM Flag

    $15.96 and still collapsing. You'll get your chance to buy all you want on the way down. And then even lower! Trust me, I know AFLOP. No one is going near the POS...not long anyway. Again, I'm not bashing the company, I'm bashing the horrible stock and it's #1 hated stock award decades running.

  • Pumped and dumped again.

  • The fact this cratered AGAIN with such a low multiple from $22+ and on no AFOP-specific news (other than insiders DUMPING shares like crazy) is definitive proof AFLOP is nothing but a pump and dump ponzi stock manipulated by a few. It should be avoided long and shorted...both at ANY level.

    So here this POS is again...the stock is down 30% (collapsing with Finisar's poor results) from $22 and it can't rally a lick. Looks to me like Sidummies' (Sidoti's) dubious coverage initiation (target $28) was nothing but a last minute ruse to pump the junk...probably to help their buddies unload it on the way down to $15.

    I sure hope any fool buying this rubbish is enjoying the discount to nowhere! I told you Chang ringing the NASDAQ opening bell and recent publicity...nothing but a great time to sell right into it all! Bwhahahahaha!! Insiders dumped so many shares...they know what's coming. This stock has been nothing but a setup to collapse. I think the last collapse was over 40% in less than a month and that was after earnings didn't please (I guess). Well, I predicted that collapse from $23+. Now as comps level out--perhaps decline?--it'll get really exciting. All the other fibers have collapsed including CLFD. So get ready, AFLOP is next! lol

  • Yet the record results continue as stock lags 30% from $22. Bwhahahhahaa!

    How do you trust a CEO and other insiders that dump HUGE amounts of shares including option grants when the stock hits ridiculously-low recent high? Sure I won't blame them for taking a bit off the table, but some like the CFO and EVP Sales have dumped it all! CEO dumped over 50%--not what I'd expect when the "next growth cycle in fiber optics is emerging...." Sounds like Chang and insiders don't believe their own cheerleading! lol Most importantly, with the stock down 30% from a measly $22, neither does the market!

    Here's what Chang had to say for guidance last Q:

    "While data bandwidth demands continue to increase and the next growth cycle in the fiber optics industry is emerging, we are encouraged by the prospect of business growth in the coming years, and with the progress we made serving our customers and extending our product technology in recent quarters. Based on input from our customers and current orders, we expect revenues in the coming quarter to be above $25 million, which will be a new record for quarterly sales and will represent a 31% increase from the year ago quarter." concluded Mr. Chang.

    RESULT: AFLOP pumped and dumped to $22 and now $16. Imagine record results for a REAL leading stock with 30% revenue growth?! The stock would be cranking off new highs daily and likely gap up another 25% on release if the results were so good. Yet AFLOP's pe is a paltry 14! LOL! Now, for fun compare AFLOP to NFLX. AFLOP beats it on every metric except price support and popularity. And take a look at the difference. LOL! So why would anyone buy small cap rubbish like AFLOP--especially when insiders dump and dilute the stock like crazy over the years?! They all dumped into the one and only rally they've ever seen because that's about all it will be. Yep. It's the same broken POS stock since the IPO I suppose. Meanwhile results are sure exciting...always are. LOL!

  • bigfatty_guns bigfatty_guns Jul 28, 2014 3:10 PM Flag

    No one is touching this junk. Great results don't translate into great stock...not with AFLOP. This POS tanks every time all the time. Pump and dump special. Tonight/tomorrow will be no different.

  • I'm sure revs will be record. Earnings will be nice and this junk will crater. LOL Watch again for the nth time the same pump and dump disaster ending...more dump than pump.

  • Results will be ok to fantastic but going forward, comps won't look so good. So shorts will hold down this turd as usual. Regardless, AFLOP going lower not higher. If at all higher, it won't be much or very long. Shorts and sellers already pounded this turd down when FNSR missed. Of course, Chang expects record revs again, so why AFLOP cratered with FNSR (way over-valued junk) is beyond me. Yet AFLOP carries such a low valuation, it's not worth ever owning. Some trade it long...most get so burned they don't live to post again. LOL. Short it and be patient, you'll be glad you did.

  • bigfatty_guns by bigfatty_guns Jul 28, 2014 4:11 PM Flag

    No volume. No one trading this junk, so probably gap down tomorrow morning hard if not tonight. Shorts going to pound it hard.

  • Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • They knew for sure AFLOP would tank and the party just won't last. LOL It never does. Pumped and dumped again!

  • I told you comps wouldn't hold up. This stock is nothing but a manipulated pump and dump turd. Insiders were dumping it like thieves in the night because they know what I know. And now all the suckas holding this have no buyers along with stagnant growth and insiders will continue to dilute the snot out of the stock while baggies wait for nothing. Anyone holding this junk now "hoping" is doomed. I warned you again and again and this is EXACTLY what's happened.

    Yep, smart folks were selling $20+...including insiders. They knew or at least listened to me. Now this turd is $5 lower than where they were all dumping and they'll begin diluting the snot out of it with tons of stock options and employee stock grants. And so much for that stock buy-back, too; they've already reissued that amount and then some! LOL

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