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  • June 22, 2015
    (Reuters) — The CEO of Polish flagship airline LOT said on Monday that cyber attacks are an industry-wide problem that could confront any carrier at any time.

    Around 1,400 LOT passengers were grounded at Warsaw's Chopin airport on Sunday after hackers attacked the airline's ground computer systems used to issue flight plans.

    “This is an industry problem on a much wider scale, and for sure we have to give it more attention, if it can be given more attention,” Sebastian Mikosz told a news conference.

    “I expect it can happen to anyone anytime.”

  • biztechnologies by biztechnologies Jun 19, 2015 1:29 PM Flag

    Earlier this morning on CNBC, Crammer mentioned he heard another back cyber-hack will be announced soon.

    Does any one know if he has commented any more about this or is there info any where about another big hack?

  • biztechnologies by biztechnologies Jun 16, 2015 12:16 PM Flag

    Box for Office Online is just the latest demonstration of how Box and Microsoft are working together to meet the needs of businesses. In addition to these web based experiences, later this year, the companies intend to further collaborate on integrations with native Office clients on iOS, Android, and Windows

  • Obama says cyber attacks like Office of Personnel Management hack are 'going to accelerate'
    Jun 8, 2015, 11:43am
    Kent Hoover

    Cyber attacks are "going to accelerate," President Barack Obama noted, and protecting government systems from being hacked will be "a big project." Cyber attacks are "going to accelerate," President Barack Obama noted, and protecting… more

    President Barack Obama said Americans should expect more attempts to hack sensitive data from the federal government’s computer systems.

    “This problem is not going away,” Obama said Monday during a news conference in Germany following the end of the G-7 summit. “It is going to accelerate.”

    Personal data of about 4 million current and retired federal employees were obtained by hackers who infiltrated the Office of Personnel Management’s computer system, the government announced last week. Now ABC News reports that personal information about Americans who never worked for the government also may have been compromised.

    Obama said both criminals and foreign governments are “sending everything they’ve got trying to breach these systems.”

  • POS malware hits US retailers including Jimmy John's 'gourmet sandwich' chain

    Gourmet sandwich cyber-hack leaves FBI in a pickle

    The FBI has stepped in to issue a new malware warning after a restaurant chain's credit card system was compromised last week across several US states. The Jimmy John's ‘gourmet sandwich' chain was among other trading names linked to a cyber-attack designed to steal customers' personal financial data.

    The FBI's own cyber-investigators identified notorious malware-related software signatures used in Point-of-Sale (POS) systems known as Punkey. The name derives from a 1980s era US sitcom about a little girl called Punky Brewster.

    An FBI alert known as a Flash notice has stated that in the past year, there has been an increase in restaurants, casinos, hotels and resorts targeted by POS malware. The Bureau (as it is known) further states that cybercriminals today infect victim networks to extract credit card information and quickly monetise it within cyber-criminal forums.

    If you look at the most high profile breaches on retailer POS networks, their POS systems and IT networks were supported by third-party providers. These organisations often use remote access tools to manage those devices. If those third party companies don't exercise good hygiene around access control, then they can be compromised. Once a hacker gets inside this network, they can then use that privileged account to compromise the retailer and then upload malware, like Poseidon, to multiple victims' POS systems,” said Blankenstein.

  • biztechnologies by biztechnologies Jun 2, 2015 11:33 AM Flag

    This weekend, the US pledged to help beef up Japan’s cyber defence. Two days later, The Japan Times is reporting that 1.25 million sets of personal data from its pension system were leaked in a huge cyberattack.

    The $US1.1 trillion Japan Pension Service said Monday that an employee opened an emailed virus, triggering the massive breach. (A reminder: don’t open suspicious attachments, friends!) Over a million people’s names, birth dates, addresses, or pension IDs have been compromised.

    The security partnership announced over the weekend has particular goals: to bolster defences against cyberattacks on Japan’s military bases and infrastructure, like power grids. Japan’s military cyber defence personnel only hits 90 members, a number dwarfed by the Pentagon’s 6000.

    But institutions like the Japan Pension Service obviously need protection, too — Japan’s a rapidly ageing country whose pension fund is the biggest in the world.

    Meanwhile, the US barely has control over its own cybersecurity. Some of 2015’s Greatest Cyberattack Hits so far include stolen tax returns from the IRS and a huge leak of Anthem customers’ personal info.

  • In a recent analyst call David Dewalt said each time there is an international hacking it serves as stimulus to their revenues...

    Will be interesting to see how he comments at tomorrow's FEYE Analyst Day.

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    Japan's pension system just hacked

    by willy211685 Jun 1, 2015 9:06 PM
    biztechnologies biztechnologies Jun 2, 2015 9:25 AM Flag

    I believe FEYE has at least 3 offices in Japan...

  • biztechnologies by biztechnologies May 26, 2015 10:00 AM Flag

    THE CYBERWIRE (Monday, May 26, 2015) — Saudi Arabia's foreign ministry may have suffered a breach, possibly at the hands of the "Yemen Cyber Army," an Anonymous-flavored dissident outfit. (And see Passcode's discussion of why Anonymous still gives of more of a prankster vibe than an anarcho-syndicalist one.)

    The Australian heartland joins the American heartland in ISIS cyber crosshairs. Self-declared adherents of the Caliphate expand their harvest of low-hanging fruit to a Canberra school, vandalizing its website.

    FireEye announces discovery of new point-of-sale malware, "NitlovePOS," which uses spam as an infection tool and encrypted comms in its exfiltration of stolen data.

  • Cowen & Company 43rd Annual Technology, Media and Telecom Conference
    May 27, 2015
    8:00 AM ET
    New York City, NY

  • biztechnologies biztechnologies May 21, 2015 2:05 PM Flag

    I believe on the most recent FEYE conference call they mentioned Mandiant services poular in UK - so it may be likely... They seem to be involved in all th ebig hacks.

  • Cyber-attack leaves millions of British students without access to online resources

    Millions of staff and students at over 150 centers of further education were left without access to their online resources following a cyber-attack on the University of London Computer Centre.

    As well as blocking users from accessing Moodle, which the ULCC hosts, a number of university and education related websites were brought down, including the Universities UK website and the European Library.

    Amongst the universities affected by the hack were the University of Warwick, Queen Mary University of London, Birkbeck and Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • biztechnologies by biztechnologies May 21, 2015 11:54 AM Flag

    Data belonging to 1.1 million CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield customers in the Washington D.C. area was stolen in a cyber attack last year, the healthcare insurer announced Thursday.

    Concerned by the string of recent cyber attacks against other healthcare providers–including Anthem, Premera, and Community Health Systems–CareFirst decided to take a look into its own system, the company explained in a notice on its website. CareFirst hired Mandiant to review its networks, which led to the discovery of an undetected intrusion in June 2014.

    While no health records or Social Security numbers were compromised in the breach, attackers accessed a database containing names, birth dates, email addresses and subscriber ID numbers of CareFirst customers.

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    College Universities / Mandiant (worldwide)

    by sargethedog May 19, 2015 10:16 AM
    biztechnologies biztechnologies May 19, 2015 12:13 PM Flag

    Does any one know if Fireeye is one of the leaders in selling to Universities. Seems like a big market? Does Fireeye actively try to sell to Universities domestically or internationally?

  • biztechnologies biztechnologies May 19, 2015 12:05 PM Flag

    FEYE has 3 technolgy conference with Wall Street companies like JPM: May 20th & 27th & June 3rd. Theu have an Investor's Day also on June 3rd

  • biztechnologies biztechnologies May 19, 2015 10:05 AM Flag

    JPM site confirms Dewalt is keynote speaker at 8:40 tomorrow.
    Below is from JPM site:

    David DeWalt,
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, FireEye Inc

  • biztechnologies biztechnologies May 19, 2015 9:54 AM Flag

    There web site reports tomorrow morning at 8:30, From their web site right now: May 20, 2015
    8:40 AM ET - JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference

  • Considering that FEYE has made some significant announcements over the past few weeks, I think it will make for some interesting dialogue - I think most of these announcements may have meaningful revenue impact in the short and long term. Will be interesting to see how the discussion with Analyst goes. O am greatly looking forward to listening in...

  • HPQ CYBR, SPLK & CHKP. Each of these partners provided quotes about working with FEYE. They sure appear to be the leader in the space.

  • COMING UP NEXT WEEK ON THE MONEY: Is your cyber information floating out there for anyone to find? Cyber security firm FireEye's Kevin Mandia has some scary answers.

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