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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 25, 2016 12:42 PM Flag

    LOL! Pumpers are working so hard to make PRAN pps at least $4 but their attempts are still useless. Nobody cares about recent false promises about PBT2 as a "phenomenal HD drug" that is almost in Phase 3 :-)
    Only one event is valuable now - lift of PCH for Ph3 HD with 250 mg daily dosing. Looks like that PRAN CEO wants to have lift of PCH as a trump card: when PRAN pps will start to decline he will use it. Indeed, they know that FDA will respond during 30 calendar days after they get Complete Response so if they have now good data for PBT2 safety at 250 mg daily they can send it any time. Question is what if they don't have good data and afraid to send Complete Response? What if they know that FDA will reject it and put Ph3 HD in inactive status? In this case it will be also better for them to postpone a sending of Complete Response and have longer happy life. Definitely, PRAN can't wait more than 1.5 year (after PCH start) with sending PCH i.e. they should send it before July 2016. If they didn't the scenario #2 (nothing good to send) is most probable. In this case PRAN holders must be ready to have pps drop to $1 and below.

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  • After March 9-10 pps declined to $3 and further to $2.84 after official 1:6 RS event . So, finally PRAN pps return to before 1:6 RS price i.e. to 64 cents per share that is practically historically lowest PRAN pps.
    Should PRAN holders that bought PRAN 5-6 years ago for $2-3 (before RS price) celebrate "jump" to 64 cents ? Very unlikely.
    Well, next promised event is lift of PCH for Ph3 HD. PRAN pumpers are promising a huge jump to $10-15 range. But look at CARA pps that had Ph3 trial on hold and recently the hold was lifted. Any huge spike? Nope. PRAN pumpers just forgot to say that Ph3 HD will take 4-5 years and it will be very expensive. So, spike to $10-15 is very unlikely. Nobody wants to have dead money for next 4-5 years.
    Most probably PCH lift will induce some very short spike to $5-6 range ($1 in before RS price) and then pps will again decline to $3-4 range for 2-3 years.
    BTW PCH lift is not 100% probable event - FDA can easy reject PRAN Complete Response. In this case we can easy see $1 pps.

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  • will show a significant reduction in the rate of clinical decline: 80% by weeks 50 and 102 relative to controls, as measured using psychometric tools, AXON AD drug will become absolutely worthless. AXON pps will drop below $1 in one day because their AD drug has very weak (if any) effect on slow down of cognition decline.
    Funds/institutions already sold the majority of their stakes in AXON and they know that they have only 2 months to sell all shares before AXON crash.
    The best strategy will be short AXON at the end of May/June and wait for Ph3 AD TauRx results release in July.
    Read (wwwDOTbiotechinvestDOTnet/axon_scam.html) and think.

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    The Pump Goes On

    by copper725 Apr 22, 2016 9:14 AM
    biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 22, 2016 10:53 AM Flag

    LOL! When new yorkers hear BS like "Dr. Rudy Tanzi as its Chief Scientific Advisor, who is one of the most honored research scientists in the world" usually answer is "show me your money" :-) You can repeat your mantra about Tanzi geniality many times, sing panegyrics to him but facts are simple: his so-called "metal theory of AD" is a pure BS and his drug PBT2 can cure nothing. All PRAN holders have huge losses and will continue losing money with this scam biotech.
    But it's possible no to lose money with PRAN scam but earn it. There is a simple strategy: not buy now when pps is going to decline during all summer but buy PRAN after PCH lift but for very short time, then sell and short this scam. Ph3 HD will be very long (may be more than 4 years) and expensive so PRAN will dilute stock at least 1-2 times during this time. So short positions will earn you good money. Finally in some 2020 Ph3 HD will again attract some attention so it's better cover short positions before and wait for run up. Since PRAN is scam and PBT2 most likely will fail Ph3 HD it will be better to sell at high before trial results release and short again. After Ph3 HD fail to meet primary goals PRAN pps will crashed to the ground and never recover.
    That is my plan to make money with scam biotech like PRAN, ORMP, AXON, BLUE etc. They all are in my Biotech scam list and access to PRAN folder is open:

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 4:35 PM Flag

    LOL! "why are you wasting your (and our) time here?"
    But why "wasting"? If I'm here it means that I'm not wasting my time :-) May be I'm just studying characters like you on YMBs? You and other pumpers are like guinea pigs for me - I'm just testing you. BTW where is rkf? It was so funny character and suddenly he/she disappeared from your pack :-)
    So, don't worry about my time :-)
    The statement about smart and rich is good for modern life. Some people are rich but not smart, other smart but not rich just because they don't want to be rich. Some people have big money but never spend them for any luxury things. World is different now in comparison with your father world.
    BTW, why you are here and wasting your time on protecting scam biotech? Something personal? Have high probability of AD because of genetics? PRAN PBT2 will not cure. Just wait for July when TauRx will release Ph3 AD results. 70% probability that their AD drug will meet primary goals.

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 4:15 PM Flag

    eso, just open 5y PRAN chart - it looks terrible :-) Jan 27, 2014 pps was almost $70 (in current price after 1:6 RS). What are you talking about when mentioned "30%+ over the last 15 trading days"?
    Even PRAN buyers who bought this scam in 2010-11 now have 65% losses. Even if PRAN pps spike to $10 those buyers will only get their money back. Only pps $15 will give them some gain.
    But even PCH lift will not induce such spike. It's unreal. Probable maximum spike can reach $6-7 range and then it will decline. And you know why. Ph3 HD will be very long and expensive trial - the results will be known only after 4-5 years i.e. in 2020-21. Too long time.

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 3:53 PM Flag

    Wow! we already see first attempt :-) Very weak one of course :-) Kempler is very busy because didn't presented today but sent his substitute :-) definitely, he is preparing HUGE NEWS that will induce enormous pps spike to $6 and higher :-)

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  • patented by Prana inventors but such kind of event is laughable :-)
    Any other ideas for PRAN pumping? Possible lift of PCH for Ph3 HD is not counted :-)
    May be some news from Tanzi lab? Something like that they finally cured AD but unfortunately only in a dish :-)
    Future Phase 1 PD trial with new compound PBTXXX?
    Pumpers, you must work hard and invent something very attractable :-)
    Nobody will buy news about possible PBT2 anti-microbial activity...
    Adamant holders of 9M PRAN shares are waiting for some new promises. They are so tired and desperate by 95% losses....

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 1:57 PM Flag

    0.005 mg/kg = 5 mcg/kg
    so, this is correct: now in Ph3 they use 1/10 and 1/5 dosage that was used bunionectomy surgery. But look at dosing regiment:
    Drug: CR845 IV 1 mcg/kg
    CR845 IV 1 mcg/kg will be administered as an IV bolus one hour prior to anesthetic induction for surgery, again within 30 minutes of the patient being considered stable in the post operative recovery room, then 2 hours following that Baseline dose. Subsequent dosing will be administered at 6, 12 and 18 hours after the Baseline dose.
    Thus, it will at least 6 IV injections each 1 mcg/kg during 18 hours.
    If patient in pain after CR845 they have "analgesic rescue medication (morphine 5mg IV), post surgery, as needed. Saline infusion (IV 0.45%) for fluid replenishment will be provided.
    Main goal is to reduce a morphine usage i.e. to prevent possible addiction.

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 1:09 PM Flag

    Looks like PRAN CEO substitute didn't impressed Big Pharma with their fake Huntington's drug candidate :-)
    If they ask her questions the main was: when you send a Complete Response to FDA and at least attempt to lift PCH for Ph3 HD?
    It's interesting what did she answer. Something like "our team of high-ranked experts is still working and they are very close to produce final draft"? Almost 15 months of hard work and nothing? Definitely, Big Pharma was laughing on her and asked her never said BS like this :-)

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 12:08 PM Flag

    actually CARA already tested low doses like 0.5 ug/kg and 1 ug/kg of CR845 in Phase 2 Safety and Pharmacokinetics of IV CR845 in Hemodialysis Patients, and Its Efficacy in Patients With Uremic Pruritus
    Pruritus and looks like they already have results.
    Uremic Pruritus
    Drug: Part A: Placebo
    Drug: Part A: CR845 0.5 mcg/kg
    Drug: Part A: CR845 1.0 mcg/kg
    Drug: Part A: CR845 2.5 mcg/kg
    Drug: Part B: Placebo
    Drug: Part B: CR845 1.0 mcg/kg
    Study Completion Date: July 2015
    Primary Completion Date: July 2015 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)
    Also they had tested single dose 5 ug/kg in Ph2 A Phase 2 Study to Evaluate Analgesic Effect of IV CR845 For Pain Following Bunionectomy Surgery
    CR845 dosage = 0.005 mg/kg per dose, IV bolus. The initial dose was administered upon reaching a qualifying pain intensity score and followed by a supplemental dose, if requested by patient for pain. Additional doses could be administered every 8 hours up to 48 hours.
    Other Name: Active treatment for post-operative pain
    The Phase 2 trial, referred to as CLIN2003, was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of I.V. CR845 (0.005 mg/kg/dose) in 51 women and men undergoing a primary unilateral first-metatarsal bunionectomy surgery at a single site in the United States. Patients received an initial bolus dose of I.V. CR845 or placebo at randomization, and again, at the patient's request, 30-60 minutes later, and thereafter, as needed, up to every 8 hours (until hour 40) over a 48-hour dosing period. Fentanyl was available as "rescue" medication for any patient not reporting adequate pain relief. In the Completer Analysis, the I.V. CR845 treatment arm met the trial's primary endpoint of a statistically significant reduction in pain intensity, as measured by the SPID score, over the initial 24 hour time period (SPID0-24; p

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    CARA is dead money.

    by bmcquade46 Apr 20, 2016 11:25 PM
    biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 11:16 AM Flag

    CARA Institutional Ownership 74.46%
    Total Shares Outstanding (millions) 27
    Total Value of Holdings (millions) $156
    Active Positions
    Increased Positions 53 3,156,424
    Decreased Positions 42 1,424,265
    Held Positions 14 15,712,823
    Total Institutional Shares 109 20,293,512

    Owner Name Date Shared Held Change (Shares) Change (%) Value (in 1,000s)
    FMR LLC 12/31/2015 3,876,023 (23,600) (0.61) 29,768
    RHO CAPITAL PARTNERS INC 12/31/2015 2,668,057 0 0.00 20,491
    SECTORAL ASSET MANAGEMENT INC 12/31/2015 1,212,578 189,269 18.50 9,313
    EVERPOINT ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC 12/31/2015 900,000 450,000 New 6,912
    BLACKROCK FUND ADVISORS 12/31/2015 853,145 (49,804) (5.52) 6,552
    MILLENNIUM MANAGEMENT LLC 12/31/2015 781,255 (41,145) (5) 6,000
    VANGUARD GROUP INC 12/31/2015 657,030 119,363 22.20 5,046
    JENNISON ASSOCIATES LLC 12/31/2015 656,467 2,009 .31 5,042
    RIDGEBACK CAPITAL INVESTMENTS L.P. 12/31/2015 622,140 622,140 New 4,778
    CHESAPEAKE PARTNERS MANAGEMENT CO INC/MD 12/31/2015 618,140 8,983 1.48 4,747
    FRANKLIN RESOURCES INC 12/31/2015 611,400 0 0.00 4,696

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    they dropped the highest dose

    by marketguru422 Apr 20, 2016 7:54 AM
    biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 21, 2016 11:12 AM Flag

    it actually very good sign. you should read between lines to understand it:
    "Our unblinded analysis of the initial cohort of patients has identified interim efficacy signals for pain, supplemental opioid use and opioid-related side effects that support our dose selections. We look forward to continuing patient recruitment next month and to providing further updates on our progress later this year.”
    Key words here are: "unblinded" "identified interim efficacy signals for pain" said Derek Chalmers, Ph.D., D.Sc., President and Chief Executive Officer of Cara Therapeutics.
    CARA CEO non-directly state that now they know that even low doses of CR845 (1 ug/kg and may be even lower i.e. 0.5 ug/kg) are very effective for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. They even remove 2 ug/kg dosing that actually never induce an increasing of serum sodium level:
    "Out of 90 total patients dosed to date, four patients in the highest CR845 dose group (5 ug/kg) exhibited transient serum sodium levels equal to or greater than 150 mmol/L (mild-to-moderate hypernatremia). All four patients were asymptomatic and sodium levels resolved to normal levels (

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  • World Orphan Drug Congress USA
    April 20-22, 2016
    Washington Hilton, DC

    Conference Day One
    Thursday, April 21, 2016
    11.00 PBT2, a Phase II/III Huntington's drug candidate with benefits in cognition and function
    Birgit Anderegg, VP, Business Development, Prana Biotechnology

    11.20 RP103, a novel and potentially disease-modifying therapy for Huntington’s Disease
    World Orphan Drug Congress USA
    Antoun Nabhan, VP Corporate Development, Raptor Phamaceuticals

    Actually Raptor is my next challenge to crack. Is it biotech scam or gem? Is RP103 is real or fake drug for HD?
    Looks like funds/institutions like RPTP more than PRAN: 57% shares have ins/fund vs. PRAN 1%
    Question who will fool investors and potential partners better?
    RP103 that is is a cysteamine bitartrate vs. PBT2 that is a simple metal chelator?
    One thing common: both RPTP and PRAN drugs are claimed as drugs for multiple and different diseases.

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 20, 2016 5:55 PM Flag

    come on, it's not a lot of time :-) just minutes
    And I already explain why I have interest in PRAN particularly. Will explain it again: PRAN is one of 3 scam biotechs that claim that they have AD drug (2 others are AXON and AVXL).
    I'm monitoring all 3 to make money on binary events. It was very good event when PRAN release Ph2 AD results so I had very good gain on both run up and pps crash. I'm waiting for the same events for AXON and AVXL now.
    PRAN is still alive and claim now that they will test PBT2 as HD drug. So, I'm here again to make money on both run up and crash.
    BTW, I never hide my opinions about scams: just read my posts on AXON, ORMP, AVXL MB s. But also I never hide my opinions about biotech gems: read CARA MB for example.
    Don't you have anything better to do with your remaining time on earth?
    Sure, a lot of things :-) And one of my numerous hobbies is to crack puzzles/challenges :-)
    All biotechs are puzzles and I'm cracking/solving them. PRAN is cracked and the answer is SCAM. CARA is a GEM.
    I'm making money by solving challenges at InnoCentive and I'm making money by solving biotech companies. Both enough successfully.
    But why you are here, learn? Hope to make money on PRAN when they will get successful HD drug in some 2020? I can assure you: you will lose all your invested money with PRAN if you think that this scam has real drugs for AD, HD or PD.

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 20, 2016 2:40 PM Flag

    learn, you sounds like a delusional idiot :-)
    * nobody (and especially Big Pharma) cares about some MPAC (they know that they are just metal chelators and will cure nothing)
    * PRAN pipeline has PBT2 in late stage and it's already failed to be effective for AD
    * there is no any powerful research supporting PRAN approach, just BS generated in Tanzi lab
    * there is no any increasing recognition, Nova presentation was just an empty talk.
    So, you can continue live in your delusional world and explain PRAN pps decline to $1 by some conspiracy theories. Truth is simple here: if FDA lift PCH with 250 mg PBT2 dosing PRAN will survive 3-4 years more, if not - PRAN pps will decline to cents again and this scum biotech will file bankruptcy after they spend all money on management, CEO, Tanzi salaries and bonuses.

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  • Cara Therapeutics Announces Removal of FDA Clinical Hold on CLIN3001 Postoperative Pain Trial for I.V. CR845
    The results of this safety data review confirmed that increases in serum sodium levels in CR845-treated patients beyond the normal range were dose-dependent and asymptomatic with the lowest frequency of events found in the 1 ug/kg I.V. CR845 group. Based on this safety review and an analysis of efficacy trends, the study will continue as a three-arm trial testing two doses of CR845 (1 ug/kg and 0.5 ug/kg) versus placebo.

    "Out of 90 total patients dosed to date, four patients in the highest CR845 dose group (5 ug/kg) exhibited transient serum sodium levels equal to or greater than 150 mmol/L (mild-to-moderate hypernatremia). All four patients were asymptomatic and sodium levels resolved to normal levels (

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 19, 2016 8:53 AM Flag

    LOL! "See you at $$30 soon" :-) I see that eso really has some mental problems :-) He think that PRAN scam pps can jump to $30 soon. What kind of news can induce such spike? Even lift of PCH can only modestly move pps i.e. maximum to $6 (pps $1 before 1:6 RS). With very weak (if any) results of test of 250 mg PBT2 in Ph2 HD Prana can't attract any partners so they will pay all Ph3 trial expenses alone. Ph3 HD will take at least 4 years and minimum $20-25M. Everybody understands how PRAN can raise money: dilution.
    So, current buyers at $3.50 will definitely see firstly $3 (not delusional $30) and then $2 and below.
    But in 2020 before Ph3 HD trial results release (if any) we will have very interesting game here: pps run up, may be even pps spike to $10-15 range right before results release. Now investing in PRAN is crazy idea i.e. only for crazy delusional eso that may be has a big brain but only because his brain is swelled :-) BTW, eso, do you know that there is no correlation between brain size and mental abilities i.e. people with high IQ never have bigger brains than people with lower IQ?

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 18, 2016 3:57 PM Flag

    I think everybody already knows the answer: NO. Alzheimer’s-in-a-dish is just a model and enough complicate model i.e. 3D culture of iPS cells that can't be used for high-content cell-based assays. Tanzi and his cronies can "discover" any effects there (even that PBT2 is very effective and dissolve both tau tangles and amyloid plaques) because they know that this model system is not 100% reproducible. If someone try to repeat their experiments they can always use very simple argument: it's very rare effect, try to repeat experiments again and again and may be you will get it.
    BTW did Tanzi had tested methylene blue or Congo red, inhibitors of tau aggregation in his AD-in-dish model (see below)?

    Neurobiol Dis. 2016 Mar;87:19-28. doi: 10.1016/j.nbd.2015.12.006. Epub 2015 Dec 17.
    Caspase-cleaved tau exhibits rapid memory impairment associated with tau oligomers in a transgenic mouse model.
    Kim Y1, Choi H1, Lee W1, Park H1, Kam TI1, Hong SH1, Nah J1, Jung S1, Shin B1, Lee H1, Choi TY2, Choo H1, Kim KK3, Choi SY2, Kayed R4, Jung YK5.
    In neurodegenerative diseases like AD, tau forms neurofibrillary tangles, composed of tau protein. In the AD brain, activated caspases cleave tau at the 421th Asp, generating a caspase-cleaved form of tau, TauC3. Although TauC3 is known to assemble rapidly into filaments in vitro, a role of TauC3 in vivo remains unclear. Here, we generated a transgenic mouse expressing human TauC3 using a neuron-specific promoter. In this mouse, we found that human TauC3 was expressed in the hippocampus and cortex. Interestingly, TauC3 mice showed drastic learning and spatial memory deficits and reduced synaptic density at a young age (2-3months). Notably, tau oligomers as well as tau aggregates were found in TauC3 mice showing memory deficits. Further, i.p. or i.c.v. injection with methylene blue or Congo red, inhibitors of tau aggregation in vitro, and i.p. injection with rapamycin significantly reduced the amounts of tau oligomers in the hippocampu

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  • biotech_invest biotech_invest Apr 15, 2016 3:29 PM Flag

    short positions? I don't have any?
    Moreover, currently I have 10k shares of ORMP at average $7 and most likely will keep at least 5k through trial results release. Just read my twits below about ORMP and you will see that I have some special strategy for such stocks.
    It's very simple and trivial: buy at low, sell and take profit at spike. Now I'm waiting for very good spike (I explained at my website why) but I'll immediately sell ORMP at high. Then I will wait for right moment to short ORMP (may be immediately after news release). ORMP is a scam company but it's "smart" one. Bloomberg, Barrons and other their friends will help them to present any even modest results from Ph2 insulin pills as a "breakthrough in insulin treatment". But then all this noise will gone and many investors that will buy ORMP at high will lose money.
    Be wise when invest in biotechs and be twice wiser if you invest in scam biotechs.

    BiotechInvest ‏@Biotech_Invest 19 Nov 2015
    11/19/15: will buy ORMP: short-term spec BUY, nearest catalyst event Phase II for Oral insulin pills ORMD-0801 (possible pps jump to $10)

    BiotechInvest ‏@Biotech_Invest 30 Nov 2015
    11/30/15: sold ORMP for profit (will buy again at deep i.e. around $8 or below);

    BiotechInvest ‏@Biotech_Invest 14 Dec 2015
    12/14/15: ORMP pps is good for new entry (will buy more at $8.50 and below), bought more PRSN at $0.65 and tendered for $1 (Dec 18 deadline)

    BiotechInvest ‏@Biotech_Invest Mar 31
    3/31/16: ORMP Phase II Safety and Efficacy Study of Oral ORMD-0801 in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Estimated Study Completion Date:March,16

41.6636-0.1864(-0.45%)2:19 PMEDT