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  • biogemfinder biogemfinder 2 hours 23 minutes ago Flag

    Another idiot goes to ignoristan

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder 2 hours 33 minutes ago Flag

    I havent followed MNKD that closely, but at these levels its a hold or accumulate. Insulin market is pretty crowded and PFE had a hard time selling inhaled version of insulin. However, buying too much in one stock may be a dangerous proposition as Arena has illustrated. You can accumulate and think of taking some off from MNKD once it pops during marketing or in anticipation of good launch. The you need to monitor scripts b4 pouring in more or taking some off the table. Good Luck though!!

  • relented. Medarex is one such stock where the nay-sayers and shorts were spreading all sorts of rumors and bashing and the end result is that BMS bought it at dirt cheap pps (70% premium of depressed pps) and IPI is now their star drug and they also got rich pipeline and the most promising is PD1 (competitior for Mercks recently approved new class of drugs (PD1). Then HGSI (human genome sciences), the pps was depressed all the way down to 50 cents..eventually it recovered to more than 10 dollaras and then GSK bought them for more than $17. How about PCYC?? it was $0.75 in 2008 and now at $121+, in 6 years it has gained 160-fold!! So yes it sucks we have to deal with this BS on a daily basis if you are investing in biotech (speculative or not). Biotechs are easy prey as the volume is always on the low side and its easy to spread lies and make people rethink their decision ot saty long or buy new shares. But with Arena, all the downside has been discounted and discounted more than 100 times. All we are witnessing is the growth of scripts (slow but steady) and expansion of indication as wells as combo therapy now were are pretty confident of its safety and efficacy. End of story. I have to admit it has been very frustrating to watch this on a daily basis, although I have no doubt whatsoever about Belviq and Arena as a company. And its also my belief that sooner or later it will be acquired (most likely by EISAI). But it seems we will have to endure more pounding and nonsense from Wall Street and their shills, but with successful BelPhen results and Smoking Cessation results we will finally see the turnaround and never look back!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder 4 hours ago Flag

    Which reality you R talking about idiot? The one created by Hedgescumbags and their shills like yourself, or the reality that this is the only safe and effective drug out in more than 14 years? Or the fact that the BelPhen combo causes ~12% wt loss in 12 weeks? Which reality do you ascribe to?

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    by uirapuru0 4 hours ago
    biogemfinder biogemfinder 4 hours ago Flag

    very likely they are trying to hide the use of new, fast and cheap sequencing platforms compared to ILMNs outrageously expensive platforms. They would definitely want to keep this from the competitors and ilmn for competitive reasons...ILMN will soon have competition since they have been so arrogant in everything. In the end sequencing DNA is not rocket science...and there will always be someone else who can come up with better, faster and cheaper way to do the same damn thing!!

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    Nice bounce today!

    by up_side_surprise Sep 12, 2014 12:29 PM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 12, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    Looks like the near term boom has been reached. Next leg up is in the works. They cant ignore improving balance sheet, increasing sales, increasing revenues, decreasing cost of goods, Quest offering MaterniT21 in a few days, profitability by the end of this year..forever. No matter how much they hate SQNM, in the end they care about making money or not losing it all, So they will cover..if they are short, or buy more if they are long and have been on the sidelines!! 2014 is the turn-around year, 2015 will see huge gains and sqnm has the chance of being darling of wall street as the undeniably dominant NIPT player.

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    Bear raid?

    by uirapuru0 Sep 12, 2014 10:34 AM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 12, 2014 10:41 AM Flag

    desperation has definitely set in for the shorts. fools who did not cover at $1+ change will surely regret and are resorting to these tactics..not a winning strategy mind you..

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 11, 2014 6:55 PM Flag

    is this really happening? Where is the source? It would be a great PR for keeping shorts in check

  • from the FDA when Contrave is marketed? Anyone has any ideas?

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 10, 2014 1:52 PM Flag

    Clearly. But its also amazing the bots giving thumbs down so quickly. Even without the new partnerships, the sales was rising and collections have been improving. we will be definitely be profitable by end of Q4 and likley be neutral by end of Q3. There is no way WS or any other value investor is going to ignore improving balance sheet and increasing sales/profits. I am holding tight and added 5K more last week.

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 10, 2014 1:46 PM Flag

    Can someone explain how and why it affects SQNM? What it means for sqnm revenue growth and market in coming months and quarters and years?? In layman terms please.

  • I for one think it will, because of high drop out rate and associated nasty side effects. While everyone touts it being safe..that does not mean it has bad side effects which make people drop this drug very quickly and although you can say it won't cause heart issues..that is no consolation to obese patients who just ca't tolerate the drug on a daily basis. There is hype right now but reality of not being able to sell this drug will hit pretty quickly..just watch..its the same old wall street pump and dump scheme that has served them so well in the past..especially in the obesity arena. Now its Orex. I would suggest shorting it today or upon announcement when you see any pop. The do what the pros do, dump it when the pps hovers lower.

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 10, 2014 12:14 PM Flag

    Good luck with management protecting us. History tells us that they don't care one iota regarding the shareholders. What they care is making sure pps is low during the time of option granting then let it pop with some "news" and "PR" only to get rid of the options and shares as quickly as they can. they are not even Elmore interested in buying shares in the open market and put their money where their mouth is. Besides one wonders why they always mismanage the bad news and release any good news at the worst time possible..such as big market downdraft.

    I have absolutely no confidence in the management at all. No one is asking them to pump or lie..all we want is talk about the pipeline more often..update on the filings more often and talk about the potential and why they still believe or what the path to blockbuster is (with combo for example). They have done nothing at all or have something in place to make sure the manipulation ends (offering dividend or something even if its a token. I am not sure what they are thinking..its seems as though if this was sold to a big BP, Belviq would have taken off and the arena asset would be valued at several billions. Just my thoughts.

  • My god..these #$%$ in wall street are so relentless. Its one thing to short, make money and move on. But it seems like arena pharma and the retail longs must have touched some nerves in Wall Street honchos, big banks, analyst, etc etc that they have something to pove to seems. Otherwise why would they now pump Orex and Novo but keep manipulating the pps lower and lower for 15-16 months straight? If they thought it was not worth it, it should just have happened in a few weeks and they should have left. But no they just want us to feel the pain of slow death! And its very very clear...
    have to admit I have never seen this kind of hatred for a company and its long term holders!

  • It seems significant enough. But I have not seen any announcement or bad news that have been announced or rumored. At this point its just seems manipulation. anyone?

  • that of worldwide agreement with EISAI fir marketing rights for Belviq. This time no such news is coming. Its as if all the bullets have been already used and the stock cannot find the bottom. Its imminent that the stock is going ti breach 4 and head into the 3s..probably today. With the holiday week script #s, next week will be a bonanza for the shorts as even this "Expected" dip is scripts will cause the pps to sink further like what CS is saying down to $3.50!! I have been beaten up so much with this stock..anything is possible including $1. as the pps has nothing to o with potential, pipeline, and success of belviq at this point.

    Belviq will succeed but many suffeing longs would have sold off out of frustration so the #$%$ of wall street will feast on arena's sucess once all os retail longs have left

    But th real question is what is coming out of the PR department to prevent sub $4?? Orphan drug status did not help...and we have seen gains in scripts fot the last 3 weeks even thought the seasonaility would predict very weeks to negativ e script growth. what else do they have to stop this bloodbath of last 15-16 weeks?? Anything?

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    Chances For A Takeover

    by mruyog Sep 2, 2014 10:27 AM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 2, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    Today may not be the best day to enter into discussions, but if you don;t own..time to buy some and ho,d for another 2 years..or shorter if the BO happens...the pps will settle north of 2 today by close.

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    Overreactionas usual...

    by biogemfinder Sep 2, 2014 10:09 AM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Sep 2, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    seems like a disgruntled ex-employee. Now there will be even more...

  • biogemfinder by biogemfinder Sep 2, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    Huge 35%+ drop after the interim was announced was the price exel paid for Comet1 failure. The rise after that was due to CObi success. I am amzed at the way WS overreaction force works. EXEL is now a definite cnadidate for Roche takeover. I am certain ANY BP will now be willing to take this over for $1B. If RCC and HCC (either) successful it shouldbe worth more. But exelixis management is desparate to do anythihng and off of $1B will look very good to them and all the investors such as Fidelity

  • biogemfinder by biogemfinder Aug 29, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    For whatever its worth. I know my timings have been terrible. But This is all I could do at the moment. I was waiting for a pop to unload 50% of my holding but that never happened. Instead it kept going there I bought more....

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