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    ❤ Athersys share price today ❤

    by guswhist Feb 4, 2016 10:41 AM
    biojax biojax Feb 4, 2016 11:42 AM Flag

    In actuality Multistem is further along because HLCR011 hasn't completed their equivalent of stroke Phase 2. There is absolutely no reason that Healios won't seek conditional approval for Multistem. Many investors don't realize how close Athersys is to triggering another milestone payment and initiating royalties for sales during this next trial.

    They borrowed money to make this deal with Athersys happen, Applying for conditional approval for stroke treatment as soon as possible is near... start reimbursement (and ATHX can start getting paid) as soon as possible.

    Biocision Warmers and Terumo Bioreactors are making it all more affordable making the trial cost effective. Athersys isn't fooling around anymore. They know the time is now and investors should seek early entry (sub $1.50 entry) while it lasts.

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    what press release really means

    by redsox1916 Jan 7, 2016 4:16 PM
    biojax biojax Jan 8, 2016 8:47 AM Flag

    It can't treat better than the drug (chemo agent) it carries because it's the same drug. Actually it did do better at delivering a greater quantity if the drug to the tumor site. BIND's Accurins reduced side effects and people who post negative lies are the reason it's down. You may be the one getting a big bonus? I guess you've done well with the negative posts like the one I'm replying?

  • Looks like someone is buying stealth style? Anyway this is key stuff coming up in 2016

    The fact is it does look like Accurins work and deliver to hard to reach treatment cancers without poisoning the healthy tissue. This will resilt in a lot of happy patients who have already exhausted othe treatment options.

  • To new investors this means data can be released as it becomes available. This is certainly good news for longs in Arrowhead stock. What is Monarch new players might ask, During 2015 Arrowhead initiated five multiple-dose studies of ARC-520 in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, which they call MONARCH. That's a simple as it can be stated.

    The CEO stated in the last earnings that "I would put our safety profile up against any of our competitors in the HBV and the RNAi fields". Very good news again for longs.

    Below some reason for excitement:

    Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD) Hepatitis C drug, has become a major blockbuster, and rumors that started at the end of 2014 indicate that Gilead now is interested in buying Arrowheadfor their Hepatitis B drug. Gilead has more than $6 billion cash, so buying Arrowhead, which has an enterprise value of approximately $350 million, is a very reasonable decision for them. Consider the fact that Hepatitis B is more contagious than Hepatitis C and hence more common, if ARC-520 trial proves to successful this acquisition seems very likely. Gilead's not the only interested party however. Shire plc NASDAQ: (SHPG) has also kept an eye on the happenings at Arrowhead. In fact Shire already has a collaboration and license agreement with Arrowhead to develop Peptide-Targeted Therapeutics. Last but, not least Merck is also interested in Arrowhead and holds a antibody evaluation agreement with Arrowhead.

    Not to brag, however, I know how to combat the level II games andf I'm long. You will start seeing the correct valuation going forward. A little bit at a time. Sometimes a lot at a time. Have nice dreams shorts... buy to cover before it's to late ;-)

  • Shorting should be illegal and that's the normal kind. With normal shorting.... say 10 shares exist in the world and you own all 10. Now you keep them hoping the price will go up in a brokerage account. Behind your back your broker loans out the shares to someone who sells to the buy pressure that would have helped you. Not only did you lose that buy pressure, now you think you own shares and so does the new buyer creating two people who think they both own 10 shares. This makes a dilution of 10 shares... now the person who sold your ten shares spreads lies about the company so they can buy shares back cheaper. Guess what, the person who bought your borrowed shares decides to sell cheap on the planted lies scaring the price down. Did that help you the one who bought an honest long position?

    The market making firms claim that they need to short to maintain liquidity. This is an outright lie. In time of market duress the powers that make the rules have suspended shorting in many securities and trading continued just fine. The market making firms love shorting as it allows them to make a lot of money and has nothing to do with being needed or fair.

    Naked Shorting also exists, a whole new level of dishonest practice where shares are not even borrowed. Rather these shares are printed out of thin air. If the stock price goes up these naked shorts often fail to cover and just disappear from the books also known as shorting without any skin in the game. This also is a reason for "fail to deliver" they had no shares to deliver.
    Shorts can short and then put an even bigger short sell in to coax the price down with no intent the second larger order even fill.

    All the above on top of people who hold a large core position long and who sell a portion of the core position when the stock rises then use shares still held to play level II games trying to buy the shares sold cheaper again. Manipulation can be through showing large sells to coax the price down or planting bad news.

  • Gilead has its hepatitis C market with Sovaldi generating approximately $2.8 billion dollars in Q3 2014. You think that’s a lot? ARC-520 if eventually approved could make a lot more because the Hepatitis B market believe it or not is actually bigger than the Hepatitis C market. That means that Gilead Sciences would be the powerhouse in both if it could acquire Arrowhead.

  • The science of RNA interference is moving rapidly toward marketable cures.

    Our DNA is, in effect, locked and protected in a cellular clean room without a door. DNA does, however, send out messages with the order to turn genes on or off. Those messages are RNA, or ribonucleic acid.

    Therefore, the right RNA sequence can be introduced to the body to modify the behavior of virtually any gene. This is RNA interference (RNAi) and it provides the ability to control specific genes and the proteins these produce. Those proteins, in turn, are the key to most human diseases. The companies that own those therapies will, in turn, become the new pharm giants — or they will be acquired by existing pharma, delivering enormous profits to stockholders.

    The challenge has been the delivery of RNAi drugs to cells. RNA is a large fragile molecule that doesn’t penetrate cellular membranes under normal circumstances. Also, the body tends to clear itself of RNAi drugs almost immediately, whether through the kidneys or inside the cell itself. Nuclease, which exists inside the cell, breaks down RNA. For this reason, intense research has been concentrating on carrier molecules that can transport the RNA as a payload.

    Arrowhead has built its pipeline and strategy around nanoparticles that shepherd fragile RNAi drugs as they move through the body to their target cells. Delivering RNAi drugs into the right cells. Arrowhead particles, which it calls “dynamic polyconjugates,” solve the problem.

  • Another attack late in the morning or at lunch. Nothing new shorts to make me think you won't pay. Next week expect sentiment to reverse because all the news has of late been positive. Given the time I'll have and free money next week... I'd say you should be buying to cover while you can under $6 it won't last.

  • biojax biojax Jul 1, 2015 10:23 AM Flag

    A Phase II study in metastatic breast cancer with IMP321 is due to start in H215; the product has potential across many tumours, with other immunotherapies and chemotherapy.

    Wayne Holman invested through Ridgeback for a good reason.

  • CVac is made by harvesting the patient’s autologous dendritic cells and then pulsing the cells with mucin 1 (MUC1)- glutathione S-transferase, a recombinant human fusion protein. The charged dendritic cells are then re- injected intradermally into the patient to stimulate a T-cell response targeting MUC1-overexpressing cells.

    We now know this treatment works and a partner shall be forthcoming.

  • biojax by biojax Apr 8, 2015 5:47 PM Flag

    If you don't like risk sell now over $3

    if you like the science and odds that you alone determined buy or hold.

    i continue to hold.

    good luck to athersys and those in need of this potential therapy.

    my posts have always been just private opinion.

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