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    by adioscash 4 hours ago
    biogemfinder biogemfinder 4 hours ago Flag

    "but it is the market $tupid" as Clinton would say. See when there is indiscriminate selling in ETFs and indices, exelixis cannot escape that selling as the market goes down. However, that also provides opportunities to good stocks like exelixis which have very strong fundamentals and very positive catalysts in the very near future. Rather than waiting for someone's answer, and if you truly believe that this company is a long term buy, then this is the time to add more. If it goes to 5, add even more as you know that has nothing to do with fundamental but people pulling money out of the market due to fear. This is where you need to apply Warren Buffet's when everyone is afraid and sell when everyone is bullish!

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    by jay_scott27 5 hours ago
    biogemfinder biogemfinder 5 hours ago Flag

    I will let all of mine go for 14.50!! Then I will stop trading for 6 months!!

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    After Hours

    by commonwealthinc 14 hours ago
    biogemfinder biogemfinder 6 hours ago Flag

    thats just some big short covering at a set price! Nothing more.

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    by prenzie Aug 4, 2015 5:26 PM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Aug 5, 2015 12:44 AM Flag

    well, 6.97 will be blown out tomorrow or at least by end of this week. Who knows about 8.21?? If shorts start getting out with ANY positive news in CC or later then the squeeze can take it above $10 in no time.s far as I can see shorts got nothing from the secondary offering so 50M plus shorts have a whole lot of worry and stampede i the making..

  • That is what happens to bullish stocks. Of course if there is huge and indiscriminate selling in the market, then you may want to be more careful but when the mkt does come back EXEL typoe stocks will bounce faster and more. Psychologically it is hard to get into stock that seems more and more expensive everyday but if you do a little DD on all the expensive stocks they tend to go higher and higher as there is demand and more awareness for those tickers.

  • as has been clear for the last year or so. When there is no demnad and the volume is less than 2M, MMs have been able to depress or lower the pps everytime. during that time the shorts have been able to cover with impunity. This game does not necessarily work in days with high volume in excess of 3M. So yes I am frustrated by how shorts have been able to cover and tutes have been able to accumulate withut pps appreciation. But still belive that there will be real demand and events that will dictate the pps to be much higher. Yes we longs have waited way too long..but unfortunately with arena our patience has to be tested time and time again and hopefully no more than 2 more years?? I would take a BO for BP at $10 or higher any day so that I can move on...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • As some of you were expecting rant from it is. Its just amazing how broken this stock is never fails to disappoint time and time again. No doubt this is the most hated stock of all time it seems. Every time there is a spike it is almost always followed by relentless selling to the point that ends up much lower than when the spike occured! I ahve held onto this stock for many years and believe in Belviq, its potential in many more indications most notably smoking cessation and slowly but defnitely maturing pileline with humongous potential. heck there are many biotechs with no commercial product, only hyped up potential that are worth 5B in mkt cap. But Arena? well not so much. Very frustrating ideed and managment appears to just sit there and not intereested in even highlighting or doing anything to boost investor confidence at all! Wouldnt it be nice if some of the BODs started buying 100s of 1000s of shares in open market? Bring in paretners for pipline drug development and commercialization? To tell you the truth it sucks to be an arena investor right now especially having all that bull market move of the last 2 years!!

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Jul 21, 2015 9:47 PM Flag

    The offering will be well subscribed and demnd will be higher. anyone on the sidelines waiting for secondary (which was kind of expected aftre the METEOR results) will try to get in now. PPS drop my 10% is completely expected as there will be 10% more shares (keeping the mkt cap the same at 1.2B. With this overhang (dilution) out of the way, ther will be slow and stewady rise in PPS over the months leading to Cobi approval and CELESTIAL results. In the meantime, EXEL will ow have plenty of cusion to start serious partnership deals as it has none for ROW or in the US for all potential Cabo indications. Roche is the likely BP that will put a BO offer...

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    Bristol 2Q15 Declining Sales and Earnings!!!

    by chainsawpete2003 Jul 18, 2015 10:13 PM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Jul 20, 2015 12:41 PM Flag

    cant beleive this guy is still here bashing BMY all the way from 17. What a tool this guy is!!

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    A few observations

    by erniewerner Jul 18, 2015 1:00 PM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Jul 19, 2015 11:52 PM Flag

    Ernie has been right on the money with EXEL and was very accurate with MEDX. Oh those good old days of Medarex only if the management appreciated their own value and did not hasten to sell the company so quickly now we know what kind of bargain they had gotten. They will soon be making the price of BO in 1 year of sales of IPI and PD1 could;d be even bigger!

    EXEL will succeed this time..I say 70/30 chance of success. PPS may go upto 6-7 range b4 pull back. I plan to sell half ..mor if it continues up. Then buy back once the secondary is announced??

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Jul 15, 2015 3:30 AM Flag

    alright. You got me. Just load up on NTRA and short the hell out of SQNM.

  • In terms of competition, Natera said, “We compete with numerous companies that have developed and market NIPTs, including Sequenom, Inc.; Illumina, Inc. through its Verinata division; Ariosa, Inc., which was recently acquired by F. Hoffman La-Roche Ltd; Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, Counsyl, Inc.; Beijing Genomics Institute, or BGI; and Berry Genomics Co., Ltd. We expect additional competition as other established and emerging companies enter the prenatal testing market, including through business combinations, and new tests and technologies are introduced. These competitors could have greater technological, financial, reputational and market access resources than us.”


    Natera’s revenue grew 73.8 percent from $27.3 million in Q1 2014 to $47.4 million in Q1 2015, primarily from increased sales of Panorama. Revenue increased by 189 percent from $57.2 million in 2013 to $159.2 million in 2014.

    The bulk of the company’s operating expenses come from cost of product revenues and sales and marketing, which contributed to the company’s losses.

    The company losses narrowed significantly between 2013 and 2014. Net losses were $ (37.1) million in 2013 and $ (5.15) in 2014. Net losses for Q1 2014 and 2015 were $ (9.61) million and $ (10.0) million, respectively.

    Natera has $80.3 million in cash, total assets of $120.1 million and total liabilities of $59.6 million, of which $25.7 million is long-term debt. The company has an accumulated deficit of $189.8 million.

  • For example SQNM, ARIOSA, VERINATA etc. Clearly the leader of the pack is sequenom and see how they have struggled and where their current mkt cap is. And one fact you need to know is SQNM has been profitable for the last 2 Qs, and likley will be for the foreseeable future. They also have improving margins for many many quarters. So if you concnetrate on the pumpers, who are paid by the HFs or mMs who are selling these shares you will learn the hard way what kind of game they were playing and sure to lose your money. They will pump and misinform and do whatever they need to do until they can legally cash (after 3 months) but then reality will hit very hard....

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Jul 2, 2015 2:50 PM Flag

    clearly your wizard will ensure that all the hard-earned money will disappear in no time. Have you even done any basic analysis on other competitor companies like SQNM??

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    Wait for analyst coverage..lots of upside

    by moneywizard Jul 2, 2015 1:34 PM
    biogemfinder biogemfinder Jul 2, 2015 2:49 PM Flag

    You mean the same analysts that rate SQNM a sell? I amnot sure with what face they will make these calls? I have a feeling that there will be some downgrades pretty soon given the late comer status and the fact that SQNM is well ahead in this game with far superior platform. Keep buying into this another HF hype and you will lose money for sure.

  • biogemfinder biogemfinder Jul 2, 2015 2:46 PM Flag

    As they say suckers are born every day. This will be less than 10 in less than a month. Its is already a crowded market with SQNM the leader with WW deals and DGX and ILMN as partners for sales. I am not exaclty sure why WS thugs hate SQNM so much even when it has the higest sales of all prenatal companies and is already profitable. In addition, their margins are improving q by q.

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