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  • Expect $6 today if it breaks over $4

  • gibis, Very well thought out post. I would expect Athersys sellers remorse for those selling shares in bulk today. Obviously I believe the science backs success in Ischemic Stroke and now we have a Japanese partner who obviously agrees and put a $10 million dollar bet on it. They have good scientists in the Japanese medical field. I'll side with them on this without any arm twisting. I also believe Athersys has more partnering news coming very soon. All my opinion.

  • The way I read it is this... Athersys won't need to hold an offering till after the stock is trading much higher AND after the data is released in April. Have a buy set at 32000 shares ARCA routed at $2.83 in case pipelight's buddies wish to sell today. That bid won't be pulled so count that as the bottom or I get what I consider extra shares at a very good price.

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    share price can easily double today

    by plurka 10 hours ago

    True... it went up over 600% on Pfizer news and in reality this news is better.

  • Exactly and the current deal is already closer to milestone payments!

  • Want to see a stock surge... watch ATHX today!!!

  • That was an early in development deal and this is a mid to end stage development deal. The fruit on the tree is not only closer to being attained it's a bigger obtainable market. Don't forget a GvHD partnership is also coming. Athersys stocks will trade over $15.40 a share in 2015.

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    Japan deal = $6 before data $15.40 after

    by biojax 13 hours ago

    It's always been THE END OF THE 1st Q. Give or take a couple of weeks... it's right on time!

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    Japan deal = $6 before data $15.40 after

    by biojax 13 hours ago

    Don't forget Roche holds a majority stake in Chugai... Roche also bid 10 billion for full control. Athersys... secured a patent for the MAPC and GvHD in Japan. Big things coming... At hersys is the next Osiris by default as Osiris handed off much of the business to Mesoblast. At hersys will become a better capitalized Osiris and eventually surpass Mesoblast. American companies that follow FDA guidelines always come out ahead when the science is good.

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    Japan deal = $6 before data $15.40 after

    by biojax 13 hours ago

    Agree... that's why the $15.40 comes after data (touchdown). ATHX is now the first round draft pick with many bids being offered and teams jockeying to trade up for a first pick.

  • This is the first of a stream of good news... Obviously to give 10 million up front this close to data release spells success. You did not see this without Chugai knowing the science. This is non dilute share funding and more money coming. This is great news. $4'S were reached in the previous run up to ulcerative colitis... doubt was holding this from a $7 to $8 run up on a much bigger market for stroke. This news just took 90% of doubt away $6 is coming before data. $15.40 After. IMO

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    *** The Ischemic Stroke trial ***

    by biojax Feb 28, 2015 4:32 PM
    biojax biojax Mar 1, 2015 9:16 AM Flag

    more continuation:

    liam Lehman Jr. on 1/13/2015 Athersys is initiating the AMI trial now.

    Graft-versus-Host Disease (GvHD) - expect a phase 2/3 study. In January 2014 Athersys announced new patents in Japan covering GvHD. The FDA provided orphan status to Athersys for this indication. Click: Phase 1 results touted

    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - Experimental Neurology, Investigators say that IV injection MultiStem therapy provided neurovascular protection in a preclinical model for brain injury.

    Progressing towards a phase I/II clinical trial in multiple sclerosis and completing the pre-clinical work for spinal cord injuries.

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - This program may still head towards a more advanced study. Down but not out.

    RTI Surgical's Map3 - A treatment utilizing a license granted from Athersys for the MAPCs used in aiding bone healing.

    Non-MultiStem pipeline depth (non - Stem Cell)
    Obesity drug candidate with fewer side effects - the probable outcome compared to drugs marketed today. This will be a highly selective agonist at the serotonin receptor 5HT2c site.

    Random Activation of Gene Expression (RAGE) program - This program isolates compounds for potential drug development. Bristol Myers Squib has paid Athersys more than once for screened compounds.

    The above list for Athersys is actually more extensive... Athersys has potential well beyond where it's market cap is recognizing. What's in potential? Ask the Alnylam investor who knows that Alnylam has marketed nothing to date or just take a look at Alnylam and the 8.50 billion market cap.

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    *** The Ischemic Stroke trial ***

    by biojax Feb 28, 2015 4:32 PM
    biojax biojax Feb 28, 2015 4:47 PM Flag

    continued from above:

    share price to at least $15.40 in short order on successful phase II data from the ischemic stroke trial.

    Partnering news is becoming exceedingly likely in areas like:

    GvHD which is in the process of completing a phase 2/3 registration study design. That, however, is not where potential partnerships end. There is growing evidence that companies involved in RNAi, RNA, and mRNA technologies want to combine forces with adult stem cell companies. Don't under estimate that value. RNAi company Alnylam trades over $100 a share without anything marketed. It's often about potential as is the case with Alnylam (ALNY).

    Look at this potential:

    Pipeline depth - MultiStem
    Ischemic Stroke (IS) - Awaiting phase 2 data Q1 2015

    Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) - Grant just awarded to support a phase 2a clinical study in the United Kingdom.

    Polymer patches for Diabetic Foot Ulcers - (DFUs) - are a significant and rapidly growing complication of diabetes and its effects on wound healing. Over half of diabetic patients who develop a single ulcer will subsequently develop another ulcer of which the majority will become chronic non-healing ulcers. One-third will progress to lower extremity amputation. Over the past decade, the outcomes for patients with DFUs ulcers have not improved, despite advances in wound care. Successful treatment of diabetic foot ulcers is hindered by the lack of targeted therapy that hones in on the healing processes dysregulated by diabetes. Stem cells are a promising treatment for DFUs as they are capable of targeting, as well as bypassing, the underlying abnormal healing mechanisms and deranged cell signaling in diabetic wounds and promote healing.

    Bone marrow-derived MAPCs appear to synthesize higher amounts of collagen and several growth and angiogenic factors, when compared to native dermal fibroblasts, indicating a potential use in accelerating wound healing.

    Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) - According to Will

  • For those who listened to news conferences before the ulcerative colitis trial, you will remember Gil down played the trial frequently warning "MultiStem won't work in every application".

    This is not the case with ischemic stroke. In fact Gil's said the following:

    (On February 10th, 2015) at the 17th Annual BIO CEO and Investor Conference held in New York: "This trial is likely to be successful for a variety of reasons".

    Even more recently WST (wall_street_titan) points out correctly Gil just said: "We believe we will have SIGNIFICANT EFFECT here."

    Investors should know this trial was proven so safe that it was recommended Athersys use the higher dose for the remainder of the trial a ways back. This will likely also as shown pre-clinically mean more efficacy.

    Here is news all investors should know about -
    For almost three years now, stroke victims at Erlanger's clinic who meet certain criteria can have stem cell treatment through a study funded by Athersys Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio. The stem cells come from the bone marrow of healthy donors and they're transformed in a New Jersey laboratory into cells similar to brain neurons.

    Patients taking part in the trial at Erlanger receive a dose of up to 1.2 billion stem cells, which comes in a single bag and looks like a bag of brownish-colored blood plasma. Six people have chosen to have the stem cells injected at Erlanger — which doesn't cost them anything, since Athersys pays for it.

    "It's like 'why not?'" said Katrina Barton, the certified clinical research coordinator who helps Devlin oversee the study. "We've seen some results that have been very impressive. The thing that's impressed me the most is the improvement at day 30."

    Further, Athersys may be able to obtain breakthrough designation and consequently file a NDA on the phase II data alone. That could really make things interesting for the share price going forward. That fact and the potential accelerated pathway to market in Japan will reset the

  • biojax biojax Feb 27, 2015 11:14 PM Flag

    I'll answer that. The MAPC has shown to be more potent, is more plastic, and does have the ability to be produced on a larger scale from a single donor.

  • For all those who wanted a pullback.... down from $2.76 is certainly an opportunity :-)

  • biojax biojax Feb 25, 2015 1:39 AM Flag

    Old and dispelled .... reaching again. I did an article on it. All old timers know since then the findings have been reproduced.

  • biojax biojax Feb 24, 2015 4:20 PM Flag

    The patent is good against other companies who try to use the MAPC... all the court said is that these are not the same cells so the patent Athersys has does not protect in this case. It also means the other company can't make claims against Athersys. Athersys filed in the first place.

    Do you really think I don't understand patents? I've done past articles on them. There are a lot of similar cells in this field to include Mesoblasts MPC line. Anyway the next big thing is going to be RNAi manipulation of stem cells to get better outcomes... IMO

    Athersys is a winner. Good luck.

  • biojax biojax Feb 24, 2015 4:09 PM Flag

    Read my blog post on the topic... patents are in tact. Two different inventions... meaning cell types. The other company can't go after Athersys either and Athersys is the further out in front company. The other company has next to nothing. Old news from somebody who played this the wrong way reaching for anything.

  • biojax biojax Feb 24, 2015 3:59 PM Flag

    Good luck with that lie. The news is old and if I was wrong institutions would have flushed this down the toilet. Instead we see a lot of buying including today. You don't care anyway and have an agenda. Your flipper buddies must be #$%$ off at your non effect.

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