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  • So do I have an educated guess ... as an International money manger for 45 years ? You can decide ... it is your money at risk.. I only follow my own convictions, and I weigh all of the evidence revealed for the position, and I can change an opinion on my investments on an ongoing basis... I buy the new low list and sell the new high list... It is as simple as that. + a few more sophisticated balance sheet and income statement issues that color the choices...................

    Yes, the other side is that the HFT and naked short sales are unbelievable and meaningful problems that are beyond my current comment.....

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  • Of course only after tripling my number of shares ...

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  • The hedge funds think that the $145 Met Coal benchmark price is going lower, they were right so far and will not easily admit that things are changing. That realization only happens after the stock price has doubled off of the low and their advisers have to explain why ! ... ... We hit a 30 min resistance channel line at 12.22 early today so the selling...

    Benchmark pricing is not Walter pricing and as I said previously today ... quality met coal will be aggressively bid for next year ...

    I think that if you want to get on board the WLT Rocket launch for the next 12 months there is still alot of time ...As $60 still seems so far away for most ... but it is not !

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  • and don't forget you Short selling Hedge Funds to pay everyone, under the table ...

    the Merril Lynch analyst is due to get two Cars for his outstanding price downgrade...

    One for him and one for his wife !

    Will the Wall Street Analyst corruption ever cease ? ... only when they are executed for their crimes, like the Chinese do to their Financial criminals

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  • I would expect limited institutional selling of the Coal sector now, but rather an ongoing accumulation of the Coal producers by aggresive fund money seeking large percentage gains ... for the rest of this year into 2014...
    so you can buy all the names now...BTU ACI ANR and WLT !

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  • " As some of you know FRACKING Shale GAS WELLS DEPLETE VERY QUICKLY..... I EXPECT, higher prices as BOONE PICKENS predicted yesterday on CNBC ....$5 + NG prices by year end" ..." The NG productiion BOOM is already OVER !"
    BP’s latest figures on developments in the energy sector in 2012 show that once again coal has been the fastest growing fuel outside renewable energy. In 2012 its consumption grew by 2.5%, in comparison to 2.2% for natural gas.

    This is not surprising. As one of the most affordable energy fuels, coal is the main source of energy in a number of developing and developed economies. Coal has fuelled China’s economic growth for the past three decades and is still a major source of energy with over 6% growth in consumption last year.

    Calls to phase-out coal have been proved ineffective every single year of the past decade – coal consumption continues to grow much faster than that of any other fuel outside renewable energy. Coal has also provided half of the incremental energy demand globally since the beginning of the 21st century.

    Instead of modelling an alternative world without coal, let’s do what is technically feasible to reduce GHG emissions from coal.

    In this week’s special report on climate change the IEA calls for a global effort to improve global average efficiency of coal power plants by 3.3 percentage points by 2020 to ensure that the world stays on track with the 2°C target. This can be easily achieved by replacing old coal plants with state-of-the art technologies which reduce the carbon footprint of coal by up to 40%.

    Coal bashing does nothing to address the problem of GHG emissions. Technologies do.

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  • Remember WLT coal is one of the BEST in the World and there is decades of it left in their mines!
    This is
    What everyone already knows ... But it is the longer term outcome that they have yet to predict !

    China’s economic planners have sought to rein in steel industry growth since at least 2004, when work on a 10.6 billion yuan project in the eastern province of Jiangsu was halted. Yet annual capacity has risen to 970 million metric tons, according to the steel association, exceeding the industry’s output of 716.5 million tons in 2012. Output is seven times larger than that of Japan, the No. 2 producer.

    “Industries that face overcapacity problems will likely go through a tough restructuring in the second half and we expect these industries to experience corporate defaults,” Nomura economist Zhang Zhiwei wrote in a June 20 note.

    We believe continuing challenges in the Chinese steel industry and Baosteel’s significant capital spending will limit any major improvement in the company’s financial strength,” S&P said in a June 13 statement. “The intense competition in the steel industry in China constrains domestic steel prices.”

    Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli said on May 15 that China would “strictly forbid” approval of steel, cement, aluminum-smelter and ship-building projects, according to the central government’s website. Severe punishment will be meted out to steel companies that sidestep regulations since they pollute the air “heavily,” the Economic Information Daily reported July 1, citing Liu Bingjiang, an official at the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

    MANDATORY ... STEEL MILL CLOSURES ARE TAKING PLACE in China NOW .. shut down or be executed
    This can only be good for the long term pricing of Steel products and high quality Met Coal !

    Of course most people will sell these current headlines and buy only when everything looks great to the steel and coal analysts again,

    however then you will be paying $ 60 plus for WLT shares next summer !

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  • World shares pushed to three-week highs on Wednesday as weak Chinese data sparked talk of monetary easing in Beijing, while the dollar dipped as markets awaited minutes from last month's Federal Reserve meeting.

    Also, the way I see it if you close obsolete Steel makers the ones that are left will raise prices and only use a high quality low polluting coal for their production requirements ... These fundemental changes will be same in Europe, Latam and the U.S.

    The better quality the Met coal the better you can make a consistent quality of steel product

    Optimal operation of the blast furnace demands the highest quality of raw materials – the carbon content of coke therefore plays a crucial role in terms of its effect in the furnace and on the hot metal quality. A blast furnace fed with high quality coke requires less coke input, results in higher quality hot metal and better productivity. Overall costs may be lower, as fewer impurities in the coke mean smaller amounts of flux must be used.

    Around 0.6 tonnes (600 kg) of coke produces 1 tonne (1000 kg) of steel, which means that around 770 kg of coal are used to produce 1 tonne of steel through this production route.

    Basic Oxygen Furnaces currently produce about 70% of the world’s steel. A further 29% of steel is produced in Electric Arc Furnaces.

    If we stay on the other side of 11.81 then the sky is the limit long term

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  • But ... WLT is going TEN times higher in two years ...YES

  • We crashed and burned on the 14th ... and the rest is history

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  • don't answer the door pretend you are not home, maybe they will just go away ? RIGHT !
    You are now a target of the SEC for "Spreading false Rumors with the intent to manipulate the markets"...
    I hope you can afford a Park Avenue lawyer...

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  • look up the link Y ahoo will not let me post it ...but they will respond and track anyone down if they use a computer!

    Spreading false rumors is a key issue as you will see it described on the website!

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  • If it was legally possible at least a few of the recent insider purchasers would have stepped up to the plate by now. I think it would be somewhat of a negative if we saw insider buying now. However, I do not really know what rules they have to follow... I guess it depends on what types of proposals they are discussing, certainly.

    Anyway... IN THE FIRST Q of 2010 WLT was trading at $70 and went up to $140 in a year!!!
    Met coal was around $150 /ton then also...

    Alpha, the country’s biggest supplier of the steelmaking ingredient, boosted its metallurgical-coal output in 2011 when it acquired Massey Energy Co. for $6.67 billion. Since then it has cut about half of its production in the central Appalachian region, Crutchfield said in February.

    Earlier this month, the Bristol, Virginia-based company announced the closing of an unprofitable West Virginia mine. In September, Alpha said it would shut eight mines, cutting 16 million tons of output. The company also produces thermal coal, the price of which has declined amid mild weather and as some power utilities switch to natural gas.

    The metallurgical-coal benchmark contract for the third quarter may be settled at $153 a ton, according to the average of three analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. That would be the lowest quarterly price since the first quarter of 2010, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    Alpha plans to ship 81 million to 92 million tons of coal this year, including 19 million to 22 million tons of metallurgical coal, which typically fetches a higher price than thermal.

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  • from Bloomberg:

    China suspended the release of a set of data on the country’s steel industry after the National Bureau of Statistics decided to change how the figures are compiled, a person involved in producing the numbers said.

    The June Purchasing Managers’ Index for the steel industry won’t be released, said the person, who asked not to be identified as he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the matter. It isn’t yet clear what changes will be made and in what time frame, or if the data for July would be released next month, the person said.

    The monthly steel PMI, released by the statistics bureau together with the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing and Shanghai-based Xiben New Line, has come out no later than the third day of each of the past 12 months. The index, which measures production, sales and inventories in the industry, rose to 46.8 in May from 45.1 in April. A reading below 50 indicates contraction.

    The statistics bureau didn’t immediately respond to e-mailed questions seeking comment today. Calls to the bureau’s news office went unanswered.

    China is the world’s largest producer of steel. It accounted for 49.18 percent of worldwide crude steel production in May, according to the World Steel Association. Japan, the second-largest producer, accounted for 7.06 percent, the data showed.

    Other data were omitted from the statistics bureau’s release of China’s official manufacturing PMI on July 1. Five of 12 sub-indexes usually released together with the figures, including numbers for export orders, imports and inventories of finished goods, were missing, without any explanation from the government.

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  • Does anyone know how much coking coal per ton is needed to melt down scrap metal

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  • I was hoping for heavy call buying again today... But I guess if there was any easily discovered front running you "Go to Jail" and do not pass GO !

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  • I need to know the BOD meeting date and more update on the Loan covenant issue... The Loans once relieved will allow for time to refinance everything.... the stock will double and perhaps triple on that news...

    Barring a collapse in China etc. The 3rd Q benchmark pricing cannot be sustainable anywhere in the world.
    So soon higher MET Coal prices will take hold...

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  • Some institution is taking a long position without buying the stock outright
    Is anyone good at knowing what this could mean ?
    Unusual Buy Size in the July 2013 etc...?

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  • It must be in a week or so I guess?

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  • I f the stock "rocks" it will be on higher Met Coal prices

    Everything about COAL is Well known for years now, around the World ... Bulls .... #$%$ ...

    crushed WLT lately

    China will do QE and so will Europia , LATAM and the good ole USA ... ponzinomics is hard at work and Met Coal could be $100 per ton next stop

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