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    NVAX: Next Gen Biotech Superstar…

    by birdyvax Mar 27, 2015 12:51 PM
    birdyvax birdyvax Apr 17, 2015 8:46 AM Flag

    - CIDRAP confirms what NVAX has been saying for years. ‘Nueraminidase matters.’ (Protect against influenza viruses.) Big Pharma doesn't talk about the NA component, is because THEY CAN'T... As CIDRAP pointed out, "Current flu vaccines are designed to target the HA component."
    - NVAX is the ONLY company that can address both the HA and the NA components. Thanks to CIDRAP, the cat is now out of the bag.
    - A new study by the US government, and published in Oxford Journals, just concluded that speed in making a pandemic vaccine is the single most important factor when battling pandemic influenza... NVAX has the fastest vaccine tech on the planet.
    -NVAX’s Ebola vaccine has over 100x fold higher protection than other Ebola vaccines from the Needham presentation. Mark this date...
    - May 12th, FDA Panels meets to discuss Ebola vaccines. (MTSL mentioned this date twice recently.)
    - Patents: Novavax has been awarded new patent for Functional influenza virus-like particles (VLPs). United States Patent: 8,951,537
    - Manufacturing: Flexible and full optimized, staffed and ready to produce millions of doses per
    - Pandemic Preparedness: NVAX poised to be the Worldwide Pandemic Preparedness Solution. (Flu, H7N9, H5N1, Ebola, MERS etc.)
    - Jay Silverman (MTSL): NVAX is my Top Pick for speculative investors for 2015 is an exciting vaccine player with a deep, growing pipeline, suggests Jay Silverman, editor The MTSL. The VLP platform technology of Novavax has created one of the broadest antiviral vaccine pipelines around. The most attractive biotech stocks are those with an impressive and patented pipeline that are 100% owned by the company. That is Novavax.
    - NVAX was published in the prestigious NEJM: The best PR, period. NVAX’s H7N9 results are worthy of an “early online release.” (Robin Robinson: Finally we might have something that works.)
    - Matrix-M: Proprietary saponin-base adjuvant, a proven Winner, (Makes vaccines work better.)
    Thanks to all who contribute...

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 16, 2015 3:57 PM Flag

    NVAX wants your vote...

    "Novavax: We are a clinical-stage vaccine company committed to delivering novel products to prevent a broad range of infectious disease. Our recombinant nanoparticles and Matrix-M adjuvant technology are the basis for ground-breaking innovation that improves global health through safe and effective vaccines.

    3 reasons to vote for us:
    1. Breakthrough clinical data on our RSV F protein vaccine & initiation of 3 new RSV clinical trials
    2. Rapidly developed Ebola vaccine with 100% protection in non-human primates; ongoing clinical trial
    3. Revenue growth of 47% to $300 million, employee growth of 55% to 283 & added new facility

  • Source: Sahara Reporters, New York / Flutrackers April 16, 2015

    “We noticed the strange ailment yesterday (Wednesday),” said Mr. Omole. “Several people lost their sight before they died instantly.
    He stated that, in addition causing blindness, the unknown disease also caused victims’ tongues to swell abnormally, rendering the victims incapable of speech, prior to death within a few hours.
    In a broadcast on a state-owned radio station in Akure, the state capital, the Ondo State Commissioner for Health, Mr. Adeyanju, said the ravaging disease was not Ebola as some feared.
    “The disease has been spread to the whole town and it has been very difficult to trace it to a particular source because it had already spread across the whole local government of Irele,” he said.

    Some local are blaming this on evil spirits. Others are saying it's the work of the CIA. (Ebola didn't work, so try something even more deadly.) It could be that these people were all exposed to a toxin/poison. (Possibly a bad batch of moonshine.)

    Hopefully it's not some horrific new virus. If it is, we will know soon enough. Whatever it is, it has killed about 27 people in the span of 10 short days.

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 16, 2015 9:05 AM Flag

    Good call. just voted but will not vote daily. It's easy to vote. It takes about 30 seconds.

  • "CHICAGO -- The dog flu epidemic in the Chicago area that has sickened over 1,000 dogs and is responsible for the death of at least six is caused by a strain of the virus never seen before in North America.

    This means the current vaccine might not provide protection from the new virus.

    Blum Animal Hospital is Lakeview was one of several to help in isolating the strain H3N2.
    "They think this strain is more virulent," said Dr. Julia Georgesen. "Meaning animals get more sick and they get sick for a longer duration of time. Also this strain can affect cats. We've not seen any cases of that."

    Remember why NVAX said they created their Ebola vaccine? They said they felt morally obligated.
    There is likely an existing vaccine that works against this new strain but what if there isn't? What if this virus starts killing people's pets across the country and there isn't an effective vaccine available? Although I think this scenario is unlikely, if this virus does keep spreading, and if their isn't a vaccine, I would hope NVAX could create a vaccine to save our loving pets.

    All NVAX would have to do is produce a vaccine candidate and say they have the vaccine if someone wants to fund it. There are animal loving, tech billionaires like Larry Ellison that would likely love to fund such a project. Mark Z. Would do it just for 'likes'. Maybe send Stan & Glenn on Shark Tank. Just kidding on the ST but people do love their animals and will go to extraordinary lengths to keep them healthy...

    Or... A Big Pharma, already established in animals vaccines, could look to NVAX tech. Strain matched vaccines in record time.

    If we can save 100% of the NHP from Ebola, why not save man's best friends, from a deadly flu?

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    Keep an eye on Avian Flu

    by bballgm Apr 15, 2015 2:45 PM
    birdyvax birdyvax Apr 15, 2015 4:13 PM Flag

    Bird Flu has been off the charts lately...
    - H5N2 was unheard of in the US a year ago, and now it's in 14 states and spreading fast.
    - H5N1 is at historic levels in Egypt. Now spreading like wildfire through India. (Poultry.)
    - Taiwan had an historic year of Avian Flu with multiple strains and a new strain, H5N3
    - H7N9 is still circulating in China, despite the lack of reporting.
    - H9N2 (The 'Enabler') found in Alaska.
    - Wild birds (often carriers), are unstoppable...
    - Pigs act as 'mixing vessels' Keep an eye on the pigs too.

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    Panel meets this afternoon at 3 pm.... ebola panel

    by rezoom2 Apr 15, 2015 12:38 PM
    birdyvax birdyvax Apr 15, 2015 1:37 PM Flag

    I'm sure there's a Fly on the Wall or two for this Ebola meeting.

    After hours could get interesting today...

    Stan radiated an inner confidence this AM. More pocket Aces IMO.

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 14, 2015 8:58 AM Flag

    Tidbit for you...
    Check out Linkedn...
    Rob Roos of CIDRAP (who wrote the NA article). has 6 NVAX connections listed on his home page:
    Greg Glenn, Gale Smith, Buck Phillips, Amy Fix and Judy Wen.

    CIDRAP carries a lot of weight.

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    by birdyvax Dec 19, 2014 8:08 PM
    birdyvax birdyvax Apr 14, 2015 8:16 AM Flag

    Say it Stan!

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 14, 2015 8:12 AM Flag

    CIDRAP is confirming what NVAX has been saying for years. I've said for years that the only reason Big Pharma doesn't talk about the NA component, is because THEY CAN'T... As CIDRAP pointed out, "Current flu vaccines are designed to target the HA component."

    NVAX is the ONLY company that can address both the HA and the NA components. Thanks to CIDRAP, the cat is now out of the bag. This is huge...

    NVAX's ability to address the NA component, is one of the reasons NVAX got published for its Pandemic H7N9 vaccine in the NEJM back in Nov 2013. It's one of the reasons that BARDA director Robin Robinson said, "we finally might have something that works." Next thing you know, the FDA grants Fast Track designation to NVAX for its H7N9 vaccine.

    Another study by the US government just concluded that speed in making a pandemic vaccine is the single most important factor when battling pandemic influenza... NVAX has the fastest vaccine tech on the planet.

    This and the new CIDRAP article (coupled with the 72% failure of last years flu vaccine), will make it easier for the FDA to issue Fast Track designation for NVAX's seasonal flu vaccine. I think it's almost a given at this point.

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 13, 2015 12:51 PM Flag

    G00GLE this title for the publication:

    "Estimating the Potential Effects of a Vaccine Program Against an Emerging Influenza Pandemic—United States"

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 13, 2015 12:49 PM Flag

    Yah00 keeps deleting most of the post... I'll try again.

    "The rate of vaccine administration and vaccine effectiveness did not influence campaign impact as much as timing of the start of campaign.

    Conclusions. Our findings suggest that efforts to improve the timeliness of vaccine production will provide the greatest impacts for future pandemic vaccination programs. "

  • New study by the US Govt., published in the Oxford Journal indicates that speed in making vaccines is the single most important factor when battling an influenza pandemic.
    Go to the link at the bottom of the page for more.
    After running a simulated H7N9 pandemic, here's what they concluded:

    "Results. The start date of vaccination campaigns most influenced impact; 141 000–2 200 000 hospitalizations and 11 000–281 000 deaths were averted when campaigns started before a pandemic, and

  • "The list of states reporting HPAI H5 continues to expand this morning , with a farm containing 200,000 chickens in Jefferson County Wisconsin the latest to be affected.

    Wisconsin (Sorry Rez), becomes the 14th state to report HPAI H5 – in either wild birds or poultry – since the virus migrated to North America last fall. "
    (Source: Mike Coston's, Avian Flu Diary.)

    All of this in under a year's time. Bird flu spreading extremely fast through the US and Canada. So far, no real danger to humans... unless it mutates which is what viruses do.

    That's why NVAX is so vital to national and international security. A new study by the US Government and published by the Oxford Journal concluded that the single most important factor in stopping emerging influenza pandemics is the speed at which you can make a vaccine in mass quantities. That is the hallmark of NVAX.

  • April 10, 2015
    "THOUSANDS of Queenslanders are waiting for the public rollout of the flu vaccine as higher numbers than usual are struck down by the virus.

    Queensland recorded 1380 lab-confirmed cases of flu in the first quarter, higher than any other state in Australia. The numbers were almost double the state’s average...

    Terry White Chemists has received 4500 bookings for the vaccine but has had to wait until stocks of the formula are released from quarantine.

    “By this weekend we should have a full supply,” the pharmacy chain’s merchandise manager Jeff McEvoy said.

    The vaccine’s production was delayed after the formula was changed to combat two strains from the northern hemisphere winter.

    Queensland Health’s nationally funded seasonal influenza vaccination program usually starts on March 15 but this year is not scheduled to start until April 20.

    The vaccine will be free for elderly, chronically ill, pregnant and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

    Australian Medical Association council of GPs chairman Dr Richard Kidd said the production delay was one of the reasons for the spike.

    “Usually we would’ve started to vaccinate people weeks ago,” he said, adding that GP clinics were being flooded with demand for the vaccine.

    The Council of the Ageing Queensland said it was concerned at the number of confirmed cases before the vaccine became available.

    “There is a lag and we are concerned about it and we would encourage older people to register so that, when it does become available, they do get it first,” council chief executive Mark Tucker-Evans said."

    Australia is still making their flu vaccines using old, slow, egg-based methods. Globally, people are suffering and dying due to mis-matched flu vaccines and slow production process. The FDA has already Fast Tracked NVAX's H7N9 pandemic influenza vaccine, and Fast Tracked RSV maternal... How about Fast Tracking NVAX's seasonal flu vaccine? 72% Failure = Unmet medical need.

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 12, 2015 3:49 PM Flag

    Most have seen this... For those that have not:
    Here's Ted talking NVAX. (Disruptive Tech.)


  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 12, 2015 3:45 PM Flag

    Speaking of Ted...
    Bio: Edward Tenthoff
    Ted Tenthoff is a managing director and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, focused on the drug discovery sector of the biotech industry. He was ranked No. 2 stock picker in biotechnology by the 2012 Wall Street Journal "Best on the Street" survey and was ranked No. 1 stock picker for the life science tools and services sector in the 2006 Starmine Analyst Awards.

  • birdyvax birdyvax Apr 10, 2015 2:23 PM Flag

    "Tomori said that though cases have fallen dramatically, it is too soon to relax. "The three countries had declared themselves (Ebola-free) at one time, only to find dead bodies all over the place later," he wrote in an email."

  • April 10, 2015, Associated Press
    "The World Health Organization says the year-long Ebola outbreak in West Africa still qualifies as an international emergency even though the number of cases has plummeted.

    Last August, the U.N. health agency declared the epidemic of the lethal virus to be a global emergency after the deaths of nearly 1,000 people, mostly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
    At the peak last year, hundreds of new cases were being reported every week. In an update this week, WHO reported there were 30 confirmed cases last week in Guinea and Sierra Leone; the last case in Liberia died on March 27.

    Dr. Bruce Aylward, who is leading WHO's Ebola response, said the decline appeared to be real, rather than just "a pothole on the bumpy road to get to zero cases."

    To date, Ebola is estimated to have infected more than 25,500 people and killed 10,587, mostly in West Africa.

    During a press briefing in Geneva on Friday, Aylward said WHO's Ebola emergency committee believes the risk of the virus spreading globally appears to be dropping even though officials still don't know where the virus is spreading in most cases in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

    "We are still not controlling the epidemic," said Brice de le Vingne, director of operations for Doctors Without Borders, who noted past lulls in the outbreak have often been followed by surges in cases. He said the designation of Ebola as a global emergency is also necessary to speed up paperwork for the ongoing experimental drug and vaccine trials in West Africa.

    Other experts agreed it's too early for WHO to downgrade the status of the biggest-ever Ebola outbreak and warned the recent fall in cases may be deceptive.

    "It is just that we are used to (seeing) large numbers of cases and deaths," said Oyewale Tomori, a Nigerian virologist who sits on WHO's Ebola emergency committee. "These numbers should still frighten us."

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